20 Best Drinks To Order At A Bar For A Woman 2024

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Whether a ladies’ night out, first date, or celebrating an engagement, what you drink undoubtedly plays a key role in your overall experience.

So, it always pays to know the best drinks to order at a bar for a woman, whether your best friend, potential girlfriend, or fiancé.

However, it’s not always easy picking a drink for the lady (ies) of the night – which is why we’ve made this part easier for you.

Here are 20 of the best women-recommended drinks to order at a bar for a woman the next time you plan a fun night out.

20 Drinks To Order At A Bar For A Woman

Here are our top rated recommendations for the ultimate drinks to order your female at a bar;

1. Gin & Tonic

gin-tonicA simple cocktail, the gin, and tonic is an excellent starter drink for those who aren’t used to hard liqueur.  Made from just gin mixed with tonic water, the drink feels “light and tolerable” on the throat and offers a sweet, bubbly aftertaste that any drinker would love.

A classic cocktail, you will find gin & tonic offered in a myriad of delicious varieties, thanks to numerous flavored gin and tonic options.

Our personal favorite is pink strawberry gin & tonic. The cocktail oozes deliciously creamy vanilla with a black pepper enveloped by the primary strawberry taste.

As you take a sip of the cocktail, you will love how the refreshing fizzy tonic pairs with the warm and sweet gin to unleash its citrusy and bright juniper aftertaste with lingering strawberry notes.

2. Vodka & Soda


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Vodka & soda is another pretty simple cocktail, involving a straightforward mix of vodka and soda. So, with minimal ingredients and subtle alcohol options, it is a great beginner drink, too. The best part of drinking vodka & soda is you can go in any direction you want.

You can opt for a wide range of flavored vodka that also goes with an even wider variety of soda options, including fruit sodas. You can bring out the essence of your choice of vodka by going for fun soda options like grapefruit or strawberry soda.

This is also a great way to mask the alcohol flavor if you have issues with it. Alternatively, go for flavored vodka like Smirnoff with more subtle soda options, like club soda or tonic for a more sophisticated fizzy drink.

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3. Bellini


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The ultimate chic cocktail, Bellini is a perfect drink for most ladies. Served mostly during brunches, Bellini isn’t exclusively a brunch drink. This fun, bubbly summer drink can also be enjoyed on a night out with the ladies or paired with an equally lively meal on a date.

After all, thinking of just the ingredients alone will have your taste buds watering. The cocktail combines a mix of prosecco with peach puree. Ideally, white peach puree is poured into a chilled champagne flute and topped with chilled prosecco.

Tip: You will enjoy the authentic flavors of the drinks if it’s served with peach puree and not peach-flavored mixers, like schnapps. Additionally, while this may be tempting, never substitute the lighter prosecco with richer French wines – it’s a recipe for a disaster!

4. Mimosa


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Another popular brunch beverage, mimosa is also a great all-time summer day drink. So, whether you are chilling at a beachside bar or enjoying lunch at the restaurant near the pier, a mimosa makes for an amazing accompaniment. After all, what’s more luxurious than bubbly on a sunny day beachside?

You can even order a pitcher of orange juice and a bottle of champagne to make one on the go for the entire table. In fact, you will be saving more through this hack if you want a simple-to-make drink for the entire group.

5. Cosmopolitan


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Popularized by the show Sex and the City, Cosmo is a popular and much-loved cocktail among ladies. After all, the drink represents more than a sweet cocktail. It also symbolizes class, style, and sophistication.

It’s a great way to keep your lady entertained during your Friday after-work drinks or as an after-dinner drink n an elegant night out. A cosmopolitan has a pretty simple recipe, including a mix of vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice served in a cocktail glass with a pretty looking lemon peel garnish.

For the best results, you want your drink shaken, not stirred “pun intended” in a shaker filled with ice. The result is a frothy bright pink colored refreshing drink.

Note: You will find some establishments with their own exciting spins on the classic cosmopolitan that we recommend trying out. You will find a wide variety of recipes ranging from red velvet cosmos (based on the red velvet cake) inspired by Kathy Wakile from the Real Housewives of New Jersey to fruit-based recipes that use a blend of fun fruit purees and juices.

You can also find varieties that use flavored vodka. So, take your palate on an adventure; you never know the perfect recipe may just be around the corner.

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6. Sex on the Beach


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True to its name, Sex on the Beach is most definitely the sexiest cocktail on bar menus. Served on the rocks, the cocktail offers a smooth, refreshing feel with bursts of sweet and fruity notes.

Whether a seasoned drinker or only beginning to explore cocktails, you will certainly love this cocktail. Classic Sex on the Beach contains vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and orange juice on the rocks.

But, you want to take it a little slow on the delicious drink. Its pleasantly sweet flavor does a great job at masking the unfavorable alcohol taste and smell. So, you can easily forget that the alcohol content in a typical Sex on the Beach equates to a standard one-and-a-half drink.

7. Peachy Keen


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Peachy keen is an excellent cocktail option for bourbon lovers. Integrating an intuitive choice of southern favorites, the cocktail is a great summer drink option. Plus, it works perfectly on any occasion, whether date night, afternoon drink, or a cocktail special at a wedding.

The cocktail contains a mix of bourbon, peach schnapps, unsweetened ice tea, and lime juice shaken with ice. This combination allows you to enjoy these ingredients in a complex, refreshing, and sweet mix of flavors.

While adding the peach schnapps gives the cocktail its fruity sweetness, the ice tea, and lime juice help to accentuate the sweetness of the bourbon while suppressing the unpleasant alcohol aftertaste.

8. Long Island Ice Tea


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Since we are on ice tea, if you really want to get the party started, there’s no better cocktail drink than a Long Island Ice Tea.  There’s a reason why Long Island Ice Tea is usually referred to as a party drink by many people.

With more than 4 alcoholic drink options in the mix, a single glass of Long Island Ice Tea is usually enough. A classic long island contains a mixture of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and a splash of cola shaken and poured over ice in a high ball glass.

Other variations add a little lemon juice or lemon wedge. What makes Long Island Ice Tea a favorite among its drinkers is its sweet, refreshing taste. With the lineup of alcoholic ingredients added, surprisingly, you will not get any whiff of the alcoholic taste.

But, this also means that you should leave your car at home if you want to indulge in a Long Island Ice Tea.

9. Pina Colada


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The ultimate holiday drink, Pina colada, brings paradise to whatever you are. Whether you are sipping this drink from a rooftop bar downtown or an actual beachside bar, the drink is a favorite of many people.

Originating from Puerto Rico, the cocktail offers true tropical flavors. Its fine-tuned mix of just the right ingredients delivers a smooth, delicious, and creamy taste. Pina Colada is made using rum, coconut cream or milk, and pineapple juice.

You can shake or blend the mix with ice and serve it in a poco grande glass or high ball, garnished with maraschino cherry or pineapple wedge.

10. Classic Martini


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A classic martini is synonymous with an elegant and classy piano bar. So, it’s the perfect drink to order for your lady friend during a drink date. While it’s not the smoothest cocktail on the menu, its glassy, herby taste appeals to quite a population.

Now, a martini is made using two key ingredients, i.e. gin and vermouth served on a martini cocktail glass and garnished with a green olive or twisted lemon. But, the garnish is not only for decorative purposes. It also goes a long way to accentuate and complement the overall taste of the cocktail to your palate.

Further, you can determine the overall experience of your cocktail – by deciding whether you want a dry or sweet martini. A dry martini uses dry vermouth for a clear and crispier, dry white wine aftertaste. On the other hand, the sweeter, usually red vermouth delivers a slightly sweeter aftertaste.

Note: You can instantly transform a martini into a vodkatini by replacing gin with vodka if the gin taste is alittle intense for you. Use flavored vodka, like blueberry vodka, for a fruitier explosion of flavor.

11. Espresso Martini


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Did you know that you don’t have to settle for the classic martini taste if it’s hard on the palate? You can still enjoy the cocktail in a more palatable variety. If you are a coffee lover, you may just love the espresso martini.

Funny enough, while this cocktail adopts the name, it contains zero gin or vermouth. The cocktail contains vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, and simple sugar. This mix is shaken with ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass.

Contrary to what you may think, the espresso martini doesn’t produce any bitter, coffee-concentrated flavor. Instead, the cocktail offers a strong but smooth, rich, and sweet taste. In fact, espresso martini is a perfect digestif and dessert, doubling as after-dinner coffee spiked with a little liqueur.

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12. Bailey Martini


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If you want an even smoother, creamier, and richer martini variety, the Bailey Martini is a good option to try out. The cocktail’s decadent mixture oozes sweet vanilla, chocolatey, and faintly spicy, nutty notes. This rich drink is guaranteed to impress any lady’s palate.

Like espresso martini, however, bailey martini doesn’t contain any gin or vermouth. Instead, it contains Baileys (made of Irish whisky, cocoa, and cream), and vodka is shaken with ice and served garnished with a maraschino cherry.

Tip: Some bars will have a wider variety of bailey martini drinks, depending on the season. Popular options include pumpkin spice bailey martini and gingerbread bailey martini, to mention a few. Consult your bartender for more information on the particular bar menu offerings.

13. Orgasm


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For the ultimate experience, you can order an orgasm for your lady friend(s). This versatile drink can be served on the rocks or as a shooter. the best part of orgasm is that it uses an all-alcohol ingredient list yet, it doesn’t come with the unpleasant boozy taste.

So, you want to take extra care when indulging in this creamy, rich, and ultra delicious drink to avoid getting too drunk. Different bars offer different versions of this drink.

The most common variation is shaking equal parts of amaretto, Kahlua, and baileys cream in ice. Alternatively, you can add half and half cream to the mix. Other bars use another popular formula that includes vodka, amaretto, triple sec, white crème de cacao, and light cream.

14. Manhattan


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Manhattan is martini’s higher-end and more sophisticated American cousin. So, a Manhattan is another excellent and sweeter alternative to a classic dry martini, if it’s too intense and dry for you. Typically, a classic Manhattan features rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and angostura bitters served in a cocktail or martini glass.

But, some professionals argue that to enjoy the perfect Manhattan, you want a half-and-half mix of dry and sweet vermouth. A Manhattan is also garnished with flavorful brandied maraschino cherry or lemon twist.

Note: A well trained bar tender knows a Manhattan is to be shaken and not stirred, then served on the rocks in a chilled glass. Doing so prevents the unwanted cloudy froth that makes the drink unpresentable.

15. Margarita


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There’s a reason why margaritas have become a pretty popular mainstream cocktail. The ingenious recipe of this cocktail does a great job of highlighting the tequila as it pairs impeccably with lime juice.

Yet, the otherwise strong Mexican liquor isn’t too overpowering when the bartender nails the recipe. The cocktail is also pretty versatile, allowing you to enjoy it casually, as an after-dinner drink, or with grub, you find at the bar, whether nachos or a big cheeseburger.

Classic margarita contains tequila, triple sec, and freshly squeezed lime juice shaken with ice and strained into a margarita glass. Before serving, the glass is chilled and its rim dipped in salt. To get the best results, make sure your bartender uses high quality Mexican tequila.

Tip: Many trend-setting bars offer margaritas with a spin. These options are perfect for taking your palate on an adventure during a Friday or Saturday night of casual drinking. You can also pair them with your favorite dishes.

16. Caipirinha


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If margaritas aren’t adventurous enough, you can extend your journey further south to Brazil and enjoy the classic caipirinha. Made from Cachaça, sugar, and lime juice the drink is packed with balanced sweetness.

However, the actual cocktail-making process for caipirinha is unique. First, sugar and lime wedges are placed into an old-fashioned glass and muddled together using a wooden spoon or muddler. When thoroughly muddled, ice rocks are added to the glass, and finally, Cachaça.

You will be impressed with the smooth and refreshing feel, prompting you to go in for more sip after sip. A true tropical delight, caipirinha is reminiscent of those beautiful sandy beaches, azure waters, and fine breeze.

Caipirinha guarantees to loosen you up and keep you relaxed like you are on the sandy shores of a Brazilian resort or in the streets getting your fair share of the carnival.

17. Mojito


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While they appear to be similar, caipirinha and mojito are two totally different cocktails with different origins. While caipirinha hails from Brazil, mojito finds its roots in Cuba. Further, mojito replaces the Cachaçaca with white rum and lime wedges with lime juice.

First, mint sprigs are muddled in a glass with sugar and lime juice. Next, ice is layered in the glass and finally, white rum and soda water are added to the glass. The cocktail is garnished with extra mint leaf sprigs. As a result, you get a delicious drink with refreshing notes of mint.

18. Sangria


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Now, what makes sangria such a unique cocktail is that every bar in town has its own recipe. So, there’s always room for surprise. What better way to impress your friends than a nice serving of chilled, mysterious sangria?

Considered alcoholic punch, sangria is typically made from wine, liqueur, sparkling or carbonated water, fruit juice, and a bunch of freshly sliced fruits. But, the actual recipe and mix vary from bartender to bartender. The best way to enjoy this drink if you are in a group is to order a huge pitcher you can both share.

19. Mai Tai


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When it comes to the list of popular exotic cocktails, mai tai never misses the cut. This unique cocktail impresses from its appearance, down to its ingredients and flavor – a striking tropical resemblance to its cousin, daiquiri.

So, it’s the perfect drink to order at a bar for a woman if you want to impress them. The cocktail is made from white rum, orange Curacao, Orgeat syrup, and fresh lime juice and is shaken together and strained into a highball or old-fashioned glass. Then, a splash of dark rum is added to float at the top while lime peel or pineapple spear is used as a garnish.

So, when you take your first sip, you will love the tart and strong but, ultimately sweet taste with orange and lime after notes. The all-around cocktail works anywhere, whether a busy downtown bar on a Friday evening or a quiet suburban bar over the weekend.

20. Bloody Mary


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As our bonus recommendation, bloody Mary should be on your tab if you are looking for an adventurous time at the bar. Almost a meal, bloody Mary is made from. In fact, some people believe the drink to be a hangover cure.

The cocktail is made using a long list of interesting ingredients. Primarily, the cocktail contains vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, salt, pepper, Tabasco hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. Other varieties contain garlic, herbs, horseradish, celery, olives, pickled vegetables, and celery salt.

Nonetheless, the artistic use of vodka, tomato juice, and other contrasting ingredients give the drink a savory, yet, surprisingly delicious, filling taste, you will keep craving.


What is the best drink for a girl to order at a bar?

You can find a wide range of some of the best drinks for a girl to order at a bar. After all, the options depend on your preference. For example, if you are not a seasoned drinker, something light like gin & tonic is the best. On the other hand, Bellinis are best for celebratory nights, while sex on the beach is the best fruity drink.

What is a classy drink for a woman?

Some of the best classy drinks for a woman include cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Bellini, and mimosa.

Which alcohol is called ladies drink?

Vodka is also called the ladies’ drink. This is because the drink can be easily mixed with different beverages to make sweet and delicious cocktails. But, this notion is slowly changing. After all, men today equally embrace vodka and vodka-based cocktails.


With any of the 20 best drinks to order at a bar for a woman we’ve recommended above, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience. What makes our list unique is that it touches up on options for different needs and preferences.

Whether you are just beginning to try alcohol, or want a party starter, we’ve shared the right cocktails for you. Plus, it is recommended by women just like yourself – so you know it’s dependable.

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