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Hennessey is one of the big four Cognac houses. Dating back to 1765, the brand has stayed in the same family for centuries, making it all that more remarkable. 

As a superb Cognac, Hennessy isn’t meant to get you drunk but instead take you through the realms of pleasure and delicacy only it can provide. Nevertheless, only because its goal isn’t to get you drunk doesn’t mean that it can’t. 

Hennessy can get you drunk because it is so smooth and delicious, and you can get carried away quickly. It has no sting or bite, only a smooth and warm burn, so nothing can warn you that you have gone too far. 

Moreover, if you pair it with food, Hennessy can get all the more sneaky and trick you into thinking that you haven’t gone overboard, while in reality, you would be a few sips from getting plastered. 

So, How Much Hennessy to Get Drunk? 


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It takes a minimum of two regular servings, i.e., two glasses of Hennessy, to get tipsy, three to get mildly drunk, and four and more to get drunk. However, this is very dependent on your gender, size, and your condition. Women need one drink less than men in the same condition to get drunk on Hennessy. 

Hennessy is a slow sipper and an explorative drink. If you know anything about Cognac, it will trigger your analytic skills, making you dive deeper and deeper into its many tasting notes.

If you’re starting your Cognac journey, it is an excellent first lesson, and, again, it will somehow pull you inside, making you focus and explore. 

Therefore, some would say that getting drunk on Hennessy is virtually impossible, but nothing can be further from the truth. Hennessy is a seductive siren, alluring you into her lagoon, and once you realize you have fallen for its charm too hard, it may be too late. 

In this article, I will explain how much Hennessy is too much Hennessy and how much would get you drunk. 

How Long Does It Take For Hennessy To Get You Drunk?

Since Hennessy is a type of spirit, brandy to be exact, it doesn’t take long to kick in. However, the good news is that you are entirely in charge of this time frame. The time that Hennessy needs to get you drunk depends on various factors, so the clock isn’t the only thing you should follow. 

Considering that a standard Hennessy serving is 1.5 fluid ounces, i.e., 42 ml. you would need about two glasses to get tipsy and three and up to get drunk. How long you stretch them is the key to determining how long you need to get drunk. 

If you sip your Hennessy slowly and have three glasses in a few hours, chances are you won’t even get woozy, let alone drunk. On the other hand, if you have three Hennessy glasses in an hour, for example, you will get drunk in less than an hour. 

On average, you would start feeling Hennessy half an hour after you start drinking, but feeling the drink doesn’t mean getting drunk. Nevertheless, it has kicked in even if you feel your Hennessy only as a soft and warm burn and get more relaxed without being drunk. 

Is Hennessy A Strong Drink?

Hennessy is a soft, elegant, refined, and strong drink. It has an alcohol percentage of 40%, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Its flavor and tenderness can easily trick you into thinking it isn’t a strong drink, as we associate strong drinks with aggressiveness. 

So, even though Hennessy isn’t an aggressive drink, it is a strong one. Compared to an average beer, it is eight times stronger, and compared to wine, it is four times stronger. Therefore, it has been intended to drink slowly and paired with food.

Hennessy can easily fool you with its fruitiness, vanilla notes, and smooth texture, but don’t think it will show you mercy if you fail to show respect.

Hennessy isn’t to be chugged or attacked but gently drank with class and dignity. 

How Much Is A Shot Of Hennessy?


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Hennessy isn’t a drink to shoot but to have slowly. A regular shot of Hennessy is about 0.4 fluid ounces or 14 mg, and it would cost you at least $5.

However, Hennessy doesn’t come cheap, so you may be unable to afford a bottle or a regular-size glass. Therefore, Hennessy shots are an excellent way to get acquainted with the finer side of alcohol for an affordable price. 

How Many Shots Are In Hennessy?

Hennessy comes in 750 ml. bottles. Each Hennessy bottle contains about 16 regular servings of 1.5 liquid ounces, i.e., 45 ml. This means there are about 48 shots in a 750 ml. bottle of Hennessy. 

Can One Shot Of Hennessy Get You Drunk?

Getting drunk on one shot of Hennessy is virtually impossible, as the alcohol amount is too low to affect your body. Still, it is possible to get a little tipsy after one shot of Hennessy, depending on the circumstances. 

If you are tired and hungry and don’t have a high tolerance to alcohol, you may feel the shot kicking in. However, if you are functioning at your optimal levels that day, it is very unlikely to get drunk after only one shot of Hennessy. 

Hennessy Alcohol Percentage

Hennessy has the standard spirit alcohol amount of 40%. It is a gentle but strong drink, so you must drink it with that in mind. Hennessy passes for liqueur and spirit, but it’s often classified as a spirit. 

Having been made from fruit, it passes for a liqueur, but since the alcohol comes from sugar and distillation is involved, it also passes for the spirit. Therefore, it has the standard alcohol amount prescribed for the US market. 

Is Hennessy Stronger Than Vodka?

Even though some vodkas have far higher alcohol amounts than Hennessy, when speaking generally, it is safe to consider them to be the same in terms of alcohol amount. Nevertheless, there are some merciless vodkas on the market with an alcohol amount much higher than 40%, in which regard vodka is stronger than Hennessy. 

Moreover, when speaking about vodka and Hennessy, the alcohol amount is not the only factor to consider when determining which is stronger, as the type of spirit itself plays a massive role here. While Hennessy comes from fruits, vodka comes from potatoes or grains. 

The different base ingredients make these spirits differ in terms of their strength or, rather, how they feel. A 40% alcohol vodka feels stronger than a Hennessy, which has the same alcohol percentage.

This is because vodka is far more aggressive than Hennessy; even the mildest one has a strong bite. Therefore, it can easily fool you into thinking that vodka is stronger. 

However, when comparing Hennessy and 40% vodka, they come out the same in strength but not in aggressiveness and sharpness. This difference even contributes to you getting drunk on vodka sooner than on Hennessy. 

How Long Does It Take For Hennessy To Kick In?

Generally, Hennessy kicks in half an hour after drinking it. However, it may take longer for Hennessy to kick in, depending on the circumstances and how you feel at the given moment. If you slept enough and were drinking on a full stomach, half an hour could easily turn 40 to 45 minutes. 

On the other hand, if you are tired, hungry, and drink quickly, the time needed for Hennessy to kick in can be reduced to 20 minutes or even less. 

The time Hennessy takes to kick in also varies depending on your tolerance. It will kick you before you know it if you are a lightweight. Conversely, if you have a higher alcohol tolerance, your Hennessy will need a while to kick in. 

Can You Drink Hennessy Neat?


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Not only can you drink Hennessy neat, but you should have it that way. It is a highly smooth and refined drink, abundant in flavors and rich fragrances. The Hennessy brand has multiple expressions, each bearing its markings and features, resembling all its counterparts but original in its own right. 

Hennessy is also an excellent mixing drink, great for cocktails. However, some would say it loses its beauty when mixed with other ingredients. Nevertheless, it is a drink created for enjoyment, so you can have it any way you like it, though you need to give it a chance neat.

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