“Not to get technical, but according to chemistry, ALCOHOL is a solution.” — Unknown

Welcome to the Tin Roof Drink Community, where you can find creative and exciting cocktail recipes and tips, spirit reviews, and best-rated products for a better drinking experience.

chad smithI’m Chad Smith, a former bartender and self-taught lover of traditional and non-traditional cocktails.

I love good whiskey, bitters, and Amari, but most importantly, I love sharing my experience with people who share my passion.

In fact, I came up with the Tin Roof Drink Community to share my passion for cocktails with the world and hopefully improve my recipes with the tips of my readers.

This website consists of categories for easy navigation, including best of guides and informational guides. Still, you can use the search bar if interested in a specific topic or cocktail.

In a nutshell, the Tin Roof Drink Community provides valuable information about the science behind cocktails, so we can better understand how cocktails work and make the best ones.

What’s My Mission?

“I followed my heart & it led me to ALCOHOL.” — Unknown

The mission of the Tin Roof Drink Community is to gather the drinking enthusiasts in one place, so we can all share our experiences, tips, and ideas.

Whether looking for traditional cocktails for your pool party or something new and exciting, you’ve come to the right place.

I have your back with both classic and new cocktails that will take your next party or solo drinking experience to the next level.

Moreover, if you’re unsure what to create with ingredients you have at home, don’t worry, as you will find articles, such as my best tasting alcoholic drinks you must try, that include all kinds of ingredients, likely the ones you already own.

Look at the wide range of cocktail recipes this website holds, make your pick, and impress your loved ones during holidays or when hanging out in your backyard.

If you’re a vodka lover, you should try my unique Martiny recipe. Tequila fan? Check my peachy Margarita recipe along with 20 Amazing Hennessy Cocktails.

Cocktail enthusiasts trust the Tin Roof Drink Community as it’s loaded with cocktail recipes, promotes responsible drinking, and has something for everyone.

Pick one with your favorite ingredients and mix, but don’t forget to drink responsibly and call a cab instead of driving if you’re preparing cocktails at a friend’s home.

How to Join This Community?

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” — Ernest Hemingway

If you’re reading this, you’re already a part of our community.

Here, we love drinking not because it’s just another way to get lost but to find each other and connect. We also believe that cocktails, wines, beers, and spirits connect us more than we probably realize.

After all, we have invented alcohol, mixed different ingredients, and created unique recipes worldwide, and all those recipes shine a light on other times and cultures. Check our guide on Tequilas For Margaritas and 30 Best Virgin Drinks.

The Tin Roof Drink Community consists of cocktail recipes, easy guides on making cocktails, product suggestions, industry latest information, and professional advice from a bartender with over ten years of experience – me.

Stay Tipsy!

“All you need is love and cocktails.” — Unknown

The Tin Roof Drink Community is about responsible drinking, living life to the fullest, and exchanging drinking experiences.

So, if you share the same views and values, let’s connect, join our forces, and make the best cocktails the world has ever seen.

You can contact me below any of the articles in the comments or email me, and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.