15 Best Non Alcoholic Whiskey Brands: 5 Non-Boozy Varieties

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Are you a whiskey lover but don’t like the boozy element? There may just be a solution for you. With the best non alcoholic whiskey brands you get a bottle of the best drink without any distasteful booze.

Good alcoholic whiskey brands dish out impressive bottles, with just the right nose, taste, and even, textures.

You get to enjoy everything that comes with the best whiskey flavors without the worry of alcohol in your drink. Here are the 15 best non alcoholic whiskey brands to try out for a dry drinking experience.

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15 Whiskey Brands With Zero Alcohol Content

Non-alcoholic whiskey is not technically whiskey. After all, its zero alcohol content and other small factors disqualify it from this category. This explains why most brands will label their products as “whiskey alternative” or “spirit”.

Nonetheless, it’s the best thing closer to whiskey for people who don’t want the alcohol component but, still want to enjoy the delicious whiskey flavors. Most non-alcoholic whiskey is made using water, citric acid, and other flavorings.

You may also find distilled options to achieve the aromatic essence through their oils and other compounds. These options are even aged in oak barrels to achieve the characteristics of alcoholic whiskey, without the alcohol.

1. Monday Whiskey


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Type: American Whiskey inspired

Size: 750ml

Price: $52.99

Monday Whiskey Zero Alcohol Whiskey is an excellent alternative for people who want to enjoy the characteristics of American whiskey.  The whisky alternative integrates a dry finish, combining a blend of smoky malt flavors with mellow dry ginger hints.  

Further, the whiskey boasts pleasantly intoxicating butterscotch, raisin, and toasted sugar nose. The gluten-free and sugar-free whiskey alternative also boasts some fruitiness to make it an excellent base for mocktails.

On the other hand, the intense sweetness of this award-winning whiskey makes it a not-so-pleasant sipping whiskey.

Tip: Mix Monday Whiskey with fresh lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker to make a Whiskey Sour mocktail.

2. Drummerboy American Dark


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Type: Bourbon inspired

Size: 700ml

Price: $45.99

Whether it’s the sweet caramel and vanilla notes or a classic whiskey sour you want, The Drummerboy American Dark is an excellent whiskey alternative.

Inspired by bourbon, this Australian-made non-alcoholic whiskey offers a perfectly fine-tuned blend of caramel, vanilla, toffee, and caramelized fig.

To achieve its sweet flavor notes and pleasant aroma, the whiskey alternative combines a blend of essence and extract. Further, the whiskey alternative is distilled to achieve sweet flavors. While the non-alcoholic spirit is great for cocktails, you can best enjoy the bourbon mixed with coke.

3. Lyre’s Highland Malt


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Type: Blended malt whiskey inspired

Size: 700ml

Price: $43.99

The Lyre’s Highland Malt non-alcoholic spirit features a unique flavor blending that mimics the essence of blended malt whiskey. The nonalcoholic whiskey expertly captures the balanced and smooth American malt flavors. 

However, it comes without any unpleasant spicy kick. This flavor profile is complemented by signature bourbon notes with a combination of caramel, vanilla, and oak.

On the other hand, the whiskey alternative’s unique American malt profile achieves deep toffee and honey flavors, spiced cedar and oak, nutty almond, and grains noted. The award-winning malt whiskey alternative finishes off with a firm and dry finish.

4. Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey


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Type: American whiskey alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $59.99

Known for its “burning sensation”, the Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey resembles a good American whiskey. However, its “burn” kick makes it a mixing whiskey alternative, rather than a sipping whiskey. The zero proof whiskey achieves its kick from the use of capsicum fruit, peppercorns, and prickling ash.

The choice of this ingredient combination also gives it a pleasant flavor profile with a lingering spiciness. You will also get traditional whiskey notes, such as vanilla, oak, smoke, and caramel. Combine Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey with some bitters to stimulate the flavors of your cocktails.

5. Spiritless Kentucky 74


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Type: Kentucky whiskey/bourbon alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $38.99

Whether it’s Henry McKenna or Marker’s Mark whiskey, the Spiritless Kentucky Zero Proof Whiskey delivers these delicious bourbon flavors without the boozy kick. Be it an alcohol allergy or a heavy hangover you want to avoid, as the name suggests, the Spiritless Kentucky 74 mimics some of the best bourbon flavors.

Yet, in addition to its zero alcohol content, the whiskey alternative comes at a reasonably affordable price tag. The whiskey alternative is distilled in Kentucky,  the birthplace of bourbon, and achieves the classic distinctive flavors of bourbon.

Sipping on the whiskey alternative, you get smooth and delicious notes of dark caramel, bourbon vanilla, and charred oak.

6. The Gospel Responsible Rye


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Type: Australian rye whiskey alternative

Size: 700ml

Price: $46.99 – 50.99

Distilled and bottled in Melbourne Australia, the Gospel Responsible Rye delivers an incredibly rich and bold American-style whiskey alternative using single-sourced grain. Aged in Melbourne’s unique climate, the rye whiskey alternative produces a uniquely local flavor profile, great for any location.

The rich, full-flavor rye whiskey boasts a deep, complex, and spicy kick that makes it great as a sipper, on the rocks, and base in classic whiskey-forward cocktails. The zero-proof whiskey develops a medium body and intensity, balancing the rye spice and vanilla oaky finish.

The whiskey alternative achieves a buttery dark rye bread with spice and light toffee hints. On the palate, the Australian whiskey alternative develops caramel vanilla, sweet allspice, clove, pepper, and green apple flavor profile. It finishes off with dried red fruit and crème caramel, with woody spices.

Tip: the Gospel Responsible Rye is Australia’s first legally labeled straight whiskey which follows the strict distillation and maturation processes required of American whiskeys.

7.  Free Spirits The Spirit of Bourbon


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Type: Kentucky whiskey/bourbon alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $37

If you are looking for the smoothest non-alcoholic bourbon to sip on, the Free Spirits The Spirit of Bourbon is an excellent option. The affordable bourbon alternative is distilled to achieve the smoothest texture and resembles premium bourbon.

The bourbon alternative achieves an okay toffee nose with rich oaky, and caramel-kissed flavor notes. The whiskey alternative transitions to a velvety smooth toasted almond and brown sugar palate.

What makes the Kentucky whiskey alternative special is its all-natural flavors, containing no syrupy or added flavor taste. In turn, you can enjoy the premium bourbon alternative as a sipper or mixer in your cocktail.

8. Gnista Barreled Oak


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Type: Kentucky whiskey/bourbon alternative

Size: 500ml

Price: $50

The Gnista Barreled Oak Whiskey Alternative is the ultimate bourbon-inspired spirit to enjoy neat. The Swedish-made whiskey alternative boasts similar characteristics to premium quality bourbon, it develops distinctive smokiness with notes of warm spices, chocolate, and oak.

Further, the spirit doesn’t emanate the traditional peat-based smokiness. It has a somewhat unique smokiness. Nonetheless, the smokiness remains pleasant. It also boasts a sophisticated body and characters you can best enjoy and savor straight.

The Kentucky whiskey alternative can also be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with neutral drinks like club soda to avoid overpowering its distinctive flavors.  As a bonus, the whiskey alternative is housed in a unique bottle that comes with ornamental benefits.  

9.  Whissin


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Type: Mexican-American

Size: 500ml

Price: $50

Whissin is not your regular whiskey alternative variety – even by these unusual standards. This whiskey alternative is the first of its kind Mexican American whiskey alternative. Yet, the spirit is Spanish made. But, this is not all that makes the spirit stand out.

Its unique blend of all-natural botanicals that capture its true flavors makes it one of the sweetest non-alcoholic whiskeys. But, the sweet flavors are not saturated. The incredibly effective distillation process offers a well-balanced and fine-tuned sweetness.

Crafted primarily using wheat, maize, and barley, the spirit is heated but, not to the fermentation level, ensuring zero alcohol forms.  This process and ingredients achieve a sweet flavor like soda, minus the bubbles with some spice, oak, and coffee aftertaste.  You can enjoy the whiskey neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a mocktail.

10. Abstinence Epilogue X


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Type: Bourbon alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $35

Abstinence Epilogue X features a subtle smokiness and elegant whiskey flavors you can enjoy it however you want.  The Epilogue X is one of the unusually distilled, attractive, and delicious tasting whiskey alternatives. This non-alcoholic whiskey achieves a rich body with smoky spiciness you can even smell.

When you take a sip, you get a warm and enveloping mouth feel with notes of honeybush, caramel, and toasted wood. You can enjoy this non-alcoholic whiskey alternative from the South African Western Cape over ice or with a simple mix of cola.

11. Sexy AF’s Friski Whiski


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Type: whiskey alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $43.99

If you are in search of the ultimate whiskey alternative for mocktails, Sexy AF’s Friski Whiski is the best choice. In fact, the Friski Whiski is even marketed as a non-alcoholic base for whiskey-inspired cocktails, such as Manhattan.  The woman-owned whisky contains vegan, kosher, and gluten, sugar, and allergen-free ingredients.

The natural botanicals used in the whiskey alternative give it a low-carb, low-calorie, and organic finish.  The Canadian non-alcoholic whiskey features a combination of cinnamon, honey, kola nut, herb, and allspice notes.

12. Glen DochusWest Coast Blend


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Type: Scotch alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $48

The Glen Dochus West Coast Blend is an excellent non-alcoholic alternative to scotch whiskey. The scotch-made non-alcoholic spirit is using natural botanicals and guarantees a sugar-free, zero calories, and vegan drink.

The whiskey alternative even embodies high quality Scottish ingredients. This includes sourcing water running through the granite Scottish Cairngorms Mountains. This five decades-old practice plays a key role in achieving the non-alcoholic spirit’s incredible aroma and mouth feel.

The scotch alternative is even rested in aged casks and achieves sweet biscuit, caramel, apricot, and smoky notes. You can best enjoy the whiskey with a splash of water or on the rocks.

13. Escape Mocktails Single Malt Scotch

Type: Scotch alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $28.99

 If you are on a tight budget, the Escape Mocktails Single Malt Scotch Alternative is an excellent no-alcoholic spirit to give a try. This single malt scotch alternative joins a long line of the brand’s recently introduced collection of non-alcoholic drinks. These include premixed mocktails, liqueur, and spirits.

The single malt scotch is great for its earthy flavors. It packs powerful earthy but, well balanced flavors of caramel, oak, fruit, and vanilla. You will also notice that the flavors are more nuanced than the aroma. You will also get smoky undertones. This single malt scotch alternative is best enjoyed over ice or mixed with club soda.

14. San’s BarKings of Tartan Whiskey Substitute

Type: Scotch alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $34.99

The Sans Bar Kings of Tartan Whiskey Substitute is a good zero-proof whiskey variety if you have a particular love for smokiness. This high quality zero proof whiskey is distilled with flavors, body, and mouthfeel to resemble a high quality scotch.

Its nuanced flavors are elegant and exquisite enough to enjoy the scotch alternative neat or on the rocks. Yet, even with the sophisticated characteristic the whiskey alternative possesses, it is considered “healthy”. The vegan whiskey alternative is free of gluten, sugar, and artificial sweeteners and low in calories.

The whiskey alternative’s mouth feel is comparable to a truly high quality scotch. It starts with long and warm oak, malt, and spice notes, finishing off with a bitter bite. The impressive flavors also achieve a distinctive smokiness to add to the impressive character.

15. Curious Elixir No. 5


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Type: Scotch alternative

Size: 750ml

Price: $45.99

My personal favorite, Curious Elixir No.5, is not technically a non-alcoholic whiskey. Instead, it is curated as a whiskey cocktail in a bottle. This delicious concoction starts with a zero-proof whiskey as the base complemented by a blend of supporting non-alcohol mixture. 

Marketed as a non-alcoholic old-fashioned cocktail, the Curious Elixir No.5 is an excellent option for old-fashioned lovers who don’t want to deal with unpleasant hangovers or alcohol poisoning.

In fact, this luxurious alcohol-free cocktail features a unique smoked cherry and chocolate old-fashioned flavor. The zero-proof whiskey mocktail packs a uniquely delicious smoky and spicy flavor profile with deep cherry and bitter chocolate aftertaste.

Tip: Ditch the 750cl bottle for a fun 4-pack for a boozeless, yet, fun weekend with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Alcohol Free Whisky?

My personal best non alcoholic whiskey is the Monday Whiskey. In addition to its delicious flavors and smooth texture, the whiskey is pretty safe to consume. It is made with keto friend, gluten-free, and low-carb ingredients. You can even enjoy a few sips on a weekday/work night.

Is There A Non-Alcoholic Drink That Tastes Like Whiskey?

Non-alcoholic whiskey is a non-boozy drink that tastes like whiskey. In fact, different brands offer a variety of tastes. For example, Lyre’s Highland Malt is designed to taste like bourbon.

Does Jack Daniels Make A Non-Alcoholic Whiskey?

Jack Daniels does make a non alcoholic whiskey. Typically, the whiskey is made using an innovative method that removes the alcohol from the whiskey. So, you get true whiskey completely free of whiskey.

Does Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Taste Good?

The taste of non alcoholic whiskey largely depends on the brand and type you go for. While you can get options that taste like some of the best bourbons, you can also get bad whiskey.

Some brands produce whiskeys that taste like syrup or smoky fruit juice due to an attempt to mimic authentic whiskey flavors.

Where To Buy Non Alcoholic Whiskey?

You can purchase non alcoholic whiskey where you would buy regular whiskey. These include liquor stores, grocery stores (for some states), and even online.

If you choose to purchase your whiskey online, you can get it anywhere from Amazon to online liquor stores such as Drizly.


Choosing any of the best non alcoholic whiskey brands, depending on your needs, is the best way to continue enjoying your favorite drink without the boozy effect.

Whether it’s Tennessee whisky, bourbon, or the ideal whiskey for cocktails, the line up above has you covered.

Further, like regular whiskey, zero-proof whiskey comes with a long selection of characteristics. My list above carries the best of every character. Do you want to enjoy a premium variety neat to savor the natural, non-saturated flavors?

Or do you want a more moderate option you can add ice or a splash of cola to. You can find these options on the list. You can even find the ultimate whiskey alternative for mocktails – or even your favorite mocktail, be it a manhattan or Old-fashioned.

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