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“Not only for drinkers but for dreamers” is the Truly’s slogan, and it is a statement as true as it can be. They offer a variety of flavors, each one newer and fresher than anything you have ever tried. 

You simply don’t know where the next sip will take you. Whether on a beach or on your porch, Truly is a truly unique and unpredictable experience. Among the other flavors, there is also Truly lemonade. Sweet and sour at the same time, refreshing and fizzy, it offers you flavor and a delightful kick. 

Since there is such a thing as too much Truly lemonade, in terms of getting tipsy, then woozy, and in the end, drunk, Truly lemonade is not only canned lemonade but an alcoholic lemonade. So, what alcohol is in Truly lemonade? 


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The alcohol included in the Truly drinks, Truly lemonade among them, is ethanol derived from sugar cane. It is the same alcohol used in beer and wine. 

Truly lemonade is a hard seltzer, which is seltzer containing alcohol. The origin of the hard seltzer beverage remains unknown, but it is believed to have originated in Russia. Russians were the first to add soda water to vodka to make it lighter and more refreshing. 

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Hard seltzer has a bite and sting, but it is a significantly more bearable option compared to vodka, whiskey, or other spirits. 

Hard seltzer became very popular in the USA at the beginning of the 21st century. It was a period when people started learning more and more about nutrition, so they opted for hard seltzer as a less caloric alternative to wine and beer. 

The Truly hard seltzer drinks are relatively new to the market, as Boston Beer company launched them in 2016. Nevertheless, they have managed to find their spotlight among their competitors.

They offer over 30 flavors, such as lemonade, blueberry, iced tea, citrus, margarita, vodka seltzer, wild berry, lime, grapefruit, etc. The variety of flavors is what boosted the brand and made it so popular in such a short period.

In this article, I will explain what kind of alcohol is in Truly lemonade, in what percentage, as well as how many cans it takes to get drunk on Truly lemonade. 

Truly Alcohol Percentage

Truly drinks fall into the hard seltzer category. The “hard” means there is alcohol in the drink and the “seltzer” means that it is fizzy and refreshing, like seltzer water. So, in essence, the Truly drinks are alcoholic and flavored seltzers. 


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The alcohol content in these drinks is 5%, the same as beer. The Truly drinks aren’t meant to get drunk, although you can, but for refreshment and amusement. 

The flavors and the fizziness of the drink make the alcohol content almost obscure; however, you can still feel it near the end of the sip, rearing its head through the slight bite and the playful sting. 

However, the Truly drinks are considered light and no different than beer. You could even say that it has the same purpose as beer, i.e., a relaxing, flavorful drink. 

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What Liquor Is in Truly?

The alcohol in Truly comes from ethanol made from sugar cane. The sugar ferments, thereby creating alcohol. This type of ethanol also comes from fermenting grains. You can find the same ethanol in beer. 

Hard seltzer producers find that alcohol manufactured in this way helps them maintain consistency from batch to batch, making their products predictable and reliable.


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It is a good business strategy, as the production process as well as the raw material are cost-effective and allows the manufacturers to satisfy their target audience. 

Hard seltzer drinkers are usually people that like the flavor more than they like the alcohol, but t the same time, they appreciate the slight kick they get from their drink. Therefore, the sugar cane ethanol is perfect to meet these requirements. 

Moreover, Truly has a relatively low alcohol percentage, 5%, which means that the drinks aren’t very strong, increasing the chance for you to have several instead of one or two.

The variety of flavors also plays a massive role in how many you would order, as there are over 30 flavors, tickling your curiosity. 

Truly has also launched a vodka-seltzer drink containing vodka and seltzer water. It is a relatively pure drink and a very popular one.

The vodka used for Truly vodka-seltzer is distilled six times. It also gets the flavor from fresh fruit juice, making this beverage one of pretty high quality. 

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What Kind Of Alcohol Is In Seltzer?

Seltzer, in itself, does not contain alcohol. It is carbonated water. You can have it as it is, or you can mix it with an alcoholic drink. 

Seltzer is a very frequently used ingredient for cocktails, as well as spiking stronger alcoholic beverages, such as vodka, whiskey, bourbon, and tequila.

The bubbles milden down the sting and burn of the alcohol, making seltzer one of the best options for you if you don’t like strong alcoholic beverages. 

It is intended to refresh you, not to help you get drunk. 

There is also hard seltzer, which is basically a seltzer mixed with alcohol. Therefore, today, there are ready-made hard seltzer drinks in a wide variety of flavors. You can have lime, lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry, green apple, and many more hard seltzer flavors made to refresh you and give you a slight kick. 

Hard seltzers contain about 5% of alcohol, so they are pretty mild and gentle. The added flavors almost eliminate the alcoholic flavor note, leaving just a little sting at the end of the sip. 

Usually, the alcohol used to make hard seltzer comes from sugar cane. This is ethanol which is colorless and odorless but pretty sharp. During the making process, it mildens down thanks to the added flavors. 

There are also vodka-seltzers that, naturally, contain vodka, as well as tequila seltzers containing tequila. Nevertheless, even though they contain strong spirits, these hard seltzers still keep the hard seltzer alcohol limit. However, the tequila seltzer is a little stronger, with about 7% of alcohol. 


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Still, considering that vodka and tequila contain 40% alcohol, the extra 2% of the tequila in the tequila-seltzer are virtually undetectable. 

Many consider hard seltzers to be vodka-sodas, but that cannot be further from the truth. Except for the purposely made vodka or tequila seltzers, the rest of them don’t contain any hard liqueur.

The making process of hard seltzers is very similar to that of beer, but in the case of hard seltzer, flavors are added. Beer, on the other hand, gets its flavor from the grains fermented to make it. 

Since the sugar cane-derived ethanol is flavorless, odorless, and colorless, mixing it with seltzer water would mean that you have a carbonated, nothing-tasting drink.

Therefore, the hard seltzer producers need to add flavor to make the drink more palatable, versatile, and appealing to a wider consumer body.

Are Truly’s Vodka or Tequila?

Truly’s don’t have any hard liquor in them. They get the alcohol from fermented sugar cane. Therefore the alcohol included in the Truly hard seltzers is ethanol derived through the fermentation of sugar cane. 

There is, however, a special line of Truly, vodka- seltzer, which contains vodka distilled six times. It gets its flavor from fresh fruit juice, and, at the moment, there are four flavors of Truly vodka-seltzer. 

You can choose from blackberry and lemon, cherry and lime, peach and tangerine, and pineapple and cranberry. 

However, the Truly vodka-seltzer is the exception, not the rule. It is somewhat of an innovation and experimentation, you know, to check if it works. Although it does work, and pretty well, too, it does not set the standard for Truly hard seltzers. 

In general, hard seltzers are seltzers spiked with sugar cane-derived ethanol and flavored with a variety of flavors. As a rule, they do not contain hard liquors unless they are intentionally made like that. 

Is Vodka the Alcohol in Truly?

Although there is Truly vodka-seltzer, the alcohol in Truly isn’t vodka. The Truly vodka seltzer is just a kind of the Truly hard seltzer, and it comes in four flavors. 

The vodka in Truly vodka-seltzer is distilled six times, and it is mixed with seltzer water and fresh fruit juice. However, contrary to popular belief, Truly vodka seltzer is not a vodka cocktail but an entirely separate drink called hard seltzer. 

As a category, hard seltzers are seltzer water spiked with sugar cane-derived ethanol. A hard seltzer drink is basically alcoholic seltzer water.

As a rule, hard seltzers aren’t made with spirits such as vodka or tequila, but there are hard seltzers such as vodka or tequila seltzers that contain the drinks. 

Except for the Truly vodka seltzer, the other Truly hard seltzers don’t contain vodka and observe the regular alcohol type- sugar cane-derived ethanol. 

There are over 30 flavors of the Truly hard seltzers, and the brand takes much pride in the fact that the flavors of their products derive from fresh fruit juice and aren’t artificially made. 

How Many Truly’s Drinks To Get Drunk?

Getting drunk on a Truly’s drink is highly subjective, and there is no measure that fits all. Since Truly’s drinks are pretty mild, getting drunk on them does require work, as you will definitely need more than two to even get tipsy. 

However, there are some standards that could give you a rough orientation and help you stay on your feet. Truly’s cans are about 12 ounces, i.e., 340 grams, which is a substantial quantity. 

On average, it would take three to four cans for women and five to six cans for men to get drunk on Truly’s drinks. Still, take these numbers with a grain of salt, as sex isn’t the only factor determining how many you need to drink to get drunk. 

It is also important to consider the day you had, how much and what you have eaten, how much sleep you have gotten, what time of the day it is, and you are a lightweight or can you tolerate more alcohol. 

What Is a Truly Drink?

Truly drinks are flavored hard seltzers. They contain about 5% alcohol and come in over 30 flavors. The alcohol in the Truly drinks, as well as in hard seltzers in general, comes from sugar cane. 

It is ethanol with no smell, flavor, or color, so they need to give it some color and flavor to make it appeal to the customers. Truly claims that the flavors in their seltzers come from fresh fruit juices and not artificial flavorings. 


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They offer tangerine, strawberry, citrus, lemon, lime, orange, and many more flavors, which is why they have gained such popularity in the short 6-7 years since the drinks were first launched.

Moreover, there is Truly vodka seltzer, coming in four flavors, made with fresh fruit juice and vodka that has been distilled six times. 

They come in various packs, but the standard Truly can is 12 ounces, i.e., 340 grams. 

Truly Alcohol Content Vs. Beer

The alcohol content in the Truly drinks is 5%, which is the same as in beer. The production process of Truly hard seltzers is very similar to the beer-making process. However, the Truly drinks are flavored, which isn’t the case with beer. 

Since beer comes from fermenting grains and sometimes adding yeast, the drink is already flavored. Of course, nowadays, there are flavored beers, but in general, beer does not contain added flavors. 

Truly, on the other hand, it is flavored because it has to be. If they don’t add the flavors, it would be seltzer water with flavorless alcohol.

Seltzer water, in itself, is flavorless, just the sugar cane-derived ethanol used to make hard seltzer. So, without the added flavors, you would feel nothing but bubbles and a slight alcoholic sting. 

Therefore, Truly, as well as other hard seltzers, add flavor to their drinks. 


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