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Do you want to know the perfect tequila brand for sippers or which bottle to bring for a party of six? Our tequila bottle prices, sizes, top brands guide is what you need to be looking at. Curated to perfection, the guide gives you up-to-date information on everything: tequila.

Whether you want to find the price range for a 70 cl. high-end tequila or a cheap option for margaritas, we have you covered. Check out the guide below and bookmark a copy to save it for the next drinking affair.

Tequila – Everything There is to Know

Tequila is a popular Mexican agave-based spirit that traces its roots back to the 16th century.  The spirit was primarily made in the perimeter and neighboring areas of Tequila city and the central western Mexican state of Jalisco.


Today, according to Mexican law, tequila must be made in the state of Jalisco or nearby areas, including Guanajuato, and Nayarit, to be labeled as so. 

According to tequila experts, the geographical location and enriched red volcanic soils of the area make these tequila-producing region ideal for growing their main ingredient, blue agave.

Blue agave grown in the highland state of Jalisco, at high altitude, produces a sweeter and more aromatic blue agave plant. On the other hand, blue agave harvested in the nearby municipalities, and the valley areas, tends to produce a more herbaceous flavor and aroma.

What is Tequila?

According to Mexican law, authentic tequila is a distilled spirit made using a 100% blue agave plant. Unlike Mezcal, that’s made from any of the 40 available agave plants, tequila is exclusively made from the blue agave plant.

Further, true tequila contains alcohol concentrations of between 35% and 55% (70 to 110 US proof). Now, there are four key types of tequila, each with its individual distillation and aging process.

Types of Tequila

Tequila is typically made by steaming the heart of an agave plant (piña), which is then squeezed to produce juice (aguamiel). Aguamiel is mixed with sugar and yeast and fermented for days.

After the fermentation period, the juice is distilled in copper or stainless steel pots to achieve up to 90 US-proof alcohol concentrations.  

Now, here are the five key types of tequila, depending on how they are treated after the previous distillation process;

Gold vs Silver Tequila

  • Blanco: Blanco refers to tequila that is immediately bottled after distillation, although some varieties may be aged for up to 60 days. Blanco tequila has a clear, see-through color because it doesn’t go through the aging process. Further, because it doesn’t go through the aging process, tequila Blanco has a dominant, clean agave-like taste with more sharpness.  Depending on the kind, Blanco tequila can be drunk neat, on the rocks, as a shot, or mixed in light, citrusy cocktails, like margaritas.
  • Reposado: Reposado comes with an amber to golden hue as it is usually aged in oak barrels for about 2 to 12 months. The aging process makes Reposado less sharp than tequila Blanco. This type of tequila can also be drunk neat, on the rocks, as a shot, or in much heavier cocktails.
  • Anejo: Anejo refers to tequila aged between 1 and 3 years in oak barrels. Due to the prolonged aging process, Anejo usually develops an amber hue. Some distillers use old American or French barrels. The aging process in barrels allows Anejo to develop flavors similar to bourbon, typically with notes of vanilla and brown sugar. It is a good idea to enjoy Anejo neat as a sipper so you can fully appreciate its flavors. Mixing it in a cocktail or drinking it quickly as a shot means that you will be wasting off the refined flavors it has developed during the aging process. However, some people choose to low priced Anejo in cocktails, such as margaritas, paloma, and tequila old fashioned.
  • Extra Anejo: Extra Anejo refers to tequila aged for three years or more. This type of tequila usually develops a more intense amber to copper color due to the prolonged aging process. Further, the flavors it develops are more complex and refined than Anejo. So, extra Anejo is more associated with the flavors of whiskey and cognac. Extra Anejo is best enjoyed as a sipper. You can add ice or citrus wedges, like lime or orange to it.
  • Cristalino: A lesser-known tequila, Cristalino refers to aged tequila that is filtered through charcoal. This helps to remove tannins and to make the tequila ultra smooth with a softer mouth feel. The filtration process also turns the color back to clear, since it removes the tannins that give the tequila color. Cristalino is best served as a sipper to devour the smoothness.

If you are a tequila lover, you’ve probably come across tequila labeled as gold tequila (known as mixto). Well, while it’s labeled tequila, gold tequila isn’t technically tequila. This is because it is usually not made from 100% blue agave plant.

Gold tequila is generally made from some percentage of the blue agave plant (usually more than 50%) mixed with other ingredients, including sweeteners and colorants (which give it the gold color).

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Other varieties include Joven. Joven refers to 100% tequila, such as Reposado, blended with younger tequilas (containing at least 51% blue agave) with additional ingredients, such as coloring.

Top 15 Popular Tequila Brands On The Market

Ready to order your bottle? Check out the 15 most popular brands on the market this year;

1. Don Julio


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On the market since 1942, the Don Julio brand originates in Mexico and is the largest brand in value. The Don Julio brand is considered a luxury and premium brand, distilling ultra sweet and smooth tequila.

Popular Don Julio varieties include Don Julio Blanco, Don Julio Reposado, Don Julio Anejo, Don Julio 70 Anejo Claro, Don Julio 1942 Anejo, and Don Julio Real Extra Anejo.

2. José Cuervo


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The oldest tequila brand on the market, Jose Cuervo tequila brand dates back over two centuries, to 1795. As evidence of its great quality and taste, this old, family-owned tequila brand is the best selling, accounting for a fifth of the world’s tequila sales.

The brand produces a wide selection of bottles, including Tequila Silver and Gold. Tequila Gold varieties include Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo.

3. Patrón


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A popular Premium brand, the Patrón tequila brand has been on the market since 1989. But, it is produced by one of the world’s oldest distilleries, the Casa 7 Leguas. Patron is perhaps known for its aggressive marketing from the late 2000s, matching the likes of Grey Goose vodka, being advertised as premium and sophisticated tequila – which it is!

With over 3 decades on the market, the Patron brand is still younger than Don Julio and Jose Cuervo. Yet, it’s made its mark in these few decades to become the world’s most valuable tequila brand. Further, the top-shelf tequila brand produces tequila with the highest alcohol content.

Compared to tequilas distilled by top-shelf brands of a similar standard, Patron tequila tends to feel more balanced with a less peppery and sharp alcohol feel. Patron has five key product varieties, including Patron, Roca Patron, Gran Patron, Patron Café, and Limited Edition varieties.

Patron varieties include Silver, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo. Roca Patron includes Silver, Reposado, and Anejo. Grand Patron includes Smoky silver, triple distilled & oak rested silver Platinum, 3-year aged gold Piedra, and Bordeaux wine barrel aged Anejo Burdeos.

The Patron Café variety is a coffee-infused collection, including low-proof coffee liqueur blended with tequila Patron XO Café. The Limited Edition Collection features a selection of bottles, ranging from Silver to Extra Anejo.

4. Ocho


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The Ocho tequila is a product of the La Altena family-owned distillery based in the highlands of Arandas in Jalisco, Mexico. a relatively young brand, the Ocho Tequila was launched in 2008 and is the first single estate tequila. Even with its young age, tequila produces a good amount of top quality tequila. These include tequila Plata, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo.

5. Casamigos


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If you are looking for a modern approach to tequila production, the Casamigos tequila is your go-to tequila and Mezcal spirit. A fun fact about this interesting Mexican-produced tequila is that it is co-owned by none other than Hollywood star, George Clooney.

The brand was launched in 2013 and has quickly gained traction on the market, thanks to the impressive and great quality flavors. Originating from the Jalisco Mountains, tequila is one of the smoothest and most natural tasting made from 100% agave Azul.

6. Olmeca Altos


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The Olmeca Altos brand was launched in 1967and produces 100% agave tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. The Olmeca Altos tequila produces tequilas that reflect the traditional Altos regional practices.

One of the most natural smoothest tequila brands, Olmeca Altos tequilas is great as sippers and cocktails, like margaritas. In fact, the brand is ranked the best tequila for margaritas by the World’s 50 Best.

7. Espolon


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Produced in the Casa San Nicolas distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, the Espolon tequila brand was launched in 1998. However, the tequila is owned by Campari, America. Made using 100% blue Weber agave plant, the tequila offers one of the most delicious tastes.

The tequila boasts standard agave, vanilla, lightly sweet notes with finishing citrusy hints. You can find Espolon n three tequila offerings, including Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo, each with an 80 US Proof.

8. Herradura


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One of the oldest tequila brands on the market, the Herradura tequila brand traces its roots back to the 1870s. The century-and-a-quarter family-owned brand was later sold to American beverage maker, Brown-Forman, who owns it to date.

However, the tequila is still distilled in Jalisco, Mexico by a Mexican subsidiary. Considered a top-shelf brand, Herradura produces some of the best, and highest quality tequila in their categories, including Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo.

9. Hornitos


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With more than seven decades on the market, the Hornitos tequila is pretty popular tequila for a reason. But, the tequila brand is owned by an even older tequila parent company, the nearly 150-year-old Sauza Tequila Company based in Tequila, Mexico.

What sets Hornitos tequila apart from the rest is the brand’s unique process of roasting agave in little ovens to achieve an even better-tasting tequila. as a result, you get tequila with faint smoky notes blended with fresh floral and clean herbal hints.

Hornitos’ best products are the Plata, Reposado, Anejo, and the special Black Barrel. Black Barrel refers to standard Hornitos Anejo aged in a traditional oak cask for a year and finished in heavily charred American oak casks for 4 months before a final transfer to toasted American oak barrels for 60 days.

10. 1800


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1800 Tequila is a subsidiary of the Jose Cuervo tequila brand. The brand was launched in 1975 and gets its name from the year the first tequila was aged in oak barrels. 1800 tequila is available in Silver, Reposado, and Anejo varieties.

11. Casa Noble


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The Casa Noble Tequila has been produced by the Casa Noble Tequila company since 1776. The premium tequila brand uses 100% blue agave plant and is known for its particularly unique tequila taste due to its distilling process.

The tequila is made using estate-grown agave that is cooked in traditional stone ovens, naturally fermented, and distilled three times. As a result, you get clean, herbaceous, and smoky flavors that are hard to resist. Whether enjoyed neat or as a base in a cocktail, the Casa Noble tequila doesn’t disappoint.

12. El Jimador


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El Jimador tequila is the most popular tequila in Mexico today and this is no coincidence. after all, with avid tequila drinkers, the El Jimador tequila must be good to be loved in the land of tequila. The tequila is owned by an American company, Brown-Forman, like its cousin, Herradura tequila.

But, its sourcing ingredients and distillation are all done in Jalisco, Mexico. El jimador tequila is budget-friendly, but, comes with well-balanced and authentic flavors, mouth feel, and aroma.

13. Arette


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The Arette brand is a barman-recommended tequila to stock in your home bar. The tequila tastes great as a shooter or a mixer in cocktails and doesn’t require digging deep into your pockets.

Launched in 1986, the brand has continued to do well on the market and is a favorite of many bartenders. It has a subtle agave flavor with finishing notes of green pepper and corn. You can find tequila in the basic types, such as Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo.

14. Calle 23


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Calle 23 is another excellent tequila to stock in your home bar for when you want to whip up cocktails or enjoy shots with friends. While it features simple tequila flavors, it’s not so sharp to create an unpleasant shot or to overpower your cocktails.

15. Avion


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Avion Tequila was only launched into the market in 2009. But, this incredible tequila from Jalisco has quickly grown to be one of the best premium tequilas on the market. The award-winning tequila is owned by entrepreneur, Kenny Ditcher, but, it is made in Mexico.

To get its bold and complex flavor, tequila uses 100% blue agave plants grown from the highest elevations in the Jalisco highlands. Its agave is slowly roasted for up to 3 days in traditional brick ovens for that perfect Caramelization, smoky and sweet taste, and smooth body.

Top 5 Tequila Brands – Bottle Sizes & Prices Table

Are you ready to stock up your home bar with your favorite tequila? Check out this elaborate price table for a summary of the most popular brands on the market.

Brand Variety Type US Proof Volume Price (USD$)
Don Julio Blanco Blanco 80 750ml 48
Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 62
Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 67
70 Anejo Claro Anejo 80 750ml 88
1942 Anejo Anejo – Extra Anejo 80 750ml 160
Real Extra Anejo Anejo Extra 76 750ml 412.99
Ultima Reserva Extra Anejo 80 750ml 699.99
Limited Edition Reposado Double Cask Reposado 80 750ml 64.99
Reposado Private Cask Reposado 85.4 750ml 76.99
Limited Edition Reposado Double Cask Lagavulin Aged Edition Reposado 80 750ml 74.99
José Cuervo Especial Silver Mixto 80 750ml 20.99
Especial Gold Joven 80 750ml 34.99
Tradicional Plata  Blanco 80 750ml 22.99
Tradicional Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 26.99
Tradicional Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 34.99
Tradicional Cristalino Cristalino 80 750ml 36.99
Reserva de la Familia Plata Blanco 80 750ml 62.99
Reserva de la Familia Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 79.99 – 84.99
Reserva de la Familia Extra Anejo Extra Anejo 80 750ml 129.99 – 184.99
Anniversario 250 Year Extra Anejo 80 750ml 3499.99 – 4254.99
Patrón Patron Silver Blanco 80 1.75L 99.99
750ml 49.99
375ml 24.99
200ml 17.99
50ml 6.99
Patron Reposado Reposado 80 1.75L 129.99
750ml 54.99
375ml 34.99
200ml 19.99
50ml 8.99
Patron Anejo Anejo 80 1.75L 139.99
750ml 69.99
375ml 39.99
200ml 24.99
50ml 10.99
Patron Extra Anejo Extra Anejo 80 750ml 89.99
375ml 44.99
Roca Patron Silver Blanco 90 750ml 69.99 – 74.99
Roca Patron Reposado Reposado 84 750ml 49.99 – 52.99
Roca Patron Anejo Anejo 88 750ml 69.99 – 74.99
Gran Patron Smoky




110 750ml 249.99
Gran Patron Platinum Silver 80 750ml 179.99
Gran Patron Piedra Extra Anejo 80 750ml 449.99 – 499.99
Gran Patron Burdeos Anejo 80 750ml 680.99
Patron Café XO N/A 70 1.75L 69.99
750ml 29.99
375ml 18.99
200ml 15.99
50ml 6.99
Limited Edition Estate Release Silver 84 750ml 143.99 – 145.99
Limited Edition Añejo Lot 221 Anejo 80 750ml 99.99
Limited Edition Patrón x Guillermo Del Toro Extra Anejo 70 750ml


Ocho Plata Blanco 80 750ml 45.49 – 49.99
Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 55.99
Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 66.99
Extra Anejo Extra Anejo 80 750ml 84.99
Casamigo Blanco Blanco 80 750ml 44.99 – 49.99
Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 54.99-59.99
Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 64.99 – 59.99
Olmeca Altos Olmeca Altos Plata Blanco 80 375ml 14.76
750ml 29.99
Olmeca Altos Reposado Reposado 80


750ml 29.99
1.75L 51.69
Olmeca Altos Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 38.89
1L 45.99
Espolòn Espolòn Blanco Blanco 80 750ml 28.99
      1L 33.99
Espolòn Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 28.99
      1L 33.99
Espolòn Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 37.99
      1L 45.99
Espolòn Tequila Añejo X Anejo 80 750ml 99.99
Espolon Tequila Anejo Cristalino Cristalino 80 750ml 75.99
Herradura Herradura Silver Tequila Blanco 80 375ml 21.99
1L 44.99
Herradura Reposado Tequila Reposado 80 375ml 24.99
1L 46.99
Herradura Anejo Tequila


Anejo 80 375ml 27.99
1L 53.99
Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila


Anejo 80 375ml 31.99
1L 64.99
Herradura Legend Anejo Tequila Anejo 80 750ml 149.99
Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila Anejo 80 750ml 381.74
Herradura Double Barrel Reposado Tequila


Reposado 80 375ml 19.99
750ml 62.99
Herradura 150 Aniversario Anejo 80 750ml 541.99
Hornitos Hornitos Plata Blanco 80 750ml 25.99
1L 32.99
Hornitos Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 26.99
1L 34.99
Hornitos Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 31.99
Hornitos Black Barrel Extra Anejo 80 50ml 3.99
750ml 32.99
Hornitos Cristalino Anejo Cristalino 80 750ml 32.99
1800 Tequila 1800 Blanco Blanco 80 375ml 17.99
1L 37.99
1800 Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 29.99
1.75L 45.99
1800 Anejo Anejo 80 50ml 4.99
750ml 43.99
1800 Cristalino Añejo Cristalino 80 750ml 60.99
1800 Reserva Coconut Tequila Cristalino 70 750ml 29.99
Casa Noble Casa Noble Blanco Blanco 80 750ml 42.99
Casa Noble Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 49.99
Casa Noble Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 57.99
Casa Noble Joven Tequila Reposado 102 750ml 49.99
Casa Noble Reposado Single Barrel Tequila Reposado 80 750ml 49.99
Casa Noble Alta Bellezza Anejo 90.6 750ml 1094.99
El Jimador El Jimador Silver Tequila Blanco 80 750ml 22.99
1.75L 38.99
El Jimador Reposado Tequila Reposado 80 750ml 22.99
1.75L 38.99
El Jimador Anejo Tequila Anejo 80 750ml 29.99
Arette Arette Blanco Blanco 80 750ml 29.99
Arette Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 32.99
Arette Anejo Anejo 80 750ml 38.99
Arette Artesanal Suave Anejo Tequila Anejo 76 750ml 84.99
Arette Suave Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 62.99
Calle 23 Calle 23 Criollo Blanco Tequila Blanco 108.6 750ml 110.99
Calle 23 Añejo Anejo 80 750ml 53.99
Avion Tequila Avion Silver Blanco 80 375ml 21.59
750ml 44.99
Tequila Avion Reposado Reposado 80 750ml 24.99
Anejo 80 750ml 49.99
Tequila Avión Anejo Anejo 80 375ml 26.99
750ml 53.99
Avión Reserva Cristalino Anejo Tequila Anejo 80 750ml 148.99
Avion Tequila Anejo 44 Luminous Special Edition Anejo 80 750ml 210.99
1.75L 314.99


Still have unanswered questions about tequila prices? Here there are the:

What Is The Best Tequila For Its Price?

El Jimador is the best tequila for its price. While maintaining a well-balanced, authentic tequila flavor, mouth feel, and aroma, El jimador is one of the cheapest tequilas on the market. This may explain why it is a favorite and a best seller in Mexico, the land of tequila!

What Is A Good Mid-priced Tequila?

Herradura is a good mid-priced tequila. While maintaining the characteristics of a premium, top-shelf tequila, Herradura comes at a fraction of the price. Other good mid-priced, top-shelf tequila include Jose Cuervo and Olmeca Altos


Tequila is amongst the most popular alcohol spirits on the market, up there with vodka and whiskey – an unsurprising fact. In addition to its rich and interesting flavors, the versatile agave-based spirit comes in handy in a range of drinks.

Whether you drink it neat, as a shooter, or add it to a fun cocktail, tequila never disappoints. Now, with our guide, you will know the right way to enjoy it and the right pay for every bottle you want to get your hands on.

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