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As the Costco signature brand, Kirkland Signature is the label on various products sold at Costco. From groceries to spirits to cosmetics, and clothing, the Kirkland Signature brand offers a wide selection of products bearing its label. 

However, Kirkland Signature is somewhat of a mysterious brand when it comes to the partners they cooperate within the making of their products. Therefore, people often wonder who makes the Kirkland Signature product they are interested in. 

Kirkland hard seltzers are particularly popular drinks. Hard seltzers, in general, are very well received by consumers, but Kirkland hard seltzers are especially loved, as many describe them saying that there is just something about them. And indeed, there is. 

However, Kirkland hard seltzers are no exception to the mystery rule, as many wonders where they come from. So who makes Kirkland hard seltzers? 

Although there is no official statement, all signs point to Patco Brands as the brand standing behind Kirkland hard seltzers.

Patco Brands is a family-owned and operated company that deals in the distribution, marketing, and sales of premium alcoholic beverages. They have several names under their brand, but Kirkland hard seltzers haven’t been officially listed as one of them. 

Moreover, neither Costco nor Patco brands has officially stated the connection between the two regarding the making of the Kirkland hard seltzers, but many sources claim it to be exist.

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However, without an official statement, we cannot be absolutely certain that it is so. 

On the other hand, we can be sure that Kirkland seltzers are galloping on the market, strongly competing with other hard seltzer brands. Initially launched in September 2020, it has been going strong for over two years. 


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There were some discussions about whether the brand should postpone the launch due to the COVID-19 crisis, but they decided not to back off, and they were right. Namely, the Kirkland seltzers were excellently received, and they managed to make nice sales. 

In the winter of 2021, Kirkland hard seltzers were nowhere to be found, making their fans think they were discontinued.

Luckily, this temporary unavailability was due to a shortage of supply, and they were restocked soon after. This shortage triggered all sorts of ill-founded talks over whether these drinks would be back. 

In this article, I will talk about Kirkland hard seltzer prices, sizes, flavors, and competitors and share some info that you may find interesting and valuable. So stay tuned to find out more. 

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Kirkland Hard Seltzer

Kirkland hard seltzer is a relatively new product, launched in the fall of 2020. Considering that its introduction on the market was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a risky business venture, but time has shown that it was a good move. 

People like it since it feels like it has been infused with real fruit juice, and the flavors are genuine. It comes in four flavors, i.e., black cherry, lime, and mango.

The pack reads, “Spiked sparkling water with natural flavors,” which indicates that real fruit juice is at play instead of flavor-giving additives. 

It is also kosher and gluten-free, which broadens up its audience since there is no restriction as to who it can drink it. Moreover, it is low-calorie and low-carb, making it a good option for those on low-carb diets. 

People’s opinions on Kirkland hard seltzers are divided. Some would say that they fall behind the other hard seltzer brands, and some say that they are the best hard seltzers on the market. This division in opinions is totally normal, as not all people have the same taste. 


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However, objectively, Kirkland hard seltzers are excellent drinks tasting like natural fruit juice. While some hard seltzers state that they use natural flavors and taste artificial, Kirkland hard seltzers really do taste like the fruit on the can picture. 

Therefore, whether you like Kirkland hard seltzers or not, the fact stays that they are quality products. Moreover, the majority likes them, which is why they have made nice sales despite being launched in the middle of the pandemic. 

Still, there seems to be a problem with the availability of Kirkland hard seltzers. Namely, like many alcoholic Costco products, they aren’t available at every Costco location, and they aren’t available online yet. 

The online availability has proven to be a problem, especially during the pandemic, when people would rather have their booze delivered than go and get it by themselves.

Nevertheless, even with these minor hurdles, the Kirkland hard seltzers remained a very viable product, which says a lot about their quality. 

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Kirkland hard seltzer comes in four flavors, black cherry, lime, grapefruit, and mango. The lime flavor is a must for hard seltzers. There is something about sparkling water and lime flavor that makes the combination irresistible.

The Kirkland lime-flavored hard seltzer is very refreshing and the perfect combination of sweet and sour. It has the lemon’s acidic bite, toned down with the carbon bubbles. The alcoholic part of the hard seltzer gives the drink a zing, making it very pleasant to drink. 


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The mango flavor has its audience, but not many love it, as the mango flavor and bubbles combination doesn’t sit right with everyone. However, if you like such experimental flavors, you will most certainly enjoy them. 

The black cherry variety is a more universal flavor, and many love it. If you like cherries, you will love the Kirkland black cherry-flavored hard seltzer. It isn’t too intense, but not too mild, either. It has a sweet and sour note, made more vibrant thanks to the bubbles. 

Lastly, the grapefruit variety is very similar to the lime variety but more bitter and a bit rougher. Therefore, if the lime flavor is too mild for you, go with the grapefruit variety, and vice versa. 


Kirkland hard seltzer is excellently priced, offering great value for a very reasonable, if not cheap, price. Costing only $22 for a variety pack of 24 cans, its price per can is only 90 cents.

However, Kirkland hard seltzer is available to by only as a variety pack and not individually. Even though this isn’t too much of a problem, as the price is very affordable, still if you don’t like it, you will be stuck with 20 cans. 

Kirkland Hard Seltzer Alcohol Content

Kirkland hard seltzer has 5% alcohol, which is the same amount of alcohol as Truly lemonade as well as White Claw. The alcohol in Kirkland hard seltzer is often mistaken to be vodka, as is the case for other hard seltzers too.

However, for consistency purposes, the alcohol for hard seltzers is mostly ethanol derived from sugar cane or from fermented grains. 

The alcohol in Kirkland hard seltzers derives from sugar cane. This alcohol is always the same, making each batch taste the same. 

Is Kirkland seltzer White Claw?

No, Kirkland hard seltzer isn’t White Claw. While Costco carries White Claw, both brands are separate. However, this is a common wonder as they have similar labels. 

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What Brands Of Hard Seltzer Does Costco Carry?

The Costco liqueur store is indeed very versatile, and it sells many types of hard and mild alcoholic beverages.

In addition to Kirkland hard seltzer, they also sell Costco Tempo Gin Smash Pack, Costco White Claw Hard Seltzer Variety Pack, and the Costco Truly Hard Seltzer. 

They sell a variety of packs of each brand, whereby individual cans are harder to find at Costco. Nevertheless, the hard seltzers at Costco are known to be very affordable and offer great value for the price. 

What Company Makes Truly Hard Seltzer?

Boston Beer Co. is the company behind Truly hard seltzers. Truly hard seltzers are very popular drinks, and the brand offers over 30 flavors. From the most basic ones, such as lime and orange, to more mixed flavors, such as tropical fruit mixes. 

The Truly alcohol content is 5%, meaning that they are mild and very pleasant to drink. Truly hard seltzers are made with real fruit juice, so they have a very natural flavor, and no flavor additives can be felt on the palate. 

Is Kirkland Hard Seltzer Good?

Yes, Kirkland hard seltzer is good, though different people have different opinions on the subject. Nevertheless, when speaking strictly from a quality point of view, Kirkland hard seltzers are of good quality and are said to have been made with natural fruit juice. 

The downside, though, is that they aren’t as available as people might want. Kirkland hard seltzers are not available at every Costco warehouse, and they aren’t available for online purchase. 

Another thing that might be seen as a setback is the lack of options, as Kirkland has only four flavors of hard seltzer, while other brands offer over 30.

Nevertheless, sold for $22 for a variety pack of 24 cans, whereby one can is 90 cents, they are definitely worthy of overlooking the other things that might be seen as opposing sides. 

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