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I suppose none of us is a stranger to that rush we get when we get a little tipsy on flavorful and delicious drinks. First, you are a bit tense, then you get talky and having fun, and next thing you know, you are getting more than a little woozy and having trouble sitting upright on a bar chair. 

White Claws are delicious vodka drinks that are very sneaky if you fail to stay on top of them, which is very hard with each passing sip. Therefore, knowing how many can get you drunk is always a piece of helpful information that can very much save your evening at the bar. 

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So, how many White Claws to get drunk? 

To determine how many White Claws can get you drunk, you need to consider several factors, as it is hard to give a single answer to this question.


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The number of White Claws needed to get drunk depends on the speed of drinking, stress levels, food amount you had during the day, amount of sleep, gender, weight, and time of day.

Since White Claw has the same alcohol percentage as beer, i.e., 5%, it is totally comparable with a can of beer.

So, the approximate number of White Claws to get drunk would be the same number as the number of beer cans you need to get drunk. 

White Claw is a drink made of malted liqueur and seltzer water. Many think that it contains vodka, but the alcohol in White Claw is not vodka.

Because it contains seltzer water and flavorings, the alcohol flavor is very mild, so you can easily get carried away and have a few more cans. 

Moreover, the White Claw is an excellent cocktail mixer, so many combine it with other alcohol, mostly spirits, such as vodka or rum.

This is a very enticing combination and undoubtedly very healthy, so drunkenness is not very far from your first can of White Claw or your first glass of White Claw cocktail. 

To help you have a fun evening without getting drunk to a level you don’t feel good about and ruin your fun, in this article, I will explain how many White Claws you need to drink to get drunk. Hopefully, you will find this info useful for the next time you are out in a bar.  

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White Claw Drunkenness Factors

Getting drunk on White Claw doesn’t only depend on the alcohol amount you drink. Sometimes you have only one or two and still get drunk. The amount of drink in a White Claw can isn’t stingy, as one can is 473 ml, so almost half a liter of drink, which isn’t little at all. 


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However, White Claw is very mild and also very flavorful. The sweet and fruity notes in the White Claw are very pleasant to taste, and therefore you can quickly get greedy and go overboard. The price ranges from $13 to $18, so it is pretty affordable. 

The price plays a big role in how many White Claws you can drink, as you would certainly think twice before ordering a second round of an expensive drink. So, the price doesn’t do in favor of your sobriety either. 

Another factor to consider is the day you had, as you are not equally functional every day. Your overall lifestyle also plays a massive role, so it doesn’t only matter what you did that particular day but also the week before. 

Alcohol strikes differently in stressful times, so drinking to relax and drinking already relaxed is not the same. 

Other factors are gender, food, sleep, exercise, weight, and speed of drinking. 


Generally speaking, men can drink more than women, and this is not because women are weaker but because they have lesser muscle tone and bone density than men. Therefore White Claw finds it easier to enter the bloodstream. 

Men have layers, so to speak, of protective muscle tone that doesn’t let alcohol penetrate the bloodstream that easily. They are generally bigger and heavier than women, so they can hold their liquor better. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are women who are exceptionally tolerant of alcohol, White Claw included, but the majority of women are more prone to getting drunk sooner than men.


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Also, if you are a woman, your White Claw tolerance may depend on the part of your menstrual cycle you are in. The closer you are to your period, the less tolerant to alcohol you become. 

While women would need two White Claws to get tipsy, three or four to get woozy, and five and up to get very drunk, a man would chug the first two cans like juice, get woozy on the fifth and get drunk after the seventh or eighth can. 

However, here we see things in the general sense, and not all men are tolerant of alcohol as not all men drink often. On the other hand, women drink more carefully and slowly. Therefore it may take four to five cans of White Claw to get you drunk, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. 

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Weight and Exercise 

It goes without saying that weight plays a massive role in how many White Claws you will need to get drunk. Heavier people have more muscle and/or fat.

Therefore, the White Claw will have a more challenging time infiltrating into the bloodstream and getting you drunk.

However, heavy people with more fat than muscle will need one or two White Claws to get drunk than heavy people with more muscle than fat. Still, the person with more muscle will get sober sooner than the one with more fat. 

More muscle means a more resilient body, but also more prone to external influences, such as that of the White Claw.

Nevertheless, they bounce back sooner, as their body processes and passes the alcohol more quickly. So, if you have a friend who is heavy, gets drunk easily, but sobers up quickly, that guy has some good muscle on his bones. 

Also, exercising makes you more susceptible to alcohol as it speeds up your metabolism and boosts your circulation. So that White Claw will get right into your bloodstream. On the bright side, people who exercise regularly sober up very quickly. 

Food and Sleep

Drinking hungry and drinking full are very different. If you had a nice caloric and nutritious meal before going out drinking White Claws, chances are you have more time until you get drunk.

Your stomach is already digesting food, so giving it a few extra sips of White Claw will only continue the internal process. 

Also, since you have eaten, your body is stronger and better prepared to face and pass toxins. On the other hand, drinking White Claws hungry makes you the underdog, as you are not at your best.

Since you haven’t given your stomach anything to digest, it will go hard and strong on the White Claw, sending it right to your bloodstream. 

Also, don’t overeat before drinking White Claws. They are pretty sugary, so you may cause a counter-effect. Your stomach may get bloated, and you may get sick without even being drunk, which is worse than getting sick from drunkenness; at least you had some fun before. 

A sleep-deprived body is a weak body, so if you haven’t had enough sleep, pace yourself with the White Claws. Sleep deprivation is the killer of happy drunkenness, as you get heavily drunk very quickly.

Oversleeping is also not recommended, as the alcohol may quickly revert you to a sleepy state; you may not pass out from drinking, but you may get very sleepy.

Speed of Drinking

Having three or four White Claws in a span of four hours and chugging them in half that time makes all the difference in the world. Although you may need four to five White Claws to get you drunk, that number gets smaller as your speed of drinking gets higher. 

If you drink without letting your body realize what’s going on and act accordingly, you will feel great at first until all the White Claws you drank hit you at the same time. The only thing that can save you then is water and lots of it. 

How Many White Claws To Get Drunk (Based on Your Weight)

If your weight is 100 lbs, it would take about two cans to get drunk. As I said before, your weight because of low body fat makes you more prone to alcohol influence. 


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Still, if you are a 100 lb male would get drunk after two White Claws, whereas a 100 lbs female will probably need slightly less. 

If you are a 120 lbs female, you can get drunk after two to three cans of White Claws, while males can tolerate three to four cans. 

After the second drink, whether you are male or a female, you will definitely get a little woozy, and it is a thin line from there on. When you feel like that, take a break, drink water, and continue drinking if you feel strong enough.

For 140-pounders, three to five cans of White Claw are the place where they get drunk. Still, here two there is a slight difference whether you are a male or a female. A female would be drunk after four cans of White Claw, whereas a man would probably need five to six.

For a 160 lbs male, it will take from four to six cans White Claw to get drunk, whereas a female would throw in the towel on the four-can mark.

A 180 lbs male would need to drink five to seven cans White Claw to get drunk, while for a of the same weight, this number would probably be four or five. 

Do White Claws Get You Drunk Fast?

White Claws can get you drunk fast, but not faster than beer and wine. They are considered hard seltzer, which is still alcohol, nevertheless. Therefore, you need to remember that when you taste that fruity and sweet carbonated flavor.

How Many White Claws To Get You Drunk?

Weight Male Female
100 lbs 2-3 1-2
120 lbs 3-4 2-3
140 lbs 4-6 3-4
160 lbs 4-6 3-5
180 lbs 5-7 4-5


How Many White Claws To Get A Lightweight Drunk

Generally, you need between 5 and 7 White Claws to get drunk. They are considered a mild alcohol as they have an average ABV of only 5 percent. 

A lightweight would get drunk on White Claw sooner, so instead of 5 cans they would probably need less, like 3-4. A lightweight is a drinker who stays below five drinks, so these are people who aren’t very tolerant of alcohol. 

Depending on what a lightweight drinks is, they may even stay at two drinks if the drink is more on the stronger side. 

Is Drinking White Claw Healthy?

First of all, no alcohol is healthy in the traditional sense of the word; however, there are types of alcohol that can be beneficial for some health aspects. 

White Claw is not healthy, but it isn’t harmful, either. It is gluten-free, so you are safe there if you have any gluten-related problems. Also, it doesn’t contain any FDA-recognized allergens, so if you suffer from allergies, it is pretty safe. 

The fact that it is carbonated may come in handy if you have digestion trouble, and the sugar content is good if you are low on energy.

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