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Our warm welcome to all readers. We are excited to have you visit our site! Welcome to the Tin Roof Drink Community.

What is Tin Roof Drink Community?

The Tin Roof Drink Community is your go-to online library for everything there is to know about alcoholic beverages. Tin Roof drink Community was launched by Chad, a former bartender, and expert in various drinks.

While the main focus was to share his scratch-made and specially curated cocktail recipes along with traditional ones, the platform has so far evolved. Today, the community covers various types of other alcoholic beverages. With his deep knowledge of different alcoholic beverages, Chad wanted to share this information with fellow enthusiasts and even connoisseurs wanting to know more!

The Tin Roof Drink Community covers everything, from the science behind different alcoholic beverages and histories of popular brands all the way to a special list of the most expensive liquors – we ensure that every member of the Tin Roof Drink Community family can find a piece of what they are looking for.

On our site, you will find a plethora of informational guides on various topics including an expert’s comparison of Bourbon & Brandy, how different drinks, such as brandy taste, and even varying alcohol contents in beers.

When you are ready to shop, our unique buying guides will take you through an electrifying ride to explore the best brandy brands, authentic Mexican tequilas, and even ideas for the sweetest-tasting drinks you can order at the bar or fruity alcoholic drinks sold In stores. You will even find guides on more unique topics, such as vodkas from Russia for those who want to taste the authentic taste of vodka, among others.

Your One-Stop Spot For Everything Alcohol

At Tin Roof Drink Community, we aim to make it easier for readers to find out anything they want to learn about their favorite alcoholic beverages. So, browsing our site, you will find a rich library of informational pieces and buying guides for various types and brands of alcoholic beverages. 



Mug of Beer and Pitcher Pour

The most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, it comes as no surprise that it is one of our favorites too. So, if you want to know more about this drink, we are probably the right place to look.

Whether you are enjoying a cold one after a long day, having a six pack while watching a game, or even having one while chilling at the beach, this drink works for pretty much most occasions. You should check these article on Mexican Beer, Keg of Beer.

On our site, you will find anything you want to discover, including the strongest beers to try. Plus, you can find guides to help you figure out your beer limit the next time you go for drinks with coworkers.


From the taste of red wine to the right variety to choose from, we have everything about wine covered, like the Wines with Highest Alcohol Content. We even explore wines from different regions, spanning from traditional French and Italian wines traveling across continents to explore California, Argentinean, Chilean, and South African wines. You will also like our articles on Gluten Free Wine BrandsSweet White Wine, and specially this post on Wines for People Who Don’t Like Wine.

While they aren’t really classified as wines, we also look at specialty drinks like sake from Japan and Soju from South Korea, exploring their tastes and the best brands to sample for beginners.



A type of brandy and its taste, it would take us a whole day to talk about just one brand. Therefore, we’ve made it easier for you by sharing several guides, recipes, and additional resources about this fine French beverage. You will find a detailed look at how cognac differs from other fine drinks, like cognac or bourbon or how can you substitue cognac

As experts, we’ve also shared exhaustive guides into particularly popular and high-end brands like Hennessy – sharing important information like the history, how to pick a premium variety and even the current pricing along with Hennessy mixers or how much is a 5th. Check our guide on Brands like D’usse, Martell Cognac and many more Cognacs For The Money.

By the time you are done with us, you will know how to pick the best brandy and even how to serve, whether traditionally or with mixers for cognac to create fun cocktails. Also check White Hennessy Cost along with D’usse vs Hennessy.

Whiskey and Bourbon

Yes, you read right – we cover them both! Whether you are in pursuit of the sweeter bourbon or smokier scotch, we share exhaustive information on various types of whiskeys. We take an interesting, cross-country trip, covering everything from Tennessee to Scotland and Ireland to explore the best bourbon to drink neatCheap Bourbon BrandsBourbon for Beginners and more.

If you want to finally set the score and decide which one suits your palate best, we have you covered. Our in-depth comparison can tell you how other fine drinks, such as brandy differ from whiskey or how much whiskey to gets you drunk. We have also added some more guide such as top whiskeys in the world or Johnnie Walker Whiskies to Drink and more like Smoothest Whiskies You Must Try along with Best Sipping WhiskeysSweet Whiskeys and specially this guide on Blended Scotch Whiskeys.

Ultimately, you will be able to pick the right whiskey to drink neat, on the rocks, or even add to your favorite whiskey for old fashioned cocktails the next time you go shopping plus, the right mixers for your drinks. What better way to remind you of us than with our guides for the bourbon for the money along with our guide for Bourbon For Mint Julep and peanut butter whiskeys you can try?


While it may appear to be a simple drink to the uninformed, tequila is quite complex and versatile – making it a pretty fun drink. For some, it is a popular shot drink while others enjoy its subtleness in popular cocktails like margaritas. So, at the Tin of Drink Community, we’ve worked our taste buds off to ensure we cover everything there is to know about this Mexican drink. You will enjoy reading about Tequila Drinks To Order at a BarLow Calorie Tequila along with Top Tequila BrandsTequilas For Margaritas and Don Julio Tequila.  

If you want to try the true taste of Mexico – our Mexican tequila & Blanco Tequila guide can help you do so. We’ve even taken the time to put together pricing and sizing guides for the best and most popular brands such as Casamigos or Don Julio. But, before you take your next shot, first take the time to learn the safest way to enjoy tequila plus chasers and Sodas to Mix with Tequila to calm your palate after. 


Vodka may be difficult for some to stomach, but, it still remains among the most popular alcoholic beverages to consume. Its versatility is second to none – whether you take it as a shot, traditionally chilled like the Russians do, or mixed in a cocktail, vodka never disappoints. Check out Potato Vodka along with vodka made In RussiaSweet Vodka DrinksVodka Drinks At a Bar and American Vodka Brands

In fact, its complex yet, the clean and neat profile allows you to experience it in different complexities. The way vodka tastes as a room temperature shot will not taste the same chilled or in a cocktail and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what vodka is all about. 

The good news is that we share everything about this beloved drink – the A to Z of vodka! you will even find our recommendations for ideal vodka chasers, interesting vodka-based drinks, like the Pink Whitney, the best Pink Whitney cocktails, and even how to enjoy it best and the best brands of vodka in the world.


Among the most versatile alcoholic beverages available, gin is a favorite for its versatility and clean taste. Whether you drink it neat or use it for a cocktail, our guides and informational pieces will add a host of valuable information to your already skilled mind. You can also settle the score on which clean drink suits you best – gin or vodka. We even share peculiar facts like whether or not rum goes bad


Like the characters on the Pirates of the Caribbean, we love rum too! You will find fun guides for rum-containing cocktails. We even have a shrewd comparison between rum and other cocktail alcohol favorites such as vodka. You should also check out list of Coconut RumDark Rum, along with brands like Bacardi RumMalibu Rum


Now, this is where the fund begins. The cocktail section is where Chad shines the most and here’s where you can learn to be creative. But, first, we start with a dummy’s guide to cocktails, sharing differences between traditional cocktails such as Daiquiri and Margarita comparisons – so you can know how to tell them apart and order them right!

We also share interesting lists of liqueur cocktails such as Disaronno you can try this year. You will also find information on supporting add-ons such as juices for cocktails, the right dash of bitters for specific cocktails, like an Old fashioned or Negroni, or the right syrups for sweet cocktails.

Plus, you will learn which cocktails to make with specific alcohols – say, the best gin cocktails or bourbon. Plus, you will even learn the technicalities of putting together a cocktail – like, how many ounces are in a shot or the perfect shaker to invest in.

If you don’t want to bother with the ins and outs of making a cocktail from scratch or are tired of traditional cocktails, you can find a variety of recommended pre-made, commercially available cocktails such as Twisted Tea, Maker’s Mark CocktailsTropical Rum Cocktails .


Need mixers for your cocktails but, lack the knowledge to pick the right ones? We have extensive articles on various mixers and liqueurs. If you can’t find them, you can opt for substitutes such as those for Orange Curacao or the premium Italian Amaro Nonino along with Grand Marnier and Cointreau

Tin Of Drink Community Summary

With our extensive library of everything alcohol, you no longer have to be clueless. Whether you’re picking premium cognac to impress an important client or searching for the perfect bridal shower cocktail, we have you covered. We have everything from brand histories to pricing guides and we are still growing like never before!