How Many Truly Hard Seltzers to Get Drunk? (Check Here)

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Truly hard seltzers are among the most popular ones mainly because they offer many options, flavor-wise.

With over 30 flavors, Truly hard seltzers are among the most versatile, featuring lemon, orange, wild berry, tropical fruit, and many more options for many different palates. 

Hard seltzers, in general, are alcohol-infused seltzers. The alcohol in hard seltzers is most often vodka, which isn’t the case with Truly seltzers.


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The alcohol in Truly seltzers is not the alcohol, such as vodka, you generally think about, but it is a Chihuahua version of the pit bull that vodka is.

With only 5% of alcohol content, Truly seltzers are very mild, gentle, and easy to drink. They are somewhat of a fizzy drink with a very slight kick. 

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However, the 5% of alcohol in Truly seltzers is not to be underestimated precisely because you can get carried away very easily and drink way more than you can handle, as there is nothing to warn you that this is still ethanol. 

The number of Truly seltzers that one needs to drink to get drunk is different for everybody. Moreover, if you needed five to get drunk yesterday, tomorrow you may get floored from three.

However, some general parameters are generally applicable, and knowing about them can save you a lot of trouble the next time you drink Truly. 

In this article, I will give you some interesting and helpful info on the number of Truly seltzers you need to drink to get drunk. Of course, none of the following calculations are an exact science, but they seem to be pretty accurate most of the time. 

So keep reading to make the most out of your next Truly seltzer party. 

Can You Get Drunk Off One Truly? 

Unless the first Truly seltzer you try is your first contact with alcohol ever, and you are incredibly lightweight, and you haven’t slept or eaten anything in the last 24 hours, one Truly seltzer won’t get you drunk. 

Truly seltzers have 5% alcohol, which is almost as much as beer has. Even though there are some beers that contain over 10% of alcohol, beer usually has 4% of alcohol, and if one beer doesn’t get you drunk, one Truly seltzer won’t either. 


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For a person to get drunk on a 5% alcohol drink, such as Truly, it would take about three drinks. On the other hand, Truly cans have 12 oz of liquid, which is about three glasses of alcohol.

By this logic, a can of Truly could get you drunk, but the sheer math is not the only thing determining the answer. 

For example, 12 oz of Truly also keeps you hydrated, which is what you want if you don’t want to get drunk. The seltzer part does a great job here, so the 5% of alcohol is not a lot, and a single Truly can is not likely to get you drunk. 

How Many Trulys Should I Drink?

When it comes to drinking Truly, there are no shoulds or should n’ts, as it is a refreshing and a soft drink, and you should have as much as you want.

However, the number of Truly cans you should drink without getting drunk may differ from the number of cans you actually want to drink, so you may have to compromise a little. 

Generally, two cans of Truly could get you woozy, but again, this depends on other factors, and the sheer math is not the only measure.

The day you had, how much sleep you had, your mood, whether you’ve eaten or not, and whether you are a man or a woman are all relevant factors determining the amount of Truly you should or can drink. 

A single Truly can is not likely to get you drunk, two would probably get you woozy, and three and more could get you drunk, depending on the factors I mentioned above. 

How Much Alcohol Is In A Truly?

Truly seltzer has 5% of alcohol content. The alcohol in Truly comes from ethanol made from sugar cane. The sugar ferments and creates alcohol. You can find this same type of alcohol in beer, as it can also come from fermented grains.

Truly has also launched a vodka-seltzer drink made with vodka and seltzer. It has become very popular very quickly as it has made a name as a very pure drink.

The vodka used for Truly vodka-seltzer is distilled six times which explains why so many people enjoy the purity of the drink.

Can 5% Of Alcohol Get You Drunk?

A 5% alcohol drink can get you drunk if you drink enough of it. A single drink containing 5% of alcohol is not likely to get you drunk as the alcohol amount is not that high.

Generally, it takes about 9 to 12 oz of 5% alcohol to start getting drunk, which is about three glasses or a single can. 

A can of hard seltzer cannot get you drunk, but a can of beer could. However, when it comes to the can, it depends on what kind of 5% alcohol is inside. How the alcohol interacts with the rest of the drink ingredients plays a big role here. 

Some 5% alcohol drinks are rehydrating, and some are dehydrating. The rehydrating ones are less likely to get you drunk. 

Different Factors

When determining the number of Truly cans to get drunk, the factors at play are age, stress levels, sleep length, nutrition, weight, and gender. 


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If you have a stressful day, your body is more irritable and tired, making you more prone to getting drunk. However, you may feel desensitized and desperately need to take the edge off, making you drink a few Truly cans in a short time, leading to drunkenness. 

If you drink Truly stressed and have one can in 40 minutes to an hour, you would need three cans to start feeling the alcohol working. 

The age factor is very obvious; the younger you are, the more you can drink. A young 20-something person can drink three Truly cans and not blink an eye, while a 40-something person would get tipsy halfway through the second drink.

However, age comes with experience too, so if you know how to drink, you may not feel the first three cans, while a younger person would burn out due to inexperience. 

Sleep and food are probably the most important and decisive factors. A tired and hungry person equals a drunk person. Drinking hungry or tired or both halves the number of truly you would need to get drunk.

If you usually have four Truly cans when you are rested and full, two cans are all you would be able to handle tired and hungry. 

Weight and gender are somewhat connected, but it doesn’t always mean that women weigh less than men. Generally, people weighing less get drunk more quickly. Men generally need more alcohol to get drunk as they have bigger bone and muscle density than women. 

While an average-weighing man would need three to four Truly cans to get tipsy, five to seven to get seriously drunk, and over seven to get plastered, an average-weighing woman would need two less for each level of drunkenness. 

How Many Trulys To Get Drunk Calculator




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Can One Truly Get You Tipsy

Although it is very unlikely to get tipsy after one Truly, it is still possible. Since one can of Truly contains more or less the amount of three regular glasses, i.e., 13 oz, it equals three drinks. The sheer math says that three glasses of 5% alcohol, such as Truly, is enough for you to start feeling it. 

Truly Alcohol Content Vs. Beer

Truly has 5% of alcohol, while beer has 4%. This means that Truly is stronger than beer in terms of alcohol percentage.

Also, the alcohol used for Truly, i.e., ethanol derived from sugar cane, can sometimes be ethanol derived from fermenting grains.

Although the grain ethanol is not used in truly, it is common for other hard seltzers, meaning that it is close to that used in Truly. 

Therefore, Truly and beer are very similar drinks, though they don’t seem that way. However, to generalize and say that Truly is always stronger than beer is not true, as there are beers with alcohol content way higher than the standard 4%, while the alcohol content of Truly doesn’t vary. 


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