Zafiro Anejo: What Is It And Can You Buy It?

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Want to incorporate more style into your drinking experience? Zafiro Anejo can be the ultimate answer! How about doing so by pretending to be a badass Breaking Bad character? This alcoholic spirit isn’t only satisfying but, also comes with an interesting history that makes it all the more interesting.

Want to find out more about it before you hit the liquor shelves? Check out this interesting Zafiro Anejo guide to learn everything there is to know about this mind-blowing alcoholic spirit.

What is Zafiro Anejo?

Zafiro Anejo is a fictional anejo formulated by the series, Breaking Bad’s crew. Zafiro Anejo is a fictitious tequila brand that was designed specifically for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. This is because many alcohol brands wouldn’t agree to their drinks being used in the series due to their infamous storyline.

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The Zafiro Anejo Storyline

The Zafiro Anejo fictional tequila was specifically used in a scene whereby a character poisoned the bottle and gives it to the cartel, killing off all the bosses.

Due to this gruesome scene, no sponsor wanted their alcoholic beverage to be used in the show. Due to this, the show’s crew came up with the idea of Zafiro Anejo.


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Mimicking true Anejo, Zafiro Anejo is presented with the premise of being made like any other Anejo. Anejo refers to aged tequila – even the term Anejo refers to old.

This type of tequila is typically aged in oak barrels after the distillation process for about a year to three years. This allows the beverage to develop a more sophisticated taste in its signature brown hue.

On the other hand, Extra Anejo is aged for at least three years or more. The aging process typically gives Anejo characteristically rich notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and sweet spice with some oaky undertones.

Because it develops its sophisticated and distinct flavor profile, Anejo is best enjoyed as a sipper so the drinker can truly devour all its flavors.

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Is Zafiro Anejo Real and Can You Buy It?

Zafiro Anejo is not a real tequila brand so you can’t really find it readily available at any liquor or grocery store. The tequila was specifically developed by the crew for the series, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. However, you can order special custom bottle stoppers and bottles of the Zafiro Anejo without the actual Anejo in it.

Zafiro Anejo Bottle Description

Zafiro (Spanish) translates to sapphire while Anejo refers to a type of tequila that is usually aged between a year and three years. Therefore, it is expected to be a very costly drink in the show.

While you can’t really find Zafiro Anejo commercially available to purchase and drink, you can purchase the bottle and custom stoppers as a memento on order.

Many vendors typically sell custom stoppers. However, you can find a few that also curve the bottle. The custom stopper features a copper-plated sterling silver design with some ruffles. The agave bottle stopper is hand carved and cast by hand to give it its signature style.

On the other hand, the bottle features a light blue exterior with its glass material resembling a precious stone.  Both the bottle and stopper design are inspired by the real-life product, premium Hardy Perfection Cognac.

The bottle features a similar round shape. But, unlike the flame-inspired stopper on the cognac bottle, the Zafiro Anejo stopper’s design mimics the agave plant.

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Zafiro Anejo Bottle Pricing

A single custom stopper that completes the Zafiro Anejo look on your tequila bottle will cost you about $1700 to $1800. This cost excludes the bottle, however. But, this is the cost one will incur in real life to purchase the custom stopper.

On the other hand, you can easily calculate the price of Zafiro Anejo in the context of the show. In some of the show’s episodes, Zafiro Anejo appears to clearly be priced at $50 per shot.

Now, a shot of tequila is typically sized at 1.7 fluid ounces (44.36 ml), meaning a 25.4 fluid-ounce bottle (750 ml) will give you about 15 shots.

This brings the total of a bottle to about $750. But, one episode of Better Call Saul confirmed the cost of a bottle of Zafiro Anejo to be $699.

Drinking Zafiro Anejo

If the Zafiro Anejo brand existed in the real world, it would be best to enjoy the tequila straight or as a shooter to savor the full flavors of this premium tequila. But, you could also enjoy it on the rocks or with a splash of water if the flavors were too intense for you.

Further, some experts suggest that Zafiro Anejo could be a great alcohol base for some cocktails due to its strong alcohol content and unique flavor profile.  

The Anejo is particularly perfect for cocktails that contain a minimal amount of ingredients so the flavors don’t get lost in the mixture. These include:

  • Margarita: made with Anejo triple sec, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice and then, strained into a cocktail glass coated with salt on the rim and garnished with a lime wedge.
  • Tequila sunrise: Made using Anejo and orange juice poured into a highball glass filled with ice. The cocktail is then topped with grenadine for the perfect sunrise effect.

Zafiro Anejo Alternatives

If you want to enjoy real-life tequila that has been compared to similar quality as Zafiro Anejo, we have just the solution for you. Here are the top 4 Zafiro Anejo alternatives that males some of the best quality Anejo in the market;

1. Olmeca Altos Anejo Tequila

Region: Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)

Alcohol content: 40% ABV/80 US proof

Price & bottle size: $38.99 (750ml)

At the smallest fraction of the price of the fictional Zafiro Anejo, you can enjoy the real-life premium Olmeca Altos Anejo tequila. The Anejo undergoes a complex distillation and aging process to give its signature taste.  The Anejo is distilled using 100% agave Weber plant and deep well water.

Further, it is fermented in stainless steel tanks with fibers, distilled twice in a copper pot, and filtered twice. Lastly, the Anejo is aged for at least 18 months in 200-liter used American white oak bourbon barrels. As a result, the Anejo develops a strong taste with spicy, black pepper, almond, and biscuit flavor notes to make it an excellent sipper.

2. Komos Tequila Anejo Cristallino

Region: Tequila

Alcohol content: 40% ABV/80 US proof

Price & bottle size: $123.99 (750ml)

The Komos Tequila Anejo Cristallino develops bright, fresh, light, and smooth-tasting notes, thanks to its ingenious distillation process. The 12-month aged tequila-making process is inspired by innovative Mediterranean wine-making techniques.

The Anejo is typically aged in French oak white wine barrels for at least one year before being drip filtered through a charcoal column to refine the tequila and remove any impurities. Further, the tequila is finished by the unique wine-making process which tumbles the liquid, removing oxygen for the smoothest and richest mouth feel.

The refined, crystal clear tequila is bottled in a fancy and iconic handmade vitrified porcelain bottle so you can recycle it. The Anejo Cristallino develops an intoxicating nose with sugared pineapple enveloped by bright agave freshness and lime zest. It also boasts a rich mouth feel with floral and delicate flavor notes that are best enjoyed when sipped or with a splash of water.

3.  Casamigos Anejo Tequila

Region: Jalisco

Alcohol content: 40% ABV/80 US proof

Price & bottle size: $123.99 (750ml)

The identities of the founders of the Casamigos tequila brand are enough to give you an idea of this premium tequila. Founded by Hollywood actor George Clooney and friends, Randy Gerber and Mike Meldman, the Casamigos tequila oozes class, style, and sophistication. Whether enjoyed as a shot, straight, or on the rocks, the tequila guarantees incredible taste.

The Anejo is typically produced in small batches using the finest hand selected 100% blue agave to guarantee its quality and taste. The agave pinas are harvested and roasted in a brick oven for 72 hours before an ultra slow fermentation process for an extra 80 hours (this unique process boasts its taste further).

The Anejo is finally aged in oak barrels for up to 14 months to develop agave sweetness with hints of spices and barrel oak with a lingering smooth finish.

Tip: Explore these interesting flavors by curating your own Anejo old fashioned using Casamigos Anejo, vanilla syrup, and a few drops of lemon bitters stirred and strained into a large glass filled with ice and garnished with orange peel.

4. Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila

Region: Jalisco

Alcohol content: 40% ABV/80 US proof

Price & bottle size: $160.99 (750ml)

As quoted by its producers, “the world’s first Cristallino tequila, Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila is the epitome of the brand’s spirit of redefining”. The extra Anejo tequila boasts beautiful bold, bright, crisp, and smooth tasting notes thanks to its complex making process.

This smooth, yet, complex extra Anejo Cristallino combines a blend of Reposado, Anejo, and extra Anejo aged for up to three years in American and Eastern European white oak barrels and filtered through charcoal to produce a multi-aged clear tequila.

The tequila develops a strong nose blend of caramel, honey, cooked agave, and dried fruits, such as fig with faint hints of chocolate, tobacco, and sweets. You will also get fresh and light finishing notes of vanilla and nutmeg.

On the palate, the tequila feels voluminous and rich with a silky mouth feel with a beautiful marriage of fig, quince, date, pineapple, and pumpkin notes. These strong notes are complemented with finishing hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and clove. This extra Anejo Cristallino is best enjoyed straight or on the rocks.


Is Zafiro Anejo Tequila Real?

Zafiro Anejo is not real. This alcoholic spirit is a fictional tequila brand developed by the writers of the series, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. This was due to no sponsor wanting their drinks to be used in the series’ infamous scenes.

How Much Does A Bottle Of Zafiro Anejo Cost?

In the series, Better Call Saul, it is revealed that a bottle of Zafiro Anejo costs about $699.

Can You Buy Zafiro Anejo?

Zafiro Anejo is not available commercially to purchase as a drink. However, you can purchase a custom stopper or bottle so you can have a memento of the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul series. A custom stopper will typically cost you about $1700 to $1800.

What Is Zafiro Anejo Supposed To Be?

Zafiro Anejo is a fictional, premium quality, and very expensive tequila brand developed by writers of the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul series.

The tequila was designed to be used in the series because no other sponsors (manufacturers of real-life alcohol brands) wanted their products included in the infamous scenes.


While Zafiro Anejo is fictional, it certainly left a mark on many of the series’ fans. So, while you can’t get your hands on the actual tequila, you can always invest in mementos like the custom bottle and stoppers to store your own liquor or just display them.

In fact, you can invest in any of the Zafiro Anejo alternatives above to enjoy a similar premium tequila drinking experience.

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