How Much Champagne To Get Drunk?

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There’s no other drink more appropriate to celebrate an important event such as career success, a wedding, or an anniversary, than champagne.

This alcoholic beverage comes in different brands and flavors so you will have an entire market to choose from. But how much champagne is enough to get intoxicated?

The answer will have to be based not only on the quantity of the champagne but also on the weight of the person drinking it and the legislation in place that defines alcohol intoxication. 

Typically, it will take four standard champagne servings to get a male of 160 lbs in weight intoxicated. But let’s look more in-depth at this rule and see how you can enjoy your champagne safely! 

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Can a glass of champagne get you drunk?

If you just had one glass of champagne chances are that you will get somewhat tipsy but not intoxicated. Your tolerance to alcohol also has an important role in the effect a glass of this beverage will have on you. Plus, you will need to consider the alcohol content of your champagne. 

The typical bottle of champagne contains an ABV of around 11% to 13%. This type of ABV is similar to the one you will find in mild alcoholic wines.

So, it would take at least two standard drinks of champagne to get a person drunk if they have a low tolerance to alcohol.

Drinking a glass of champagne fast though, will impact your mood much more significantly than if you sip from it along with a good meal. 


Does champagne get you drunk fast?

There is a common impression that champagne can get you drunk faster than other beverages with the same alcohol content. And there is some truth in it. Researchers were able to decide that the bubbly drink can get the consumers drunk faster, precisely due to the bubbles in it. 

Fran Ridout, a researcher from the University of Surrey made an experiment on 12 volunteers. Half of them were given bubbly champagne while the other half were given flat champagne.

Both types of champagne had the same alcoholic content and the only difference was the bubbles or the lack of them.

Each volunteer had two glasses of champagne and she observed that those who had bubbly champagne got intoxicated faster compared to those who had flat champagne.

After less than ten minutes, those who had bubbly champagne had 0.54 mg of alcohol per 1 blood ml while those who had flat drinks had only 0.39 mg of alcohol per 1 ml of blood in the same amount of time. 

So, your bubbly champagne can get you drunk faster than your average flat alcoholic beverage. This is something to consider at your next celebration and it is also the reason many people prefer to have only one serving of champagne. 

How many cups of champagne does it take to get drunk?

So, if you want to have more than one cup of champagne at a party or special event… should you? The answer varies as everyone’s tolerance to alcohol is different. Plus, the type of champagne you have in terms of the alcohol content will matter as well. 

The average rule says that two cups of champagne can get someone with a low alcohol tolerance intoxicated. But to get drunk, a person of 160 lbs in weight will need about four servings of champagne. 

We have to specify as well that a legally drunk is an individual with at least 0.8 % of alcohol content in their blood. But while knowing the legislation in your country regarding intoxication and its limits, what matters more is to know your limit. Each person is different and they react differently to the same amount of alcohol intake. 

What does a champagne drunk feel like?

You most likely heard that different alcoholic drinks will give you a different type of drunk feeling. While the way a person feels when they are intoxicated can be highly subjective, there are certain aspects that we can conclude when it comes to the type of drunk you can expect from champagne. 

People getting drunk from champagne said that they felt more intense and emotional compared to the experience they had with a flat beverage or even a bubbly one different than champagne such as beer.

So, chances are that you will not only get drunk faster but the feeling of it will also be more intense. 

But this intensity is only the hype of the champagne drunk. As the effect of the alcohol disappears, you will feel sleepier and drowsy a lot faster as well and at a deeper level than when you sip from your regular glass of wine. 

Another aspect to consider is that champagne can also give you a worse hangover, especially if you had more than just four servings of it.

But if you paired your champagne with a satisfying meal, you might avoid the hangover as food can help your body digest such an alcoholic drink better and reduce its side effects significantly. 

Champagne does give you a rapid way to get tipsy and even drunk and if that is your aim for a fun evening with friends, definitely go for it. But be aware of the effects it has and the potential intense hangover that you might experience when you wake up from it. 

Also, champagne has the reputation of giving a feeling of positivity and happiness.

So, you will enjoy your time while you are drinking it and most likely you will prefer it over wine or beer because it brings good feelings and optimistic views that are perfect for sharing with your friends and loved ones. 


How many glasses of champagne to a bottle

If you are wondering how many glasses of champagne are in a bottle, you will have to establish the size of the bottle and the size of the glasses you will use first.

Generally, bottles of champagne come in sizes of 750 ml, just like average bottles of wine. In such a bottle of champagne, there are five glasses of the beverage. 

One serving of champagne is considered to be 150 ml of the drink, in a champagne glass. This means that by dividing 750 by 150 ml, we obtain five champagne glasses from one bottle of champagne. 

But keep in mind that champagne is not the type of drink you want to consume in large quantities. It is made to celebrate events and therefore mostly used as a toast. This means that all the guests will typically have one serving of it. 

Champaign glasses are filled up to the top, leaving just one finger of space. They also have a specific shape that compliments this drink too. 

How much Prosecco to get drunk

Similar to champagne, Prosecco is a bubbly white wine that originated in Italy. There are also versions of flat Prosecco, such as Tranquilo, and versions of this drink with fewer bubbles such as frizzante.

However, the most notorious version of it is the bubbly one. The ABV of Prosecco is on average 12%, which is similar to the alcohol content of champagne. 

With so many similarities between Prosecco and champagne, you will also discover that this drink can get you drunk fast and intensely.

And just like with champagne, you will need on average four glasses of Prosecco to be considered drunk, according to the law.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get tipsy after just one glass or even intoxicated after two glasses. It all comes down to your tolerance to alcohol, your weight, and also your diet on the day you are drinking.

If you didn’t eat a copious meal, chances are that the alcohol will be absorbed into your bloodstream faster, and therefore, you will get drunk faster as well. 

How long does it take to get drunk off champagne?

Signs of intoxication can appear as soon as five minutes after drinking a minimum of two servings of champagne. But it might take up to 15 minutes to feel intoxicated.

The speed with which you drink your champagne matters as well. If you don’t want to get drunk as fast, you can slowly sip from it during your gathering or event. 

After all, champagne is not a drink to be enjoyed fast and you can always slow down and savour it along with great conversations with your friends. 

How much champagne do you need to get tipsy?

Different people will need different quantities of champagne to get the tipsy feeling, without feeling drunk, though. If your tolerance to alcohol is low and you have a weight under 160 lbs, you might feel tipsy even after one serving of champagne.

But the majority of people will feel tipsy after two servings of this ceremonial drink. People who have alcohol only on rare occasions, will get tipsy faster than those who enjoy it regularly. 

How many types of champagne are on the market?

While the brands that offer champagne are many and they can differ from one country to another, this drink can come in seven main varieties. 

You can find some, if not all of these types of champagne at your local grocery store but if you want premium bottles, you have a better chance if you go at liquor stores or order your champagne online from producers that you trust. 

  1. The Brut Nature champagne is characterized by a dry and low sweet taste and you will find it fairly easier in most liquor stores. 
  2. Extra Brut champagne is drier compared to Brut Nature, less sweet, and also more difficult to find. 
  3. The Brut champagne is the most common type you will find as it has a balanced level of dryness and sweetness.
  4. Extra Dry or Extra Seco champagne has about 12 to 17 grams of sugar per liter and it is sweeter, with a more pleasant taste than the Brut varieties. 
  5. Seco or Dry champagne is even sweeter than Extra Dry one and it contains between 17 grams and 32 grams of sugar per liter. 
  6. Demi Seco or Demi Dry champagne is a sweet variety of champagne with up to 50 grams of sugar in a liter. 
  7. The last but also the sweetest variety of champagne is the Sweet or Dulce type with 50 grams of sugar per liter on average. 

Is champagne healthier than beer?

Deciding if champagne is healthier than beer is challenging because it depends on what type of champagne and beer you are comparing.

However, if we go by the caloric content, we will find out that champagne has anywhere from 65 calories to 95 calories per serving. In comparison, a serving of beer could have between 150 calories and 200 calories.

So, in terms of calories, champagne is considered healthier. Keep in mind though that alcohol of any kind should be consumed in moderation. 

Can you gain weight if you consume too much champagne?

Alcohol in any form can make you gain weight and champagne is no exception. Champagne might have fewer calories than other beverages but they are not nutritional calories.

So, they will not replace the nutrition you need in a meal which is why they will only have an impact on your weight without bringing you any significant value in terms of nutrients. 

However, a glass of champagne on rare occasions will not have any impact on your weight. It is only when you make it a habit that you have to be concerned. 


Champagne can be your drink of choice if you are celebrating a special event in your life but keep in mind that this drink can get you drunk faster than others and it is important to consume it responsibly.

Champagne is one of those drinks that can be enjoyed by everyone and it will bring a very positive atmosphere among all your guests.

And there is no shortage of this beverage on the market so you will find just the type of champagne to enjoy at your special gathering! 

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