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As one of the Big Four in the Cognac department, Hennessy has made a name and reputation among Cognac enthusiasts as being as close to perfection as Cognac can get.

Drinking Hennessy isn’t just consuming the drink, but an entire experience enveloped and glory and elegance. 

You can treat yourself to a bottle of Hennessy and not have yourself set back too much, money-wise, but Hennessy is generally known as an expensive Cognac brand.

Unlike many Cognac manufacturers, Hennessy is still a family-owned business, increasing the drink’s value. 

Now, the family name is not the only perk of this drink, as it is made with utmost attention to every single detail, but the fact that it is still within the same family says a lot about the brand.

Hennessy is the oldest continuously operative Cognac brand, and they are known for their extraordinarily delicious bottles. 

Everything about Hennessy says class, from the luxuriously designed bottle to the last sip of their smooth Cognac. In addition to its regular assortment, the brand offers rare bottles which are very expensive. 

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In this article, I will give you a list and prices of the 15 most expensive Hennessy bottles, hoping you will enjoy some or all of them. 

15 Most Expensive Bottles of Hennessy

Let’s learn more about these bottles of Hennessy and make a well-informed pick!

1. Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac

Made in a small quantity of only one hundred bottles, this Hennessy expression is one of the rarest Hennessy bottles. It is an exceptionally rich drink and extraordinarily old. It ages from 80 to 150 years, which is more than a lifetime. 

This is an astoundingly delicious and extremely high-shelf Cognac with an even more extreme price tag of $245.000. It was primarily designed for Killian Hennessy, who managed the brand from 1940 to 1970. There are only a hundred of these bottles in the world; they are very hard to find and are collector’s items, not bottles for sale. 

2. Hennessy XXO Hors d’Age Cognac

Aged for over 50 years, this isn’t a rare bottle, but it definitely is a pricy one. Even though it is far cheaper than other bottles on this list, it still has a pretty high price of $700. It is, however, affordable for many, but it definitely is a part of the elites. 

This Hennessy expression is known for its intense floral fragrance intertwined with notes of bitter orange and mint leaves. Very earthy, natural, and herbal; the age definitely shows with this bottle. 

The 50+ years of maturation have certainly left a mark on the texture, depth, and smoothness of the drink. It is balanced beyond description, well-rounded, and spicy overall. The finish is long, smooth, and lingering with a fruity and slightly bitter aftertaste.  

3. Hennessy Richard Extra Cognac 

This blend dates from the 1800s and includes over 100 eau de vie aged for up to 200 years, so it goes without saying that this is an incomparable bottle.

Named after the brand founder, this bottle goes for about $6000, and it is available to buy for commercial as well as for collector’s purposes. 

The palate balances oak, vanilla, and spice notes. It starts with spicy and orange notes on the nose. The aromas are excellently rounded up by the overall vanilla dimension that leads the aroma of the drink, but it doesn’t dominate it. 

At first, you can feel the vanilla tones, followed by the oak flavor ending with the spice, particularly peppery notes. The finish is flavorful and extremely smooth, leaving a refreshing and warm vanilla aftertaste.

4. Richard Hennessy By Daniel Libeskind Cognac

This is another Hennessy bottle made as a tribute to the founding father. This time, this is a special edition of the already special edition, so you can try to imagine what it tastes like. This is a very rare bottle, but it is regularly made each year. 

For each batch, only 12 barrels of Hennessy are used, resulting in a very limited edition. This is a blend of the rarest Hennessy eau de vie aged 40, 50, and some even 100 years.

The decanter and glasses are designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Liebeskind, which is why his name is a part of the name of the bottle. 

Many describe this bottle as “unapologetically intense,” which may just be the best description. It starts with intense floral notes on the nose mixed with soft spices and fennel.

The palate is exquisitely delicious, with notes of leather and preserved fruits constantly battling for dominance, so you will be randomly surprised by different notes. 

The finish is, unmistakably smooth, rich, and vibrant, tasting like vanilla, smoke, and even more fruits. The price tag for this bottle is roughly $7.000. 

5. Hennessy Ellipse 

Priced at $16.000, this bottle of Hennessy is definitely expensive, but considering how much work and effort the brand has invested in it, you will see that it has been fairly priced.

Initially introduced to the market in 2006, this Hennessy edition comes in only 3000 pieces which makes it always in demand, driving the price up. 

It is a blend of the finest Hennessy eau de vie aged for up to 100 years in oak barrels. Starting with the luxury bottle and ending with the last drop of Cognac, it is definitely a meticulously crafted drink worthy of admiration. 

The nose and palate are compatible, exhibiting the same notes in different manners. While the nose is soft and subtle, with tones of rose petals, citrus, and an overall earthy dimension, the palate is more intense and assertive, yet it preserves the elegance it radiates on first sight. The finish is velvety and very rich, leaving you yearning for the next sip.

6. Hennessy Edition Particuliere

Extremely rare, with only 29 bottles since it was originally released in 2014, this Cognac is a blend of over 100 eau de vie aged over 100 years. With a price tag of about $39.000, it is definitely not affordable to anyone, and it is more of a collector’s item. 

This is a smooth and complex cognac, to say the least. It starts with vanilla and spicy notes on the nose, and it feels like a lusty mermaid pulling you further, instantly capturing you with its charms.

The palate unravels and expands to more vanilla, fruit, and spicy notes, extremely well balanced by the oaky undertones. 

The century of aging has definitely imprinted on the finish making it soft, smooth, and flavorful, with subtle notes of vanilla and spices. 

7. Hennessy H8

The Hennessy H8 has been created to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the brand. The “8” stands as a tribute to the eight generations of cellar masters of the Hennessy cellar chambers. 

This expression is pure emotion. It is a testament to the Hennessy tradition, hard work, dedication, and excellence in the Cognac-making industry. The pride that the brand takes in the making of their product is visible in the drink. 

It comes from 30 to 50-year-old eau de vie, creating a deep, complex, and vibrant drink. Combining notes of berries, toasted oak, and spices, this Hennessy bottle goes for a minimum of $97.000.

8. Hennessy Timeless 

Time has nothing on you if you are immortal, which is exactly what this bottle is. Defeating all possible limits and taking the spirit to another level, the Hennessy Timeless will never go out of style. 

The Hennessy Timeless is a golden Cognac packed in a luxurious bottle, sparkling from the inside out. It is a blend of over a century-old eau de vie and is one of the most seductive bottles ever produced. 

It entices the senses with everything it has, starting from appearance to fragrance to the velvety texture and exquisitely smooth finish.

Thanks to the carefully selected 11 Cognacs comprising the final blend, it is immensely flavorful yet not overwhelming. These Cognacs place their personal seals on the Timeless edition creating an excellently balanced and seductive result. 

The tasting notes include leather, pepper, fruit, and oak dancing on your palate in perfect synchrony. A bottle of this delicacy will cost you about $17.000. 

9. Hennessy VS Limited Edition Deluxe Offer

Consisting of a total of 100 bottles, this very limited edition of Hennessy is a product of the Hennessy Cognac craft and the artistic eye and vision of Alexandre Farto, a Portuguese artist who designed the bottles. 

Themed “Making the Invisible Visible,” this Hennessy edition brings out the best of Hennessy combined with a visual performance of each bottle. This collection captures the eye with its playfulness and innovative aesthetics that retain Hennessy elegance, bringing its style to the new world. 

Elegant and rich, this edition has the signature Hennessy fruitiness all over the Cognac’s body, expanding mid-palate into an extraordinary palette of flavors, including dried fruit, smoke, oak, pepper, and understated citrus notes. The finish is smooth and long, with a pleasant burn and a long aftertaste. 

This bottle is priced at roughly $15.000.

10. Paradis Imperial Cognac 

The Paradise Imperial was made for the Russian Imperial Court in 1818. It is a time capsule carrying the memories of an entirely different world, cherishing the rich history and tradition of the Hennessy brand. 

A bottle of this edition costs about $6.000, which compared to most on this list, is cheap for what you will be experiencing. It is paradise itself, packed nicely in a Hennessy bottle.

Smooth and classy all over, it is rugged and gentle at the same time, perfectly depicting what Cognac meant centuries ago. With its delightful aromas filled with notes of pepper, oak, and citrus, it tickles your curiosity to pull you deeper so you can discover what lies hidden.

The palate is abundantly flavorful and very seductive with hints of fruit, caramel, and even more vanilla. The finish is, naturally, very smooth and soft, with an exquisitely tuned burn.

11. Hennessy Richard

Named after Richard Hennessy, the founder of the brand and the one who changed history, this $4.000 is a tribute to its maker. It is a very complex spirit with a rich texture and is abundant in flavors and fragrances. 

It is natural and earthy, depicting the simplicity of life 250 years ago, but also reminding you that class and elegance have no expiration date. The nose is soft and alluring, exhibiting notes of nutmeg, earthiness, spices, and wildflowers. 

The palate is deep and rich, tasting like leather and dried fruits. The nose and palate are in perfect harmony boosting each other up and taming each other down in perfect timing. 

12. Hennessy Paradis

The Hennessy Paradise is a very rare Cognac released initially in 1979. It is an extremely fine drink priced at roughly $1015. With its copper shades, it seduces the eyes before it goes on and seduces the nose and palate. 

The fragrance transpires onto the palate, making this Cognac overall fruity and floral. It exhibits peppery and generally spicy aromas mixed with fruits and dried roses. Mid-palate, the whole story explodes into powerful tones of vanilla mixed with floral notes and an overall fruity dimension. 

13. Hennessy Pure White

Compared to the rest of the Cognacs on this list, Hennessy Pure White is virtually free, considering that it costs about $200. It is part of a limited edition called “The traveler’s exclusive,” and it is an original expression, especially since it steps out of the color box of Cognac in general. 

While the rest of the Hennessy Cognacs are dark amber or copper color, this expression is golden yellow, evoking the softer side of the drinker’s personality. Carefully selected and combined, the blend for this edition consists of the best Hennessy eau de vie. 

This Hennessy bottle is summer in a glass and smells expressively like spring flowers intertwined with the scent of ripe fruits. The palate is expressively sweet tasting like sweet grapes, ripe pears, apricots, and apples. All these notes create an overall sharp, and fresh palate enveloped in a mysterious sweetness and outstanding fruitiness. 

The finish is smooth, flavorful, playful, and very vibrant. The aftertaste is as rich as the palate itself, so you will be feeling your sip to the fullest for a while after it goes down. 

14. Hennessy Black 

Initially released in 2009, the Hennessy Black is liquid gold in a black bottle. Rugged and intimidating on the outside and refined and soft on the inside, this Hennessy edition is a typical gentle giant with a soft heart. 

Floral and fruity on the nose, it goes on to transfer the same notes on the palate. The palate gives the tasting notes space to expand and develop, so in addition to floral and fruity, you can also feel tones of grape and citrus wrapped in an overall earthy dimension. 

This expression is meant for cocktails, not because it doesn’t taste good neat, but because it injects the mixers with an abundance of flavors and is therefore irreplaceable in this regard. 

Priced at $100, this is the cheapest Hennessy bottle on this list and definitely within the grasp of many. 

15. Hennessy XO

This Hennessy expression is about 45 years old, which is well noticeable in the texture and depth of flavor. On the nose, it is vibrant and spicy with notes of wood, figs, and plums. The palate exhibits hints of oak and leather mixed with floral and fruity tones. 

The finish is smooth and very deep-flavored. The overall texture is full-bodied and incredibly rich. This delicacy will cost you about $200 making it one of the cheaper Hennessy Cognacs on this list. 

Why Is Hennessy Pure White So Expensive?

With a price tag of about $200, the Hennessy Pure White may be pricy, but it is cheap compared to the Hennessy bottles that cost several thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, it is a very special edition and definitely an eye-catching one. 

With its soft and gentle color and very refined flavor, this is definitely a delicate flower among the Hennessy expressions. It exhibits vibrant fruity and floral tasting notes and fragrances, making this bottle a very special one. 

Is Hennessy Black More Expensive?

Hennessy Black is among the more affordable Hennessy bottles. Priced at $100, it is definitely not out of reach. This is a bottle specializing in cocktails and mixers, as the vibrant tasting notes and unforgettable aromas make it an ideal flavor-giver to any cocktail. 


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