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Crown Royal is a Canadian whiskey brand with a tradition that has lasted just under a century. This is a world-renowned whiskey brand famous for its expressive flavors and aromas. It is a smooth classic whiskey that evolved into several different tastes over the years. 

Even though at first, it was intended for the genuine whiskey lovers, as the brand progressed, they made it to appeal to other consumers too.

The brand launched other flavors in addition to the classic whiskey, so today, there is a broader variety of Crown Royal spirit expressions. 

In this article, I will give you descriptions, as well as prices and bottle sizes of the Crown Royal whiskey varieties. You will definitely find this info valuable on your next whiskey purchase. 


The beginnings of the Crown Royal whiskey date back to 1934, when King George and Queen Elizabeth became the first ruling monarchs to visit Canada.

When a spirited entrepreneur heard the news of the royal couple visiting Canada, he got so excited he wanted to craft a spirit intended especially for them. 

His primary intention was to represent Canada in the best possible light, so he decided to make something for the royal couple that would be fitted for royalty but also a description of the Canadian welcoming nature. 

He decided to go with a classic but polish it off and make it suitable for the King and Queen. He intended to create the smoothest drink they had ever tried, and knowing that they had probably tried the crème de la crème, he knew that he was competing against some seriously smooth spirits. 

Still, the fierce competition didn’t stop this patriotic enthusiast from making his intentions a reality. 

He set his mind on perfection, and therefore he meticulously tried out over 600 blends before deciding on the final combination. He styled the final product in a cut-glass decanter and regal purple bag with gold stitching. 

The whisky he presented to the King and Queen was a blend of around 50 whiskeys. It was astoundingly roughly smooth, and it became his pride and joy, as he knew he did an excellent job.

He gifted the royal couple 10 cases of this whiskey, and it soon became known as the whiskey fitted for a king. It wasn’t until the 1960s when Crown Royal was officially released in the United States, and it has held the crown as the best-selling Canadian whiskey since then.

Even though a lot of time has gone by since then, the Crown Royal brand still upholds the same standards as the first bottle was made by. Although it isn’t intended exclusively for royalty, it is meant to make each consumer feel like that. 

Some would describe it as the warmest whiskey, and others would say that it is the most flavorful whiskey that has ever existed.

There are many arguments and opposing attitudes, as there are many different tastes and preferences. However, everyone who has tried Crown Royal has described it as the smoothest whiskey, which is what its initial intention was.  

Making Process 

As with all the finest spirits, the making process of Crown Royal starts with the selection of the ingredients. The ingredients are not regarded only as raw materials to produce the Crown Royal whiskey but also as the main resource that gives the spirit its essence. 

Since the essence of Crown Royal is anything but ordinary, the ingredients need to be far above average to meet this standard. 

About 80% of the grain used for Crown Royal (rye, corn, and barley) comes from Manitoba, and the provinces around as that environment is regarded as the most favorable to grow grains. 

If the grains came from another place, the spirit might not have been as smooth as it now is. The ingredients are natural and resilient, so the making process starts firm and intense from the get-go. 

Manitoba and the surrounding provinces are known as places with challenging climate conditions, with harsh weather, and subzero temperatures.

Therefore, what grows there must be strong to survive. That is why the Crown Royal has chosen these locations to supply its grains from, as the grains that grow there are the strongest of their kind.  

The Crown Royal blends are made with five different recipes and twelve distillation columns that produce the individual whiskies. The individual whiskeys as then aged for different time periods in charred oak barrels that may be new or reused. 

The barrels are not only containers that keep the whiskey safe for a while, but they are also considered an ingredient and a very important one. It is the barrel where the Crown Royal gets most of its flavor and aroma, as well as depth, viscosity, and smoothness. 

Therefore the barrels need to be of top quality and correspond to the needs and purposes of the Crown Royal brand. Each individual whiskey absorbs the essence of the barrel it is in, gaining flavor and character, which transpires in each bottle of blended finished whiskey. 

Not only do the barrels need to be top-notch, but the maturing process is also a story in itself. They apply extreme temperature changes to cause the barrel wood to expand and contract to trigger the whiskey’s character development. 

Once the whiskey ages and develops the tastes meeting the rigorous and discriminating criteria of the master distiller, the individual whiskeys are blended together and bottled, creating the smoothest Canadian whiskey- Crown Royal.

Types and Taste

Crown Royal has 17 different selections divided into four different series. Twelve of them are still in production. To keep 12 of the initial selections is a massive success for the company, as not all manage to retain that many of their products. 


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The four series are Signature Series, Master Series, Flavor Series, and Retired Whiskies. Each section has four whiskeys, and the retired category has five.

All except for the retired category are still producing, while the retired category whiskey is more of collector’s editions since they are no longer made and usually collectors purchase the remaining bottles.

In general, the Crown Royal whiskeys have expressive vanilla notes starting with the nose and going all the way to the palate, and often they are combined with caramel, brown sugar, and oakiness, balancing the flavor profile and preparing you for the rye spiciness passes typically for the finish.

All Crown Royal varieties have a characteristic velvety smoothness, typical for this brand. 

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Crown Royal Signature Series

Crown Royal Deluxe is the original Crown Royal. It is 64% corn, 31.5% rye, and 4.5% malted barley.

This is not the best choice to have on the rocks, but mixed with Coke; it is absolutely amazing. 

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is the rye Crown Royal variety. This is a strong-flavored whiskey containing more than 90% rye in its bill. It is spicier than Deluxe, with expressive pepper notes.

Crown Royal Black is blended at a higher proof (90 proof) and ages in charred oak barrels. This variety is the one that is most similar to bourbon. It is mellower and sweeter than the rest of the Crown Royal varieties.

The Crown Royal Blender’s Mash variety was first called Bourbon Mash, but they had to change the name, as there was already such a spirit in America. The Blender’s mash is essentially a blend of the whiskies from one mash bill of the five used for the Deluxe variety. 

This is a classic vanilla-flavored whiskey with just a tad of fruitiness on the palate.

Crown Royal Master Series

The XR in Crown Royal XR stands for extra rare. The distillery where it was made burned down in 1992, and there were just a few barrels left of this whiskey. The Crown Royal XR is made with whiskey that comes from those barrels. 

This whiskey variety is similar to the Crown Rye, strong and peppery, and definitely an excellent option for the peppery whiskey lovers. 

Crown Royal XO is one of the iconic Crown Royal varieties. It ages in cognac barrels, and it is the oldest variety, hence the “XO .”This is another classic variety with the recognizable whiskey hint of vanilla. 

The Crown Royal Reserve is a representation of the meticulous aging process of the Crown Royal whiskeys. The barrels for this variety are hand selected and need to be the best from the best. 

If there ever was a whiskey cream, this is it. The Crown Royal is so smooth it is velvety, and it is refined and mellow with expressive vanilla notes.

The Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finish is actually Crown Deluxe finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. This is probably the fruitiest variety of Crown Royal whiskeys, with strong hints of grapes, perfectly mixed with the staple vanilla dimension of the Crown Royal brand. 

Crown Royal Flavor Series

This category encompasses the more fun and lighter varieties of the Crown Royal whiskey. The flavors included here are not as serious as the rest of the Crown Royal whiskey categories, aren’t meant to be explored, and are intended to just have fun with them. 

They are also budget-friendly ideas appropriate for everyone’s pocket. 

The Crown Royal Regal Apple is probably the best-known of the flavored series. It tastes like Gala apples paired with caramel. It is delightfully zingy, retaining the whiskey markings, but it also brings something new to the table. 

Crown Royal Vanilla is regarded as an extension of the already existing hints of vanilla in the Crown Royal whiskeys. Most describe it as a classic Crown Royal but with a stronger vanilla dimension.

The Crown Royal Peach is a limited edition, and it is released seasonally. It is very similar in many aspects to the Crown Royal vanilla variety, but instead of vanilla, there are strong notes of peach involved in this variety.

The Crown Royal Salted Caramel is meant for indulgence and pleasure. It does taste like salty caramel, with expressive caramel notes with the hints of salt only there to amplify the rest of the involved flavors. 

Crown Royal Retired Whiskies

Except for the list of the retired whiskeys of the Crown Royal brand, it is virtually impossible to find any publicly available information on the Crown Royal retired whiskeys. They are out of production, and if there are any bottles left, they are sold for collector’s purposes. 

The Crown Royal retired whiskeys are: Crown Royal Honey, Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend, Crown Royal Maple, and Crown Royal Texas Mesquite. 

Crown Royal Pricing and Bottle Sizes

As you can see from the table below, the Crown Royal prices are very variable, which is perfectly understandable, as there are many varieties. Nevertheless, they aren’t absolutely unaffordable, being that the most expensive bottle is the XR variety, costing over a $100.

The rest of them move from twenty-something to seventy-something dollars, which are even low prices for a whiskey of this quality and making. 

Type Size Average Price
Crown Royal Black 750ml $28.99 – $29.99
1.75L $53.99 – $55.99
Crown Royal Blender’s Mash 750ml $28.99 – $31.99
1.75L $58.99 – $61.99
Crown Royal Deluxe 750ml $32.99 – $36.99
Crown Royal Hand-Selected Barrel 750ml $64.99 – $68.99
Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye 750ml $19.99 – $24.99
1L $34.99 – $36.99
Crown Royal Reserve 750ml $36.99 – $47.99
Crown Royal Rye 750ml $19.99 – $24.99
Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished 750ml $59.99 – $69.99
Crown Royal XO 750ml $47.99 – $49.99
Crown Royal XR  750ml $149.99 – $199.99
Crown Royal XR Extra Rare 750ml $128.99 – $130.99
Crown Royal Vanilla Flavored 750ml $26.99 – $ 29.99
Crown Royal Peach Flavored 750ml $28.99 – $31.99
Crown Royal Regal Apple Flavored 750ml $26.99-$29.99
Crown Royal Salted Caramel Flavored 750ml $27.99 – $30.99

What Are The Sizes Of Crown Royal?

Crown Royal usually comes in 750 ml. bottles. However, there are also other bottle sizes, such as 1L, 1.75 L, and 3 L bottles, as well as mini bottles of only 50 ml. 

How Much Does A Fifth Of Crown Cost?

A fifth is 750 ml, as it is one-fifth of a gallon. Depending on which Crown Royal variety we are talking about, a 750 ml. of Crown Royal can cost anywhere from $25 to a couple of hundred of dollars. 

For example, the Crown Royal Blender’s Mash costs around $20, the Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel costs almost $70; the Crown Royal XR is about $200. 

So, there isn’t a single unified price for the fifth of Crown, but it all depends on the type of whiskey you are having. 

How Big Is A Fifth Of Crown Royal?

A fifth of Crown Royal is one-fifth of a gallon, i.e., 750 ml. 

What Is The Highest Quality, Crown Royal?

Even though the Crown Royal brand takes utmost care to produce each drop of whiskey with supreme quality, there is still one Crown Royal variety that can be labeled as the one with the highest quality. 

That is the XR variety, which does not only have exceptional quality but also an exceptional back story. The whiskey included in the XR variety was produced by the LaSalle Distillery, which, sadly, burnt in 1992. All that was left of the distillery were the few bottles of this whiskey. 

Crown Royal uses these remaining barrels of whiskey to blend the XR variety and produce this exquisitely delicious spirit of the highest possible quality. 

The Crown Royal XR variety is best described as sophisticated and refined. It is a blend of dried fruits and honey in balanced perfectly with the Canadian Rye variety. The finish is not only smooth but very flavorful, too, with notes of raisins, cocoa, and brown sugar.

How Much Is The Biggest Crown Royal?

The biggest Crown Royal bottle is the 3 L bottle costing around $200. When it is on some kind of sale or a discount, it can go as low as $170, but never under that price.

So the price range for the 3L Crown Royal moves from $170 to $200. However, this bottle isn’t always available, nor it is a part of the regular Crown Royal bottle assortment. 

Mostly the 3L bottles are order made, or there are a few released for sale. This is due to good business practices, as not many would buy 3L of Crown Royal, especially the same type. Most Crown Royal fans like to mix and match, experimenting with the flavors the brand offers.  

How Many Different Kinds Of Crown Royal Are There?

Out of 17 varieties in total, today, there are 12 Crown Royal Kinds that are still being actively produced and sold. There are four different series, three of which contain four types of Crown Royal whiskeys, and one (the retired whiskey) category has five. 

What Is The Size Of The Small Crown Royal Bottle?

The smallest Crown Royal bottle is the mini Crown Royal and is only 50 ml. It costs around $3, and it is perfect if you are just dipping your toes in the Crown Royal whiskey department. 

These mini bottles sell excellent as they are great for hotel minibars, as well as for people who want to just try and see what Crown Royal whiskey is all about.



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