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Mexican, fiery, intense, and playful, tequila definitely is one of those drinks you can sip, drink as shots, or mix with a wide variety of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

There are four main types of tequila, Blanco (also known as silver tequila), reposado, añejo, and extra añejo. Some would argue that there are only three, the extra añejo being a subtype of the añejo variety.

Others would add one more tequila type, the tequila joven, which means young and is somewhere between the Blanco and reposado varieties. 

However, each tequila type has its own specificities and charms, whether three, four, or five. The tequila division is grounded in the aging period. So the Blanco variety is the youngest one, being bottled either after distilling or aged for up to three months. 

The reposado ages from two to 12 months, and the añejo ages from one to three years. The extra añejo ages for over three years, while the joven variety ages between three and ten months. 

The aging process is a crucial factor in the use of the tequila varieties; though you can drink each variety any way you like, it is best to follow the recommended ways of use. 

The tequila Blanco is best for shots. It is the youngest variety and is, therefore, the sharpest. It is full of energy and fire and is the most aggressive tequila type. It is very flavorful and aromatic, with vanilla and agave notes and often a peppery finish. It creates an intense burn that keeps lingering on. 

Depending on the brand, there are high and low-viscosity tequilas Blanco. The cheaper and poor quality tequilas Blanco have an overwhelming alcoholic flavor and cause a hellish hangover the next day. 

The high-quality tequilas Blanco have a higher viscosity, are easier to drink and don’t have such bad consequences the following day. 

The tequila Blanco is a great cocktail mixer, and it goes great with liqueurs and juices. 

The reposado variety is more refined than the Blanco; you can use it for shots as well as for slow sipping. You can have it neat or on the rocks, as well as in a cocktail. It is smoother and softer than the Blanco but not as refined as the añejo or extra añejo varieties. 

The tequilas añejo, the añejo and extra añejos are the oldest and wisest tequila varieties. They are silky smooth, flavorful, aromatic, and smoky. They reflect the traditions of their distillers and the flavors of the barrels. 

The tequilas añejo are not for mixing, though they make delicious cocktails. However, their primary use is for slow sipping due to the exceptional quality of the spirits and the incredible smoothness. 

The reposado and Blanco tequilas are the ones that are made for mixing, but to mix them correctly, you need some knowledge. Tequila is a particularly-tasting spirit, and it doesn’t go with just anything. It needs compatible drinks, as the results won’t be what you might want. 

Of course, mixing tequila is a highly subjective thing, as not everyone likes the same flavors. Still, there are some generally well-standing combinations you just can’t beat. 

So what to mix with tequila? 

In this article, I will talk about the best tequila mixers, how to use them and which tequila varieties work best mixed with what ingredient. This will give you enough to start exploring and enjoying the world of tequila mixers. 

1. Grapefruit Soda 


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You can mix grapefruit soda with both the Blanco and/or reposado variety. The bubbly texture of the soda will milden and tone down the tequila’s sharpness while sweetening up the taste. 

Since it is slightly bitter, the grapefruit soda will add some bitterness to the mixture. However, it is also slightly sweet, which transpires in the drink as well. The more you mix the ingredients, the frothier your cocktail will become. 

Therefore, adjust the mixing to your liking and enjoy your alcoholic and fruity tequila-grapefruit soda drink.

2. Orange Juice and Grenadine

Orange juiceOrange juice, grenadine, and tequila, or in other words, Tequila Sunrise. This is a very famous cocktail, and with a good reason too. The Tequila Sunrise is mostly made with the Blanco and reposado varieties, but it doesn’t mean that you should use Añejo tequila if you already have some. 

The fruity flavor of the grenadine mixes perfectly with the even fruitier orange juice. Both create a genuine flavor bomb with the tequila. This is an absolutely delicious drink, and even more so if you want to avoid the alcoholic tequila flavor and just want to enjoy the effects. 

You will feel the burn, though, but the flavor of the tequila will be close to non-existent, so if that’s what you are after, don’t think twice before treating yourself to a glass of this cocktail.

3. Triple Sec and Lime 

Lime JuiceTriple sec and lime are a great combination to mix with tequila Blanco. The orange-flavored triple sec is a grain-based liqueur that is highly compatible with the sharpness of the tequila Blanco, toning down its aggressiveness. 

The lime comes as a pleasant little surprise in the equation, making the drink delightfully fruity, rubbing off the sour sweetness of the tequila and triple sec’s sharpness. This is a definitely excellent refreshment for a summer afternoon. 

4. Beer

beerBeer and tequila have had a love story since the beginning of time. Whether you mix them in a single glass, or drop and tequila shot in a large beer mug, or chase one with the other, it doesn’t matter; it works all ways. 

The key is to have more beer than tequila. The beer frothiness and the bitter, refreshing notes complement perfectly to the heavy, spiky, and pungent tequila flavor. Essentially the beet and tequila combo creates a stronger beer, not a milder tequila, as the beer is supposed to be the dominant drink. 

The beer and tequila duo creates a very potent effect, so please take your time and be careful. You will be amazed at how quickly it works, so stay hydrated and don’t overdo it, as even the best tequila can’t prevent those nasty beer headaches. 

5. Tonic

Gin TonicBitter, edgy, and glassy, tonic water is definitely an excellent tequila mixer. It is slightly sweet and mildly bitter, which comes in handy to tone down the tequila’s sharpness and bring out its agave and vanilla notes. 

I’d recommend you mix tequila Blanco with tonic so as to experience the agave notes to the fullest. Add a lemon wedge and some crushed ice, and you get an elegant drink in just a few minutes. 

6. Lemon Juice 

Lemon Juice Since a tequila shot is often followed by a lemon slice, it is no wonder that tequila and lemon juice mix excellently together. A shot of tequila in a glass of lemonade or a few drops of lemon juice in a tequila cocktail will give the drink a whole different and unique dimension. 

You will definitely love the reduced tequila sharpness and the increased lemony freshness. Also, the agave and lemon are a great combination, which transpires into the tequila and lemon juice drink. 

7. Club Soda

Club SodaClub soda is the little black dress of spirit mixers, as it goes with virtually any spirit you can think of. Therefore it is only logical to go with tequila too. Think of it like mixing tequila with bubbly water, only milder than sparkly. 

At first glance, the club soda’s neutral yet recognizable flavor doesn’t contribute much to the entire mixture, but that is a wrong assumption. Even though discrete, the flavor of club soda is a powerful mixer with a fantastic ability to tone down and balance the sharpness of the tequila. 

You can mix club soda with all tequila varieties, so take your pick and enjoy. 

8. Berry Juice 

Berry Juice Berry juice and tequila work great together and create a genuine flavor harmony. They play together, mixing even after you pour the combination into a glass. They continue bonding and changing each other, so each sip will taste slightly different than the previous one. 

The tequila flavor is almost gone thanks to the strong sour sweetness of the berry juice, but the burn is intensified thanks to the high acidity of the berry juice. Not for those with a sensitive stomach, as it can cause stomach acid pretty soon. 

9. Tomato Juice

Tomato JuiceTomato juice and tequila is the Mexican variant of Bloody Mary or Bloody Maria. Tomato juice is a magnificent ingredient that seems gentle but is extremely potent. It masks the strong alcoholic flavor of the tequila, creating a sweet and juicy drink. 

The Bloody Maria is a fierier and sharper version of the Bloody Mary, so if you like Bloody Mary, you will definitely love Bloody Maria. It is best made with the tequila Blanco variety, as it resembles vodka most. It has similar sharpness and viscosity, so it will produce similar results. 

10. Crème de Cassis 


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Crème de Cassis is a famous French liqueur mainly used for mixing with wine. It is fruity, rich, deep, and floral, which is what you need if you want to deepen the tequila taste. 

Just a drop of Crème de Cassis can make all the difference in the world, turning your tequila into a fruity and spiky delight. The Crème de Cassis works only as a spiker because a more significant amount will overwhelm the flavor creating excessively intense notes. 

11. Milk and Cocoa Cream 


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Milk, cocoa cream, and tequila are known as Leche Mexicano or Mexican Milk. This seemingly odd combination sounds very unappealing in theory, but in practice, it somehow works. 

Milk has the ability to neutralize strong flavors and is, therefore, the go-to solution if you eat food that is overly hot or spicy. It tones down the excessively aggressive flavors and calms down the palate. 

The cocoa cream will add a somewhat chocolaty dimension with its sweet bitterness and will bring this mix to a whole different level. Leche Mexicano works with whole milk or milk cream, so see that the milk you use is fatty enough. Vegan milk doesn’t work for this mixture. 

Though this mix isn’t very famous in the rest of the world, considering that even experienced mixologists haven’t heard about it, it is the bomb in Mexico, and for a good reason too. The closest description would be alcoholic chocolate milk

If you like experimenting and trying different things, give this mix a whirl. 

12. Vermouth 


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The tequila and vermouth combination creates a delicious dry martini. Both high in alcohol and strong in taste create a legendary battle of flavors and aromas you will enjoy to the fullest if you are a fan of the more intense things in life. 

Definitely not for everyone; this flavor combination creates an exceptionally bitter result. However, the vermouth has more to offer than just plain bitterness. It is also sweet and acidic, so all things considered, it is a very colorful drink. 

Still, due to the tequila’s sharpness, the vermouth bitterness is the most expressive feature, while the sweetness and acidity are more discrete and toned down. 

13. Ginger Ale

Ginger aleGinger ale is a very gentle drink, but it does have an edge. It is soft, not very high in alcohol, and almost juicy, but it has a certain ginger flavor that says that the drink has a strong character. When mixing two intense flavors, such as that of the tequila, especially the Blanco variety, and that of the ginger ale, both balance each other in a great way. 

Instead of creating a strong, almost unbearable flavor, you will get a nicely toned drink that gets the best of both worlds. You will enjoy the bitterness of the ginger ale mixed with the agave fruitiness of the tequila. 

14. Flavored Soda

sodaSoda comes in many different flavors, so pick the one you love most and mix your tequila with it. As I already mentioned, soda is a godsend when it comes to spirit mixers, so flavored soda is one more soda variety that goes perfectly well with tequila. 

The bubbly result will definitely tickle your palate and satisfy your quest for deliciousness.

15. Pineapple Juice 

Pineapple juiceThe high viscosity and the dense, almost creamy texture of the pineapple juice paired with a high-quality tequila might be just what you want. These two mix perfectly together and create an unforgettable flavor combination. 

The pineapple juice gives the tequila a somewhat exotic dimension, while the tequila creates playfulness in the otherwise “vanilla” pineapple juice flavor. If you are looking for a relaxing and satisfying drink, give this combo a chance. 

16. Coke

ColaThis list wouldn’t be complete if coke weren’t on it. Sweet, sticky, and bubbly, coke is most certainly an excellent pair for tequila. You will still feel the burn and the alcoholic aftertaste, but mixing tequila with coke will surely make the drink more bearable. 

If you are a fan of tequila, but can’t stand the sharpness cutting through your throat, give this mix a chance. The tequila and coke flavors mix, creating a sweet, almost candy-like note and freshness. So you will also get a cold sensation in your mouth while drinking it. 

17. Orange Juice 


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Orange juice and tequila, or also known as Mexican screwdriver, is a fiery combination and a delicious experience. You don’t need anything else than orange juice to create a cheerful and somewhat exotic drink. 

Orange juice is a pretty sharp beverage, so combined with the tequila, they create a new and improved version of both. It will bedazzle you with its appearance and conquer you with its taste. However, it isn’t for those who prefer the gentler tastes, so add some ice to milden and tone things down if it gets too much for you. 

18. Sour Mix


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Known and popular with many cocktails, as an almost obligatory cocktail ingredient, the sour mix is an excellent pair for tequila for a fiesta kind of situation. The sour cocktail is fruity and colorful, and it will fit right in with the tequila. 

Mix and shake and enjoy the colors and flavors of this duo. You should add a handful of crushed ice to let the sour mix and tequila milden and create a better-balanced mixture. 

19. Agave Syrup


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Since the main ingredient in tequila is the blue agave plant, agave syrup is an excellent tequila mixer. It is fruity, creamy, sweet, and aromatic. Therefore it will only enhance and continue the tone tequila has already established. 

The agave syrup and tequila mixture tastes heavenly, with sweet vanilla notes keeping the authenticity of the tequila spirit at the highest possible level. This mixture is a balance between the tequila sharpness and the agave intensity, bringing out the best from both. 

I would advise you to add a slight citrus note to this mix, such as a lemon slice, lemon juice, or orange liqueur. 

20. Egg Yolks 


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Even more odd-sounding than the previous one, egg yolks and tequila make a great mix. Eggs are a compulsory element in Eggnog which has its Latino version called Coquito, which may or may not contain egg yolks. 

Therefore, mixing spirits with egg yolks is not a new thing, but it is somewhat unusual and definitely no one’s first choice, as you will probably think of soda or orange juice first. 

Egg yolks and tequila work in a punch kind of way. Therefore make a tequila punch with egg yolks, tequila, and honey nectar. Raw egg yolks are a very tricky and risky business that can cause really serious health-related consequences. Still, make sure you are well-informed and follow a confirmed recipe. 

The tequila and egg yolk combination is a delicious one, but it isn’t the best way to enter the tequila mixing department. Start with the simpler mixers and slowly make your way to the more complex ones, this one among them.  

What Juice Goes Good With Tequila?

Tequila goes excellent with a wide variety of juices. You can mix it with lemon juice and get a refreshing drink, orange juice to get more edge and sweetness, pineapple juice for more texture, or berry juice for more freshness. 

You can also try other juices such as pomegranate, grapefruit, strawberry, clementine, or sour cherry juice. Each of them brings its own magic to the mix, interacting great with tequila. Choose the juice that is right for you, depending on the flavors you like. 

What Not To Mix With Tequila?

Energy drinks and caffeinated drinks are a very bad idea to mix with tequila. Even though you may like them, they have an adverse effect on the human body due to the excess energy they create, overworking your liver. 

What To Mix With Tequila So You Can’t Taste It?

Whatever you mix tequila with, you will be able to taste it since it is a highly intense spirit. Therefore, depending on what you mix it with, adjust the amount of the tequila mixer accordingly.

If you want a more expressive tequila flavor, mix it with less of the other beverage. If you want less expressive tequila notes, add less of the mixing ingredient. 

In general, coke, berry juice, and tomato juice are some of the best cover-ups for tequila flavor. Coconut water has also been said to mask the taste of tequila, as well as pineapple juice and soda water. 

Still, the main thing is the quantity. Add more of the mixer to cover the tequila taste. 

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