How To Take A Shot Without Tasting It: 10 Proven Liquor Tips

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Planning on celebrating a milestone with friends? Out on the down and want to get a quick buzz without tasting the bitter alcohol taste? The good news is that you can learn to take a shot without tasting it.

After all, liquor shooters offer the easiest way to enjoy a quick alcohol buzz. Plus, there are popular ways to consume alcohol, whether celebrating a win, toasting, or simply enjoying the night.

Below, I’ve shared ten easy tips on taking a shot without tasting it, so let’s dive right in.

1. The Classic Salt Lick and Lime Wedge Suck

Most drinkers don’t want to taste the shot due to the burning alcohol sensation rather than the flavors of the alcohol. If you’re one of these drinkers, the good’ ol salt and lime trick used for tequila shots is the way to go.

This trick can be used for any straight hard liquor shot, whether tequila, vodka, or gin. This method works by the drinker first taking a pinch of salt, the shot, and finally, sucking on a lime wedge. The salt you take before the shot helps to mellow out the burning and sharp alcohol taste.

The salt works with your saliva to naturally remove the sharpness of the alcohol. On the other hand, the lime wedge you suck on immediately after the shot balances the liquor and nuances the sweeter, more balanced flavor components of the alcohol.

2. Chase it With a Soda

If you don’t mind tasting other flavors, the easiest way to not taste your shot is by chasing it with soda. In fact, any flavored carbonated drink will do, whether regular soda, fruit soda, or carbonated fruit drinks.

As soon as you take your shot, chase it with soda. The bursting flavors and effervescence are enough to mask the unsavory alcohol tastes.

3. Use Cold Water or Ice

Cold water and ice can also help with masking the taste of alcohol.

Drink a large glass of water, and suck on or chew ice cubes before taking a shot. The extremely low temperatures numb the tongue, reducing its ability to detect taste and flavor.

So, when you immediately take a shot after chugging down a glass of water or eating ice cubes, you don’t have to worry about tasting your shot. The key is to drink the shot immediately after.

Letting time pass by before you take the shot will render this hack useless. This is because your breath would’ve warmed the mouth, including the tongue, by this time.

4. Or, Order Your Drink Cold

At warmer temperatures, the flavors and aromas of alcohol are more volatile and easily vaporize. This explains why you get strong smells and a more burning sensation from alcohol when it is served at room temperature.

However, when the same alcohol is chilled, the flavors and aromas are more mellowed. In fact, you will barely get any significant flavor or aroma taking a shot of cold liquor.

To ensure this works, take the shot quickly or play with your senses as outlined below.

5. Roll Your Tongue

Roll or lift your tongue as you take the shot to avoid tasting it. Doing so means the shot will flow under the tongue.

The reason why you won’t taste the alcohol is that there aren’t taste buds at the bottom, so you won’t pick up any flavors. This way, you can ensure you want to taste the alcohol.

6. Tilt your Head Backwards

Alternatively, if tongue rolling is too tricky, use the easier head titling method. After all, this hack will yield the same results as tongue-rolling.

As you take your shot, quickly tilt your head backward to prevent the alcohol from touching the roof of your mouth or the soft palate. Instead, the drink will flow straight into your through.

As the alcohol flows near the roof of the mouth and soft palate, you don’t have to worry about picking up the taste as these parts are less sensitive than the tongue.

7. Play With Your Senses

Now, this hack has been popularized by TikToker @lee.estelle. Apparently, it works – for most drinkers! To truly confirm it, you have to try it yourself. The hack is pretty simple and can be done with any typically hard liquor that can be enjoyed as a shot.

All you do is breathe out before and after you take the shot. It’s believed that one’s smell determines how one tastes food or drinks. So, exhaling instead of inhaling can help mask the harsh flavor of alcohol.

8. Or, Simply Inhale

You can also avoid tasting a shot by inhaling it through the nose right before you take it.

Before the shot, inhale through your nose, immediately take the shot, and exhale through your mouth. The reason why this works is that the process of nose inhalation gives you fresh air.

Once you take the strong alcohol shot, the fresh air bears enough momentum to push out the strong alcohol aroma and taste from your mouth when you exhale. This means that you can swallow the liquor without tasting it.

9. If All Doesn’t Work, Block Your Nose

Sometimes, the inhaling and exhaling hacks may not be effective or simple for some people.

So, you can skip these theatrics and simply block your nose by pinching it when taking the shot. Doing so means that you won’t be able to smell the alcohol you are about to drink.

Unbeknownst to many, you first eat, drink, or experience taste with your eyes and mouth before they touch your tongue and palate. Most shot drinks will be clear or amber-colored, so the sight won’t affect flavor perception.

On the other hand, pinching the nose completely blocks off the smell of the alcohol. So, you can easily down the shot and let it quickly flow down the throat without tasting the alcohol.

10. Be Quick

How quickly you are to take the shot determines whether or not you will taste it.

So, to avoid tasting it, take your shot quickly. Don’t hold it up to smell it first or hold it in your mouth. Make sure it goes straight from the shot glass down your throat.

Since you won’t smell or hold the alcohol in your mouth, you will barely taste it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Do Shots Without Tasting It?

There are several ways to do shots without tasting them. The simplest way to do so is by taking it quickly. Ensure the liquor flows straight from the glass down the throat so you don’t taste or smell it. Alternatively, you can chase the shot immediately with flavored soda, letting the bursting flavors and effervescence mask the alcohol.

How Do You Take A Shot Without It Being Nasty?

The best way to take a shot without it being nasty is by accentuating the flavors. The easiest way to do so is through the salt-licking and lime-sucking methods. Like taking a tequila shot, lick the salt on the back of your palm (near the thumb), take the shot, and finish off by sucking on the like wedge.

While the salt masks the bitterness and sharpness of the alcohol, the lime wedge accentuates the beautiful flavors of the alcohol.

How Do You Take A Shot Easier?

The easiest way to take a shot is to do it naturally. Don’t go for any theatrics. In fact, you can enjoy your buzz without any gagging by downing a shot fast. But make sure your throat is not dry to prevent gagging. So, drink a glass of chilled water before taking the shot if you have to.

How Do You Make A Shot That Doesn’t Taste Like Alcohol?

The best way to make a shot that doesn’t taste like alcohol is by mixing drinks like a cocktail. Instead of downing a single-liquor shot, make a mixed drink shot. A popular delicious, decadent shot is the blowjob, made using Bailey’s Irish cream, Kahlua coffee, whipped cream, and amaretto liqueur.


Just because you don’t like the smell or taste of alcohol doesn’t mean you can get a good buzz and celebrate the right way with friends.

The key to avoiding the sharp, bitter, or strong taste and scent of alcohol is simply knowing the simple tips and tricks. You can do this with any of our interesting tips above on taking a shot without tasting it.

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