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Grey Goose vodka is a premium vodka, also known as the billionaires’ vodka. It is advertised as a luxury spirit, and once you try it, you will realize that it bears that label on excellent grounds. 

This vodka is incredibly smooth and flavorful. Grey Goose is known as a no-hangover vodka, which is a rarity in the vodka department. Famous for its exceptional quality, Grey Goose vodka is still vodka, so it does have the characteristic vodka bite. 

However, it isn’t overly aggressive, which is a high-quality vodka’s main characteristic. It starts on a sharp citrus note, with a vanilla whiff in the middle, ending with a solid but refined burn.

Its high viscosity makes Grey Goose vodka slide through the throat, leaving you with a long-lasting flavor and warm burn in your chest. 

Still, even the most seasoned vodka enthusiast may feel the need to dilute the Grey Goose vodka, as it goes incredibly well in cocktails too.

Although some say that mixing Grey Goose vodka would be a shame, as you would miss out on its quality, it is always a good idea to know what to mix it with. 

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15 Best Mixers For Grey Goose Vodka

When you mix Grey Goose vodka, you need to know why you mix it. Some want to tone down the sharpness and the alcoholic bite, and others want to alter the flavor. 

If you want to tone down the sharpness of the Grey Goose vodka, you need to mix it with less flavorful ingredients that don’t impact the taste but dilute it nicely.

If you want to modify the flavor, you need to mix it with flavor-domineering ingredients to take over the taste. 

1. Cranberry Juice 

Cranberry juiceCranberry juice and vodka are old pals and one of the best pairs of all time. Therefore it is only fair to list cranberry juice as the first Grey Goose mixing ingredient.

If you want to alter the flavor of your Grey Goose vodka and turn it into a sweeter beverage, cranberry juice is a perfect choice. 

You can adjust the dosage as you like. So, if you want your Grey Goose vodka cranberry more on the juicy side, mix it with a more considerable amount of cranberry, and vice versa. However, I must warn you though you may not feel the sting, you will feel the signature Grey Goose vodka sharpness. 

Therefore, if you expect to dull down the sharpness completely, it is not going to happen, as the burn will still be very noticeable. 

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2. Pomegranate Juice  

Pomegranate Juice  The sweet and gentle pomegranate juice is a perfect Grey Goose addition if you want to balance out the sharpness with the sweetness of the pomegranate juice. The mix will taste somewhere between Grey Goose bitter intertwined with the fruitiness of the juice.  

This is the perfect option for you if you like the sharpness of the vodka but not too much. The flavor of the pomegranate juice is definitely not strong enough to suppress the Grey Goose sting, but it will do an excellent job of balancing everything out. 

You will most certainly feel the burn, but you will also enjoy the bitter and sweet combination. So, if you can tolerate the Grey Goose vodka bitterness to some extent and you enjoy fruity flavors, this is definitely your poison. 

3. Raspberry Juice

Raspberry JuiceCombining sweet and sour flavors, raspberry juice and Grey Goose vodka is an ideal combination. The candy-like sweetness of the raspberry juice and its delicious sour note mix exceptionally well with the sharp and biting Grey Goose vodka. 

This is definitely a flavor-altering combination, so be ready to taste something you haven’t expected. This seemingly odd combination works great in practice. However, it is best to go half and half with this combo. Too much vodka or too much raspberry juice will seriously diminish your experience. 

4. Orange Juice 

Orange juiceOrange juice and vodka are the perfect combination if you don’t feel very creative and want to go with the safe and verified choice. Grey Goose vodka and orange juice are much more than just regular screwdrivers. 

Even though you mix it, you will still be able to appreciate the quality and refinement of the Grey Goose, as the orange juice adds sweetness but doesn’t reduce the sharpness of the spirit. Therefore, you will get some kind of orange-flavored vodka you will have a hard time forgetting. 

Even in a mixer, the elegance of the Grey Goose vodka will come through, especially in this combination. 

5. Lemonade 

LemonadeLemonade and Grey Goose vodka go great together, especially since you will be getting a flavorful, gentle, and enjoyable mixer. Since lemonade is lemon and water, the water part will come in handy in diluting the vodka’s sharpness, while the lemon and, possibly, sugar will sweeten the entire story up. 

The result will be an amazingly refreshing cocktail you can sip on a warm summer afternoon for some after-work relaxation. A word to wise, though, in this case, more is in no way better. When you make the lemonade, see that you don’t go overboard with the lemon. 

It is better to make a lemon-hinting lemonade than a lemon-dominated one. The lemon is pretty sharp, so instead of mildening up the Grey Goose vodka, it can do just the opposite. So make sure you make your lemonade with more water than lemon to get the desired taste. 

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6. Coffee 

Coffee-drinkIn theory, coffee and vodka may not mix together, but in practice, an espresso and Grey Goose vodka mix perfectly well. 

This isn’t a typical Grey Goose vodka mixer, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good one. More of a vodka-spiked coffee, espresso, and Grey Goose vodka is a great way to spend a relaxing evening and a perfect nightcap. 

Drop a few drops of Grey Goose vodka in your espresso cup and enjoy the enhanced espresso flavor and vodka bitterness. 

7. Lime Soda-Water 

Lemon soda Bubbly, fun, and refreshing, lime soda water and Grey Goose vodka complement each other in lots of remarkable ways. The sharpness of the Grey Goose vodka is somehow toned down and enhanced at the same time, while the lemon flavor is accentuated and sweetened by the vodka bitterness. 

If you like the typical Grey Goose vodka bite and you enjoy bold choices, this is the perfect combination for you. Refreshing, playful, moving, and sharp, it will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. 

8. Seven Up

Seven Up is one of the vodka pairs that is used most frequently because it mildens up the spirit, as well as it influences the flavor. Seemingly unimpactful, Seven Up is a soda that can significantly change the spirit’s flavor. 

Still, if you mix it with a bad vodka, the result will be undrinkable, but if you mix it with Grey Goose vodka, it will be delicious. The bubbles in themselves will tone down the Grey Goose vodka aggressiveness, and the sweetness of the Seven Up will do a great job taming the strong alcoholic bite vodka, as a spirit, is known for. 

9. Sprite 

More carbonated and bubbly than Seven Up, Sprite gives the Grey Goose vodka a noticeable freshness, easily turning it into a two-ingredient cocktail. The mild bitterness of the Sprite will tone down the bitterness of the vodka, making it mellower and softer. 

Make sure you combine equal parts Grey Goose vodka and Sprite or make the vodka percentage smaller than the Sprites. Vodka dominance is not what you want in this situation, as it will overcome the Sprite and create a bubbly monster in your mouth. 

10. Coke 

ColaCoke and Grey Goose vodka are not the best of friends, but still, they seem to have a lot of fans. Therefore, if you like unusual flavor combinations and you like the sticky sweetness and high viscosity the Cola creates when combined with Grey Goose vodka, go for this duo. 

It will be a rather odd sensation, feeling the Cola bubbles but not feeling refreshed. However, the flavor itself is pleasant and mild; if you want to create an entirely different drink that has very little to do with Grey Goose vodka as well as with Cola, then this should be your combo. 

It is undoubtedly an innovative and enthusiastic mix. A word to wise, make this mix with more Cola than Grey Goose vodka, try it out and adjust the quantities if you need to. 

11. Blueberry Juice 

Blueberry Juice Blueberry juice and Grey Goose vodka is definitely one of the winners on this list. Refreshing sweet, tame, and delicious, there is not a single bad thing about this combination. The high viscosity of the blueberry juice will mash up excellently with the high viscosity of the Grey Goose vodka. 

This mix will layer your throat, protecting it from the burn and bite, while retaining the Grey Goose signature flavors and aromas. Bringing out the best from each other, these two create a fruity, almost exotic result. 

The dosage would depend on your taste and preference, so feel free to adjust the quantities as you like. 

12. Schweppes 

Sweet but edgy and known as a sharp non-alcoholic beverage, Schweppes is the Best Grey Goose vodka pair if you want it to be sweet but still sharp. This combination will result in a significantly sweeter Grey Goose vodka mixer while still keeping its fieriness. 

Mix equal parts Grey Goose Vodka and Schweppes and adjust further as you like. If you use more vodka, the result will be more on the bitter side, and if you use more Schweppes, you will get a sweeter mixture. 

13. Tonic 

Gin TonicThe taste of the Grey Goose vodka-Tonic combination is best described as bitter-sweet. The Grey Goose vodka sting may even be more noticeable due to the Tonic bitterness, but you will definitely love the freshness and edge this combination has. 

Mix equal parts Tonic and Grey Goose vodka and add a few ice cubes to milden any excessive notes you may have left. 

14. Martini

MartiniVodka-martini is a known mixer and a strong one too. Mixing two alcohols is, in theory, a fun idea, but be careful, as it isn’t a gentle combination; however, it is a tasty one. The bitter vermouth and the strong Grey Goose vodka will balance each other out and result in a perfectly moderated flavor. 

Mix the Grey Goose vodka and the martini proportionately and add ice to the equation. Don’t forget the olive, and don’t forget to enjoy the drink.

15. Strawberry Juice 

Strawberry juiceGentle, cheerful, sweet, and colorful, strawberry juice is an excellent Grey Goose vodka pair if you like it more on the candy side. The sweet and dominant strawberry flavor will tone down the sharpness of the Grey Goose vodka, leaving only the burn as a reminder. 

Mix equal parts strawberry juice and vodka. Don’t add too much strawberry juice as it will seriously take over the taste, which many don’t like. Here, we could say that the vodka balances out the strawberry flavors more than the reverse. 

What Soda Can You Mix with Grey Goose?

As a rule, Grey Goose vodka goes exceptionally well with sodas. One of the most popular combinations is Red Bull and Grey Goose vodka. Although Red Bull isn’t officially a soda drink but an energy drink, it is considered under the soda category because of its flavor and mild carbonation. 

When you choose which soda to mix with Grey Goose vodka, you should choose subtle flavors or red fruit flavors. For example, banana or pineapple flavors are not the best options to combine with Grey Goose vodka. 

Seven Up and Sprite are famous for pairing perfectly with Grey Goose vodka and vodka in general. Soda water is also another tasty and straightforward solution to milden up your Grey Goose vodka. 

Another idea is to pair it with grapefruit soda, as it will have an amazingly sweet and sour taste, which, combined with the vodka bitterness, will result in a delicious drink. 

What Mixes Well with Grey?

Grey Goose vodka mixes well with cranberry juice, cherry juice, pomegranate juice, sodas, orange juice, sparkly water, as well as Cola. When you mix Grey Goose vodka, the main thing to know is why you want to mix it and act accordingly. 

If you want to mix Grey Goose vodka to change its flavor, you should mix it with more dominant ingredients, such as sweet fruit juices.

On the other hand, if you want to mix it to tone down the aggressiveness and sharpness of the Grey Goose vodka but still keep the flavor, you should mix it with mild-tasting sodas. 

Neat or on the rocks, Grey Goose vodka tastes excellent, but there are aspects of it that not everyone finds pleasant. Therefore finding out which Grey Goose aspects you would like to change or at least tone down will help you determine what you should mix it with. 

What Is the Best Mix for Vodka?

Depending on what you like, there are many options worth trying out. To say that there is only one mix for vodka that is the absolute best would be an insult to all the other vodka mixers. Choosing the best vodka mix is highly subjective. 

The most popular vodka mix among the younger population is vodka and Red Bull, as it is for partying. However, if we talk about popularity, vodka cranberry would be among the first five. The most famous two-ingredient vodka-containing cocktail would be the screwdriver. 

Vodka martini is definitely for the more refined ones who have done all the partying and now want to sit and relax with a nice and elegant drink. Vodka and soda combine for refreshment and relaxation, and vodka juice is the candy variant of vodka. 

How Do You Use Grey Goose Vodka?

You can drink Grey Goose vodka neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. You can also chase it with a chaser of your choosing or have it as it is. You can sip it slowly or as a shot. 

Grey Goose is a premium quality vodka, and it offers many serving varieties as well as pairing opportunities. Although seemingly restrictive in flavor, it pairs great with a number of ingredients, so have it in the form you like it the best. 

If you have it neat, pour yourself a nice half-full glass of Grey Goose vodka and decorate the glass with a lemon wedge. As you drink, you can put the lemon wedge inside the glass to release some of its juices. 

If you have it on the rocks, dose the ice correctly, as too much ice can dilute the spirit. If you have it as a cocktail, or a mix, make sure what you want to achieve and mix it according to your goal. 

As a shot, I would recommend chasing Grey Goose vodka with water, juice, soda, or whatever you like to milden up the burn. Make sure you stay hydrated while doing Grey Goose vodka shots and leave enough space between shots.


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