What To Mix with Crown Apple: 15 Best Options

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Crown Apple is a subtype of the world-renowned Crown Royal whiskey. It is made with Canadian whiskey flavored with Gala apples.

It is delicious, refreshing, seductive, and original. It has the velvety smoothness typical for the Crown Royal whiskey, enriched with the crisp and refreshing Gala apple sweet sourness. 

The traditional whiskey lovers might consider this drink a mockery of the art of whiskey-making, but it is a matter of taste whether you like it or not. 

Objectively, Crown Apple whiskey is of high quality, meticulously made, and with excellent flavor. However, the apple-infused character gives the whiskey a somewhat stronger note, which may make it a little harsh to drink neat or on the rocks. 

Therefore the Crown Apple whiskey has been known as the perfect addition to cocktails and mixers. It brings its own individuality to the mix, retaining its unique traits while being highly receptive and welcoming to the other included flavors. 

Although it is very versatile and easily combinable, it doesn’t work with just anything. Mixing Crown Apple with the wrong ingredients gives the whiskey a bad name. So, what to mix with Crown apple? 

Crown Apple goes with sweet and refreshing drinks. To mix it well, you need to taste it as it is and see what you would like to combine it with, so make sure you have a sip before making the cocktail.

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Best Mixers for Crown Apple

In this article, I will give you some ideas on Crown Apple mixers so that you can fully exploit and experience the whiskey at its full strength. 

1. Coke 


Opening this list with a classic mix you simply cannot go wrong with seems appropriate. The sweet and high-viscosity coke is the best solution when you don’t feel particularly creative, or you just don’t feel like experimenting. 

This is definitely playing it safe, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be fun. The coke bubbles will milden up the sharpness of the whiskey while at the same time bringing out the freshness of the Gala apples injected inside.

You will love the fact that you didn’t predict the flavor in detail, as it will definitely surprise you with its sparkle. 

2. Apple Juice

Apple juice Apple juice or apple cider for an apple-flavored whiskey seems about right. You would think that there would be too much apple, but you will be amazed at how well both differently-shaped apple flavors balance each other out. 

Combine it with a few ice cubes if you want to accentuate the apple flavor, or have it without ice if you want to let the flavors mash and change as the drink temperature slowly rises. A cinnamon stick is also an excellent addition to this combination, adding a little of its own magic to the story. 

3. Lemon Juice 

Lemon Juice Freshly squeezed lemon juice might just do the trick with this combination, or better yet, you can mix your Crown Apple whiskey with lemonade. No matter what you decide, you will end up with a refreshing, slightly sweet, slightly sour, apple-flavored warming drink. 

The lemon and apple flavors go perfectly together, creating a new level of compatibility, accentuating the natural smokiness of the whiskey, toning the down the sharpness at the end, and leaving a lingering aftertaste you won’t want to wash off. 

4. Cointreau and Lime 

The orange-flavored, high-viscosity, refined and exquisite Cointreau liqueur will mash up excellent with your Crown Apple whiskey, giving it a new and edgy citrus dimension.

The lime wedge in the glass will slowly do its magic, making each sip more refreshing than the previous one, creating a different drink with each new tasting. 

If you like citrus flavors mixed with Gala apple notes augmented with the typical whiskey vanilla notes, this is the right combination for you. 

5. Cranberry Juice 

At first glance, cranberry juice doesn’t seem to go with whiskey, let alone apple-flavored whiskey, but when you try it, it will likely become your favorite drink.

The cranberry’s sweet and sour flavor combination will complement the green Gala apple taste, toning down the whiskey sharpness but leaving just enough to make you squint. 

Cranberry juice is also good in viscosity, not too high, but not too watery either, which will come in handy, layering your throat and preparing it for the next sip.

It will change the entire essence of the whiskey, giving you a feeling that you are having a whiskey aged with berries and dried fruits. 

6. Kalua and Cream 

If you are a sweet tooth, you should definitely give this combination a chance. The caramel and coffee-flavored kalua, combined with the apple-tasting whiskey, will draw out the soft vanilla tones of the Crown Apple, bringing out its soft and gentle side. 

The cream on top is just perfection. As the cream melts inside the drink, it will create a buttery smoothness of the overall combination, leaving you breathless before its majesty.

It is a cupcake in a glass, but the frosting never ends. If you like creamy and smooth consistencies and gentle flavors, this one is definitely for you. 

7. Coffee 

Coffee-drinkSpiking your coffee with whiskey is always a great idea to open your eyes in the morning or to have a cozy evening curled up under a blanket.

However, spiking your coffee with Crown Apple whiskey is an entirely different story, bringing the coffee and whiskey duo to a whole different level. 

The stronger, the hotter, and the bitterer the coffee, the better. The apple flavor of the whiskey will come to the spotlight very quickly, bringing a refreshing and fruity note to the coffee. The whiskey sting will fit right in, hand in hand with the coffee bitterness. 

The whole combination tastes somewhere between chocolate, coffee, and herbs, perfectly balanced, each dominating at different moments. 

8. Tea 

Whiskey and tea is a romance as old as time, so it would have been a shame not to mention this perfect love story on this list. A herbal or a fruit tea would be the right match for your Crown Apple. 

The flavors simply mash as if they have always been together. Your tea will get an edgy dimension, and your Crown Apple will milden up, gently bowing before the warmth and gentility of your teacup. 

This is the best thing you can do to have a nice relaxing evening or maybe even to fight off a cold or a sore throat.

9. Simple Syrup and Mint 

Whiskey, simple syrup, and mint are also known as Mint Julep. Crown Apple will fit perfectly, filling the whiskey’s shoes, as the apple and mint flavors are an amazingly compatible pair. The final combination is herbal, fruity, sweet, and refreshing, with just a tad of bite in the end. 

The fresh mint leaves have a special power of turning a beast of a spirit into a house pet, and the simple syrup will only polish what has left of the brute force of the Crown Apple whiskey. The apple flavor is there to add some cheer to the story, giving it a very happy ending. 

10. Rumchata 

Rumchata is a fully-rounded cocktail as it includes several tastes, such as cream, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, and flavorings. Now, imagine how well this goes with your apple-flavored whiskey, i.e., Crown Apple. 

Although Rumchata is very delicious, it can be a little heavy, so it is a good idea to mix it with something stronger to milden it up. Crown Apple is the best way to do this. In return, you will get a refreshing and exciting mix, abundant in flavors and aromas and a rich, creamy texture. 

11. Ginger Ale 

Ginger aleThe refreshing and sweet ginger ale is the perfect match for the robust and assertive Crown Apple whiskey. The citrus freshness of the ginger ale, combined with the fruitiness of the Crown Royal, will provide you with a gentle and flavorful result. 

You will still feel the particularity of the ginger ale, maybe even stronger while enjoying the refined texture of the Canadian whiskey.

12. Sprite 

Sprite is naturally sweet and very refreshing with a slight citrus flavor note. Therefore, it is no wonder it mashes so well with Crown Apple, making the result delightfully playful. If nothing else works, you can always rely on Sprite being your faithful companion in combining your Crown Apple.

The bubbles from the Sprite will create frothiness, mildening up the whiskey’s sharpness, making it way softer than you could have imagined. 

13. Cocktail Bitters and Sugar Cubes 

Cocktail bitters and sugar cubes are a very powerful combination, flavor-wise, and a very gentle one, strength-wise. Mixing cocktail bitters with your Crown Apple is a great idea, and topped with one or two sugar cubes makes things even more interesting. 

The sweet result you’ll get will charm and delight you. The whiskey spike will be almost gone, replaced with the vibrant balance between sweet and bitter. This will create an absolutely fantastic outcome, very pleasant to drink and very delicious. 

14. Ice Cubes and Apple Slices 

As simple as it could be, a few ice cubes and a few apple slices could make all the difference in the world in making your Crown Apple your favorite drink.

The ice cubes will dilute the alcohol, making it more tolerable to drink, and the apple slice will release juices, further accentuating the apple flavors in the whiskey. 

The added bonus is that you can eat the whiskey-soaked apple slices, turning your drink into a tasty fruit dessert with a kick. You can also sprinkle some cinnamon in your drink and enrich it in a whole different way. 

15. Tonic and Lemon Slices 

Tonic and lemon slices are yet another delicious idea to up your Crown Apple whiskey. The frothiness of the tonic mixed with the zest of the lemon slices intertwined with the apple flavor and whiskey warmth create an unparalleled combination of flavors, aromas, and textures. 

The lemon slices will release additional juices, creating freshness in the drink while accentuating the apple notes. This amazing combination will stay with you long after you swallow the sip, making the next one even more flavorful. 

What Mixes Good With Apple Crown?

Crown Apple goes well with a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It goes excellent with refreshing citrus-flavored drinks, such as lemonade, lemon juice, orange or grapefruit juice, as well as ginger ale or ginger beer. 

Herbal flavors are also an excellent match for Crown Apple, such as mint leaves or herbal tea varieties. Coffee and chocolate flavors also go excellent with Crown Apple, spiking then with edge and temperament. 

Sodas are excellent pairs for Crown Apple. Coke, Sprite, Seven Up, and other sodas give a playful frothiness to the whiskey, making it gentler. 

Fruit juices and fruit slices are also very suitable mixing ingredients for Crown Apple. Cranberry juice, fruit tea, and Apple juice with lime or apple slices may be just what you want.

Is Crown Apple Good With Coke?

Crown Apple is great with coke. The sweetness and high viscosity of the coke are the perfect matches for the sharpness of the Crown Apple whiskey.

Although this combination may sound a little too mainstream and seem as if it lacks creativity, a classic is a classic for a reason. 

The bubbles from the coke also play a significant role in the flavor of this combo, breaking through the whiskey bite, toning it down, and bringing out the other included flavors of the spirit, mostly the apple, but also the natural whiskey vanilla note, as well as the pepperiness and spiciness. 

What Does Crown Apple and Sprite Taste Like?

Crown Apple and Sprite create a unique story you will want to repeat. They make a gentle result, full of flavor and very refreshing. Thanks to the fruity apple notes in the Crown Apple whiskey, the Sprite can do its magic more efficiently and create freshness and zing. 

Needless to say, the frothy bubbles also throw a great show, toning down the bite and bringing out the gentility and finesse of the Crown Apple whiskey. To take things up a notch, you can add a few lemon slices and create an even fresher and more creative drink.

What Does Crown Taste Good With?

Crown Apple is a very versatile drink going great with a large number of ingredients. You can mix it with sodas, fruit juices, fruit slices, cocktail bitters, or liqueurs. Coffee, tea, and cocoa are also great pairs for Crown Apple, as well as plain ice to milden the whiskey sting. 

Best Soda To Mix With Crown Apple?

Sodas go great with Crown Apple. Coke is the one soda that is most popular to mix with this whiskey. However, you can also mix it with Seven Up or Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, etc. 

What Kind of Alcohol is Crown Apple?

Crown Apple is Canadian whiskey under the Crown Royal brand. It is the Crown Royal signature whiskey, recognizable for its smoothness and impeccable quality infused with regal Gala apples. 

Is Crown Apple Good Whiskey?

Crown Apple is a good whiskey under the brand Crown Royal. It is Canadian whiskey infused with Gala apple flavor. Crown Apple is a flavored whiskey that intensely tastes like apples, but it has a very mild but noticeable artificial candy whiff that many find not that attractive. 

The finish is very smooth and gentle, which is a massive plus in the pro column, making this whiskey very appealing to a wide audience. 

It is, nevertheless, a good-quality whiskey. Crown Apple resembles apple juice, only darker. It is intensely sweet mid-palate, and the apple flavor dominates the drink. If you like classic whiskey, you probably won’t be impressed with Crown Apple. 

On the other hand, if you are a beginner in the whiskey department, it is a good starting point. Crown Apple is also known to be excellent for cocktails, as the intense apple flavor is not that overwhelming when combined with other ingredients. 

It is still relatively new, as Crown Royal started making it in 2014, so it has room to grow and improve. 

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