Casamigos vs. Patron: Which is Better?

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The two most popular tequila brands, Casamigos and Patron, offer premium tequila that enthusiasts and casual tequila drinkers love.

They share many similarities and differences, which is to be expected as they’re both original.

While Casamigos is a more gentle tequila, Patron is a rougher one. They also differ in origin, and price, with Casamigos being slightly pricier. Nevertheless, they’re both great tequila brands worth every penny. 

In this article, I will reveal the main differences between Casamigos and Patron, so you know what you’re getting into with either.

It’s tequila, so how different can they be, some would say, but here’s where you would be wrong. Knowing the differences between two tequila brands is essential to know which suits you better. 

Casamigos vs. Patron: Main Differences

Category Casamigos Patron
Brand History Founded in 2013 by George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman Founded in 1989 by John Paul DeJoria and Martin Crowley
Production 100% blue Weber agave 100% blue Weber agave
Production Process Slow-roasted in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours before being crushed Slow-roasted in brick ovens for 79 hours before being crushed
Aging Process Aged in American white oak barrels for between 2-14 months Aged in a variety of barrels for varying lengths of time
Taste Smooth and mellow with hints of vanilla and caramel Spicier taste with notes of citrus and oak
Price Range It starts at around $40 It starts at around $30
Brand Image Luxury and premium Sleek and sophisticated


Regarding their origin stories, Patron has been around much longer than Casamigos. It’s brand of tequila that’s considered top-of-the-line and has quite an exciting history.

However, that doesn’t make Casamigos the underdog here, just the younger one. Casamigos and Patron have similar stories, which is what bonds them together. 

Patron was conceived in 1989 when two guys, John Paul DeJoria and Martin Crowley, set out to create the best tequila possible.

They were passionate about using traditional methods and the finest ingredients, so they started in Atotonilco el Alto, a town in Jalisco, Mexico, where the weber blue agave plant is grown.

They devised a unique process that involves slow-cooking the agave in small brick ovens, crushing it with a traditional tahona wheel, fermenting it, and then distilling it twice in small copper stills. This creates a super smooth and flavorful tequila that’s won many awards.

Casamigos tequila came into existence in 2013.

Its founders, George Clooney and Mike Meldman, weren’t just business partners and friends. They were having dinner and drinking tequila when they had a light bulb moment that would bestow the Casamigos tequila upon the world. 

They wanted to create a tequila that pairs with food, and by God, they did. So, just like Jon Paul DeJoria and Martin Crowley set out to make the best tequila, George Clooney and Mike Meldman made the best food pairing tequila. 

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Regarding taste, both Casamigos and Patron offer a range of tequila products, including Blanco, reposado, and añejo varieties.

Both brands offer excellent taste profiles. Casamigos is known for its smooth and mellow taste, with hints of vanilla and caramel. Conversely, Patron has a slightly spicier taste, with notes of citrus and oak.

While Casamigos is gentler and better to pair, Patron is more of a traditional tequila. Nevertheless, Patron is still very flavorful, mellowing down the older it gets. 


Casamigos is generally considered more expensive than Patron, with a bottle of Casamigos tequila costing north of $40, while a bottle of Patron is usually south of $30.

While both brands offer premium tequila, Casamigos is marketed as a more luxury brand with a price tag to match.

However, some chalk the Casamigos luxury tequila part to better marketing and celebrity endorsement. It is more “new age”; it keeps up with the trends and has a hell of a PR. 

Patron also has a lot invested in marketing, but it keeps its traditional image, making the spirit itself the main commercial. 


While Casamigos offers the Blanco, reposado, and añejo varieties, Patron offers one more: the extra añejo. 

Which One Is Better, Casamigos Or Patron?

It’s difficult to say which brand is better as it depends on personal taste preferences. Both brands have unique features, so it would be utterly inaccurate to say one is better.

If you like more mellow flavors and enjoy pairing tequila with food, then Casamigos is the drink for you. It’s known for its smooth and gentle taste with hints of vanilla and caramel. All three varieties are flavorful, fragrant, and very delicious. 

On the other hand, if you want your tequila to immerse you into the Mexican culture, allowing you to experience the traditional tequila magic. Patron has a slightly spicier taste than Casamigos, with notes of citrus and oak dancing on the palate. 

Some people may prefer the sweeter taste of Casamigos, while others may prefer the complexity of Patron; however, that doesn’t make any of these tequilas superior to the others.

In terms of branding and marketing, Casamigos leverages the star power of its founders and luxury brand image, while Patron is known for its sleek packaging and high-profile sponsorships.

Price-wise, both brands are similar, with prices starting at around $30-40 and increasing depending on the variety and aging process.

Ultimately, the choice between Casamigos and Patron comes down to preference.

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Is Casamigos High-End Tequila?


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Casamigos can be considered a high-end tequila brand. Even though it’s affordable, considering some tequilas cost a few hundred or even thousands of dollars, it has nothing to do with its quality. 

The main point was to make a tequila that regular people would drink, so it only made sense to give it an affordable price. The name itself is a compound of “casa” and “amigos” or “house” and “friends.”

The brand’s name means “friends who visit each other’s houses.” 

Casamigos uses 100% blue agave in its tequila, an unmistakable sign of quality. The agave is slow-roasted in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours before being crushed.

The tequila is then aged in American white oak barrels for between 2 and 14 months. Depending on the variety, the Blanco is the one that ages the shortest, and the añejo aging the longest.

Is Casamigos A Good Tequila?

Yes, Casamigos is a good tequila.

The brand has won numerous awards and recognitions, a huge indicator that the spirit is of excellent quality. Moreover, these tequila competitions are mostly blind tastings, with the label removed, so the judges don’t know which brand they are sampling.

Therefore, for a brand to be rewarded, it must be good, as the name can’t help the spirits if they’re low-quality. 

Casamigos has also gained a loyal following among tequila enthusiasts who appreciate its premium image and high-quality taste. It’s often compared favorably to high-end tequila brands like Patron and Don Julio.

While taste preferences can be subjective, it’s fair to say that Casamigos is a well-regarded tequila brand that has gained a reputation for quality and consistency.

Where Does Casamigos Rank In Tequila?

Casamigos ranks highly in the tequila world as a premium and high-end brand.

The brand benefits greatly from the names behind it, as it quickly got endorsements from many significant celebrities. However, endorsements alone can take a brand so far, as you have nothing without a good product, which this tequila is. 

As I mentioned, this tequila has also been recognized by the industry. It’s the proud owner of numerous awards given deservingly to the brand. In addition, it has a pretty substantial consumer body. 

Among the tequila drinkers, some would kill for a harsh tequila, those who like it more on the softer side, and those in between.

Casamigos has managed to grasp all of them, appealing to all three categories. The brand made a smart move by creating a product that is mellower than its counterparts and pairs great with food.

Is Patron High-End Tequila?


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Patron is a high-end tequila brand. It represents the traditional side of the tequila spirit, creating a wholesome and authentic experience. Over the years, Patron has established itself within the tequila industry, winning numerous awards for quality. 

It’s spicy, crisp, flavorful, assertive, and very vibrant. Its affordability makes it all the more popular among regular Joes, immensely contributing to its sales. Another big plus is that it offers the extra añejo variety, which not many tequila brands do. 

You would think the more expensive and exclusive the drink is, the better its quality, but it isn’t the case with tequila. Tequila is a people’s drink; it doesn’t do much if most cannot afford it.

Therefore, when it comes to tequila, the price and quality are usually separate, making the affordability of the Patron tequila a non-issue.

Is Casamigos More Expensive Than Patrón?

Casamigos is marginally more expensive than Patron.

Nevertheless, Patron bottles are priced nearly as much as Casamigos, with no more than a few bucks difference. While Patron sells for about $30, Casamigos go for $40 and up. 

Which Brand Of Tequila Is The Highest Quality?

Given that there are many brands of tequila and all of them undergo a very strict quality assurance process, saying that only one is the best is virtually impossible. We can talk about the most expensive, but singling out one as the best isn’t as easy. 

For tequila to be tequila, it has to be made in Mexico, and it has to contain at least 51% agave. In this regard, there are tequila 100% agave and tequila mixto. The 100% agave tequila is much better quality than the mixto kind. 

However, 100% agave and mixto are different tequila; therefore, it’s easier to tell the better one. When comparing 100% agave tequilas, the challenge is bigger, as all of them are made using 100% agave, implementing the slow-cooking method. 

Still, some tequila brands have managed to stand out and get noticed in the vast sea of fierce competition, such as Clase Azul, Casa Dragones, Casamigos, El Jimador, Patron, Siete Leguas, and Hornitos. 

When ranking tequilas, it is important to remember that taste is very subjective, and what some like, others may not be too crazy about. You are good to go if the tequila is 100% agave.

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