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We’ve all been in a situation when preparing a party and not knowing how many liquor bottles would be enough for all our guests.

You’re in the right place if you’re one of these people.

Whether you prefer whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum, or some flavored liquor, here you will learn how many shots you would get from a standard 750ml bottle of various spirits.

For example, a standard 750ml is 25.36 fluid oz and has about 16.90 1.5 oz shots. So, from one bottle of vodka, whiskey, or tequila, you can make about 16 cocktails.

However, liquor isn’t bottled only in 750ml bottles. It comes in bottles of various sizes. Moreover, different drink recipes also suggest different shot sizes.

So, let’s learn more about shots, starting with the types of shot sizes.

6 Types of Shot Sizes

There are bottles with various sizes and different shot sizes used to measure liquor. The most common shot glass sizes include the following:

0.5 oz

One 750ml bottle of alcohol has around 25.4 1 oz shots or 50 0.50 oz shots. That means 1ml has 0.033814 oz.

Countries like Norway, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and Serbia serve small 50 oz shots. In Germany, a standard single shot is 50 oz.

1 oz

A 750ml bottle, as mentioned before, has 25.4 1 oz shots, and they’re known as “pony.” This measure is used in countries like Japan, India, Canada, Italy, Israel, and Slovenia.

While in some countries like Serbia, Australia, and Aisle of Man, 1 oz of liquor is served as a standard shot. There are also parts of the US where 1 oz shots are served.

1.25 oz

1.25 oz shot glasses are standard single shots in countries like Sweden, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Norway, and France.

Therefore, a 750ml bottle of liquor will have about 20 1.25 oz shots.

1.5 oz

1.5 oz shot glass, also known as a “jigger,” is the most common shot measurement used in the  US, Canada, Korea, Greece, Poland, and Slovakia. One 750ml bottle of liquor has about 16.90 1.5 oz shots.

2 oz

Many countries consider a 2 oz shot a double shot, including the  US, and anything beyond 2 oz is considered double.

While in Serbia, India, Sweden, and Australia, they’re measuring their double drinks. However, countries like Japan, Israel, and Italy have areas where they serve two oz-60ml liquors as a single shot.

One 750ml bottle of liquor has 12 2 oz shots.

2.5 oz

2.5 oz in some countries like the  US, Hungary, UK, and Slovakia is considered a double shot. There are also locations where they’re serving double shots measured at 2.7 or 3 oz.

In a 750ml bottle of liquor, there are 10 2.5 oz shots


How Many Shots Are in a 750ml Bottle?

To determine the number of shots in a 750ml bottle, you should convert the quantities into the same unit.

Generally, drink quantities are measured in fluid ounces, so you must convert the 750ml bottle quantity into fluid ounces.

One milliliter has 0.03 ounces; therefore, a 750ml bottle will have 25.36 ounces.

Now that we know that a 750ml bottle has 25.36 oz, we need to determine the number of shots in that bottle. I will use the 1 oz shot for this example.

One 750ml bottle has about 25 shots and an excess amount of 0.36 oz liquor. With these 25 shots, you can make 25 1 oz cocktails.

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How Many Are 1.5 Ounce Shots In a 750ml Bottle?

1.5 oz is the standard shot size, so if you have a 750ml bottle, you will get 16.90 1.5 oz shots. After serving these shots, you will still have 0.90 oz liquor left in the bottle. It’s not much, but you can use it to make another 0.90 oz drink.

How Many 2 Ounce Shots Are in a 750ml Bottle?

In a 750ml bottle, there are 12 2 oz shots. After pouring these 12 shots, you will have 0.68 oz of liquor left in the bottle, which is not enough for another shot.

How Many 25ml Shots Are in a 750ml Bottle?

There are 30 25ml shots in a 750ml bottle. To get these result, you need to divide 750 by 25, and you will know how many 25ml shots you can get from one 750ml bottle.

How Many Shots Are In a 1 Liter Bottle?

It’s easier to calculate how many shots are in a 1-liter bottle if the quantities are in the same unit. One liter bottle has 1000ml or 33.814 ounces.

The number of shots you will get from a 1-liter bottle depends on the size of the shots you will pour to make the drink.

For example, if the recipe for the drink asks for one-ounce shots, then from the one-liter bottle, you will get 33 shots, and 0.81 oz of liquor will be left in the bottle.

If the recipe asks for 1.5 oz shots, you will get 22 shots from the one-liter bottle, and 0.54 oz will be left in the bottle.

However, if the recipe asks for two oz shots, the number of shots will decrease, and you will get 16 shots from a one-liter bottle and 0.90 oz left in the bottle.

How to Calculate the Shots Left in the Bottle?

To calculate the shots left in the bottle or the shots you can get from a liquor bottle, you need to know how many ounces are in the standard bottle sizes.

We can do this if we divide the bottle’s volume by 1 oz.

Bottle volume ÷ 1 oz = Number of 1 oz shots

There are various liquor bottle sizes, but some of the most common are the 750ml and 1 L bottles

Let’s say that you’re preparing a drink, and the recipe asks for 1 oz of some spirit, and as we know, one fluid ounce has 29.57ml, so let’s do some calculations.

750ml ÷ 1 oz = 750ml÷ 29.57ml = 25.36 1 oz shots 

That means one 750ml bottle has 25.36 1 oz shots, or we can round down to 25 1 oz shots.

With this equation, you can calculate how many shots has any bottle listed in milliliters. Still, if it’s not listed in milliliters, you can turn the quantities into milliliters and calculate afterward.

1000ml ÷ 1 oz = 1000ml ÷ 29.57ml = 33.81 1-oz shots

Measuring How Many Drinks Are In A Partially Full Bottle

Now that we know how to calculate how many 1 oz shots are in a bottle of liquor, we can also find out how many drinks are in a partially full bottle. Because it’s not nice to leave your friends without a drink and ruin the party.

To make this calculation, you must multiply the number of drinks in a full liquor bottle by the percentage of the remaining liquor in the bottle.

Drinks in partially full bottle = Drinks in full bottle × % remaining

For example, a recipe asks for a 1 oz shot. And I have a remaining 40% of a 750ml bottle of the spirit. That means I have 40% of 25.36 1 oz shots in the bottle.

25.36 shots × 40% = 25.36 shots × 0.4 = 10.14 1-oz shots

You have 10 1 oz shots left in the bottle, and you can make 10 1 oz drinks from the remaining liquor.

Shots To Get Drunk

Measuring Drinks With A Different Pour Size

Now that you know how to calculate the 1 oz shots left in the bottle, 

you must wonder what if my cocktail recipe asks for two or even 3 pour sizes? How will I know if there is enough remaining liquor in the bottle for my cocktails?

Well, that is also easy to calculate if you divide the number of the remaining 1 oz shots by the new pour size.

Servings of new pour size = number of 1-oz servings ÷ new pour size in ounces

I will take a 2 oz shot as an example. If the cocktail recipe asks for a 2 oz shot and I have a remaining 40% of a 750ml bottle of the spirit, I have 40% of 25.36 1 oz shots in the bottle.

And now, when we know that we have 10.14 1-oz shots of liquor left, all we have to do is to divide by 2 oz shot and calculate how many drinks of 2 oz remain.

10.14 1 – oz shots ÷ 2 oz = 5.07 2-oz shots

Now you know that you have 5 2 oz shots left in the bottle, and you can use them to make 5 2 oz cocktails.

Is 750ml Enough to Get Drunk?

750ml is more than enough to get you drunk. As I mentioned, a 750ml bottle of liquor has about 16.90 1.5 oz shots. And 3-4 shots can easily get you drunk.

However, many factors affect how fast you will get drunk, such as the following:

Amount and ABV

The amount of the liquor and its ABV affects how fast you will get drunk because it’s not the same if you drink 1-2 shots and 7-8. The more shots you drink drunker you will become.

There are various types of liquors with different AVBs.

For instance, when drinking whiskey, it’s important to know which type and how much ABV it contains. The same goes for other types of liquors.

For example, drinking whiskey containing 40% ABV, you will have to drink 120-150ml or 4-5 fl. oz to get drunk.

One shot glass of whiskey equals 1-1.25 fl. oz or 30-45ml, the recommended amount per person daily. That means about four shots of whiskey will get you drunk.

There are also types of undiluted whiskey with 75% ABV, which will make you drunk faster with smaller amounts consumed.

Age, Sex, and Body Weight

Older people have a lower alcohol tolerance than young people, which have a faster metabolism. Therefore, older people get drunk more quickly than young people.

As for gender, men usually have a larger blood volume. So, if a man and woman drink the same amount of alcohol, the woman will get drunk faster.

Hormones, metabolism, and body structure also matter.

A woman’s body has 52% water, less than a man’s, which has 61% water. Therefore, a woman’s body can dilute less alcohol than a man’s.

Body weight also affects how fast alcohol will get you drunk.

People who weigh more have more water in their bodies and get drunk slower because the alcohol in their blood is diluted more than in people with lower body weight.

However, if two people have the same body weight, that doesn’t mean they also have the same muscle mass and body fat percentage.

The one with less muscle mass will get drunk easier than the person with more muscle mass. At the same time, the people with a higher body fat percentage are less tolerant of alcohol and get drunk faster than the ones with a lower fat percentage. 

Water Intake

Water intake can also help you not to get drunk after the first shot of alcohol. The water will dilute the alcohol, and your liver will need more time to process it.

You can also drink water before and after drinking alcohol to help you with dehydration and hangover.

Sleep Regimen

Sleep regimen also affects how fast you will get drunk drinking alcohol. Some studies found a link between sleep regimen and alcohol tolerance.

These studies conclude that if you have slept enough before consuming alcohol, you will be more tolerant of alcoholic drinks. On the other hand, if you’re sleep-deprived for 1-2 or more days, you will get drunk faster.

Medication/Drugs Intake

We all know that medications, drugs, and alcohol are not a good combination, especially antidepressants and sleeping pills.

Taking these pills and drinking alcohol can affect your motor skills, coordination, and judgment. You can also feel sleepy and unable to drive; in the long term, this fatal combination can cause damage to your internal organs.

Taking painkillers and drinking alcohol can damage your liver, while an alcohol and aspirin combination can increase the risk of internal bleeding.

Therefore, if you take any medication, you should consult a doctor before using alcohol.

vodka shots

Health Condition

Alcoholic drinks are dangerous for people with health conditions.

So, if you have a chronic disease, you’re sick, or you were ill and now recovering, you will get drunk faster because your body and immune system are weak.

Many people also have alcohol intolerance and can’t drink any alcoholic drinks.

Regular Drinker

Regular alcohol consumption can increase your tolerance to ethanol effects because your brain will memorize and learn how to respond to high amounts of alcohol in your blood.

People who consume alcohol daily and are heavy drinkers will not show significant signs of intoxication, like talking incomprehensibly and getting out of balance.

Their brains can handle high doses of alcohol, so they will continue to drink, thinking they’re not drunk. But that is not the case if you don’t drink alcohol often and are not used to it.

Related Questions

What Is a Fifth of Liquor?

A fifth of alcohol like vodka, whiskey, tequila, or any other type of liquor is the name for the 750ml bottle.

How Many Shots in 375ml?

There are 8.5 shots in a 375ml bottle of liquor. This bottle also has half the shots of a 750ml bottle, also known as a “fifth’.

How Big is a Liter?

One liter bottle is 1000ml and is 25%biger than a 750ml bottle, also known as fifth.

How Many Ounces in a Liter?

There is about 33.814 oz in a liter.

How Many Shots in a Liter?

In a liter, there are 22 1.5 oz shots. That means in a liter of alcohol, there are about 11 3 oz shots and 33 1 oz shots.

Final Tips for Responsible Drinking

Always drink responsibly, especially when driving, because men will get legally drunk with three glasses, while women will need only two.

Here’s a list of helpful tips for responsible drinking.

Don’t Drink Your Alcohol Quickly

Drink it slowly and enjoy your drink. You can also sip it and limit your alcohol intake to only one daily drink. When drinking slowly and only one drink per hour, you give your liver time to process the alcohol and not get drunk.

Get Some Fresh Air 

If you feel dizzy while drinking alcohol go and get some fresh air. The fresh air will refresh you and clear your mind a bit.

Drink Wisely

Drink wisely and stick to the liquors with a lower ABV. That way, you will be able to stay sober longer.

Any alcohol can make you drunk, but how much and how fast depends on how much and how strong alcohol you will drink.

Therefore, choose wisely, drink responsibly and control your alcohol intake so you will not get drunk and feel bad afterward. 

And the most important thing is never to drink and drive; it endangers your and other people’s lives.

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