What Alcohol Goes With Dr Pepper? (10 Top Picks)

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Did you know that you can use Dr Pepper to make delicious alcoholic mixed drinks? But, are you wondering what alcohol goes with Dr. Pepper? Unbeknownst to many people, a variety of alcoholic beverages blend well with this lightly refreshing soft drink.

Dr. Pepper develops a classic cola taste with hints of cherry and licorice. So, when added to the right drink, you get an impressively tasting mixing drink.

Here are mind-blowing alcoholic beverages that go perfectly well with Dr. Pepper.

The most popular and common alcohol that goes with Dr Pepper is whiskey, vodka, cognac, and rum. Mixed with whiskey or vodka, Dr Pepper helps to produce incredible sipping cocktail flavors.

If you have a sweet tooth, you want to opt for cognac or rum, instead. Go for good quality brands like Captain Morgan or Hennessy for a subtle and fine-tuned sweet taste profile.

But, the list of alcoholic beverages to mix with Dr. Pepper isn’t limited to four options. You can find a broad variety of even unexpected drinks that blend well with Dr. Pepper to produce some of the most incredible flavors.

10 Best Alcoholic Beverages to Mix with Dr. Pepper

1. Whiskey


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Among the best companions for Dr. Pepper, whiskey develops taste notes that marry quite well with the soda’s notes. My personal favorite is Jack Daniels, which mixes with the soft drink to make a Pepper Jack cocktail. 

Fill a high ball or shorter whiskey glass with ice, add the amount of whiskey, and top with Dr. Pepper. Adding more soda to the whiskey produces vibrant effervescence and masks the strong whiskey flavor. Instead, the mixture harnesses the two drinks’ sweetest notes.

2. Flavored Whiskey


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If you want to experience more unique whiskey flavors, you can go for flavored whiskey, like the cinnamon-spiked hot Fireball whiskey. Combining the two drinks adds a twinge of cinnamon and spice to the mixture to draw out the sophisticated sweetness.

While smooth, Fireball whiskey also boasts a red hot fiery kick to it. As described by its makers, Fireball Whiskey “tastes like heaven and burns like hell”. Adding Dr. Pepper to the whiskey balances out the excess hotness while maintaining its smooth finish.

The sweet flavors of Dr. Pepper also blend well with its strong cinnamon, candied, and spicy flavor.

3. Bourbon


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You can also mix Dr. Pepper with the flavors of Kentucky through bourbon. The medium amber-colored Bulleit Bourbon is a great idea. The bourbon introduces you to a sweet oak aroma with a gentle spicy character.

It boasts smooth flavor notes of maple, oak, and nutmeg while finishing with a long and dry light toffee taste. The sweet refreshing carbonated drink does an impressive job of complementing the boldly flavored bourbon.

4. Vodka


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Vodka is perhaps one of the best alcoholic drinks to mix with Dr Pepper, thanks to its neutral taste. The neutrality lets the soda take lead while the vodka optimizes its taste.

Whether you want to use the faint peppery and citrusy notes of vodka to your advantage or simply want to boost the sweetness, this combination is pretty excellent.

However, the Dr. Pepper and vodka mixture may be alittle too much for some drinkers, especially beginners.

To tackle the harshness, replace the original Dr. Pepper with sweeter and flavored Dr. Pepper varieties. Opt for decadent flavors, such as Dr Pepper Strawberries and Cream, Cherry, or Cherry Vanilla.

5. Flavored vodka


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Alternatively, you can ditch regular vodka for flavored vodka for an exquisite flavor explosion. If you decide to use flavored vodka, use it with the classic Dr Pepper.

The best flavored vodka that goes well with Dr Pepper is cherry or vanilla vodka. This is because these vodka flavors help to bring out the sweetness of Dr Pepper.

6. Rum


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Rum is great alcohol that goes well with Dr Pepper for a sweet mixed drink. The spiced Captain Morgan Rum is an excellent option.

This particular rum boasts fruity flavor notes complemented with hints of wood and smoke. Pairing the rum with a cool Dr Pepper gives you a sweet cocktail with sweet fruity notes and sophisticated woody, smoky and spicy hints.

7. Cognac


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Like rum, cognac helps you create a sweet drink. However, this type of alcohol allows you to achieve a more subtle and balanced profile.

Hennessy is the perfect option, giving you that classic sweet fruity cognac flavor with floral and citrus hints. Combined with Dr Pepper, the cognac produces a sophisticated drink.

8. Tequila


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Tequila achieves an incredible mixed drink when paired with Dr Pepper, thanks to its multitude of flavor varieties. Whether you go for tequila Blanco or more flavorful Reposado, you won’t be disappointed.

The best part of a Dr Pepper and tequila mixture is that you don’t have to add any extra ingredients to achieve beautiful flavors. Simply make a classic Batanga by layering ice into a high ball glass and combining tequila with Dr Pepper.

9. Gin


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Gin is not your common alcohol to mix with Dr Pepper. However, the two make great companions. Mixing Dr Pepper and gin alone may deprive you of some exciting elements.

This explains why it’s a good idea to add an extra component to the mixture.

This extra component goes a long way to amping up the flavor and character of the mixed drink. You can add anything to the mixture, whether bitters or other liqueurs. But, you can also add the most random things, like citrus fruits or ginger.

In a gin and Dr Pepper mixture, ginger adds that peppery, zesty and spicy element to bring out the flavor of gin. Yet, it tones down the unpleasant alcoholic bite.

Simply mix gin, ginger, lime juice, and ice in a shaker and strain into a glass or copper mug. Top the mixture with Dr Pepper and garnish with a lime wedge or candied ginger to enjoy the refreshing cocktail.

10. Mix Them With Other Cocktails


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Lastly, you can also add Dr Pepper to cocktail mixtures. Whether you curate your own special recipe or use existing cocktails, the choices are endless.

My two personal favorites are Long Island Ice Tea and Spiked Dr Pepper Float.

If you want more hardcore cocktail, Long Island Ice Tea is your go-to option. Like regular Long Island, mix tequila, vodka, white rum, triple sec, gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Then, strain the mixture into a highball filled with ice, top with Dr Pepper, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

If you want a more fun and sweet cooling drink, Spiked Dr Pepper Float is a great option. All you need is chocolate or vanilla ice cream, Cherry Dr Pepper or Classic Dr Pepper, coconut rum, vodka, and whipped cream (optional).

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

Is Dr Pepper Good With Whiskey?

Dr Pepper is great with whiskey. The refreshing carbonated drink takes advantage of the complex and bold whiskey flavors to give you an incredible sipping cocktail.

You can take any direction you want with whiskey, whether a sweet Tennessee Jack Daniels or sweet Kentucky bourbon.

Is Dr Pepper And Rum Good?

Dr Pepper and rum are good together. The sweetness and spicy notes offered by rum complement Dr Pepper to produce a sweet and delicious cocktail.

Is Dr Pepper Good With Vodka?

Dr Pepper and vodka are excellent companions and produce incredible cocktails. The neutral flavor of vodka allows Dr Pepper to take lead on the flavor direction, giving you a versatile ground to play on.

But, if you find the mixture a little harsh, you can always replace one option with a flavored one.

This can be flavored vodka, like vanilla or cherry, to complement the Classic Dr Pepper. Alternatively, ditch the classic Dr Pepper for cherry, cherry vanilla, or strawberry & cream to complement regular vodka.

What To Mix With Dr Pepper Non Alcoholic?

There are plenty of non alcoholic options to mix with Dr Pepper. For example, you can pair it with chocolate or vanilla ice cream and whipped cream to quickly whip up Dr Pepper floats.

You can also make a mocktail with Dr Pepper and lime juice mixed with ice for a refreshing summer drink.


Unbeknown to many people, the “simple” flavored Dr Pepper is pretty versatile and flexible. Therefore, it blends well with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. So, when it comes to what alcohol goes with Dr Pepper, you should ask yourself a different question.

Instead, ask yourself what flavor profile you want to enjoy from a Dr Pepper and alcohol mixture. Whether you want bolder whiskey flavors, sweet and fruity rum or cognac flavors, or decadent creamy flavors from mixtures like floats, Dr Pepper is a outstanding base for many mixed drinks.

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