How Many Mimosas To Get Drunk?

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Mimosa is one of the best cocktails that contains champagne and it can be a delicious drink if you want to celebrate an event or even catch up with some good friends. But can this simple and tasty drink get you drunk?

Yes, it actually can get you drunk because it contains alcohol from the champagne and you have to consume it responsibly. 

The sugar in the orange juice, the other ingredient of a mimosa, will also add to the overall amount of alcohol in your bloodstream.

So, these aspects are important and need to be considered when you estimate how many mimosas you will have during a get together event. 

It takes on average five servings of mimosa to get an individual drunk. Some people will get drunk faster than others while there are consumers with a higher tolerance to alcohol.

But there are several aspects to consider so keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the effects of mimosas!


Why do Mimosas make you so drunk?

Mimosas contain champagne which means they also contain alcohol. Any type of beverage that contains alcohol has the potential to get you drunk. The only variable factor is how many servings will it take to get a person intoxicated from such drinks. 

Champagne gets you drunk fairly fast compared to other flat alcoholic drinks and mimosas contain 50% champagne and the other 50% orange juice.

However, mimosas are lower in their alcohol content and higher in vitamin C content, which is why they are usually considered day drinks. 

Orange juice contains a fair amount of sugar that also has an impact on the speed with which mimosa gets you drunk. When the body breaks down sugar in drinks or food, it also breaks it down into alcohol.

So, when you combine the alcohol from the champagne and the alcohol your body metabolizes from orange juice, you will end up with a higher amount of alcohol entering your bloodstream faster. 

You will get intoxicated even faster if you have your mimosas on an empty stomach. Food helps slow down the process by which your body assimilates alcohol. But without food, this process develops even faster. 

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Can 3 glasses of champagne get you drunk?

If you are to drink champagne plain, without any other ingredients to dilute the alcohol content, it takes on average four servings to get you drunk. This rule applies mostly to adult men with a weight of around 160 lbs. 

But that doesn’t mean that three servings of the same plain champagne can’t get you intoxicated. Your tolerance to alcohol, your age, and your weight, will have a say in the effect this quantity of champagne has on you. 

If three glasses of champagne of 150 ml each will not get you drunk, it will for sure get you tipsy. However, the time you take to consume that champagne is also relevant.

If you drink three servings of it fast, within one hour, you will feel the tipsiness a lot more intense than if you sip from this quantity of champagne for the entire evening. 

How long does it take for a mimosa to get out of your system?

Mimosa will be out of your system by following the same time frame as most alcoholic beverages do. 

The average person can eliminate about 0.015% of blood alcohol content in one hour. While this is the general standard, the value of BAC a person can accumulate may vary between 0.02% and 0.03% in the time frame of one hour, if they have one drink. The time the body needs to process the alcohol intake is between one and two hours. 

So, if you have more than one drink, it will take more time to metabolize the alcohol and you might eliminate it in two to three hours or more. 

The sensation of being drunk, however, will last for different amounts of time and it will have different effects from one individual to another. 

What is the ABV of one mimosa?

Since the only alcoholic ingredient in a mimosa is champagne, the cocktail will have the alcohol content of the champagne used to make it. On average, one mimosa will contain an ABV of 12%. 

Naturally, if you use weaker champagne or stronger champagne, the alcohol content of your mimosa will change as well, according to the ABV of the champagne. So, in order to be able to estimate the alcohol content in your mimosa, you need to know the alcohol content in your champagne. 

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Recipe of the best mimosa

You can order a mimosa at pretty much any bar or restaurant but you can also put such a cocktail together right in the comfort of your home. Here’s the best mimosa recipe that you have to try! 

The first thing you need to make a delicious mimosa is freshly squeezed orange juice. You can use bought orange juice as well but the fresh type of juice will improve the taste of your cocktail significantly.

If you squeeze some oranges yourself, you can control the overall sugar amount in your drink since most store-bought orange juices may come with added sugar or some sort of added sweetener. 

An important aspect to consider if you are using homemade orange juice is whether or not you should allow the orange pulp into your drink.

This can be a very subjective preference but some experts claim that orange pulp takes away from the bubbly texture of the champagne.

Luckily, you can remove the pulp from the orange juice but just straining it. And if you want a perfectly done mimosa, it is recommended to do that. 

The next ingredient you will have to use is champagne. It is just as important to use high-quality champagne in your mimosa as it is to use orange juice.

High-quality champagne doesn’t mean that you have to use expensive champagne. Just choose one that you like and you afford it and save your premium-priced ones for enjoying them plain.

Good champagne has a good taste and a moderate amount of sweetness according to your preferences.

If you use champagne that you wouldn’t like to enjoy neat, chances are that you will not like it in your mimosa either. So, let your tastes dictate the choices you make in this respect. 

Combine your orange juice and champagne in a one-to-one ratio in your favorite cocktail glass. Flute glasses are traditionally used for mimosas as well as for champagne but you can use any cocktail glass you prefer.

If both of your drinks are cold, you might not feel the need to add any extra ice but again, this is a subjective decision. So, if you want your mimosa on the rocks, feel free to add some ice cubes to it. Decorate the cocktail glass with an orange wedge and enjoy! 

Your drink will also taste better if you mix the two ingredients directly into the mimosa glass. Add the champagne first and follow up with the orange juice.

It is important to put the champagne first in the glass because if you pour the bubbly drink on top of the orange juice, your cocktail will make way too many bubbles and it will spill over the edge of the glass. 

Extra tip: Chilling your glass can make a great difference when you are preparing a mimosa cocktail. You can chill your mimosa glass by putting it in the freezer, empty, while you prepare the orange juice. Your glass will get chilled in less than five minutes and it will be much better for your delicious mimosa! 

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Can you use another type of alcoholic drink for your mimosa?

Mimosas are traditionally made with champagne, regardless of the type of champagne you use. But you can obtain a similar drink if you replace champagne with Prosecco, which is also a sparkly wine, similar to champagne.

Cava is another great alternative to champagne and it can be even much more affordable as well. Cava is a sparkly wine that comes from Spain and it is known for mixing great with different fruit juices. 

But if you want to put together a traditional mimosa, you should consider using champagne rather than other substitutes. And you can find high-quality champagne at an affordable price as well so, try this option first! 

Final thoughts

Mimosas can be some of the best day cocktails you can try and it is not only easily accessible in public locals but it is also easy to make at home.

And even if mimosas can get you drunk, it will take at least five of them to consider yourself intoxicated, while three mimosas could get you tipsy.

It is one of those drinks that you can enjoy at a fancy event but also over a good conversation with an old friend.

And the orange color and citrusy, sweet taste given by the freshly squeezed orange juice make this mixed drink one of the easiest pleasures to achieve in life. 

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