What To Mix With Maker’s Mark (20 Cocktail Ideas)

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Makers Mark is a famous brand of bourbon-whiskey as it offers high-quality but affordable prices. Plus, you can find it fairly quickly in grocery stores and liquor stores and order it online.

But how do you drink this type of whiskey, and what other drinks can you mix it with? 

You can mix your Makers Mark with drinks from lemon juice, soda, fruit juices, and other alcoholic beverages like Vermouth. Keep reading to find the best combinations with Makers Mark! 

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20 Best Maker’s Mark Bourbon Mixers

Consider your personal preferences when choosing the following mixes and see which one becomes your favorite. 

1. Lemon juice 

Lemon juice goes perfectly with Makers Mark whiskey, and it is one of the handiest combinations to make.

This mix is known as Whiskey Sour and all you need to put together such a drink such as whiskey, lemon juice, sugar or syrup, and optional egg white. 

Mix two ounces of whiskey with 3.4 ounces of lemon juice freshly squeezed, 3/4 ounces of syrup, and half of the orange wheel for garnish. Optional, you can add the egg white from one egg.

Add all the ingredients into your shaker, along with ice, and shake for around 15 seconds until the mix gets cold. Strain your drink into your favorite cocktail glass, add the orange wheel on the rim and enjoy! 

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2. Orange juice 

The citrusy and sweet taste of orange juice will mix perfectly with whiskey. For a better citrusy flavor, use freshly squeezed orange juice.

As for quantities, you want to combine three parts of orange juice with two pieces of whiskey. You can also add one or two dashes of bitterness. Add ice by taste and stir until your drink is cold enough. 

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3. Cola 


Whiskey and Cola are some of the most appreciated and handy combinations worldwide. You can combine these two drinks in the quantities you want according to how strong you want your final drink to be.

Add a slice of lemon as a garnish, and don’t forget about the ice! You can also you any Cola you want, from diet coke to regular coke and flavored coke. 

4. 7Up

One of the classic whiskey highball recipes is the one that combines whiskey with 7Up. Add whiskey and ice to your highball glass and top it off with 7Up. You can also use Sprite if you prefer this type of soda. 

A 7Up whiskey highball will taste the best cold, so make sure you don’t skip the ice cubes, as they can make a difference. 

5. Tonic Whiskey 

You can mix whiskey with tonic water for a simple yet delicious cocktail without using complex ingredients.

To put together the best Tonic Whiskey, mix one-part whiskey with two parts tonic water into a glass filled with ice. Garnish your drink with a lemon wedge and serve. 

Tonic water has a bitter-sweet taste but it will not disturb the flavor and aroma of your whiskey. So, you get to enjoy a lighter drink, but the best taste of your Makers Mark whiskey will still be present. 

6. Maple Syrup 

Maple syrup pairs exceptionally well with whiskey as it completes the sweetness and flavor of this popular alcoholic drink.

You can mix a dash of maple syrup with your regular whisky, add some ice and call it a cocktail. Also, you can enrich an Old Fashioned cocktail by replacing the regular sugar with maple syrup. 

And you can replace the sugar or other sweeteners in your whiskey cocktails with maple syrup. Maple syrup works great as a sweetener in almost all drinks that call for sugar, which makes it a great alternative to the classic sugar cubes.

Make sure you use natural maple syrup, that is not enriched with sugar, so you get the best taste of such a syrup. 

7. Ginger Ale 

Ginger aleIf you want a citrusy, inviting drink, mixing whiskey with ginger ale might be your best choice. To make this cocktail, you only need two ounces of Makers Mark whiskey and as much ginger ale as you want, according to your taste. 

Add some ice into your highball glass, add the whiskey, and top it off with ginger ale. Some people might feel the need for a sweetener. And even if it is unnecessary, you can always add a dash of maple syrup. 

8. Sweet Vermouth 

If you have whiskey and sweet Vermouth in the house, you can mix them to create a delicious Manhattan cocktail. To make this famous cocktail, you will need two ounces of whiskey, one ounce of sweet Vermouth, two dashes of bitters, a lemon twist for garnish, and ice by taste. 

Stir the whiskey, sweet Vermouth, bitter, and ice into your cocktail glass. Add the lemon garnish and your drink is ready! 

9. Champagne 

When you pair whiskey and Champagne, you are in for an exquisite drink that all your guests will love. Champagne Mint Julep is one of the most famous cocktails containing whiskey and Champagne.

And to make this cocktail, all you need is one sugar cube or a dash of Maple syrup, three ounces of Champagne, half an ounce of Makers Mark whiskey, and a few leaves of mint.

Add the mint leaves to a glass with the sweetener and press until the mint oils are released. Continue by adding the whiskey, Champagne, and ice. Garnish your drink according to your preferences and serve it! 

10. Sparkling water 

Sparkling water You can always combine your favorite whiskey with sparkling water if you don’t want to make a complex whiskey-based drink. Add as much sparkling water as you wish to your glass and stir.

Don’t forget about the ice, as it will refresh your whiskey and sparkling water. This is also known as the Highball mix, and you can use whiskey with your favorite soda if you don’t like plain sparkling water. 

11. Pineapple juice 

Pineapple juice and whiskey go great together, and if you add some ice, you obtain an exotic and refreshing drink in seconds. To make a pineapple whiskey sour cocktail, you need four ounces of pineapple juice, half an ounce of lemon juice, and one ounce of whiskey and ice. 

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and give it a good shake for up to 10 seconds. Strain the drink into your cocktail glass and serve. You can also add a slice of pineapple as a garnish to make your drink even more appealing. 

12. Cranberry juice 

Another type of juice that goes great with alcoholic drinks, in general, and whiskey, in particular, is cranberry juice.

You can make cranberry whiskey sour which is just another version of pineapple whiskey sour. You can do this by replacing the pineapple juice with cranberry juice or trying a more complex recipe. 

Cranberry whiskey sour can be made with half a cup of cranberry juice, a quarter of a cup of lime juice, two cinnamon sticks, two sugar cubes, a quarter cup of orange juice, 3/4 cup of whiskey, one cup of water, and ice cubes.

Mix all the ingredients, except the cinnamon sticks, in a shaker and shake until the mix gets chilled. Strain it into your cocktail glass and garnish it with a few cranberries and cinnamon sticks. 

13. Fanta 

Whiskey and Fanta is also a great combination and one that you can put together into a refreshing drink in just a few seconds.

All you have to do is add ice to your glass and as much whiskey as you want, depending on how strong your drink is.

Top it off with Fanta, and enjoy! The bubbly, orange flavor of the popular soda will mix perfectly with the whiskey taste and aroma. 

14. Coffee 

An exciting mix that you have to try is whiskey and coffee. This combination is the most famous in the Irish coffee version. But you can make your Irish coffee at home with a few ingredients! 

To make Irish coffee, you need hot coffee, whiskey, and sugar or Maple syrup. Add a whiskey to your coffee mug and sweeten it with one or two cubes of sugar or maple syrup.

You might prefer black coffee, but adding some sweetener will mellow down the taste of whiskey. Top your drink with whipped cream, and enjoy. Serve while it is still warm. 

If you don’t have whipped cream, simply mix a bit of whiskey with your regular black coffee and add a cube of sugar. You can adjust your drink to match your taste by adding more sugar or more whiskey as you want. 

15. Whiskey and Dr.Pepper 

Like Coca-Cola and Whiskey, mixing Dr.Pepper and whiskey can be a great success. And it takes only two ingredients and some ice. Add whiskey to your glass and top it off with Dr. Pepper.

You can use lime or lemon as a garnish to make your drink more inviting. Dr. Pepper has a stronger caramel taste than other sodas and it will blend well with the caramel flavor of your whiskey. 

However, Dr.Pepper will give your cocktail a more sweet taste and a more intense caramel flavor than Cola. Whiskey mixed with Dr. Pepper is also known as the Pepper Jack. 

16. Red Bull

Whiskey and Red Bull is another classic mix that works great for a quick and energizing drink. You can use any energy drink you like in this mix and any type of whiskey. However, Makers Mark whiskey will be one of the best choices. 

You can mix one ounce of whiskey with three ounces of energy drink and ice. There is no need to add any sweetener to this mix as energy drinks already contain a significant amount of sugar. 

Such a mix will not just put you in a great mood, but it will energize you as well. It is perfect to have it at a party if you are planning to stay up late. 

17. Lemonade 

LemonadeIf you have lemonade in the fridge, combine a refreshing and delicious cocktail with some whiskey. You can make this cocktail with purchased lemonade or your homemade lemonade, which will taste just as good. 

Also, feel free to use other types of lemonade but the classic one that is made of lemons. You can use lemonade made of lime or lemonade of strawberries.

If you don’t have a favorite lemonade recipe, there are plenty that you can find online and you will not regret it. 

You only need lemonade, whiskey, and fresh herbs such as mint. Add ice to your cocktail glass and continue by pouring a dash of whiskey. Top the drink off with lemonade and garnish your glass with a pinch of fresh herbs of your choice. 

18. Coconut water 

A whiskey highball with coconut water is one of the best combinations. You can combine these two drinks in the quantity you want and add some ice to make it even more refreshing.

But if the coconut water is cold, you might not need any extra ice. This mixed drink could be perfect for a summer afternoon when you want to relax with your friends. 

19. Cherry syrup 

Like Maple syrup, the cherry syrup is also a great ingredient in a whiskey drink. The most notorious recipe containing both whiskey and cherry syrup is the cherry whiskey sour, and it will take you only a couple of minutes to prepare. 

You will need four ounces of fresh cherries diced, one ounce of cherry syrup, one ounce of lime juice, and two ounces of whiskey.

Blend the cherries, syrup, lime juice, and whiskey for a few seconds. Pour the blended mix into your cocktail glass and serve. You can add ice to your drink as well. 

20. Whiskey and Tea 

Tea and whiskey are one of the best combinations, and you can enjoy it cold or at room temperature, as you please. Black tea is the best type of tea for this cocktail, and you can also use vanilla-flavored black tea. 

Make your tea as you usually would by infusing it into hot water. Get a highball glass and add ice and whiskey. Top it off with black tea. You can also garnish your drink with a wheel of oranges and serve it. 

In terms of quantities, use the ratio you are comfortable with to obtain a stronger or lighter drink. It is recommended to mix one part whiskey with two or three parts tea. But ultimately, create the perfect drink for your preferences. 

What does Makers Mark taste like?

Makers Mark is one of the best whiskey types on the market. It is ideal for people who like plain whiskey, but it is also flexible enough to mix well with other drinks. 

As soon as you taste this type of whiskey, you will notice notes of caramel, roasted grains, vanilla, oak, apple and cinnamon, cocoa powder, and clove.

You will also notice these notes in the Makers Mark whiskey’s aroma. Some consumers resemble this whiskey with sweetened chai tea enriched with alcohol content. 

What does Makers Mark pair well with?

Makers Mark is a very flexible type of whiskey that pairs well with many drinks. You can mix this whiskey with your favorite soda, such as Coke, Fanta, 7Up, or Sprite, and obtain a fast and satisfying cocktail. 

If you want to incorporate Makers Mark into more complex drinks, you can do that in cocktails like Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Mixing whiskey with fruit juices is not unheard of either.

Makers Mark is known for tasting great with pineapple, orange, and cranberry juice. You can also get creative with the drinks you mix with your whiskey. 

What is the best way to drink Makers Mark?

You can drink Makers Mark, which is neat or on the rocks, and incorporate it into more complex drinks. Beam Suntory produces this type of whiskey in Loretto, Kentucky. It is bottled at a proof of 90% and has an alcohol content of 45%. 

So, since it is a quality whiskey, you can enjoy it just the way you want to. Either way, you will be satisfied. It is also the type of whiskey that allows you to mix it with different ingredients, as it will enrich any drink. 

What is the best thing to mix whiskey with?

When it comes to whiskey, the sky is the limit. This attractive alcoholic drink mixes perfectly with pineapple juice and other fruit juices. But if you want a bubbly drink, try a mix that includes your favorite soda. 

For some people, the best way to enjoy whiskey is plain or on the rocks. But Makers Mark remains a brand of whiskey that will enrich complex cocktails and mixed drinks. 

Final thoughts 

Makers Mark whiskey can turn out to be a very interesting ingredient in many of your mixed drinks. Mix it with a fruit juice, a soda or into a more complex cocktail and impress all your guests with your drinks! 

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