15 Highest Alcohol Content Beers (Strongest)

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Beer is maybe one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages worldwide. However, this brew comes in different alcoholic concentrations that set apart weak beers from stronger ones. Most beers have an alcoholic content per volume of 4.2% to 5%. but there are beers stronger than that and you might learn to prefer them. There is a silent race for beer lovers, of finding the strongest beer in the world. The truth is that there is not just one such beer. There are several. 

Among the strongest beers in the world, we will discuss Snake Venom, Armageddon, Start the Future, and many others. Keep reading this complex guide to know what are the best and strongest beers in the world! 

15 Beers with the Highest Alcohol Content 

You might find it difficult to choose one favorite beer from the following list. They all bring not only a different ABV but also a different flavor to the table. But they are at the same time a real experience to have if you like this brew! All these beers are worth a try and you will enjoy them. 

1. Snake Venom 


Snake Venom from Brewmeister comes with an alcohol content of 67.5% and it will not disappoint you if you are looking for a strong and intense beer.

The taste of this beer is malty and carbonated with nutty flavors. It also has a specific type of sweetness that you will not find in other brews.

There is also a fruity flavor in the Snake Venom beer that you will find very satisfying in combination with the high ABV concentration.

The color of this beer is an inviting amber to red shade and you can enjoy it the most on those nights when you only want one high-quality beer! 

2. Armageddon

Armageddon from Brewmeister is also a strong beer that comes from Scotland, with an ABV of 65%. It can successfully compete with the Snake Venom but some people put the Armageddon beer on top of any other beer out there.

The Armageddon beer has unique flavors of caramel, along with a spicy and malty taste that makes it a very popular beer in its strength category.

Plus, this beer is brewed with 100% spring water from Scotland so it is one of the most natural and high-quality drinks you will have. It is ideal for slow sips along with your friends and it can be a great choice if you have a special occasion to celebrate! 

3. Start the Future

Koelschip offers an innovative beer called Start of the Future with an ABV of 60%. This beer comes from The Netherlands and has a pale, yellow shade.

The taste of the Start the Future beer is tangy and it comes with a mild sweetness that makes it very inviting. However, the aftertaste is a bit bitter and consumers described it as peppery too.

You will find this beer very interesting also because it is uncarbonated and thicker than others. With such qualities, Start of the Future can easily be one of the best and strongest beers in the world! 

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4. Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers is the result of an interesting collaboration between BrewDog and Schorschbräu. This beer combines the German brew taste with the intense Scotland qualities and the result is a very attractive brew. With an alcohol content of 57.8%, this drink will not disappoint you if you feel the need for a strong beer.

Strength in Numbers is a beer made by the Eisbock method. This method means that the beer is frozen and the ice is removed before the drink is blended again. Strength in Numbers comes in a chestnut shade and it has a malty, fruity, and sweet taste that also resembles the taste of whiskey. 

5. Schorschbock 57

Schorschbock 57 from Schorschbräu comes with an ABV of 57%. You might find this German beer not only very intense but also very masculine. It has aromas of tobacco, walnuts, and raisin and a taste of sweet yet rich alcohol with nutty notes.

It is not carbonated and has a beautiful chestnut shade. Some consumers describe this beer as having a mild burning after taste and they appreciate it more for its alcoholic content than its overall taste. Schorschbock 57 is without a doubt, an experience you should indulge in now and then. 

6. End of History 

End of History from BrewDog is a Scottish beer with an alcohol content of 55%. Among the main notes of this beer, you will identify flavors of juniper berries, nuts, and nettles.

Customers also describe the flavor of this beer as a caramel, fruity one. The beer contains Belgian ale along with Scottish ingredients and has a clear blonde shade. Even if it is not as strong as the other beers above, End of History is still one of the strongest beers in the world. 

7. Obelix

Obelix from Koelschip is a 45% ABV beer that comes from The Netherlands. This beer is thick and has a mild syrup consistency. Also, this type of beer will be sweeter than others and it is recommended to enjoy it in small sips.

It is not the type of beer that everyone likes as it was several times nominated as one of the strangest beers in the world. But it will surprise you and you never know if you like it until you give it a try. 

8. Schorschbock 43

Maintaining the path of some of the strangest we have to mention Schorschbock 43 from Schorschbräu, with an alcohol content of 43%.

This beer is lighter than other types of beer from the same German brewery but it still deserves its place among the strongest beers in the world.

It has a more intense spicy taste that consumers could easily love or hate, depending on personal preferences. But the complex flavor of this beer also comes with notes of caramel, port wine, and a hot or burnt after taste. 

9. Sink The Bismarck

If you are looking for one of the most intense beers in the world, with high alcohol content, Sink the Bismarck might be just what you should try.

Made by BrewDog, this beer has an alcohol content of 41% and it is fairly popular in its country of origin, Scotland. Besides the high ABV, this brew also has a rich flavor that many customers find it inviting and satisfying.

You will taste raisins and a balanced combination of sweetness and mildly bitter flavor. This is a creamy beer with a pleasant and sweet finish. 

10. Esprit de Noel 

It wouldn’t be fair to leave Baladin’s Esprit de Noel out of this list as it has an ABV of 40% and an intense flavor. This Italian beer is aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels, which gives it a richer taste.

You will notice mild chocolate notes, as well as a woody taste, and the color of the Esprit de Noel is yellow and goldish. It will not just look great in a glass but it will taste just as good too. 

11. Black Damnation VI – Messy

The Belgium Black Damnation VI beer is made by the De Struise Brouwers and it has an alcohol content of 39%. You might think that the flavor of this beer has something in common with the flavor of the whiskey. And you wouldn’t be wrong at all.

It mixes notes of dark chocolate, peat, and coffee and has a high alcohol taste compared to regular beers. This brew is one of the best dark beers in the world and you will go back to it once you had it as a treat! 

12. Tactical Nuclear Penguin

BrewDog doesn’t cease to surprise the market with unique brews and Tactical Nuclear Penguin is one of their best products. This brew has an alcohol content of 32% and is ideal if you want a strong beer but not necessarily the strongest you can find.

Before reaching the bottles you find in the store, the brew is freeze-distilled three times. This process gives the final beer an icy taste along with chocolate notes and roasted coffee mild flavor. 

13. Utopias 2017

The time has come for one of the strongest beers in America, Utopias 2017, made by Sam Adams. This beer resembles cognac as it has notes of fruits and a mild malty flavor and sweetness.

Utopias 2017 has an ABV of 29% and a pleasant taste that tends to be appreciated by everyone who wants a stronger brew. Plus, the dark ruby shade of this beer is beautiful and inviting. 

14. Rumpkin 

Another American beer is Rumpkin from Avery Brewing Company with an ABV of 18.53%. This beer has a rich pumpkin flavor but also caramel, spicy taste with notes of vanilla.

You will also taste a rum barrels flavor that makes this beer even more interesting. Even if the alcohol content is not the highest, this pumpkin beer will be a delicious treat at a party or even after a long day of work. Rumpkin is a true experience that every beer lover will appreciate! 

15. Chocolate Rain

The last but not the least brew is Chocolate Rain with an alcohol content of 18%. This beer comes from The Bruery and its most definite flavor is chocolate.

You will also taste vanilla, and oak notes, and it will be an overall imperial experience. The dark color and white bubbly finish make this beer look like a real treat in your glass! 

What is the strongest beer you can buy?

If you are on a quest for the strongest beer in the world, there is no need to look further than Brewmeister Snake Venom. With an alcohol content of 67.5% and an intense flavor, this brew deserves its place on top of the list of the strongest beers fully. 

Snake Venom is made from two types of yeast, beer base, and champagne. It is also frozen several times as you will notice with most strong beers and the ice is removed. 

It is recommended to treat this beer as a spirit and consume it in small servings of 35 ml each. This is the type of drink that you will slowly sip and appreciate its flavor each time. 

What’s the strongest beer in the USA?

The strongest beer in the USA is the Utopias 2017 from Sam Adams, with 29% ABV. This brew is followed by the Rumpkin beer of 18.53% ABV, the Chocolate Rain of 18% ABV, and the Higher Math beer of 17% ABV. 

America has a wide variety of 15% ABV beers as these are more popular than their stronger alternatives. 

Which beer contains 15% alcohol?

There are several brands of beer with an ABV of 15%. Even if this is not such a high alcohol content compared to stronger options in this guide, it is still above the average of 5% ABV that can be found in most beers. 

The Reserve Morrigan from Barbarian Brewing is one of the popular 15% ABV beers in America. It has an interesting flavor of chocolate and peanut butter that makes it stand out among other beers. 

Another famous 15% ABV beer is BroCode. This wheat beer comes from India and it gained popularity in other parts of the world as well due to its fruity flavor and refreshing taste. 

Ultimately, a 15% ABV beer is a strong beer that should be consumed in moderation. These beers usually don’t differ from average ones, except for the fact that they have higher alcohol content. 

Why is American beer so weak?

American beer is noticeably weaker than other European bears such as Snake Venom, which is currently the strongest brew in the world. You can still find beers like Utopias 2017 with 29% ABV but this is not the norm when it comes to American beers. 

The main reason why American beers are weaker than brews in other countries is the prohibition phase that affected the US and it still has a hold on the consumers. As the prohibition ended, alcohol was slowly allowed again but the concentration of the drinks was weaker. 

Also, for a long time, one of the most consumed types of alcohol in America was whiskey. Beer on the other hand was consumed more in European countries where it reached a wider variety as well. When beer grew in terms of popularity in America, it followed the German recipe, only that at a weaker scale.

Over 100 years ago, American beer was on average 3.5% alcohol concentration, which is even weaker than today’s average of 5% ABV. After the prohibition ended, most American states imposed a limit on alcohol concentration in beer, of a maximum of 4%. 

If you don’t mind a weaker beer but you appreciate its flavor and aroma, you can always try Anchor Small, by California’s Anchor Brewing Company. This beer has around 3% ABV and a tasty malty taste. Consumers learned to appreciate beer for its flavor and inviting aroma, more than for its alcohol content that can be found in stronger beverages. 

Highest alcohol content beer at the grocery store

The highest alcohol content beer you can find at the grocery store will depend on your location as well as the type of grocery store you have. Some concept stores or chain stores have a wider variety of beers, gathered from all over the world. However, smaller local grocery stores tend to have more local brands. 

The truth is that depending on the grocery store you have nearby, you can even purchase Snake Venom which has 67.5% ABV. However, the majority of types of beer you will find in stores come with an average ABV between 4% and 5%. In terms of the strongest options you will find, you can expect to find some of the strongest beers in the world. 

However, note that some beers are in different aisles as they are different from the average brews and even treated as spirits. 

Highest alcohol content beer in Germany

Germany has most beers with average ABV levels from 4% to 5%. But there are exceptions to this rule for those who want to experience a more intense and stronger adventure as they have a beer. 

The strongest German beers come from the famous brewery Schorschbräu. The strongest beer made by this brewery is Schorschbock 57, with 57% ABV. However, there is also the Strength in Numbers, made by Schorschbräu in collaboration with BrewDog, that is even stronger, with an ABV of 57.8%. 

You will find other strong beers in Germany that might surprise you such as Schorschbock 43 with an ABC of 43%. 

Cheapest beer with the highest alcohol content

You will notice that strong beers also come at a higher price. Snake Venom for instance is one of the most expensive beers worldwide. But if you want a strong beer that comes at a budget-friendly cost, there are options that you can consider. 

Esprit de Noel for instance, from Baladin, comes on average for $60 per bottle of 750 ml. Considering that Utopias 17 is around $200 per bottle, you will most likely appreciate paying a little over a quarter for Esprit de Noel. 

But the prices of strong beers will also depend on the location you purchase them from. If you are in Germany or Scotland, you will discover that beers made locally are more affordable than imported ones. So, you will find Snake Venom beer at a much better price in Scotland compared to America or even other European countries. 

As a general rule, you can expect strong beer such as the ones in the list above to come at a price tag of over $100. Also, some of them have a limited number of bottles so finding them in stores might be challenging to begin with. 

How to consume strong beer

Naturally, strong beer can’t be consumed in the same fashion as regular beer with a 5% alcohol content. Or better said, it shouldn’t. You want to make the most out of such a brew delicacy and this means that slow, small sips will do it a lot more justice. Plus, consider the fact that one strong beer contains a lot more alcohol than the average beer. And one bottle is usually all it takes to feel the effects of the alcohol. 

It is best to enjoy such a beer on special occasions and you can even split it with your friends or family. Leftover beer is not as tasty as when you open the bottle so it is better to consume it as soon as you open it to make the most out of it. 

These beers have an intense flavor as well, on top of the high alcohol content. So, it is not recommended to mix them with other alcoholic drinks. Enjoying it plainly, or with some ice, can be a truly charming experience for any beer lover!

Final thoughts 

Besides the strong beers in this guide, you will find other local beers as well that come at a decent alcohol content and can be classified as strong beers. But if you are looking for the strongest beers in the world, the list above is just what you need to find your answer! 

These brews can be exquisite gifts for your friends or family members as well. Especially if you get a limited edition bottle that they can experience on a special occasion. 

Make sure you don’t expect the same taste from a strong beer as you would from a regular one. These brews tend to have more intense flavors and they come with unique tastes that will charm you from the first sip.

All these qualities are complemented by beautiful colors of gold, red or chestnut, and brown so your drink will look extremely inviting in your glass. You will want to repeat the experience, and you will try to find different strong beers you like to treat yourself and your friends. 

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