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Wondering about the perfect bottle option for a sundowner or weekend get-together with friends? This comprehensive Hennessy sizes and prices guide can help you make an informed decision. Hennessy continues to be a top rated cognac brand globally.

Now, this is no random fact. The world class cognac is popular for its impressive and unique flavor profile crafted for centuries. Whether you take a mature blend neat, on the rocks, or as a mixed chilled cocktail, the cognac doesn’t disappoint.

So, here’s an exhaustive guide for Hennessy sizes and prices to help you choose the right bottle.

The Hennessy Brand – Everything There is to Know

The Hennessy brand is the largest cognac producer globally, dishing over 70 million bottles globally.  Further, Hennessy’s sales account for nearly 60% of overall Cognac sales in the US alone. Hennessy cognac is known for its unique flavor profile, thanks to the century-old crafting.

However, the flavor alone isn’t what makes Hennessy such a popular drink. The brand has also done a pretty good job at marketing and promoting the cognac across the world.

The brandy is produced by distilling and aging dry and thin white wine in French barrels for about two to thirty years to impart the characteristic flavor. Hennessy cognac has a characteristic floral aroma with vanilla notes and is finished with amber or golden color.

You can enjoy Hennessey neat in a brandy snifter while admiring the texture and slow heating of the cognac from your hands. Alternatively, you can have it on the rocks or as part of a cocktail.

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The Beginnings

The Hennessy brand was launched in 1765 in Cognac, France by Richard Hennessy (a former army officer of Louis XV’s military).  The brand has remained on the market for over 250 years with each generational family member playing their part, most notably Richard’s son, James, who gave the company its trading name.  

James also handpicked the house master blender, Jean Fillioux, who is credited for the cognac’s distinctive flavors. This role has remained in Jean’s family for over two and half centuries.  

On the other hand, Richard’s grandson Maurice Hennessy officially introduced the star rating and gradings in the mid-19th century after a special request V.S.O.P from King George IV from England. This system is used to date (with slight variations) by cognac producers.

The Uniqueness of Hennessy

By the mid-19th century, Hennessy was the largest cognac producer in the world, exporting to the USA and the rest of Europe. Now, this is a status that the Hennessy brand, amongst the very few global brands, has managed to maintain to date.

In addition to its excellent sales and export numbers, the Hennessy brand is also responsible for introducing a variety of conventional practices that have become the standard norms in the cognac industry.

Unlike other cognac producers, the brand never sold cognac in casks. Instead, it sold its cognacs in bottles, allowing it to survive tough times through the centuries.

Additionally, the brand introduced the star ratings and gradings, such as V.S.O.P and XO – used by cognac producers to date. V.S.O.P refers to very superior old pale, primarily used to describe sherries. On the other hand, XO refers to extra old cognac that had undergone extended cask maturation.

Hennessy Today

Today, Hennessy is owned by Moet Hennessy (a subsidiary of LVMH) and Diageo (a non-controlling shareholder). Now, a never before the merger was made in the early 70s by a direct descendant of Richard Hennessy, Killian Hennessey.

This included a merger of Hennessy and Moet et Chandon to form Moet Hennessy and later a merger with Louis Vuitton to form Louis Vuitton + Moet+ Hennessy or LVMH. This created the world’s largest luxury brand conglomerate.

This explains why the brand is associated with luxury. In fact, Hennessy has become a popular pop culture luxury reference, thanks largely to hip-hop. The Hennessy brand is considered one of the “big four” cognac brands, along with Courvoisier, Remy Martin, and Martell.

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Hennessy Sizes and Prices Guide Table

Over the years, Hennessy has produced various cognac bottles, which come in varying sizes. Below is the list of popular Hennessy products along with their bottle sizing availability and pricing;

Product Size Pricing (in US$)
Hennessy V.S  375 ml 17.99 – 26.99
750 ml 33.99 – 38.99
1 L 49.99 – 52.99
1.75L 74.99 – 82.99
Hennessy V.S.O.P  750 ml 83.99 – 85.99
Hennessy X.O  750 ml 199.99 – 229.99 
Hennessy X.X.O  750 ml 349.99 – 999.99
Hennessy V.S. Limited Edition 750ml 39.99 – 49.99

Special/Limited Edition

Product Size Pricing (in US$)
Privilége V.S.O.P 750 ml 51.99 – 58.99
Hennessy Master Blender’s selection  750 ml 94.99 – 99.99
Hennessy Paradis  750ml 799.99 – 999.99 
Richard Hennessy  750 ml  3799.99- 5499.99
James Hennessy  750 ml 447.99 – 699.99 
Hennessy Paradis Imperial  750 ml 2399.99 – 2799.99
Hennessy 8  700 ml 92,000 – 97,000 
Hennessy Timeless  750 ml 12,000 – 18,000 
Hennessy Ellipse  700ml 12,000 – 14,000
Hennessy Black  750 ml 39.99 – 46.99
Hennessy Pure White  750 ml 94.99 – 139.99
Hennessy Classivm  750 ml 39.99 -79.99
Hennessy Fine de Cognac 750 ml 44.99 – 49.99

Collector’s List

Here’s a price list of the Hennessy special collector’s bottles;

Product Size Pricing (in US$)
Hennessy VS “44” 2009 Honoring the 44th US president, Barack Obama  750 ml 1000-8500 
Hennessy VS “NUL” 2010 National Urban League  750 ml 49.99 – 89.99 
Hennessy VS “BOA” 2010 The blending of Art (five different designers)  750 ml 120 – 250
Hennessy VS “KAWS” 2011 New York Graffiti artist KAWS design  750 ml 55 
Hennessy Fine De Cognac and Tea 2011 Tea House Maison de Thé Théodor  750 ml 55 – 105
Hennessy VSOP Helios 2011 In golden bottle named after the Greek God of the Sun  1 L 139.99 – 369.99 
Hennessy VSOP “NyX” 2011 Platinum Bottle that glows in black light  750 ml 45.99 – 49.99 
Hennessy VSOP Kyrios 2012 3D label on a black bottle  750 ml 74.99 – 79.99 
Hennessy XO Odyssey 2007–2011    700 ml 199.99-215.99 
Hennessy Kenzo 1997–1999 Fashion designer Kenzo – LVMH subsidiary  750 ml 239.99 – 299.99
Hennessy Red Book 2011 Levandovka filling


 750 ml Up to 2500 
Hennessy X Futura 2012 New York graffiti artist Futura  750 ml 42.99 – 49.99
Hennessy Luminous 2013 Brand label glows  750 ml 112- 150
Hennessy VS x Scott Campbell 2016    750 ml 200 – 800 
Hennessy VS x Jon One 2017    750 ml 299 – 499 
Hennessy X.O x Marc Newson 2017    750 ml 299 – 499 
Hennessy VS x Vhils 2018 Portuguese visual Artist  750ml 14,999.99 
Hennessy VS x Felipe Pantone 2019    750 ml 299 – 499 

Hennessy Bottles Buyer’s Guide

When you want to purchase a Hennessy bottle, you want to have an idea of various factors about the cognac. This allows you to pick the right option for your needs. We’ve summarized the key factors to consider the next time you invest in your Hennessy bottle.

Understand the Aging Lingo

Typically, younger blends will cost significantly less than older and vintage blends. This explains why collectibles and some special editions fetch a higher price.

  • V.S. – V.S. simply refers to the youngest cognac blend and is typically aged within the last two years. Hennessy V.S. is the cheapest and most popular of the bunch. Hennessy V.S. also participates in the brand’s various artist collaborations and annual special editions.
  • V.S.O.P – Like V.S., the V.S.O.P is also among the youngest, typically aged in the last four years. The term “V.S.O.P” is borrowed from when King George the fourth ordered a special cognac blend from Hennessy and referred to it as “Very Special Old Pale”, previously used to describe sherries. The Hennessy V.S.O.P features a fruity grape taste with spiced orange, slowly finishing off with caramel and chocolate. It is best enjoyed neat.
  • Napoleon – A relatively new aging term, napoleon refers to a cognac blend aged within the last six years.
  • X.O. – X.O. refers to “Extra Old” and this blend is usually aged for at least a decade. Originally, the Hennessy brand used the X.O. aging terms for blends specially bottled for family and close friends. The Hennessy X.O. sells at a relatively affordable price although it’s the only blend aged for at least 10 years.
  • X.X.O – The “Extra Extra Old” blend is usually aged for about fourteen years.
  • Hors’ d’Age – This aging scale is used for old and vintage blends, typically aged for several decades. The Hor’s d’Age label is given to highly expensive blends that have surpassed the X.X.O scale.

Distinguish between Regular and Collectibles/Special Edition

  • Hennessy Black – Introduced in just 2009, Hennessy Black is aged in old oak barrels to give it a smooth, mildly flavored profile, making it a popular choice with mixologists. This is because this mellow profile makes it an incredible option for cocktails and other mixed drinks.
  • Hennessy Master Blender (selection No. 3) – A limited edition, this bland comes from a single batch to mark the first blend from the master blender, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde. It features a rich nutty profile with notes of praline, roasted hazelnuts, and vanilla. It has a higher alcohol content, resulting in a more velvety texture.
  • Richard Hennessy – While this special edition fetches a high price tag, it’s worth every penny. The Richard Hennessy bottle is amongst the most expensive varieties in the Hennessy cognac brand lineup. This cognac variety features a special blend of 100 Eaux-de-vie, dating back to the 1800s. The bottles were first introduced on the market in 1996 as an homage to the brand’s founder, Richard Hennessy. if you are lucky, you can actually find a bottle containing the original batch from the 100 Eaux-de-vie from the 1800s!
  • Hennessy Paradis- Paradis is a standard terminology used by cognac producers and typically refers to a special holding place that stored the oldest and most expensive cognac. This explains why Hennessy Paradis is amongst the high-priced Hennessy varieties. Hennessy Paradis comes from the rarest and vintage Eaux-de-vie that have been aged for over a century and a quarter to produce the most sophisticated and elegant depth of flavor. Hennessy Paradis was launched in the market in 1979 and is enjoyed best neat in a snifter or with soda water.
  • Hennessy Paradis Imperial – Although it will cost you more than double the price, you should go for the Hennessy Paradis Imperial if you want to experience more exclusivity.

Choosing the Authentic Hennessy Bottle

You want to avoid purchasing a fake Hennessy bottle. As mentioned earlier, the Hennessy brand exudes elegance and luxury. So, each blend is curated and aged with the utmost precision. Investing in fake Hennessy bottles means you will not enjoy the authentic taste.

But, this is not the only problem you will have on your hand. With inadequately gauged alcohol content and poor production, fake Hennessy can bring dire symptoms like organ failure, loss of vision, and in the worst scenarios, death. So, it’s important to learn how to spot the authentic stuff.

Here are common factors you can look out for;

Look for an Authentication Number

The simplest way to confirm a Hennessy bottle is authentic is by looking for the authentication number assigned to every bottle by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration (NAFDAC).

You can look for similar authentication markings by respective agencies if you are in a foreign country. You will never find a NAFDAC number on a fake bottle.

Further, look for an excise stamp from the taxman. Due to it being counterfeit, fake bottles will not pay for taxes so they won’t have any excise stamps. Other visual cues for fake Hennessy bottles include unclear labeling and foreign language printing.

Ensure It’s the Right Pricing

The Hennessy brand has maintained a high demand in the world, even though it accounts for nearly 60% of global cognac sales. in fact, it’s this demand that has allowed the brand to remain on the market and operational for up to two and a half centuries.

With the demand the brand has, the prices will never go down! Moreover, every bottle undergoes an intense production process and uses the highest quality materials, making the production costs high. So, if you are unsure, you should follow the Hennessy bottle pricing guide above to cross-check the pricing range for the bottle you want.

If you notice a vendor with a lower Hennessy price, it’s highly likely that it is a fake Hennessy bottle.

Bottle Look

The look of the bottle will also tell you if it’s an authentic Hennessy. For example, an authentic Hennessy V.S.O.P bottle features a wide and pot-bellied shape – something counterfeiters can’t achieve.

In addition to the shape, appearance, and logo markings, the next best aspects to look at are the shell and cork. Try to gently move the cork – it should remain tight and immobile when sealing the mouth of an authentic Hennessy.

Bottles with regular covers such as the Hennessy V.S. 350 ml bottle can be distinguished from fake bottles by their higher quality covers. Fake Hennessy bottle covers usually have a flimsy vodka-like top.

Further, when you look deeper at any Hennessy bottle, you will notice a holosleeve hologram on the cork and body, thanks to the brand’s special in-house laser technology. The technology engraves the original pattern on the cork and upper middle part of the bottle.  

Additionally, authentic Hennessy corks are made from oak while fake ones use synthetic corks. Unfortunately, you can only confirm this after pulling out the stopper. Nonetheless, it’s better than nothing, after all, it’s your health we are talking about.

The use of oak cork as opposed to a synthetic one allows for the bottle to retain oxygen, ensuring the flavors remain untouched.

Look beyond the Bottle’s Exterior

Hennessy bottles are clear and see-through, allowing you to observe the cognac’s color. Authentic Hennessy should have a rich golden or amber cognac hue.  Fake Hennessy cognac will have a much fainter color.


Do you have more unanswered questions about the Hennessy brand and cognac? Check out these answers to questions commonly asked by enthusiasts just like yourself.

Is Hennessy Cheap Liquor?

Hennessy is not cheap liquor. In fact, the brand is part of the luxury LVMH conglomerate and makes up more than half of the world’s cognac exports and sales. The brand uses a high-cost production process with the highest quality materials, making it high-end. However, the cognac brand also offers a variety of bottles, with pricing ranging from as low as $17.99 to as high as $90,000+.

How Much Is A 5th Bottle Of Hennessy?

A 5th bottle of Hennessy will cost you anywhere between $33.99 and $90,000. A 5th bottle of Hennessy simply means a 750ml bottle.

How Much Is The Biggest Bottle Of Hennessy?

The biggest bottle of Hennessy will cost you about $74.99 to $82.99. The Hennessy V.S. cognac blend comes in the largest bottle, at around 1.75L. The Hennessy V.S. blend offers a selection of four sizes, i.e. 350ml, 750ml, 1L, and 1.75L.

Why Is Hennessy So Expensive?

Hennessy is expensive due to its costly distillation process. The cognac typically involves the use of grapes (not grains like cheap cognac) and distilled wine juice, both of which are expensive processes.

Further, in its two and a half centuries on the market, the brand has managed to maintain a relatively high demand across the world, particularly in China and the US. So, it doesn’t really have the need to lower its prices. As part of the larger Louis Vuitton – Moet-Hennessy conglomerate, the Hennessy brand sells luxury!

How Much Is The Cheapest Hennessy?

The cheapest Hennessy is Hennessy V.S, the youngest blend, aged for only two years.  While it comes in four different sizes, Hennessy V.S. is significantly cheaper than Hennessy V.S.O.P and Hennessy X.O. Hennessy V.S. will cost you anywhere between $17.99 and $82.99, depending on the bottle size.

On the other hand, Hennessy V.S.O.P will cost you about $83.99 to $85.99 and Hennessy X.O will cost you about $199 to $229.99.

How Much Is A Bottle Of Hennessy XO?

A bottle of Hennessy X.O. will cost you about $199.99 to $229.99. You can also try a collectible X.O. blend, the Hennessy X.O. Odyssey for about $199.99 to $215.99.

How Much Money Is Hennessy?

The price of Hennessy varies. After all, it comes in a variety of bottle sizes and aging scales. The cheapest Hennessy bottle will cost you about $17.99 to $26.99 while the regular variety goes up to $999.99. On the other hand, special editions, collectibles, and older, vintage varieties cost between $2399.99 and $97,000.

What’s The Most Expensive Hennessy?

The most expensive Hennessy is Hennessy 8 at about $92,000 to 97,000. The Hennessy 8 bottle typically undergoes an aging duration of about 30 to 100 years.

Designated as grand champagne, 70 cl. the cognac is housed in unique 8-ring baccarat of crystal and engraved floral patterns designed by artist, Arik Levy.

The cognac’s crystal decanter is housed on more than twenty layers of precious wood and is complemented by four cognac-tasting glasses (designed by Yann Fillioux and George Riedel).   

The Hennessy 8 bottle was originally launched to celebrate 250 years of the House of Hennessy – the partnership between the Hennessy family and master blender/cellar master, the Fillioux family. Hennessy 8 cognac has an extremely refined taste with velvety notes of spice, berries, vanilla, toffee, and toasted oak.

What is the Rarest Bottle of Hennessy?

Hennessy Beauté du Siécle Hennessy is the rarest bottle of Hennessy. It features an aging duration of about eight to fifteen decades and costs a whopping $240,000+. Hennessy Beauté du Siécle Cognac is also housed in a 1L decanter.

Now, this Hennessy bottle is highly exclusive with only 100 bottles ever produced. The limited edition bottle was introduced by Richard Hennessy’s direct descendant, Killian Hennessy, while the custom elegant chest it is housed in was designed by Jean-Michel Othoniel.

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Since its founding over 250 years ago, the Hennessy brand has consistently maintained a significant mark on the market. This is evident in its superior global sales number and exquisite taste.

Plus, its bottle variety, whether the cheapest Hennessy V.S. or a more limited edition Hennessy beaute du siècle, showcases the brand’s masterful distillation, untapped taste, and unbeatable style.

With this Hennessy sizes and prices guide, you can easily figure out the right pricing for the luxury brand bottle you want to purchase. the detailed buyer’s guide also offers pretty exhaustive guidance, even to the untrained eye,  to ensure you pick the right and authentic bottle.

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