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For those who know and love the Queen of the South TV series, it is a known fact that Teresa Mendoza, the protagonist of the show, has a tequila distillery as a cover for her illegal and very lucrative cocaine business. 

She uses the distillery to make liquid cocaine so that she can smuggle it more easily disguised as tequila. Since the action is situated in both South and North America and it is about the life of Teresa Mendoza, who climbs up the cartel lather, you can imagine that there’s a lot of tequila involved. 

So what’s the tequila on Queen of the South? 

The proprietary tequila brand in Teresa Mendoza’s bar, which she makes in her distillery, is called “Siete Gotas” The literal translation is “seven drops,” and she named her brand after the place she grew up in Culiacan.

Siete Gotas is the main tequila mentioned in the show. However, Teresa and her compadres are seen drinking Don Julio tequila, Patron, as well Dos Chiades.  

If you are a fan of the series, I am sure that you wanted to try every single tequila shown there, and why wouldn’t you since they all seem incredibly delicious.

However, not all of them are real tequilas. Since Queen of the South isn’t made by a real story but rather a fictional concept, the proprietary brand of Teresa’s tequila bar, i.e., “Siete Gotas,” is not a real tequila. The Siete Gotas tequila has been made specifically for the show, and you cannot find it anywhere to buy. 

You can, however, find T-shirts with the name of the tequila or Teresa’s cartel’s name. Siete Gotas tequila is depicted as a premium quality tequila made from blue agave from the Jalisco region. 

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It is a premium anejo tequila with rich vanilla, agave, caramel, and floral notes. In the show, they drink it neat, but it is supposed to mix great in cocktails too. 

In this article, I will tell you more about the Siete Gotas tequila, as well as about the other tequilas mentioned on the show. 

How Much Does It Cost

The Siete Gotas tequila is depicted as a premium tequila brand very popular at Teresa’s tequila bar, which is a cover-up for the cocaine smuggling business. She uses the tequila label to smuggle liquid cocaine disguised as tequila. 

The Siete Gotas tequila costs from $80 to $300, depending on who she sells it to. Moreover, a bottle of this tequila went considerably up in price if there was liquid cocaine instead of tequila in the bottle. 

The other fictional tequila referred to on the show is Dos Chiades. It is also described as high-shelf anejo tequila, which Epifanio Vargaz drank with pleasure. He described it as the best tequila in the world. 

A bottle of Dos Chiades tequila costs about $2000. However, just like Siete Gotas, Dos Chiades tequila is also a fictional brand created exclusively for the show, and it cannot be found for purchase, though it would be sweet. 

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What Tequila Does Teresa Mendoza Drink?

Teresa Medoza is known to be a very big fan of tequila. In addition to her drinking tequila, she is also shown to drink mescal, but not for fun as with the tequila. She is ill, so she drinks mescal with a scorpion which cures her illness and helps her fight further. 

In addition to drinking her bar tequila brand, Siete Gotas, she also drinks Dos Chiades. Both are fictional brands, depicted as premium tequila. Siete Gotas and Dos Chiades are exquisite anejo tequilas, and seeing the characters drinking them does make one’s mouth water. 

Siete Gotas is made of blue agave harvested from the Jalisco region, tasting like vanilla and caramel, with additional rich citrus notes and floral tones. We can see Teresa drinking it neat, sipping it slowly as well as drinking it as a shot.

The Dos Chiades tequila is the brand that don Epifanio Vargaz loves the most and refers to as the “the best tequila in the world,” and seeing him enjoying a glass of this drink, the show’s fans can really agree that this is true. 

With a rich amber color, tasting like agave, caramel, and vanilla, the actors stated that they loved their taste and confirmed don Epifanio’s statement about it being one of the best tequilas they have tried. 

In addition to these two fictional tequilas, Teresa Mendoza also drinks Don Julio tequila, as well as Patron. These tequilas are real tequila brands that are famous and loved worldwide. 

Don Julio tequila is named after its maker, Julio Estrada who started making this tequila in 1942 when he was only 17 years old. He started making tequila for himself and his friends, never imagining what his tequila would grow to become. 

His tequila was so good that word spread like wildfire, and before he knew it, he had a huge demand, which little by little led to him opening his distillery and leaving a permanent mark in the world tequila milieu. 

The Don Julio tequila is delicious, with expressive notes of agave, citrus, and vanilla, enveloped in caramel tones and smoky flavors. It costs from $40 to $120. 

The other tequila brand we can see in the Queen of the South show is Patron tequila. This is a very popular and high-quality tequila produced by Bacardi. It is known as a very refreshing and expressively fruity tequila with explicit notes of agave, citrus, and vanilla. 

This tequila was first introduced in 1989, and a bottle of 750 ml costs about $50. 

What Tequila Costs $2000 A Bottle?

On the show, the Dos Chiades tequila is said to cost $2000. It is a premium quality tequila that not only the show characters but the real actors too described as one of the best tequilas in the world.  

However, since it is a fictional tequila brand, it cannot be characterized as one of the most expensive tequila in the world since it doesn’t exist outside of the series. Still, there are some authentic tequilas that cost $2000 and even more. 

Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio costs $2,000 per bottle. It is a premium-quality tequila made with 100% blue agave, aged in artisan barrels, and bottled in artisan bottles.

It is one of the best tequila in the world and is definitely worth a try. Although it isn’t just for collectors, the average Joe cannot afford it. Nevertheless, if you have the chance to least sample it, don’t hesitate. 

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How Much Is DOS Chiades Tequila?

Dos Chiades tequila is a fictional tequila brand made exclusively for the Queen of the South series and is not available to buy.

Nevertheless, the show’s character, as well as the actors, describe this tequila as one of the best in the world. A bottle of Dos Chiades tequila on the show costs $2000. 

Expensive Tequila

Although tequila is known as the people’s drink and is therefore very affordable, there are some tequila brands that are unbelievably expensive, costing from thousands to millions of dollars.

The Ley 925 Diamante tequila costs three and a half million dollars per bottle. However, you are paying for the bottle rather than for the drink, as it has been said that the tequila quality is no better than that of the other premium tequilas that are far more affordable. 

The Diamante’s bottle drives the price that high as it has genuine diamonds and is made of platinum. The Diamante tequila is a high-shelf 100% blue agave tequila aged for seven years. It is rich, flavorful, aromatic, and, therefore, overall delicious. 

Right behind the Diamante is the Ley Ultra Premium tequila, which costs 225 thousand dollars. Again, you are paying for the bottle rather than the drink.

The tequila is exquisite, nevertheless, but if the bottle weren’t made of white gold and platinum, it wouldn’t have reached a price of quarter million dollars. 

The Clase Azul 15th Aniversary Edition tequila is another sinfully expensive tequila, though compared to the previous two, it seems like a bargain.

A bottle of this tequila is 30 thousand dollars. The Clase Azul is an expensive tequila, and there is no cheap expression of this brand, but this particular bottle is so expensive because it is a collectors’ edition with only 15 bottles in existence.

The bottles also drive the price up, being that they are made from ceramics, whereby the box is made of 24-carat gold. 

Patron En Lalique, Series 2 costs $7,500, and considering the aforementioned prices, it seems extremely cheap, though it is very expensive nonetheless. The packaging is made of crystal which calls for a steeper price, but the tequila itself is of extremely good quality. 


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