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After sliced bread, jello shots are the next best thing. They are literally shots. But in the form of jello. You can make jello shots with literally any alcohol you like. Some are more successful than others, but the fact that you can make them with whatever you want stands. 

To those who are open to experimentation, jello shots are the holy land of exploration. You shape them as you please, add color, and maybe stick a piece of fruit in the middle.

However, the problem with jello shots lies in the fact that you generally don’t make them just for yourself but when you have people coming over. 

Making a batch of jello shots is not the same as buying a bottle of whiskey, so you can sip occasionally and have it for as long as you’d like. Jello shots are degradable, and making enough for a bunch of people may result in you having leftovers. 

Since jello shots aren’t food, you can just freeze them and forget about it; though it is possible to freeze them, it is essential to know precisely how much time you have left with them so you know how you can use them.

So, how long are jello shots good for?  Technically, jello shots are good in the fridge for eight to ten days. However, just because they are safe doesn’t mean that they are flavorful.

Even though nothing will happen to you if you have a ten-day-old jello shot, it won’t be as delicious and will seriously lack flavor.

Therefore, the best time to have your leftover jello shots is around the third or fourth day after making them. After the fifth day, they start losing flavor rapidly. You can freeze them and prolong their shelf life for up to four months, but that isn’t something I recommend you do.

In this article, I will explain exactly how long jello shots are good for and how to store them best. 

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How Long Can Jello Shots Last In Fridge?

Jello shots aren’t perishable in the traditional sense of the word, but they are degradable. Depending on what you make them with, their shelf life can vary in longevity. However, the quality and the flavor of the jello shots substantially decrease in a short time span. 

Since jello shots are made with gelatin, a substance deriving from animal bones, they have an animal-origin ingredient that significantly impacts their quality and shelf life.

Your jello shots in the fridge can last as long as ten days, but they won’t have the same quality and flavor on the tenth day as they did on the first day. 

Jello shots are at their best around the third or fourth day after you pop them in the fridge. As time passes, they start losing flavor and ultimately become bland. They are still fresh, flavorful, and have the same quality as freshly made. 

You can store them in the freezer if you are interested in long-term storage, but freezing is not something I would advise you to do. Defrosted jello shots are bland and runny and of a significantly lesser quality than refrigerated ones. 

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Do Jello Shots Go Bad?

Technically, jell shots have an indefinite shelf life as they don’t go bad in the traditional sense. They don’t spoil, and they are always safe to eat. However, not going bad doesn’t mean staying good when it comes to jell shots. 

Stored properly in an airtight glass container, they will be safe to eat practically forever, but they won’t be as delicious and strong. Since they contain alcohol trapped inside jello, it will need time to evaporate, but that will happen nonetheless. 

Therefore, your jello shots will weaken and have less flavor. The flavorings, if you add some, will also mellow down, so you will end up with practically flavorless jello shots with very little kick if any.

Therefore, jello shots don’t go bad after ten days in the fridge, but they become useless. 

If you freeze them, you may preserve them for a longer period, but the defrosting will significantly degrade their quality, from consistency to texture to flavor. 

Do Jello Shots Get Stronger The Longer They Sit?

Yes, it is possible for jello shots to get stronger the longer they sit, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Generally speaking, the longer the jello shots sit after you make them, the better the alcohol will bond with the rest of the ingredients. 

However, this is a knife with two blades, as too strong of a jello shot is worse than one that is too bland. Therefore they need balance to be just right.

A night in the fridge will bring your jello shots to their optimum level, but ten days in the fridge will seriously diminish their quality. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you don’t force the process. If you didn’t make your jello shots on time and now you don’t have enough time to let them solidify naturally in the fridge, don’t freeze them to speed up the process, as that is fruitless labor.

It is better if you substitute for another alcohol than serving your guests icy and runny jello shots. 

Your jello shots seem to be at their top quality after about three days in the fridge. By this time, they have solidified and balanced the flavors and strength, so they are at their best. 

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How Long Can You Make Jello Shots Ahead Of Time?

If your gathering is tonight and you still haven’t made your jello shots, it is too late to start now. Making them is the easy part, but they need a considerable amount of time to solidify and balance. 

A night in the fridge is the least amount of time you should give your jello shots. However, leaving them in the fridge for three to four days before serving them would be the best time.

Past the three days, your jello shots will considerably diminish in flavor and consistency, so don’t wait too long before serving them. 

Make sure you store them in glass airtight containers to preserve their flavor and strength. After five days in the fridge, your jello shots will start to lose flavor rapidly, so three to five days in the fridge is the best period for you to refrigerate them. 

Therefore, you should plan well in advance to have your jello shots at their best when you have your gathering. 

Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

Yes, you can freeze jello shots, but just because you can freeze them doesn’t mean that you should do it.

However, if you do decide to freeze your jello shots, pick the timing carefully. If you freeze them after they spend a week or ten days in the fridge, you are freezing useless jello shots. 

Freezing your jello shots won’t restore their flavor or strength but will preserve them in the state in which they are at the moment of freezing. So, if you freeze bland jello shots, there is no reason to expect different ones once you defrost them. 

The best time to freeze jello shots is around the third or fourth day in the fridge. They are at their best, most flavorful, and strongest. So, freezing them will likely keep them in this condition. However, freezing in itself comes with certain risks. 

The time they spend in the fridge will make your jello shots runny and not at all like you expected them to be. They can also diminish in flavor and character as well as weaken and lose their kick.

Although some would argue that you can keep your jello shots in the freezer for four months, I suggest you don’t keep them frozen for over a month, and even then, it is uncertain whether or not they will turn out well. 

Freezing isn’t a natural way to preserve jello, and jello is made to be eaten soon after. Therefore keep the freezer option as a last resort, as the only thing worse you can do to your jello shots is discarding them in the garbage. 

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How To Store Jello Shots In A Cooler?

If you want to take your jello shots to a party or the party is outside, keeping them in a cooler is an excellent idea. However, I must stress that using Freon coolers are better than dry ice. The dry ice will freeze your jello shot, while the Freon cooler will keep it at fridge temperature. 

Once your jello shots have solidified in the fridge, take the container and gently transfer it into the cooler. Make sure it is stable and flat inside the cooler.

Don’t turn it over, and don’t place it on the side. If your container is firm enough, it is best that you place it on the bottom of the cooler and covers it with the rest of the items you intend to put in the cooler, if any. 

If your container isn’t that solid, place it on top of the other items you place in the cooler. 



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