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Tequila seems to be a very attractive drink for celebrities to make. Kylie Jenner has her tequila brand, George Clooney has one too, as well as Kate Hudson and many others. Now, we have another celebrity tequila, the Tesla Tequila, owned by Elon Musk. 

Since it is relatively new, being initially launched in 2020, people aren’t still familiar with Tesla Tequila, and some even wonder if it is a real tequila or not. It is definitely a real tequila and a limited edition with only 420 bottles released on the market. 

Still, Tesla Tequila  seems to pose somewhat of a mystery, making people curious about what it is about. Primarily, due to its very limited availability, Tesla Tequila is very attractive to tequila drinkers, especially the collectors. 

Tesla Tequila is produced in the Jalisco region in Mexico by Casa Maestri. Casa Maestri is a well-known distillery producing tequila for 150 other brands. Among these brands, there are some very exclusive and pricy tequilas, as well as affordable ones. 

Nevertheless, Tesla tequila has been rated as a high-shelf tequila made from 100% blue agave. The sheer fact that it comes from the Jalisco region says a lot about Tesla tequila since it is a known area of very high-quality blue agave, and many famous brands grow their agave pines there. 

Indeed Tesla Tequila is a top-quality spirit, but it is also known as a regular tequila since there is nothing very particular about it.

Yes, it is 100 % blue agave, it is well-crafted, it is smooth, and easy to drink, but considering that there are far more complex tequilas offering a wide variety of flavors, you could even call Tesla Tequila plain. 

Compared to Patron, Don Julio, or Casamigos tequila, Tesla Tequila offers good taste but none of the complexity that the other brands do.

It is lighter than the most tequilas, which makes it attractive to those who don’t like the tequila burn, but most tequila enthusiasts would call it ordinary. 

In more detail, Tesla tequila is often said to resemble Don Julio 1942, especially in the aromas. It has expressive agave notes mixed with vanilla, which makes the first contact with this tequila very pleasant. 

On the palate, it is absolutely decent, with the textbook tequila-tasting notes, i.e., agave, vanilla, and spice.

However, the agave notes seem to be more expressive than in most tequilas, which tones down the tequila’s sharpness. Now, some find this delightful, while others aren’t as big fans of the mildness created by the strong agave tones. 

In addition, the finish is smooth and medium long. The burn is not as intense as you would expect for a tequila, and overall, it balances the sip nicely. 

Moreover, there have been speculations that Tesla Tequila contains additives because it can’t be that sweet naturally. Still, there has been no statement given as to whether there are any additives in the Tesla Tequila.

In any case, even if there are additives, they cannot be over 1% of the total content of the ingredients used in the tequila. 

Still, what makes Tesla Tequila so desirable is the name that stands behind it.

Owned by Elon Musk, who is already an ultra-celebrity and the owner of the Tesla corporation, it is hard to remain indifferent and resist the curiosity this brand provokes. Moreover, the bottle is a commercial in itself. 

Shaped like a lightning bolt, elegant, easy to hold, and practical to drink from, there could be tap water inside, and you would still want to own it, just for the bottle.

So even though Tesla Tequila is not the most flavorful or most complex tequila, there are still things that could make you buy it. 

Furthermore, Tesla Tequila is very appealing to collectors, as well as tech nerds who are fans of Elon Musk. Therefore, it is yet another smart selling strategy.

So, you don’t have to be a tequila drinker to buy Tesla tequila; it is enough to be a fan of Elon Musk. Conversely, you don’t have to be a fan of Elon Mask, just a tequila collector, and you are sold. 

So how available is Tesla Tequila, what is its price, and where can you get it?

As a novelty in the tequila market, Tesla tequila is a small-batch tequila that seems to be sold out every time you want to buy a bottle. It doesn’t come in large numbers, so there are always people wanting it and not having it, which is a great selling point if you think about it. 

You can, however, find it on E-bay, but you have to be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it, as $999 is the cheapest you can find it. 

In this article, I will tell you more about Tesla Tequila, its prices, sizes, and availability, as well as where to find it. 

How Much Is A Tesla Tequila?

Tesla Tequila doesn’t come cheap. When it was initially released, a 750 ml. bottle of Tesla Tequila cost about $250. However, since there were a total of 420 bottles initially released, they got purchased right away.

Therefore, the price of the Tesla Tequila went up as a result of it being considered a rarity and collectible. 

Now, the price of Tesla Tequila can reach up to $1700 per 750 ml bottle. It isn’t available to buy, and the only way you can get your hands on tesla tequila is to buy it from someone who bought it initially, which usually happens through eBay. 

The cheapest price of Tesla Tequila on eBay was $999. Now, there is no chance you could find it for this price, as there are fewer bottles in circulation. 

As a reference to marijuana, there were 420 bottles of Tesla Tequila in total, and there was a running joke that each of them would cost $420.

However, the initial price was only $250. Still, they made a masterful move numbering each bottle with a number from 1 to 420, making the line perfect for collectors. 

Therefore, each Tesla Tequila bottle has become a collectible item that drives the price further up. 

How Is Tesla Tequila Made?

Tesla Tequila is made according to the traditional Mexican tequila recipe. It is 100% blue agave, which is then roasted and distilled to remove the impurities. Tesla Tequila is an anejo tequila, which means it ages for over a year in French oak bottles. 

Therefore, Tesla Tequila is smooth and easy to drink, with a minimal burn. It is explicitly sweet, which provoked a few speculations that it contains additives giving it the sweet flavor. Nevertheless, there hasn’t been an official statement regarding this matter, so it remains unknown whether or not Tesla Tequila uses additives.

However, many celebrity tequila brands have openly stated that they use additives in their tequila. According to the law regarding tequila, the allowed percentage of additives that can be used in tequila must not be higher than 1% of the total amount. 

This means that even if Tesla Tequila uses additives, the amount is very low, so the sweetness of the tequila cannot come solely from them. Tesla Tequila is regarded as a premium spirit, though it isn’t as complex as many of its counterparts. 

Nevertheless, many seem to enjoy the simple flavor blend and the visible quality of the spirit itself. 

Do They Still Make Tesla Tequila?

As I mentioned earlier, Tesla Tequila is a very limited edition, with only 420 bottles initially sold for $250 each. The only available size is 750 ml. and the spirit was released only in the US, and not everywhere in the US but in select states. 

It was immediately sold out and no longer available for purchase. It remains unknown whether there would be another batch of Tesla Tequila. However, all things point to no. You see, the Tesla Tequila bottles were numbered from 1 to 420, which makes them collectible items. 

Now, the tequila collectors are searching for the numbers they are missing. The original idea was to spread the bottles around the world and see if a single collector could collect them all, something like an album stickers collection but for very rich people. 

Today the lowest price of Tesla Tequila sold on E-bay is $999, and it is probably gone already. The price of Tesla Tequila had increased immensely from when it was initially released, reaching $1700 per 750 ml. bottle. 

Is Tesla Tequila Any Good?

Tesla tequila is considered a premium tequila, and for a good reason, too; it is indeed a high-shelf spirit made with 100% blue agave from the Jalisco region. It is flavourful but simpler than its counterparts, with an expressive sweetness and an almost unnoticeable burn. 

How Many Tesla Tequila Were Sold?

The initial Tesla Tequila batch was 420 bottles, and they were all sold almost immediately. Each bottle is engraved with a number from 1 to 420 and comes with a matching set of glasses bearing the T logo. 

How To Drink Tesla Tequila?

Drink Tesla either neat or on the rocks. In theory, Tesla Tequila isn’t supposed to be mixed a it is a premium spirit worthy of being the star of the show. Moreover, it isn’t recommended to drink it as a shot either, as that way, it would lose its charm. 

The best way to drink Tesla Tequila is to sip it slowly and enjoy it thoroughly. Since there are only 420 bottles of this tequila in the world, it is a shame to mix it, as it the quantities are very finite and will be gone soon. 

The collectors may not even drink it but keep it as a valuable and an irreplaceable part of their collections. 

Still, tequila has been meant to be enjoyed as the drinker wants it, so if you want to mix it, go ahead; nothing is stopping you from doing so. 

Is Tesla Tequila a Real Thing?

Yes, Tesla tequila is a real tequila. However, it isn’t a real tequila in the traditional sense, but it is a limited edition tequila with only one released batch of 420 bottles. It is regarded more as a collector’s item than as a regular drink. 

Each bottle is engraved with a number from 1 to 420 making them part of a collection more than anything else. Since it was first released, the Tesla tequila price went up rapidly and drastically thanks to the limited and finite amount of bottles. 

Is Tesla Tequila Owned by Elon Musk?

Yes, the person standing behind Tesla tequila is Elon Musk and this is his experimental venture into the spirits department. The name of the spirit was initially supposed to be Teslaquila, but due to legal regulations governing the tequila spirit, the name wasn’t an option. 


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