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Twisted tea is the drink of choice for many consumers, especially during the summer as it is very refreshing as well. But many people wonder what type of alcohol is in twisted tea and what is its ABV. Keep reading to find the answers to all these questions and even more information on this delicious drink!

To put it in short, twisted tea contains malt which is the type of alcohol found in beer. Homemade recipes of twisted tea can also contain vodka. So, let’s talk more in detail about not only the alcohol that you can find in twisted tea but also the rest of the ingredients! 

Twisted Tea Ingredients

There is a traditional twisted tea recipe and several variations of it. In its original recipe, this tea contains a 5% malted beer base, natural flavorings, and brewed tea. 

The main recipe is made of lemon flavoring, black tea, and a malted beer base. This type of tea tastes very close to lemonade but the twist of alcohol makes a significant difference.

You will find the main twisted tea recipe called the Original Hard Iced Tea and you can find it in stores as well as make it at home since it is pretty easy to put together. 

In the variations of twisted teas, you will find that the ingredient that differs is the natural flavoring. You will use the same amount of malt base and the same type of black tea, but you can add mango flavoring instead of lemon flavoring or berries flavoring as well as peach flavoring.

Some variations of the recipe mix two types of flavorings in a 1:1 ratio so the final drink will have a more intense fruity taste.

If you make your twisted tea at home, of course, you have complete freedom in terms of the ingredients you use and the quantities you prefer. You can also use vodka instead of the malt base, to give your tea the alcoholic level you want. 

Twisted Brewing Company offers two major types of twisted tea that come in different flavorings. One is richer in sugar while the other one contains half the quantity of sugar included in the original recipe. The lighter version of twisted tea is known as Slightly Sweet Tea. 

How Does Twisted Tea Taste

The delicious taste of twisted tea is what made it so popular among consumers worldwide. It tastes like black tea with lemon but also brings the alcohol content that you would want from a beer. 

Depending on the flavor of your twisted tea, you might notice a more or less intense fruity taste as well as a different level of citrusy flavor in your glass.

Overall, twisted tea is a great drink to have during hot, summer days when you want to relax. And if you feel the need to combine it with other beverages, you can always get creative with it until you discover the best mix for your taste! 

Is Twisted Tea beer or vodka?

The original twisted tea that you will find in most grocery stores, contains a malt base. But you can make delicious twisted tea with vodka as well. Many people prefer to replace the malted base which is the same as in beer, with vodka.

This happens because vodka is easier to find and has a neutral taste so it will not alter the way your final drink tastes. But it will give it some alcohol content that is not to be ignored. 

Note that even if the original recipe of twisted tea includes malt, that doesn’t mean the tea will taste like beer. It only means that it will have a similar alcohol content of 5%. 

It can be difficult to choose the type of malt base you want if you make your twisted tea at home, which is why vodka is a much more popular option. 

Does Twisted Tea contain vodka?

Twisted tea in its original recipe doesn’t contain any vodka. The ethanol level in the original twisted tea recipe comes exclusively from barley malt. 

In homemade recipes, vodka can add the alcohol you want to your tea, by not changing its flavoring at all. So, your fruity flavor will still be present and your tea will remain uncarbonated as well if you choose to use vodka.

Another reason why many people decide to make twisted tea with vodka is the fact that this alcohol will not alter the final color or texture of the drink. Therefore, you can enjoy the same twisted te4a you want just that it will have a boost of alcohol content. 

Is Twisted Tea rum or vodka?

While twisted tea can be made and even mixed with vodka, rum has almost no place in such a combination. If you want to make twisted tea at home, vodka is the best source of alcohol. If you like rum and decide to give it a try and add it to your twisted tea recipe, expect your final drink to also have a different taste. 

A compromise that might be a great solution for your drink is to prepare your twisted tea as the recipe goes and mix it with a shot of rum at the end. This could be a positive solution for those who like the rum taste and want to add it to their favorite drink. 

Keep in mind that if you add rum to your twisted tea, you will also increase the amount of alcohol in your final drink. Rum has an ABV of 40% on average, which is similar to vodka. And even if you choose a lighter rum, it will still have an impact on your drink.

There is a reason why twisted tea is not made with rum, and that is because not many would like such a combination. But if you are curious to try, feel free to do so and now you know what to expect! 

Is Twisted Tea made with whiskey?

Unlike rum, whiskey and twisted tea can create an interesting mix together. The Twisted Whiskey is exactly that: twisted sweet tea mixed with whiskey. But you don’t have to mix these two drinks at home, even if you definitely could.

There is already a Twisted Whiskey drink that you will find on the market. Just note that this drink comes with an ABV of 32.5%, which is a significant amount compared to the original twisted tea recipe which has an ABV of 5% at most. 

The main ingredients for Twisted Whiskey are tea that is freshly brewed, lemon flavoring, and, of course, whiskey. You can try this drink on the rocks, with a few ice cubes, as a shot or even add it as a key ingredient to a more complex cocktail. Either way, Twisted Whiskey is not going to disappoint even the most exigent consumers! 

Twisted tea alcohol content vs beer

Since twisted tea contains barley malt, many people compare it to beer in several aspects, including its alcohol content. The truth is that, even if the taste of twisted tea and beer can be quite different, the ABV in these drinks can be fairly similar. 

Twisted tea can contain around 4% to 5% ABV per can while beer can contain a similar amount. There are however beers that come at a much higher ABV than 5% so, it is important to establish what kind of beer you compare to your twisted tea in the first place. Strong beers like Snake Venom which has an ABV of 67.5% can’t even compare to a can of Twisted Tea. 

Differences between Twisted tea and beer

There are significant differences between beer and Twisted tea even if they are often placed in the same category due to their similar alcohol content. 

You will find that twisted tea, regardless of its flavoring is more sweet and fruity compared to beer which is known for its bitter taste. Even if the twister tea still has a mild bitterness to it, the overall flavor is more of a sweet one. This is also why it is so popular and a great alternative to beer if you want to avoid its bitterness.

The ingredients in both these drinks are very different as well which accounts for many other differences too. Beer is made mainly of malt barley, yeast, and hops while twisted tea is made of fruit flavoring, malt base, and freshly brewed tea.

There are also different variations of twisted tea as well as ingenious flavors that you will most likely love to try out. Beer also comes in different varieties but the bitterness tends to remain a typical characteristic of this type of beverage. 

You will also notice a price difference. Twisted tea tends to be more expensive than the average beer, even though there are stronger beers that can top many other beverages when it comes to the price tag. 

Availability tends to be quite different as well when it comes to these two alcoholic beverages. While beer is easy to find in all stores and restaurants as well as on the online market, twisted tea is not so available.

You will find twisted tea at liquor stores or concept supermarkets and malls, but might be difficult to find it at your local grocery store and it is also challenging to get it online. 

Twisted tea homemade recipe 

If you want to make a delicious twisted tea at home, you will be pleased to find out that the recipe is actually quite simple and you most likely already have the ingredients in your kitchen! In just a few seconds you will have a tasty twisted tea freshly made in your home! 

You will need 2 ounces of sweet tea vodka 1/2 ounce of syrup, 1/2 ounce of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 4 ounces of freshly brewed tea, and a slice of lemon for garnish. Feel free to add ice cubes by taste to your drink as well. 

Add all the ingredients to a shaker made especially for cocktails. If you are going to use ice, use it now too, along with the rest of the ingredients.

Shake the mix for ten seconds firmly. If you feel the need to mix more you can do so. Take into account that the more you shake the ingredients, the finer the ice will get. 

Pour your drink into a cocktail glass in which you added ice cubes previously if you want even more ice to your final drink. Add the lemon slice to the edge of the glass or let it float in your drink and enjoy! 

Is twisted tea malt liquor?

Despite the general perception and the fact that twisted tea contains malt, this drink is not considered a malt liquor. This drink is still a hard tea that is enriched with alcohol coming from the malt. Ultimately, twisted tea is also enjoyed as a refreshing drink and not sipped slowly as a liquor. 

Twisted tea is also regarded more as a cocktail by itself rather than a liquor. you can still use it as an ingredient in other complex drinks but even if you want a fast and refreshing beverage, twisted tea will be enough on the rocks! 

Final thoughts 

Twisted tea can change the way your day or night goes, with its interesting flavor that combines tea, lemonade, fruity taste, and alcohol! You simply can’t go wrong with such a beverage, and if you can’t find it in your area, making it yourself is very easy too! 

Traditionally, twisted tea is intended to be consumed plain, but you can enjoy it as an ingredient in a more complex cocktail as well. Just be careful if you want to combine this drink with other alcoholic beverages because it already contains 5% of alcohol.

If you are not a big fan of the bitterness of beer, you can always try a can of twisted tea, and it might just become your beverage of choice! 

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