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If you know whiskey, you must know about Crown Royal whiskey. It is a superb Canadian whiskey, well-renowned in the whiskey world, and the proud owner of numerous whiskey awards. 

The name isn’t a coincidence, as this whiskey was really intended for royalty. Namely, the British royal couple were scheduled to visit Canada, so this whiskey was created especially for them.

The whiskey turned out so well, and the royal couple enjoyed it so much that they took crates of the whiskey with them when they left. 

In a short time, the Crown Royal whiskey became very popular and among the aristocrats and blue-bloods, and the rest is history.

Today, Crown Royal is a whiskey brand and giant in the whiskey world that has become synonymous with smoothness, quality, refinement, and elegance. 

Among their spirit expressions, the Peach Crown is the one that has been trending in the past three years. Initially released in 2019, it captured the hearts of many whiskey enthusiasts and made customers, even from those who don’t fancy themselves, whiskey drinkers. 

The Peach Crown has the same quality as the original expression, the same smoothness and elegance, and the same soft and delicious taste. However, the Peach Crown has been infused with natural peach flavor, making this spirit even more seductive and versatile. 

Due to the expressive peachy flavor, this whiskey has made many fans worldwide as it tastes fruity and sweet, with the signature Crown Royal richness.

Creamy, smooth, silky, soft, and expressively flavorful and, fruity, irresistible is a small word to describe how seductive this spirit expression is. 

Just when you think that this drink cannot get any better, the fact that it mixes heavenly with a number of other drinks makes it unbelievably versatile. So, what to mix with Peach Crown Royal?

Peach Crown is delicious to have on its own, rich and creamy, it doesn’t need anything to enhance its flavor, but it tastes excellent mixed with other ingredients. You can mix it with most of the things you already have at home, from coke to juice to beer. Nevertheless, it tends to get along better with some ingredients than others. 

Peach Crown requires sweet or sour mixers that either enhance its peachiness or work with it to create an entirely new and different flavor. 

15 Best Peach Crown Mixers

In this article, I will give you a list of the 15 best ingredients to mix your Peach Crown with so that you can enjoy even more. 

1. Cream Soda

Cream soda and Peach Crown are the most romantic love story ever. The creamy and fizzy cream soda adds not only texture to the Peach Crown but it also makes it even more delicious as the creamy fizziness also makes the flavor softer and gentler.

Words cannot describe how well these two go together, so you will just have to see for yourself. 

Peach Crown is, for all intents and purposes, whiskey, so it does bite a little. Therefore, if you don’t like the bite, no matter how subtle it may be, you mixing it with cream soda makes is an excellent ingredient to mix it with. 

2. Lemonade

LemonadeA Peach Crown spiked lemonade may be just what you need if you are looking for a midday summer refreshment. Make the lemonade, water, sugar, and the whole nine, and add Peach Crown to the pitcher. Sip it slowly and enjoy the deliciousness and fruitiness. 

You can make this mixer in small quantities when it’s just you, but you can also make a party pack, sharing the experience with your favorite people.  

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice Lemon juice and Peach Crown make an excellent mixer. The peachy sweetness of the whiskey gets a little edgier note thanks to the sour lemon. Just squeeze some lemon juice into your glass and add a few ice cubes, and you are done. A very simple mixer produces excellent results. You will definitely want to repeat this experience. 

4. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juiceThe peach and pineapple combination may not sound very appealing, but peach whiskey and pineapple juice is definitely a slam dunk. The slightly tangy pineapple juice mixes delightfully well with Peach Crown. The already sweet and creamy peach-flavored whiskey can use some of the pineapple juice’s edginess and additional creaminess. 

Moreover, you can add some citrus flavor to make your drink even more exciting. I recommend you ad grapefruit wheels and let them release some of their magic. 

5. Coke

ColaAdding coke to whiskey is probably the most risk-free decision you could ever make. There is a reason why whiskey and coke pair so well, and it isn’t because they are uncomplimentary, but just the opposite. 

Coke goes excellent in any type of whiskey, but in this particular peach-flavored whiskey, it does wonders. The strong carbonization of the coke does an excellent job of altering the consistency of the Peach Crown by making it creamier and fizzy. The intense coke sweetness will only add to the whiskey’s deliciousness, making the drink taste like a carbonated peach juice with a kick.

6. Iced Tea

Iced TeaWhichever iced tea you decide to use will be the right one, but Peach Crown seems to do better with sour-flavored iced tea. Nevertheless, if sweet is what you prefer, go for it.

The thin iced tea will thin up and refresh the Peach Crown, making it milder and gentler, while the whiskey will intensify the iced tea flavor. The overall result will be a deliciously fresh and slightly edgy drink you will most certainly enjoy.

7. Champagne

ChampagneSome bubbly is always a welcomed addition to alcoholic mixers. In this particular situation, the fruitier, the better. You will fall in love with the frothiness and fruitiness of the drink.

The expressively grapy champagne mashes exceptionally well with the Peach Royal, creating not only a delightfully tasting drink but an awesome kick too. 

8. Ginger Ale 

Ginger aleRefreshing, gentle, natural-tasting, and very soft, ginger ale is a very frequent mixer and makes an excellent whiskey partner. The fresh herbal and ginger-flavored ginger ale and the fruity and peach flavor of the whiskey create a new and improved version of both drinks. 

You will feel notes of peach, slight citrus tones, discrete herbal flavors, and a whole lot of freshness. On top of that, you will also notice frequent sweet-salty notes as a result of the ginger and peach flavor interaction. 

9. Sprite/ Seven Up

SpriteSeven Up and Sprite are excellent sodas to mix your Peach Crown with. Carbonated, bubbly, sweet, and slightly sour and bitter, either of these sodas will inject a whole palette of flavor into your drink. The Peach Crown flavor will not enrich the overall drink but will sweeten it up. 

The vibrant aromas of both the whiskey and the soda create magic even before you taste your drink. That magic continues onto the palate, giving you a lively and flavorful drink you will most certainly enjoy. 

10. Tonic Water

Gin TonicSlightly sharper and bitterer than regular sodas, tonic water is a famous and beloved mixing ingredient and a permanent member of many refreshing cocktails.

The bubbles in the tonic water milden the alcoholic bite of the whiskey while, at the same time, they augment the peach flavor. 

Being that tonic water isn’t expressively flavorful, and the slight bitterness is all you can feel, it can use some flavor which it gets from the whiskey, while the whiskey benefits from the tonic water’s refreshing sharpness. 

11. Cherry Juice

Seemingly incompatible, the cherry flavor and the peach notes go perfectly together, giving each other what they lack. In this case, the peach flavor is enriched with the cherry sourness, while the cherry benefits from the peach sweetness. 

The result is a perfectly balanced and rich drink, expressively fruity, with a slight tropical vibe and plenty of flavors. 

12. Orange Juice

Orange juiceIt is no secret that whiskey goes excellent with citrus flavors, so it is only natural to add orange juice to this list.

Orange juice is known to bite a little and has a high viscosity consistency. On the other hand, Peach Crown also bites a little since it is whiskey and is known for its creaminess. 

Now, merge these features together, and you get an explosive cocktail with an incredibly vibrant flavor and an incredibly smooth texture. 

13. Sweet Vermouth

Sweet vermouth adds an incredible passion and class to Peach Crown, and it isn’t because Peach Crown lacks class, far from it, but it does make great use of the refinement of the sweet vermouth. 

The creamy fortified wine and the creamy peach whiskey create an incredibly rich unity of flavors, an irresistible aroma, and a vibrant texture.

However, you may want to pace yourself, as both drinks you are mixing a pretty strong. The flavor will be so incredibly good that your drunkenness will come without warning. So go slowly and reasonably. 

14. Orange Liqueur

Orange liqueur and Peach Crown are excellent buddies, but it can be a little too much when you use just the two of them. Therefore, in addition to the orange liqueur, add some soda or some juice to milden the flavor. 

Orange liqueur is known to be pretty intense-flavored, and so is Peach Crown. Therefore mixing these two with buffer in the middle may result in an overly intensive, although delicious, drink. So, if the flavor is too much for you, just add some mild non-alcoholic drink to defuse the tension.

15. Black Coffee 

Coffee-drinkLast on this list, but certainly not least, black coffee is the perfect solution for you if you don’t feel particularly creative but you want to treat yourself to a nice drink.

Moreover, black coffee and Peach Crown go perfectly for any time of the day. Whether you want to have a midday pick-me-up or an evening unwinding session, these two make a great couple in a coffee mug. 

To further enrich your experience, add some cream on top or just some flavor extract, such as rum, vanilla, or caramel. 

What Soda To Mix With Crown Royal?

Not only Crown Royal, but whiskey, in general, goes excellent with sodas. Any soda will do, so take your pick from coke to Seven-Up, to Sprite, or any other flavored soda. 

Fruit-flavored sodas are great to mix with Crown Royal. They taste just like sodas, all fizzy and vibrant, but they contain 5% alcohol, so you will be getting even more of a kick from your drink.

Any flavor that you like would do. Also, for a bigger kick, you can mix Crown Royal with hard seltzer, such as Truly or White Claw.

Flavorless sodas will also do well here, as the bubbles will discretely alter the flavor of your drink, add some texture, and create an overall gentler experience without making any significant flavor changes. 

Does Crown Royal Peach Taste Good?

Crown Royal Peach tastes heavenly. Released in 2019, it has made its way to many customers who aren’t necessarily whiskey enthusiasts. It is an excellent-tasting drink, and it seems to attract a very diverse consumer body. 

It retains the elegance which is the essence of the Crown Royal whiskey, in general, but it is still an original expression with traits unique to it.

The nose is sweet and fruity, with tones of vanilla and dried fruits. Mid-palate is where the magic happens, as the drink releases all its flavors, from peach to dried fruits, to vanilla. 

All along the sip, there is a certain creaminess and butteriness involved, further enriching the peach flavor and the overall fruity vibe. The finish is very smooth and velvety but with a very noticeable burn. Nevertheless, it doesn’t bite as your typical whiskey would. 

After you swallow the sip, the story still goes on, as it keeps releasing notes of sweet peach mixed with alcohol. The aftertaste is long, making your next sip taste slightly different than the previous one. 

All in all, Crown Royal Peach is a genuine jewel in the Crown Royal assortment and totally worthy of a try at the very least. 


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