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A pitcher of beer is one of the most common measurements when it comes to the even more popular drink. But if you want to find out everything about a pitcher of beer and how is it popularly served in restaurants, keep reading! 

In short, a beer pitcher is 60 ounces, which is the equivalent of 1.77 liters of beer. This is a general size and also the maximum one. You will find some bars that serve beer in pitchers of 48 ounces or 1.4 liters and even 32 ounces or 0.94 liters as well.

We will discuss these details as follows as well as important information to consider when you want to enjoy a pitcher of beer!

How many Oz is a pitcher of beer?

When it comes to the ounces of beer you can expect to find in a pitcher, the amount varies from 32 ounces to 48 ounces and 60 ounces. 

Many times, pitchers are compared to towers of beer as they serve similar quantities of beer. Beer towers typically come in three sizes 1 liter, 2 liters, or 3 liters of beer. With that being said, both beer pitchers and beer towers are served in bars and restaurants as they both serve large quantities of beet at once. 

Mug of Beer and Pitcher Pour

How many ounces is a standard restaurant pitcher?

A standard pitcher of beer that you can expect to find in most restaurants is 60 ounces. This is equal to 3.745 pints of beer for one pitcher. Note that even if a pint of beer comes with a standard size of 16 ounces, which is 473 milliliters, bars and restaurants can serve other pint sizes as well. These sizes are not set in stone nor are they regulated by any authority. 

The standard beer pitcher will not go above 60 ounces because it can be too uncomfortable to handle. Plus, beer coming in bigger containers than 60 ounces is rarely ordered as well.

However, for such occasions, there are beer towers that can get up to 3 liters which is almost double the size of a standard beer pitcher. So, most often than not, if your group wants a larger quantity of beer than a standard pitcher, the bartender or waiter will recommend you a beer tower. 

How many 16-ounce beers are in a pitcher?

The number of 16 ounces of beers that you can fit in a beer pitcher, depends on the size of the pitcher. If the restaurant offers a 32 ounces pitcher, you will only get the equivalent of two 16 ounces of beers. For a 48 ounces pitcher, you will get the equivalent of three beers. 

At the same time, for a standard pitcher of beer of 60 ounces, you will get 3.75 beers of 16 ounces each. A typical pitcher also contains 3.75 American pints, but the measurements will differ in other parts of the world. Therefore, this will also be equivalent to 3.12 Imperial Pints or 7.5 cups. 

How many servings are in a pitcher of beer?

The number of servings in a beer pitcher depends on the measurement you use for each serving. For instance, in America, a beer pitcher means six glasses of 10 ounces so you will get six servings. You can also get five servings if you use 12 ounces glasses. 

If you prefer your servings in pints, you will get three full pints of beer so three full servings. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to use smaller serving measurements. The smaller the servings, the more servings you will get from a pitcher of beer. 

How big is a standard pitcher?

Pitchers typically come in a maximum of 60 ounces. But keep in mind that there are different types of pitchers and restaurants can choose the size they prefer to offer as a pitcher. So, it is not uncommon to get a 48 ounces pitcher or even a small size pitcher of 32 ounces. 

According to the general rule though, anything larger than 60 ounces will fall under the tower category. And even if the capacity of a beer pitcher container might be up to 64 ounces, the amount of beer it will contain will still not be more than 60 ounces. 

How many beers are in a Bud Light pitcher?

Bud Light is a common type of pitcher that many people like to have in their homes. You can find this type of pitcher in bars and restaurants as well. It has a clear color and a comfortable design that allows you to grab it securely thanks to its generous handle. 

These pitchers come in the typical size of 60 ounces and the container is made out of a thick plastic material. Also, such a pitcher will weigh 1.5 lbs. You can find this type of beer pitcher online if you want to have it in your kitchen and it is useful for pitcher cocktails and other drinks as well. 

What is the price of a pitcher of beer?

The price for a pitcher of beer will naturally be influenced by the type of beer you order as well as the restaurant or bar you choose to order it at. You can expect to spend anywhere from $15 to $30 for a pitcher of beer. The higher the quality of the beer is, the higher the price tag for your pitcher will be as well. 

Even if the type of beer you prefer to consume influences the price of the pitcher, the general rule says that ordering larger quantities is more financially advantageous to the customer. So, if you are planning a good time with your friends or family, you will find that it is worth more to order a pitcher or more beers rather than ordering one beer at a time. 

Checking the price per beer in the restaurant you choose to go to will also give you a good idea regarding the best ordering option for you. 

How popular is a pitcher of beer 

Beer pitchers are still common around the world but they are decreasing in popularity as other options rise on the market. Craft beer increased in popularity lately and when customers want a larger quantity, they tend to choose beer towers.

So, many bars and restaurants find themselves offering more beer towers than beer pitchers which takes the popularity off the pitcher.

Plus, a large beer tower can get to be 3 liters of beer, which is the equivalent of about 100 ounces of beer. For larger groups of more than five people, this could be a preferred option. 

However, beer pitchers still have their faithful customers and they are not expected to get out of fashion any time soon. But they are far from being the norm in terms of how customers choose to order their favorite brew. 

Are there regulations regarding the quantity of beer a customer can order?

Many customers think that as long as they pay for their orders, they can keep them coming. But this is not always the case. To keep the good atmosphere in the restaurant or bar, and to put the health of the customer first, many locations started to implement different norms regarding the consumption of alcohol in public places. And beer pitchers are no exception to these rules.

Note that there are places that will limit the number of beers a person can order as well, which can take pitchers off the list from the beginning.

The most common rule is that, in certain states such as Texas, a person can order a maximum of two beers at a time. According to TABC, if there are four people at a restaurant or bar table, they can order a maximum of eight beers at once. 

Also in Texas but in other parts of the world as well, it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to an intoxicated person. If a person is intoxicated or not, will be up to the bartender to decide in the specific set of circumstances, which makes this rule very flexible as well. 

Depending on the part of the world you are in and your circumstances, you might or might not be able to order a pitcher of beer. But there are still ways to work around these regulations.

Most of the time, implementing the state norms falls into the hands of the bartender and you will find that there are still exceptions that confirm the rule. Experienced bartenders and waiters know how to handle the orders of their customers and are very attentive to conserve the pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant as well. 

What kind of beer can be ordered in a pitcher?

In theory, you can order any type of beer in a pitcher, as long as your order doesn’t go against the restaurant or the state regulations that apply. But usually, beers that come in a pitcher are of an average alcohol content between 4% and 5%. Anything more than that will be outside the norm for many places and it could lead to faster intoxication for the consumers as well. 

This is the reason why you will notice certain restaurants listing the types of beer that can be ordered in pitchers, apart from those that come in crafts or other types of servings. 

Also, pitchers of beer are typically sold to groups of more than two people, which is another aspect to keep in mind if you want to order your beer in such a fashion.

They are common at reunions, parties, or gatherings as they contain several servings, depending on the size of the pitcher. For such occasions, beer pitchers compete tightly with beer towers and many customers find it difficult to decide which type of order is best. 


How Many Ounces in a Mini Pitcher?

Mini pitchers tend to come at a maximum size of 32 ounces. So, you can get two beers of 16 ounces each in such a pitcher. Some mini pitchers can come in 30 ounces sizes, but the common size remains 32 ounces. 

A mini pitcher of 32 ounces equals 946 ml. Mini pitchers are typically consumed in smaller servings than standard-size pitchers. 

How many pints in a pitcher of beer

A regular pitcher of beer contains 3.75 American pints. So, you will get three full pints and a 0.75 pint in the last serving. 

How much is a pitcher of beer in ml

The size of a pitcher of beer in ml depends on what type of pitcher is used. A 60 ounces pitcher of beer will equal 1.7 liters while a 48 ounces pitcher will equal 1.4 liters and a 32 ounces mini pitcher will be around 946 ml of beer. 

How many 12 oz beers are in a pitcher

If you use a 32-beer pitcher, you will get 2.6 beers of 12 ounces each. For larger p[itchers such as 48 ounces one, you will get four beers of 12 ounces each while for a standard beer pitcher of 60 ounces, you will get five beers of 12 ounces each. 

Final thoughts 

Pitchers of beer can be the best order for a fun time with your friends. Keep in mind to respect the local regulations when you place such an order and always consider the number of consumers in your group.

You don’t want leftover beer on your table so try to estimate how much will you consume and order accordingly.

Luckily there are 32 ounces, 48 ounces, and 60 ounces sizes of beer pitchers to accommodate all types of consumers. So, you will not have to take many risks in terms of the ideal quantity for your group. 

Enjoying your favorite brew in a pitcher is an experience that you and your friends will love and want to repeat. It can also be financially more convenient compared to craft orders and you can enjoy it in the types of servings you want. But save such an experience for special occasions so you can make the most out of it! 

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