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Vodka, in general, is a drink that mixes with the vast majority of drinks. Moreover, vodka is an excellent drink to chase. Vodka is maybe the only spirit that doesn’t matter if it is expensive or cheap when you mix it.

What’s more, mixing cheap vodka masks the aggressiveness of the spirit, creating a perfectly delicious drink. Therefore, when you want to treat yourself to a cocktail, don’t think twice before ordering or making a vodka cocktail. 

Known for its flavor, authenticity, and smoothness, Tito’s vodka is a brand that gets better and better with time. Distilled six times, it is a very pure spirit, meaning that it doesn’t contain any vodka contaminants or residues, further increasing its quality. 

It is also known to have retained the same level of quality since it was first manufactured in 1997. Therefore it has become a favorite to many. Also, since it was first made until today, the brand has evolved its flagship product creating various flavors of Tito’s vodka. 


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So, even though they started with one classic-flavored vodka, today, you can find over 30 Tito’s vodka flavors available on the market. Some of these flavors are pear, turmeric, hibiscus, garlic and black pepper, apple, and cinnamon, etc. 

These flavored Tito’s vodkas are cocktails in themselves which makes them very flavorful and almost eliminates the need to mix them. However, even flavored vodka is still vodka, so you should expect that recognizable vodka sharpness and sting. 

Classic Tito’s vodka is best known as the vodka you can drink straight, that is its best and most promoted feature, but it also mixes excellently with various other drinks. Straight, it is very fruity and flavorful, with high viscosity and an expressive herbal aroma. 

Mixed, it transfers its natural features to the mixed drink, as well as absorbs the flavors and aromas of the other ingredients. Therefore, when it comes to mixing, Tito’s vodka is a shape-shifter that adapts easily to the ingredients it is mixed with. 

You can mix it with cocktail bitters, juices, sodas, seltzers, beer, and other alcohol, as well as energy drinks. 

In this article, I will give you a list of ingredients you can mix Tito’s vodka with at home or order them at the bar. Choose the ones you like most, according to your own preferences, as not all of them will resonate with you. 

So what to mix with Tito’s vodka?

Tito’s vodka is excellent when mixed. It transfers its high viscosity to the cocktail, creating an even smoother consistency. It lends its flavor features as well as its sting. However, when mixed, Tito’s vodka stings significantly less, so you may even find the sting very pleasant. 

1. Red Bull


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Red Bull and vodka is an already famously successful pair. Tito’s vodka gives the vodka-Red Bull a totally different and new dimension. While you may be used to the overly sweet and slightly carbonated flavor and texture of the mix, Tito’s vodka gives different results. 

The Tito’s vodka and Red Bull combo are known for their viscosity and significantly expressive flavors. You can use classic Tito’s vodka, but I recommend using some of the flavored kinds for extra character. 

Although vodka and Red Bull is not my personal favorite due to the large sugar amounts and the difficulty bouncing back the next day, objectively, it is a great way to combine Tito’s vodka. 

2. Soda Lime

Club SodaSoda-lime is one of those mixers that go virtually with anything. The best thing is you don’t have to worry about quantities or anything, as you can adjust the amounts while drinking.

Even though the flavored Tito’s vodkas can produce excellently flavored soda-lime mixes, I would recommend using the classic one. 

The lime flavor is far more expressive when there are no other flavors involved. The carbon bubbles tickle better when there are no added sugars, and overall you get a clear and sharp drink. If it is too much for you, feel free to mix it with ice, and you are done. 

3. Coca-Cola 

ColaThis list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Coca-Cola. Vodka and Coca-Cola are excellent buddies, but Tito’s vodka and Coca-Cola are even closer. Usually, Coca-Cola is an excellent cover-up for low-quality vodka and can tone down even the sharpest ones. 

However, there are some cases when the vodka is so harsh that there’s not much Coca-Cola can do to mask it. Luckily, Tito’s vodka does not fall under that category. What’s more, you can have a glass of Tito’s vodka with just a few drops of Coca-Cola. 

The flavors mix so well that you will definitely reach for a second round. I recommend mixing the apple-flavored Tito’s vodka to make things more interesting.

It goes without saying that the classic Tito’s vodka works excellently as well. You can add a lime wedge to the glass and let it sour up your drink. 

4. Orange Juice

Orange juiceOrange juice and vodka make the famous and evergreen screwdriver. However, Tito’s vodka and orange create Tito’s screwdriver, which is way more than a regular screwdriver. 

The reason for this is the Tito’s vodka viscosity. Namely, its viscosity is more on the higher end, creating an oily sensation mid-palate. Orange juice mixes excellently with higher viscosity drinks as it is of high viscosity itself so that oily smooth sensation is even more intense in the Tito’s screwdriver. 

Moreover, the flavor of the orange and Tito’s vodka is even more intensified by the texture combination of both drinks. Therefore, you’ll get a smooth, almost creamy drink full of flavor and a pretty intense aroma.

5. Sparkling Water

Sparkling water If you don’t feel particularly creative, you can always turn to sparkling water to make something special out of your Tito’s vodka. It doesn’t matter whether you use the flavored or regular types of Tito’s vodka, as long as you throw a few ice cubes and a lime wedge into the glass. 

The carbonated bubbles will milden any unpleasant aggressiveness of the drink, leaving you with a delicious mixture with just a tad of bite.

6. Lime 

Lime Juice

Mixed with nothing more than fresh lime wedges and ice, this is a combination for the sharp flavor enthusiasts. However, since Tito’s vodka is known as the vodka, you can drink straight, and the fact that the ice and lime can do an amazing job toning down the excessive bite, there’s something in this mix even for those of you who prefer the milder and gentler flavors. 

Press the lime wedge with your straw to let it release its juices, and enjoy the ever gentler notes as the ice cubes melt.

7. Cranberry Juice

cranberry cocktail with vodkaVodka cranberry is a combination as old as time. So it would have been a pity not to mention it here, as it Tito’s vodka cranberry is even better. 

As opposed to vodka cranberry, where Tito’s vodka is not the vodka type you use, Tito’s vodka cranberry mix allows for a larger amount of vodka than that of the cranberry juice. However, since cranberry juice is more watery, the good Tito’s vodka viscosity will do a great job of thickening your drink.

8. Ginger Beer

Ginger BeerThe fresh, somewhat citrus flavor of the ginger beer mixes excellently with the taste of Tito’s vodka. It will tone down the classic vodka bite, yes, Tito’s vodka has it too, and will somewhat amplify the flavor intensity, as well as the aroma. 

Tito’s vodka and ginger beer boost each other up, bringing out the best from both worlds. A piece of advice, even though the Tito’s vodka- ginger beer ratio hasn’t been set in stone, I recommend you use more ginger beer than Tito’s. 

9. Sprite 

SpriteTito’s vodka and Sprite are one of the best possible Tito’s vodka combinations. Although deemed neutral, Sprite is a flavorful drink. Combined with Tito’s vodka, they create a genuine flavor bomb you will definitely want to repeat. 

Since you will hardly stop at one, make your sprite-Tito’s vodka drinks more Sprite and less vodka to keep you going. 

10. Grapefruit 

Grapefruit juiceThe sweet and bitter flavor of the grapefruit adds nicely to the already citrusy notes of Tito’s vodka. The creaminess of the juice mixes perfectly with the smoothness of Tito’s vodka, creating a combination of consistencies and textures, resulting in a juicy and oily drink at the same time. 

With each mixing of the straw, new flavors will emerge, making each sip taste somewhat different.

What Is the Best Thing To Mix With Tito’s?

The best thing to mix with Tito’s vodka is a highly subjective matter. It all depends on your personal preferences. Sometimes, you can try a mix that everyone considers to be the best and end up disappointed. 

However, a classic is a classic for a reason, so if you don’t know what to mix with Tito’s vodka, it is always a good idea to turn to the oldies. For example, Tito’s screwdriver is an excellent refreshing solution if you are looking for something sweet. 

Tito’s vodka cranberry is great for a night out or in with your favorite people, especially if you like the sweet and floral flavors typical for the cranberry juice. 

For a relaxing summer afternoon, I recommend Tito’s vodka mojito or Tito’s vodka and lime. These drinks work great to take the edge off, so they are the most sought-after when it comes to after-work relaxation. 

If you are a fan of the sharper flavors and o like the vodka bite, go ahead and mix yourself Tito’s vodka and seltzer. Soda and Tito’s vodka works better for those of you who like the, but not too much of it.

If you are a sweet tooth, Coca-Cola and Tito’s vodka is for you. The Coca-Cola and Tito’s vodka create a candy-like flavor you will definitely love.

To sum up, it is important to consider which tastes you enjoy the most and base your decision on that. Tito’s vodka offers a vast sea of pairing options, so you will definitely find what you want. 

What Soda Mixes With Tito’s?

As a general rule, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Bitter Lemon Soda, Red Bull, tonic water, and lemonade are the best sodas to mix with Tito’s vodka.

However, other sodas can work too. Vodka, in general, mixes excellently with sodas. The carbonated bubbles serve as a great buffer mildening up the sting and making the beverage easier to drink.

Even though some sodas are considered neutral-tasting, they aren’t; neutral but have a certain flavor. Those mixed with Tito’s vodka are excellent since they don’t dominate the drink but do contribute to the final taste. 

Another piece of helpful information is that Tito’s vodka is keto-friendly and contains no carbs. This means that you can have Tito’s vodka even if you are on a specific food regimen. Therefore, you should mix it with a diet soda. 

The best diet sodas to mix with Tito’s vodka include the zero varieties, such as Coca-Cola zero and other zero-sugar sodas. Also, soda water/tonic, which is naturally sugar-free, as well as soda bitter lemon.

What Can I Put in Tito’s?

If you want to add a little sweetness to your Tito’s vodka but don’t want to load on sugar, freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice is your best option. You can spruce up or drink by adding a few grapefruit pieces to your glass and make it a tropical cocktail.

Tito’s vodka and ginger ale is a typical crowd-pleaser. It works on so many levels, from refreshing to flavorful to kicky. Therefore, if you want to live a bit on the wild side but still have guaranteed enjoyment in your drink, go for this combination.

Lemonade and Tito’s vodka create a lovechild that is so gentle and refined, you will find it absolutely charming.

You can make your lemonade from scratch, adding your favorite ingredients, such as extracts and maybe sugar, and mixing all those flavors with Tito’s vodka results in a refreshing and gentle beverage with a seductive aroma and smooth consistency.

Cranberry juice is one of the best things to pair your Tito’s vodka with. Not only do cranberry juice and vodka go and in and since the beginning of time, but Tito’s vodka and cranberry juice work even better together. 

They create a unique flavor that is floral and fruity, stingy and gentle, and mild and sharp at the same time. This collection of contrasts gives a whole new meaning to vodka cranberry.

The viscosity gets toned down, but the fruitiness and sourness mash-up creates a gentle texture while retaining the burn.

Pineapple juice gives Tito’s vodka a unique character; you can even say it gives it an edge.

Even though pineapple juice has made a name as a very gentle beverage, it has a slight carbonated dimension that accentuates and, at the same time, tones down the sting. It is also a very potent flavor-giver making the entire combination taste somewhat like Pina Colada.

If you like clean, sharp, and edgy flavor combinations, then Tonic is the best thing to mix with your Tito’s vodka. Clean-cut, precise, and assertive, the flavor of this mix isn’t dominated by anything in particular, but it simply balances out all the flavors involved.

Orange juice works perfectly with Tito’s vodka. They both have generous viscosities and create a slight but noticeable oily sensation.

The final flavor is sweet and slightly minty, with a noticeable bite and a burn that starts even mid-palate. The Tito’s screwdriver is another crowd-pleaser you need to try. In the vodka mix department, Tito’s screwdriver is what Michael Jackson is in the pop music world- timeless. 

What To Mix With Tito’s Simple? 

From carbonated to still beverages, from juices to sodas, from beer to ale, you can absolutely use whichever speaks to you best to mix with Tito’s vodka.

A simple two-ingredient mix is all you need to enjoy a nice glass of Tito’s vodka without diminishing its quality but toning down what needs to be toned. 

Lemonade, orange juice, energy drinks, espresso, coke, soda, seltzer, or a tad of tequila and liqueur are excellent mixers for Tito’s vodka. 

Best Juice To Mix With Tito’s

Tito’s vodka goes amazing with juices. Take your pick from the wide variety of juices you can make at home or buy at any store. Orange and cranberry juices are the most popular when it comes to mixing Tito’s vodka.

However, you can also do an excellent job mixing Tito’s vodka with lemonade, pineapple juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice, tomato juice, or berry fruit juice. 

Each one brings its own magic and makes the result unique and delicious.

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