25 Drinks That Don’t Taste Like Alcohol (2024)

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Often, people don’t like the taste of alcohol as much as they enjoy the effects, so the drinking in itself doesn’t bring them any pleasure, but it is the effects they look forward to. 

So therefore, many opt for quick few shots, something like ripping the bandage quickly so that they don’t have to endure a taste they don’t like.

Luckily, not liking alcohol but still enjoying it is an easily solvable problem, as there are many alcoholic drinks you can have that don’t taste like alcohol. 

Alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol contain a pretty substantial alcohol amount, so you are bound to feel something alcoholic, like a burn or that typical alcoholic chill. Still, the other ingredients involved do an excellent job of masking the taste of alcohol in your drink. 

Most alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol are cocktails, but not all cocktails, as there are some tasting like alcohol much more intensely.

The other half of the alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol are flavored alcoholic drinks, which I don’t recommend because of the excellent amount of artificial colorings. 

So, if you want a drink that doesn’t taste like alcohol but contains alcohol, you should go for a cocktail. 

26 Drinks That Don’t Taste Like Alcohol

In this article, I will give you a list of good-quality alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol that you can enjoy. Some of them are stronger, while some are milder.

Some will get you drunk quicker than others, but you will definitely avoid the alcoholic taste and skip right to the effects. 

1. Mai Tai 

Starting from the glass with the delightful cheery-lime decoration on top and ending with the shades of peach and apricot colors mixing in the glass, the appearance of this cocktail is absolutely exquisite.

The citrus note dominates the flavor, but you can also feel the sweetness of the simple syrup and dark rum. However, the rum part is so discrete and understated that it mostly enhances the other flavors included in this cocktail instead of shining on its own. 

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2. Malibu Sunset 

This cocktail is a fruity cake in a glass. You won’t feel any alcoholic sharpness drinking this delicacy, and you will definitely enjoy it thoroughly, as it is extremely gentle and refined. It contains rum and pineapple juice, and vanilla extract. 

If you like pineapple juice, which is a very specific flavor, you should definitely give this creamy cocktail a chance, as it is gentle in every sense of the word. You can have a few glasses before it starts getting into your head. 

3. Kamikaze

Kamikaze is a fun mixture of vodka, lime juice, and orange liquor, but there are variations of this cocktail, including rum as well, which are made mainly for shots. 

The tangy flavor of the lime juice and the citrus sweetness of the orange liquor does a great job of masking the vodka flavor in this drink. However, I must warn you that this is a pretty potent cocktail, and the shots are even stronger, so you might want to take your time with it. 

It has a very clean and neat appearance but is still incredibly aesthetically pleasing. 

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4. Pink Gin Fizz

This cocktail is as seductive on the nose as it is on the palate. Made with gin, lemon juice, and tropical fruits, very often containing berries and rose petals, this drink incorporates a huge number of flavors, which definitely eliminate the alcoholic note in the drink while still allowing it to take effect the time comes.

Smelling incredibly sweet and fruity, with a floral and natural-tasting dimension, this cocktail will definitely be something you will want to repeat. 

5. Lemonade Vodka Gin

This is a very refreshing cocktail and a very popular one for pool parties and beach days. The sweetness and mild tang of the lemonade cover up the sharpness of the vodka and gin, which, combined with a few ice cubes, makes this the perfect refreshing drink for those who don’t like the taste of vodka and gin. 

You will still feel a burn, and it will be a nice one, but the ice and the lemonade will do an excellent job toning down the sharpness of the alcoholic drinks inside this cocktail.

The appearance matches the taste, as it is a simple glass with a lime wedge and a short straw, telling you exactly what to expect from your cocktail. 

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6. Strawberry Margarita

This is not only a seductive cocktail, enticing you just by looking at it, but it is sweet and delicious too. Its bright red color, the glass, and the few tiny strawberries on top as a decoration are something you will have a hard time resisting. 

The taste of this delicacy is dominated by the intensive strawberry flavor, as it contains strawberry syrup and, in many cases, blended strawberries. The tequila included in this cocktail is virtually unnoticeable, but you will feel it burn after you swallow your sip. 

Nevertheless, this tequila burn is far from the original tequila taste, so you will definitely be able to handle it. The best thing about this cocktail is that you can sip it slowly and enjoy every ounce of flavor while gradually getting woozy, feeling the edge being gently taken off.  

7. Vodka Cranberry 

Simplicity in a glass, this two-ingredient drink will definitely take you where you need to go, the way you would like to arrive. This drink is great as an after-work treat, as well as an evening relaxation. 

The sour and sweet cranberry juice will do a great job dulling down the sharpness of the vodka, but it won’t eliminate it completely, so you should expect a noticeable burn. However, since the dominant flavors are sweet and sour, you won’t feel the vodka mid-palate, and the burn won’t hit you as hard.

8. Caipirinha

This is a very sweet cocktail as it literally contains sugar, brown. It mixes lime juice and lime slices inside the glass, creating a sweet and tangy sensation. The chacaca content is pretty high in this cocktail, but the sweetness of brown sugar, mixed with the sourness and tang of the lime, make this cocktail a refreshing delight. 

Be prepared, though; you may feel the alcohol pretty soon, so don’t go overboard with it, and most importantly, take your time. 

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9. Sex on the Beach 

Combining vodka, cranberry, orange juice, and peach schnapps, this irresistibly seductive cocktail is sunset in a glass. Perfect for an evening relaxation, this drink tastes like fruits and smells like flowers, with a single stream of the alcoholic note, just enough to remind you to take your time with it. 

Ideal for slow sipping and unwinding, this cocktail will gently and gradually make you woozy and soft without you having to endure the sharpness of the vodka. You will, however, fill a mild burn, but nothing you can’t handle.

10. Mimosa 

Another two-ingredient cocktail, simple and incredibly delicious, the mimosa will definitely delight you with its sweetness and deliciousness. It is a perfect brunch drink or an afternoon addition to a friend’s gathering. 

The mimosa contains nothing more than vodka and orange juice which results in a delightfully compatible flavor combination. The vodka in this cocktail is not that noticeable, but not that discrete either. However, it certainly doesn’t dominate the flavor, so you will have no trouble at all handling it. 

11. Pina Colada 

This is another creamy cocktail that can melt down even the most seasoned alcohol drinkers. It is believed to have originated among the pirates who got tired of drinking only rum and wanted to mix things up with what they had available. 

The Pina Colada cocktail contains pineapple juice, white rum, and coconut milk. The pineapple and coconut flavors mix so perfectly, creating a nice frothy consistency that treats you exceptionally gently. 

The white rum flavor goes unnoticed in this cocktail, without even so much as a mild burn, so it is definitely an excellent choice for those of you who don’t like alcoholic flavors. 

12. Fuzzy Navel 

Fuzzy indeed! The orange juice and peach schnapps combination will surprise your palate with the tiny fizzy bubbles tickling your tongue. The strong peach flavor from the peach schnapps combined with the orange juice creates a bubbly and fruity sensation, toning down the alcohol and turning it into a juicy drink. 

Be warned, though; this is a pretty strong drink, so sip slowly and enjoy.  

13. Screwdriver 

Grenadine, vodka, and orange juice are the three components of this cocktail. The name makes it sound harsher than it is, while in fact, this is a pretty pleasant drink with intense sweet and fruity notes. 

To say that this cocktail is strong or mild would be wrong, as it depends on the amount of vodka you would like to use. This isn’t a cocktail requiring the craftiness of an experienced mixologist, as you can make it easily at home. 

14. Radler 

The Radler is a combination between beer and lemonade, tasting a little bit like both but not dominated by either one. The Radler is one of those drinks you either love or hate, as it has a very particular flavor. 

In terms of strength, the Radler is pretty mild since the alcoholic part is the beer, so there’s no risk that you will get overly drunk quickly. Therefore, feel free to enjoy this refreshing drink whenever you want to. 

15. Spritzer 

Spritzer doesn’t taste like alcohol at all, and it resembles a sweet fizzy drink instead. Made of nothing more than just white wine and club soda or mineral water, this drink is definitely a much-needed refreshment on a summer afternoon. 

Gentle and relaxing, the spritzer will take the edge off gradually, giving you a nice woozy feeling whereby you have skipped the tastes you don’t like. 

16. Tequila Sunrise 

Strong but fruity and sweet, this cocktail will definitely bring out your wild side. You won’t even notice the tequila next to the sweet orange juice, but it will definitely work you over quickly if you are not careful enough. 

Take your time with tequila sunrise, and don’t give into the fruity orange flavor very soon, as two of these might be more than enough to just take the edge off. 

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17. Sangria

Folksy yet elegant, the sangria mixture is a delightfully fruity and floral cocktail containing fresh fruit slices, juice, and perhaps some syrup. It is traditionally made in punch-like batches where you fill your glass using a ladle.

Since it takes time to drink the batch, the longer the ingredients stay together, the more the flavor changes, ultimately making your last glass way different than your first one. 

The alcohol used for sangria is wine, the flavor of which you will definitely avoid, with those fresh fruits inside. Incredibly refreshing and tasty, sangria is definitely made for larger gatherings and light parties. 

18. Cosmopolitan

From its appearance to its taste, everything about this cocktail says elegance and refinement. Made of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and fresh lemon or lime juice, this is definitely an unforgettable drink. 

However, you do need to know what you are doing in order to do this right, as the doses need to be precisely measured for this cocktail to shine in a whole light. 

The sweetness of the lemon, along with its tang, combined with the cranberry juice, tones the vodka way down, allowing it to express itself only through a tiny burn in the end. 

19. Vodka Tonic/ Sprite

The vodka tonic combination is a bit sharper but still milder than pure vodka, while the vodka sprite mix is the sweeter and the gentler one. Both are definitely delicious with just a hint of the typical vodka sharpness, which accentuates the flavors in these mixes instead of taking over the entire combination. 

Refreshing and edgy, the vodka tonic/sprite combination is definitely an excellent idea for many occasions. Served neatly and very aesthetically pleasing, you should sip slowly and let the drink do its magic, relaxing you gradually and pleasantly. 

20. Apple Juice Cocktail 

Combining whiskey, cranberry juice, and apple schnapps, this cocktail, although mild and fruity-tasting, is definitely a strong one. This is a sneaky drink getting straight to your head, as there are no warning signs. 

The sweet apple juice, combined with the even sweeter apple schnapps, leaves it to the whiskey to warn you about its strength. Next, the apple sweetness, the whiskey doesn’t taste very expressively, so the worst that you should expect is a mild whiskey burn. 

21. Gin Tonic 

As the name tells you, you don’t need anything else for this mix. The refreshing and bubbly tonic swoops right under your nose and tones down the gin’s natural bitterness and sharpness. It makes this drink a fizzy and fun delight decorated with fruits of your choosing. 

The natural gin bitterness with the bitterness of the tonic works excellently together, toning each other down, bringing out the best of these two ingredients. 

22. White Russian 

Seductive, creamy, and rich, this cocktail is somewhere between coffee and chocolate flavor, interspersed with vodka and cream notes. Even though the vodka amount used in this cocktail is not to be underestimated, the coffee flavor is dominant in this story, as coffee is known neutralizer of tastes and smells. 

This is a strong drink that can easily sneak up to you, and before you know it, you may become even woozier than you initially planned. 

The appearance of this drink says class and refinement, with the rich brown color topped with shades of light brown and cream. It is common for this beverage to come with whipped cream on top, making it even more luxurious. 

23. Long Island Iced Tea

Although the alcohol flavor does not dominate this cocktail, it is still present. Made with rum, tequila, vodka, gin, triple sec, and cola, do not dare underestimate the potency of this drink. 

Delicious and sweet, it can defeat you very easily, so be careful and very slow when drinking this cocktail. It tastes like coke and chocolate with a very rich color. 

24. Cuba Libre 


In general, adding coke to any alcohol significantly tones down its sharpness, as the cola sweetness overrules even the most aggressive of spirits. Cuba Libre is no exception to this rule. The rum sharpness is perfectly balanced out with the sweetness of the coke and additionally diluted with the compulsory ice cubes in the glass. 

Served in a very simple manner, in a tall glass, it resembles the Long Island Iced Tea, but it is significantly milder than it. Nevertheless, the Cuba Libre cocktail is still a potent drink and masked with the sweetness of the coke; the rum works behind the scenes, without you even knowing it. Therefore, I’d recommend you take your time with this cocktail. 

25. Mojito 

The sugar, soda water, lime juice, and mint do an excellent job covering up the sharpness of the white rum included as this cocktail’s alcoholic component. The mojito cocktail is known as a very gentle, mild, and refreshing drink. 

The mint and lemon flavors dominate this cocktail, with the sugar sweetness and the soda bubbliness only accentuating these tastes. 

What Is a Good Drink for Someone Who Doesn’t Like Alcohol?

If you don’t like the taste of alcohol but you enjoy its effects, the best solution would be to have a cocktail. There are many alcoholic cocktails that don’t taste like alcohol that will definitely make you delightfully woozy. 

Daiquiris will be perfect for you if you like your cocktails on the mellow side. Another one would be ocean sunset, which is sweet but strong nevertheless. Long Island Iced Tea is a very tasty cocktail, but be very careful as it is very strong. 

Sangria and Pina Colada are for you if you like mellow, fruity, and floral cocktails, and mai tai is the perfect one for you if you are in a more exotic mood. 

What Can You Mix with Alcohol To Not Taste It?

Coffee and coke are the best solutions for you to mix your alcohol with in order to tone down or completely eliminate the alcohol flavor. Coke is very sweet and has a very specific aroma that tends to dominate the flavor. Coffee is a popular smell and flavor suppressant, so if you don’t like the taste of alcohol, these two should be your go-to solution. 

Another very effective drink you can use to not taste your alcohol is orange juice, and also simple syrup to tone down the sharpness. You can also combine these ingredients when necessary and appropriate. 

Is There a Tasteless Alcohol?

In theory, vodka is known as an alcohol that has no taste. However, this doesn’t mean that vodka tastes like nothing, but it just means that it doesn’t have any added tastes. Since it is distilled for a minimum of three times, vodka is one of the purest spirits you can find. 

Still, even the purest vodka has a taste that makes the vodka drink so recognizable. Alcohol, in general, doesn’t go unnoticed, but if you exclude the burn and sharpness, which are sensations rather than tastes, you are still left with that recognizable alcoholic taste. 

So even though vodka is considered a tasteless alcohol, I would say tasteless alcohol doesn’t exist. 

What Is the Easiest Alcohol To Drink?

Whether an alcoholic drink is easy to drink or not depends on who drinks it. Seasoned alcohol enthusiasts find drinking even the harsh alcohols easy, as they have developed a taste for them. 

A person who rarely consumes alcohol would find beer hard to drink. However, the general consensus is that beer and wine are the easiest to drink. Next, come the flavored liquors, and after them, seasoned and flavored spirits. 

Canned Alcohol that Doesn’t Taste Like Alcohol 

Canned alcohol is typically milder than the bottled one, as the canned versions are not original spirits or cocktails but a kind of mock variety. There are many canned cocktails that don’t taste like alcohol at all, as well as canned wine and soda combinations. 

These are made for fun and refreshment, and you would need to have a substantial amount to get woozy. 


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