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Pink Whitney is a type of vodka distilled by New Amsterdam Vodka. This drink is pink lemonade infused and is named after Ryan Whitney, the NFL player who has been known to enjoy pink lemonade in his formative years. 

Pink Whitney is a celebratory drink, and many have a glass after achieving something, much like champagne. However, Pink Whitney has also been known as a delicious after-work drink, which again affirms its use as a drink to treat yourself with after a job well done. 

Pink Whitney is usually served as a shot or in a wine or a martini glass with a lemon slice for decoration. Seeing it, everything about this drink says enjoyment and rewarding, so it is really not made to get faced but to slowly sip it and just relax.

As such, Pink Whitney has a low alcohol content, as the point of the drink is to enjoy it without getting drunk. Of course, getting drunk is not only the alcohol’s fault because many other factors are at play, but generally, getting drunk on Pink Whitney is not that probable. 

So what is the alcohol content in Pink Whitney?

The Pink Whitney alcohol content is 30% of alcohol. This means that to get drunk on Pink Whitley, you would need to drink at least six shots if you are less tolerant to alcohol. If your alcohol tolerance is higher, you may need about ten shots of Pink Whitney to get woozy.

Because of its color, many disregard Pink Whitney as being a not serious drink but is a very serious one. It tastes delicious and refreshing, and you can enjoy more than a few glasses without worry. To help you make the most of your Pink Whitney, in the following article, I will discuss its alcohol content, why it is so special, how many shots are in a bottle, and how much alcohol is there in a shot.


How Much Alcohol Is in a Pink Whitney?

Pink alcohol drinks are by default light in terms of alcohol content, and Pink Whitney vodka is not an exception to this rule. The alcohol percentage that a drink should contain to be considered a strong alcoholic drink is 40%, meaning that Pink Whitney vodka is way below the bar, with only 30% alcohol per 60 proof. 

How Much Alcohol Is in a Shot of Pink Whitney?

A shot of Pink Whitney contains the same alcohol amount but on a smaller scale, so still 30%. While the standard Pink Whitney amount in a bottle comes in sizes of 50, 200, 375, 750 ml, and 1 l, the shot contains 44 ml of liquid or 1.5 ounces. 

The alcohol percentage does not change depending on whether you have a shot or an entire bottle. The shot would still be 30% alcohol. 

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How much Pink Whitney Could Get You Drunk?

Being that Pink Whitney is a mild alcoholic drink with an alcohol percentage of 30%, the chances of you getting very drunk on Pink Whitney are not that high, as you would need to drink a lot. 

However, drunkenness is very personal, as it depends on the alcohol tolerance one has, their weight, and the day they had. If you drink Pink Whitney on an empty stomach, you will get drunk sooner, but if you had a nice relaxing day and you’ve had more than a few bites, you will likely be able to sustain a few shots without budging. 

The standard amount of Pink Whitney that could get you drunk is about six shots, which is about 176 ml, so one 200 ml bottle to get you a bit woozy. Of course, this quantity is just an average estimate, and it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone.

Is Pink Whitney a Lot of Alcohol?

Pink Whitney vodka does not contain a lot of alcohol; in fact, it is considered one of the best celebratory drinks made for enjoyment and relaxation. It is a very clean alcohol, distilled five times, and has an excellent quality. 

It is considered a mild and light drink, with an alcohol percentage of only 30%, which is a whole 10% below the minimum for a drink to be considered strong, which is 40% in the USA. 

Therefore, Pink Whitney is a very enjoyable drink, with a very pleasant fruity flavor and a very mild burn afterward. 

While it would take about four shots of regular vodka, or rum, or whiskey, or another spirit to get you properly drunk, it would take at least six shots of Pink Whitney to get you a little woozy. 

Can You Drink Pink Whitney Straight?

Pink Whitney can be served in a number of ways, mainly because its aesthetics allows for versatility. The fruity flavor makes Pink Whitney perfect to serve with a slice of lemon, an orange, or another fruit of your preference. 

You can drink Pink Whitney straight, i.e., as it is from the bottle, but you can also mix it. You can serve it with ice or on the rocks and shake it with ice in a cocktail shaker. 

Pink Whitney is usually served as a shot, but it isn’t unusual to see it poured over a few cubes of ice. Depending on the occasion, since the drink allows many serving variations, you can pour it into a vine glass with a small parasol and a thin slice of lemon, or have it in a martini glass, with sugar on the rim, as the Pink Whitney vodka is in itself a sweet-tasting drink. 

In terms of decorations, the sky is the limit with Pink Whitney, as the milky pink color goes with many ornamental elements. 

Pink Whitney mixes well with lemon soda, cola, cranberry juice, club soda or seltzer water, lemonade, or orange juice, so Pink Whitney cocktails are also very popular. 

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How Many Shots Are in a Bottle Pink Whitney?

Considering that the standard amount of alcohol in a shot is 44 ml, to determine how many shots are in a bottle of Pink Whitney, you need to consider that there are several bottle sizes. Pink Whitney comes in bottles of 50, 200, 375, 750 ml, and 1l. 

There is one shot in a 50 ml bottle, which is the smallest Pink Whitney bottle size, with a leftover drink of 6 ml. The 200 ml bottle contains 4.5 shots of Pink Whitney. 

The 375 ml bottle has 8,5 shots of Pink Whitney, the 750 ml bottle contains 17 shots, and the 1l bottle has almost 23 shots of Pink Whitney. 

What Is so Special about Pink Whitney?

From its history to its name, to its taste, and of course, the memorable pink color, Pink Whitney is definitely an original drink. 

It has a relatively short history but has grown to become a leading celebratory drink. The Pink Whitney vodka gets its name from the NFL player and host of the “Spittin’ Chiclets” show Ryan Whitney, who, during his show, on one occasion in 2018, mentioned that his favorite childhood drink was pink lemonade.

Not much later, there were fans of the show sending him photographs of them holding a shot of Pink Whitney making a toast in his honor. Moreover, the New Amsterdam company producing spirits was Whitney’s favorite brand, so it was an immense and unforeseen honor for him to have them make and name a drink after him. 

It didn’t take long for the public to start consuming this drink, and thus it very quickly became the favorite drink of many. 

The Pink Whitney vodka taste is also very specific. It has the recognizable vodka whiff, with the sharpness and burn, but it also has another, gentler dimension, intense enough to significantly subdue the natural aggressiveness vodka is known for. 

Pink Whitney is best described as an alcoholic pink lemonade, as it has a distinct sweetness and citrus freshness, more precisely, lemon fruitiness. It creates the zing and the mouth-tingling sensation that lemonade creates and combines them with the warmth, edginess, and burn of the vodka.

The alcohol percentage of the Pink Whitney is below the bar for it to pass as a strong drink; therefore, you can enjoy more than a few shots or a couple of glasses without worrying of getting drunk. 

Because of its color and flavor, the Pink Whitney vodka is a very versatile drink offering many serving and decorating combinations. Known as the perfect reward after a long day at work, this drink has rapidly become the signature drink of after-work drinking sessions, as you can enjoy it without impairing your shape for work the next day. 



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