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If you are a fan of the Pink Whitney vodka, you definitely want to stick around for a while, as we’ll be discussing another pink delicacy, i.e. the Tequila Rose. Pink, creamy, candy-like, delicious, and definitely edgy, the Tequila Rose is what the word vibes on. 

Ideal for mixing but great to sip as well, this pink-hued drink is made by blending tequila with cream, strawberry flavoring, and just a touch of natural coloring.

With its very friendly alcohol content of only 15%, it is the promised land for lightweights but also for those who like their alcohol more on the sweeter side. 

Moreover, if you like tequila, you will definitely love Tequila Rose because it gives you a vibrant tequila kick in the head, sparing you with the merciless tequila punch in the face. 

It is a beloved dessert drink but also a raging cocktail mixer that goes with virtually all fruity ingredients, from actual fruit to fruit-flavored liqueurs to fruit juices.

And the appeal is just another added bonus to this drink, as it gets your eyes drunk with its sugar-pink color and seductive gentility. 

Since drinking it alone would be a shame, especially because there are countless ingredients you can mix it with, in this article, I will give you a list of 15 drinks you can make with tequila rose.

1. Strawberry Shortcake Martini

The shortcake part caught me, and the martini part reeled me in. Strawberries don’t do much for me, but hey, since they’re there, I’ll have them too. 

This cocktail is simplicity and deliciousness itself. You will need nothing more than a few strawberries, Tequila Rose, whipped cream, and cream soda. Mix all the ingredients, except for the whipped cream and strawberries, nicely in the shaker, and don’t be stingy with the elbow work because it’s supposed to be bubbly. 

Pour the mixture into a glass and top it with a generous lump of whipped cream. Sprinkle some fresh diced strawberries on top. You will thank me later. 

2. Hot Pink

This is definitely a bit more elaborate cocktail, but I just couldn’t keep it a secret. Although it has only three ingredients, the procedure needs some skill, but nothing too fancy, though. You need hot chocolate, Tequila Rose, and whipped cream. 

When making the hot chocolate make sure you bring it to a boil and add the Tequila Rose. Remove it from the stove immediately after adding the Tequila Rose, because if you don’t it will evaporate completely.

Let the hot chocolate set with the Tequila Rose for about 10 minutes, and pour yourself a drink. Add the whipped cream on top and enjoy your hot chocolate with an edge. 

3. Tainted Love

Before I discovered this drink, the only Tainted Love I liked was the Marilyn Menson’s version of the song. Sadly, that Tainted Love got dethroned by this deliciously seductive cocktail with Tequila Rose. 

The strawberry and chocolate flavors mix excellently together, creating a strawberry-chocolate cake taste, but this time, with a kick. Made with nothing more than just Tequila Rose and grenadine and Irish cream, it is delightfully simple and sinfully delicious. Just mix them together and add crushed ice for some extra texture. 

4. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shot

Made with only chocolate liqueur and Tequila Rose, this is the perfect drink for those who don’t feel too creative but need a pick-me-up. Whether at the bar or at home, this drink can definitely make your day; I know it made mine. 

You don’t need anything else in addition to the basic mixing skill. Add the chocolate liqueur and the Tequila Rose in a mixer, mix, and pour yourself a shot. Happy shooting!

5. Tequila Rose Pudding Shots

If you have made pudding once in your life, you are all set to make this drink. You will need strawberry pudding, milk (dairy or non-dairy), and Tequila Rose. The procedure to make this cocktail is so simple that it is borderline ridiculous. 

Make the strawberry pudding, and while it is still hot, add the Tequila Rose. The end. 

6. Raspberry Truffle Cocktail

Made with chocolate milk, and vanilla milk this cocktail will take you back to your childhood with the sweet and carefree aromas. In addition to these two types of milk, you will also need Tequila Rose and raspberry liqueur. The making process is pretty standard. 

Mix the ingredients in the mixer and pour the drink into a glass. Add some crushed ice on top and fresh raspberries for extra flavor and texture. 

7. Rosy Nipple

Despite of its indelicate name, the drink is the total opposite. Frothy, lively, sweet, and gentle, it deserves much better than “Rosy Nipple,” but here we are. Still, it is absolutely worthy of mentioning on this list, as it is a mind-blowingly delicious cocktail. 

You will need Tequila Rose and butterscotch schnapps. The ice is optional but preferred. Mix the ingredients in the cocktail mixer, and you will have your Rosy Nipple in just under a minute. 

8. Cranberry Margarita

Margaritas can do no wrong, in any size, shape, or form. This one is a very user-friendly margarita, as it is gentler than the regular kind. You’ll need Cointreau, Tequila rose, and cranberry juice to make it. 

It requires the most basic mixing skills, i.e., just mixing. Shake it nicely and enjoy the frothy and fruity refreshment, preferably midday. At least, that’s when it works best for me. 

9. Strawberry Tequila Rose Punch

If you like alcohol that doesn’t taste like alcohol, this cocktail has got you covered. Perfect for an after-work reward or as a reminder of a softer world on a rough day, it works perfectly to give you what you need. 

You will need Tequila Rose, almond milk (trust me, you want it), vanilla vodka, and ice. You will feel the vodka sting, but not the taste, so don’t worry. Have it on your porch, balcony, or by a window, and give in to this cocktail’s mellow romance. 

10. Tequila Rose Strawberry Popsicle

This is the way to go if you like to get drunk on popsicles. Even though it isn’t a cocktail per se, this mix is an excellent way to refresh and escape the boring everyday. To make it, you’ll need strawberries, sugar, Greek yogurt, and Tequila Rose. 

The preparation process is relatively simple, but I suggest you follow the recipe to the letter to make sure you do everything right. In short, you mix the ingredients in popsicle molds and freeze them. After an hour or two, you have a batch of delicious and fun alcoholic popsicles. 

11. Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberry Margarita

Another Margarita, this time with frozen chocolate. You need chocolate ice cream, Tequila Rose, orange liqueur, and ice. Just when you think that a margarita can’t be any better, you mix it with chocolate, and it gets a whole different dimension. 

You probably know what you need to do, mix the liquid ingredients and pour the drink into a glass. Top it with ice cream and enjoy your cocktail dessert. 

12. Tequila Rose Strawberry Lemonade

If you need to wind down and relax, this is your drink. Delicious, light, relaxing, and vibrant, it will charm you with its abundance of flavors, and the colors will enchant you even before you try it. 

To make it, mix together tequila, lemon juice, simple syrup, and rose wine. Mix the ingredients in a shaker, but don’t go too hard. You don’t need it to be frothy, just nicely homogenized. Dice the strawberries into small pieces and sprinkle them around your glass. Add a lemon wedge to your glass to make the experience even more playful, and pick the cutest straw. Enjoy; you deserve it. 

13. Rose Sangria

When you see sangria, you probably already know that you can add pretty much whatever you want to it, and it will still be delicious as long as there is fruit inside. So, this pitcher cocktail is very adjustable, and if you don’t like what you see here, feel free to make it to your taste. 

I like it with Tequila Rose, sparkling water, white wine, lemon, and orange wedges, fresh raspberries, and a lot of ice. Once the ingredients set and bond together, which is about 15 minutes after you add them together into the pitcher, your drink is ready to pour. 

So get the tallest glass and fill it with this liquid delight.  

14. Hibiscus Tequila cocktail 

Although hibiscus is often a tea-making ingredient and not a popular cocktail addition, it is definitely doing an excellent job in this cocktail. In addition to dry hibiscus petals, you will need lime, hibiscus syrup, and Tequila Rose. 

Mix the ingredients together and make sure that the sugar from the syrup dissolves nicely before drinking it. Pour it over ice and stir with a spoon. Sip this cocktail slowly and savor each ounce of flavor. 

15. French Kiss

Now, this is a name fit for a cocktail. The French Kiss cocktail is definitely a seductive one, romantic and very passionate. You will need Tequila Rose, rumchata, and grenadine. You don’t mix the ingredients here but rather layer them. 

Start with the grenadine, then add the Tequila Rose and top them off with the rumchata. Don’t stir, don’t shake, and don’t add ice. Slowly sip this delicious drink and enjoy it, preferably with your eyes closed. 

What Does Tequila Rose Go With?

Tequila Rose is a delicious and very versatile drink that goes great with many ingredients and in many ways. You may think that it is restrictive because of its sweet fruity flavor, but you would be wrong. Tequila Rose is excellent to have as it is, over ice or without it, but it also works wonders as a cocktail ingredient. 

You can mix it with other alcohols, juices, or sodas, and each time get a great drink. 

Is Tequila Rose Good With Sprite?

Yes, Tequila Rose is definitely good with Sprite. There is something about it that makes it work the bubbles like no drink before, so if you are thinking about pouring yourself a glass of Sprite and Tequila Rose, go for it!

Can You Put Tequila Rose In Milk?

Of course, you can put Tequila Rose in milk. There are many cocktail recipes calling for Tequila Rose and milk, so go wild and explore the sea of options. 

Is Tequila Rose As Strong As Tequila?

Not even close. Tequila Rose is much softer than regular tequila. While tequila has 40% alcohol, Tequila Rose has only 15%, making it the perfect drink for people who don’t like harsh alcohol but do enjoy the kick.

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