What Does Red Wine Taste Like?

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If you never tried red wine, we will help you decide if this is the type of wine for you. Red wine is one of the most popular types of wine worldwide.

You can have a glass of red wine with your favorite dish or simply over a good conversation with a friend. This type of drink will help you create the right atmosphere any time. 

As for the taste of red wine, this can vary according to the type of wine you have. Most of them are fruity, with different levels of sweetness and acidity while others can be bitter and stronger in taste if they have more alcohol concentration too.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how red wine tastes and why you should give it a try! 

Is Red Wine Bitter Or Sour?

Red wines have a slightly bitter flavor to them that could be more or less intense depending on the quantity of tannins in them. Red wines that are rich in tannins, are also more bitter. 

Tannin is an organic substance present in barks and different plants, that adds a bitter taste to any drink or dish.

The substance is yellow or brown in color and it dissolves rather fast along with the rest of the ingredients in the drink or dish recipe.

Tannins are used more often in younger wines, to offer them the bitterness older wines achieve over time. 

Also, if you refrigerate your wine for several days before drinking it, you will notice that it will taste more bitter than when it is served at room temperature. Also, red wines that are kept in the fridge tend to have a stronger alcohol taste and a milder fruity flavor. 

What Does Red Wine Usually Taste Like?

Your red wine will have a mixed taste of fruits, alcohol, bitterness and sweetness. The taste of grapes will be very potent in some red wines but there are brands that enrich that taste with raspberries, blackberries or strawberries.

If there are other fruits added, the taste will be much richer and you will enjoy a fruitier drink. 

There are wines that are fortified with other alcoholic drinks such as Brandy so they have not only a richer flavor but also a higher level of alcohol. 

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Red wines come in different levels of sweetness as well. The sweetest ones tend to be healthier as they use different types of grapes and less ingredients. But you can find red wines that are stronger in flavor and more bitter. 

To sum it up, you can count on the fact that there is a red wine for every type of taste. So, if you want to try this type of drink, you will definitely find one for you! 

Red Wine

Does White Or Red Wine Taste Better?

If you want to choose between white and red wine, know that both have great taste and you might find it difficult to decide which one you like more. 

Unlike red wine which is fruity, sweet and bitter, white wine has more of a citrus taste and is less fruity. Many people find white wine to be more refreshing compared to red wine so you might prefer it too during a hot, summer day. 

On the other hand, red wine is better with certain foods compared to white wine. The general rule says red wine is a better choice for red meat such as steak or beef cooked in any other form, while white wine goes great with white meat and lighter dishes such as chicken, fish or veggies. 

What Does Red Wine Taste Like Beginners?

If you are not used to the taste of red wine might feel the strong fruity taste at first and notice the alcohol and the sweetness or bitterness in your drink, depending on the type of wine you are tasting.

The smell will also get stronger the more you taste the wine so you will have to take small sips and really enjoy its flavor. Most beginners describe the taste of red wine as being, dark, sweet and fruity but these concentrations will differ a lot according to various brands. 

Different Types Of Red Wine, And Their Taste Profile

As we previously mentioned, there are different types of red wine that you can try out and you should expect a different taste from most of them. Here are the main types of red wine and what you can expect from them in terms of taste. 

Full bodied red wines 

Some famous full bodied red wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec or Petite Sirah. These wines are those with most defined flavors.

You can expect to feel the sweet taste of the grapes or the bitterness of the tannins and have an intense experience every time. If you want to learn to taste red wine correctly, these are the wines you want to start with. Their flavors are easy to identify and beginners tend to love them. 

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Medium bodied red wines

Medium bodied red wines such as Merlot or Cabernet Franc are for those that have an idea about how red wine should taste like and are willing to dive into more refined flavors.

They are rich in tannins so most of them can be rather bitter but the fruity flavor is there nevertheless. Many of these wines such as Merlot, are enriched with flavors of other fruits such as cherries and also a bit of chocolate for the intense taste. 

Light bodied red wines

Pinot Noir is maybe the best and most popular type of light bodied red wine and it will not disappoint you anytime you give it a try. They have a lower concentration of tannis which makes them less bitter and more sweet.

So, you will really appreciate the delicate flavor of the grapes in these light wines. These wines are refreshing which makes them ideal for those who like to drink white wine but they are ready for a change. 

Should you decant red wines?

Not all wines should be decanted but for some, it could be the secret to a better and more intense taste. 

As a general rule, you want to decant old wines to separate the different sediments they achieve over the years. Full bodied red wines will also taste better if you decant them as this will activate the taste of the tannins. 

Also, if you have a wine that you don’t really like, you can decant it to help it enhance its flavor and you might like it a lot better afterward.

Many people think that this is a task for beginners but anyone can decant their wine perfectly even if they have no experience at it. 

To decant your wine simply pour it in your favorite glass and let it sit for up to 20 minutes at room temperature. During this time, your wine will achieve a stronger taste and it might just surprise you by the time you enjoy it.

There are also decanters that experts use which are essentially fancy glasses. But you don’t need that if you are going to decant your wine at home. 

Final thoughts

Red wine can change your mood and complete your dinner in the best way possible as long as you choose it correctly and you know how to appreciate it properly.

And if you never had such a drink, you don’t have to worry about the lack of experience. Keep in mind the tips in this guide and you will learn just how to appreciate your glass of red wine and make the most out of it.

Before you know it, you will develop preferences regarding what type of red wine you want with what type of food and what occasion you want to use it. 

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