20 Fruity Alcoholic Drinks Sold In Stores (Customer-Rated)

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Looking for the perfect refreshing drink reminiscent of the warm, breezy summers? Are you planning a fun afternoon with friends or a bridal shower for your bestie? With the best fruity alcoholic drinks sold in stores, you don’t have to stress much about perfecting a nice fruity boozy drink.

With pre-made, ready-to-drink commercially available fruity alcoholic drinks, there’s no need to curate cocktails from scratch or fumble around trying to perfect an original recipe.

In fact, you can even use these very same fruity drinks to create your own sweet special, sparkling, chilling, or however, type of drink you want.

Top 20 Fruity Alcoholic Drinks On The Market This Year

So, to get you to the right place quickly, we’ve put together a list of the 20 best fruity alcoholic drinks on the market. To make it even better, this is a selection of drinks top rated by customers just like yourself.

1. Seagram’s Escapes Strawberry Daiquiri


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If mixing is not your thing, you can always opt for a pre-made fruity cocktail drink. What better option to choose for the ultimate fruit burst than Seagram’s Escapes Strawberry Daiquiri? The pre-mixed daiquiri offers just the right fruity notes to scream summer.

The pre-mixed cocktail is also an excellent upgrade to a simple light rum, lime, and simple sugar. Adding the strawberry notes gives the drink a sweet and fresh strawberry taste with a slight tartness from the lime while the light rum gives it its kick without going hard on your throat.

To best enjoy this beautiful tropical concoction, you want to serve the fruity alcoholic drink on the rocks with a garnished lime wedge.

Alternatively, you can introduce your own recipe –layer a highball with lime wedges, grapefruit wedges, and mint, squish the mix, pour over the daiquiri, and add ice for the ultimate summer drink.  

You can also add the daiquiri to a unique punch recipe for an instant party favorite. The strawberry daiquiri also comes at a pretty affordable price tag without compromising quality – in fact, you can go for the 4-pack option for the best value.

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2. Jack Daniel’s Watermelon Punch


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For the ultimate fruity alcoholic drink, the Jack Daniel’s Watermelon Punch is a perfect choice. Watermelon punch drink combines a fruity explosion of watermelon, lemon, and lime that pairs perfectly with authentic Jack Daniels whiskey that exudes a hint of oak.

The good news about this drink is that it is readily available across the US, online, and in physical stores. So, you can rest assured that you’ll get your fix every time you need one for a completely refreshing summer.

In fact, the watermelon punch is the ultimate drink for summer, whether during BBQ parties with the family or pool parties with friends. To give you even better value, the JD watermelon punch comes at a very affordable price tag – complementing your get-togethers without you having to dig deep into your pockets.

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3. Bacardi Real Rum Cocktail


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If you are looking for a brand to give you a variety of fruity alcoholic drinks to choose from, the Bacardi Real Rum Cocktail collection is a good idea. The rum cocktail option is perfect for a family or friends’ get-together, offering different guests a choice of rum-based drinks.

The best part is the pre-mixed drinks are filled in an 8-ounce can for individual servings so everyone can pick the variety they want. The Bacardi Real Rum Cocktails offers flavors in Bahama Mama and Sunset Punch, to name a few.

4. Greenbar Rum + Cola


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You can now get your hands on run & “coke” without the need for any mixing. The Greenbar offers a pre-mixed, innovative take on the classic rum and coke in its new Rum + Cola drink variety. Sold in a pack, you can find this classic cocktail anywhere in the US and online.

The fruity drink combines a mix of Greenbar rum and cola elevated with citrusy, sweet fruity orange notes and spices to give it a kick.

You can best enjoy the Greenbar Rum + Cola on the rocks to unleash the cool and complex rum, with spicy, sweet, citrusy, and fruity notes. The drink also comes in an 8-ounce can for a perfectly tuned single serving.

5. Drifter Cocktail & Co. Nordic-Style Gin & Tonic


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Enjoying gin and tonic doesn’t mean you have to splurge on a bottle of Hendricks or beefeater. While maintaining the authentic and pleasant taste, the Drifter Cocktail Co. Nordic Style Gin & Tonic allows you to enjoy premium gin and tonic at a fraction of the price.

Plus, unlike regular gin, you get extra value for money with a unique burst of flavor from its incredibly curated gin. The classic cocktail features a combination of sweet and spicy bursts of the flavored mix for a subtle, sophisticated, yet, perfect summer unwinding drink.

The combined sweet and spicy fruity notes of the gin and tonic make the gin more palatable and “easier” on the throat, especially for beginners and light drinkers.

The gin & tonic is made using Svöl Danish Style Aquavit, Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin, Pear Juice, and Sweet All Spice Flavor.

While the gin & tonic isn’t the cheapest on the market, it still gives you impressive value for your money and can be found in most stores online and physically across the US.

6. ‘Merican Mule Southern Mule


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If you want to enjoy the ultimate southern whiskey taste but with a cocktail twist, the ‘Merican Mule Southern Mule is a good selection. Also known as the Kentucky Mule, this all-around southern pre-mixed cocktail resonates pretty well among bourbon drinkers.

However, you will be impressed with its two unique features. For one, the Southern Mule comes as a hybrid, a blend of the old-fashioned cocktail with a Moscow mule for the perfect summer taste.

However, what really makes it a perfect summer drink is the careful and intuitive choice of flavors. The Southern Mule combines a blend of bourbon whiskey, cherry, orange, and zingy ginger spice notes.

The ‘Merican Mule also offers a pretty versatile choice of drinks, if whiskey isn’t your strong suit. You can also opt for the Tequila-spiked Mexican Mule, Vodka-spiked Watermelon Mule, or Florida-rum spiked Tropical, mule to name a few.

The fruity alcoholic drinks come in a selection of 8-pack or 16-pack 8-ounce cans.

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7. Dogfish Head Lemonade Vodka


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If you are in the mood for a good vodka mixed drink, the Dogfish Head Lemonade Vodka is a great idea. This mixed drink is a fantastic invention of the Dogfish Head brewery known for its craft beers.

But, unbeknownst to many people, the Dogfish Head brand owns an equally successful distillery that produces its excellent vodka and from which the cocktail is made.

The Lemonade vodka is not your regular lemon-based vodka drink, however. The canned pre-made cocktail comes with a variety of fruity flavors, whether you want the Strawberry and Honeyberry Vodka Lemonade or other fun fruity-based flavors.  

8. Austin Eastciders Blackberry Cider


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Cider is a favorite amongst many people who prefer to enjoy a bubbly alcoholic drink with minimal to no gluten. After all, cider is fruit based.

But, many a time, classic cider maintains the same ‘ol apple flavor. So, it comes with great excitement that you can finally enjoy the alcoholic beverage in your favorite fruit flavor – for the ultimate refreshing summer experience!

Now, our personal favorite is the blackberry cider variety that offers an explosive burst of refreshingly ripe blackberry and crisp apple to make it a much-loved accompaniment to any summer affair – whether a picnic, light lunch, or a casual afternoon with friends.

9. Hey Mama Rose


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If you are a wine drinker, we have you covered too. Just because it’s wine, it doesn’t mean you can’t elevate the already beautiful natural grape flavor! What better way to enjoy the warm summers or cozy fall weekends than with the Hey Mama Rose drink?

The fruity wine drink combines a blend of watermelon, strawberry, honeysuckle, and honeydew melon with rose wine to elevate the wine into a drink of art.

For even better convenience, instead of a large 75 cl. bottle, you can grab a four-pack of 8-ounce cans to enjoy your rose wine drink as you want. For the best results, pre-chill the cans!

10. Cutwater Pina Colada


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You don’t have to be lounging by the pool in Cabo to enjoy one of the Pina Coladas on the market. The Cutwater Pina Colada offers an exhilarating taste with subtle and premium notes.

The pre-made holiday favorite combines the delicious coconut rum with pineapple juice and coconut cream for a more nuanced coconut finish.

However, to undercut the extreme creaminess and to balance out the drink for a pronounced taste, a little bit of a citrusy note is added to the cocktail.

Plus, the scratch-made cocktail comes in an 8-ounce can in a value multiple-can packaging for controlled serving to make it great for a crowd and individual drinkers alike.

11. The Cocktail Courier Party Can Triple Spice Margarita


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The Cocktail Courier Party Can Triple Spice Margarita exudes a beautiful taste and aroma we all thought we’ll never witness. This elevation to a classic cocktail delivers premium quality notes to your taste buds.

Plus, while you may dig alittle deeper into your pockets for this drink compared to other pre-made canned cocktails, it is worth every penny!

However, the cocktail gives you relatively good value, packed with 12 servings. After all, unlike other pre-mixed cocktails, the Cocktail Courier Party Margarita is housed in a can-like bottle you can reseal with an included lid.

So, you can always drink to the amount you want and save the rest for later. Alternatively, the 12 servings are enough to serve a group of friends sufficiently.

The elevated margarita cocktail is made using the finest blue Weber agave tequila blended with fresh lime juice, premium orange Liqueur for a hint of sweet tartness, and a smidge of spice for more excitement. This combo is definitely a party starter.

Hint: To experience the best of the drink during a hot summer day, freeze it and serve it in shaves like a regular frozen margarita.

12. Drifter Cocktails & Co. Passion Fruit Caipirinha


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Do you want to enjoy the best caipirinha without traveling to the samba capital? The c brings Brazil to the comfort of your home (or backyard) and offers an explosion of the best tropical flavors you can get your hands on.

Plus, this pre-mixed Brazilian alcoholic concoction is made even better with a rush of fun fruity flavors. Elevated from the classic mix of cachaca, sugar, and lime, this upgrade is infused with delicious notes of passion fruit for the ultimate sweet, tart, and tropical finish.

The canned cocktails come in a four-pack to enjoy with friends or even down all by yourself for a wild night.

13.  Cocktail Squad Whiskey Sour


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Generally, most whiskey drinkers don’t really down cocktails, even whiskey-based ones. But, from time to time, you will find a few that have an affinity to the likes of whiskey sour.

Now, tasting the Cocktail Squad Whiskey Sour guarantees to transform even the hardcore neat or on-the-rocks whiskey drinkers into lovers of whiskey-based cocktails.

The handmade classic comes with a fruity twist, incorporating bourbon whiskey, pressed lemon, freshly squeezed orange juice, and Gomme syrup.

The best part is you will not taste any of the unpleasantries, with no extreme tartness, over-sweetness, or unnatural taste. The cocktail features a nuanced and fine-tuned sophisticated taste for the ultimate, elevated cocktail taste.

Tip: If the whiskey sour variety turns out to impress you, you should give it a try to the rest of the fleet, depending on your favorite alcohol. You can opt for another bourbon flavor, the Bourbon Smash. Alternatively, take your palate on a fun adventure with the Cocktail Squad Gin & Tonic, Margarita, or Vodka Soda, to mention a few.

14. Miami Cocktail Company Spritzer


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Since we are on the topic of fruity pre-made cocktails, you will certainly love this Spritzer mix. The wine-based cocktail is the perfect option for giving you a tropical feel, no matter the season.

However, the best part about the Miami Cocktail Company Spritzers is that they come in a selection of up to five flavors. This, in turn, ensures that you find your fruity-flavored drink match.

The Miami Cocktail Company drinks can be enjoyed in a margarita, Paloma, Bellini, mimosa, or sangria variety – true summer flavors! The drinks also feature an organic formula, lowering the calories to just 110 while offering a reasonable alcohol content of just 4.2% ABV.

Hint: Pour the fizzy fruity drinks over rocks and garnish with a slice of fruit, whether strawberry, lime, or grapefruit for a refreshing pick-me up.

15.  Mayne & Co. The Modern Mimosa


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Brunch just got better with this elevated mimosa cocktail from the Mayne & Co. brand. The handy canned mimosa can be enjoyed beyond the breakfast table – it makes a perfect beachside picnic drink or even as a celebratory toast drink poured in a flute.

While maintaining the original formula, the Mayne & Co. Modern Mimosa uses the highest quality and premium ingredients. It is made using the finest Italian wine and freshly squeezed organic California orange juice.

So, ditch that expensive bottle of wine and jug of orange juice for an even better tasting, better quality pre-made canned mimosa you can drink and serve, however, you want.

16. Loverboy White Tea Peach


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Add zing to your regular iced tea by elevating it to an alcoholic fruity iced tea. A sensational brainchild of stars Amanda Batula and Kyle Cook, the drink still gives you the warm, relaxing refreshment of the ice tea but, with a much-anticipated elevation from the burst of fruity flavors and added liqueur.

 You will particularly love the sweet combination of lemon iced tea and hibiscus pom. The best part is while you are still enjoying the sweet drink, it contains zero sugar and has 90 calories per serving.

17.  You & Yours Distilling Co. Canned Cocktails


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If you are looking for a wider fruity flavor variety for a fun get-together or serious party, just like the name suggests, the You & Yours Distilling Co. Canned Cocktails are the perfect option. The cocktail combos come in a wide selection of fun fruit flavors to cater to a wider range of guests.

The best part is that you will find classics with an unimaginable yet, exciting twist. You can pick anything from the blood orange gin & tonic, cucumber mint vodka soda, vodka soda cranberry, or vodka mule, to name a few.

18. Hornitos Spiked Seltzer


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Seltzer is a unique beverage on its own. But, have you ever tried seltzer made using one of the best tequilas? The Hornitos Spiked Seltzer features a mix of real Plata tequila that comes blended with a variety of fruit juices. You can pick anything from mango and pineapple to lime.

19. F!VE Drinks Co. Canned Cocktail Variety Pack


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If it’s the value you are looking for, the F!VE Drinks Co. Canned Cocktail Variety Pack offers just that. A party pleaser, the cocktail combo comes in a variety pack containing different flavors you can sample.

You can try anything from an inventive watermelon vodka soda to a more classic Tim Collins, mojito, Moscow mule, Cosmopolitan, and daiquiri, to mention a few.

20. Jim Beam Canned Highballs


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Our personal favorite, the Jim Beam Canned Highballs offers a more sophisticated summer drink option.  The canned cocktail reflects the whiskey’s regal status and emulates this in its matured yet sweet taste. Yet, the cocktails still come at a relatively cost-friendly price tag.

Plus, the drink comes in a variety of flavors, whether you choose the fruity peach taste, spicy ginger, or a more subtle classic taste. The peach flavors contain an explosion of fresh peach mixed with bourbon while ginger replaces peach with ginger ale.

The classic flavor contains special notes of oak and vanilla with undeterred sweetness It’s certainly an excellent all year-round pre-mixed drink best enjoyed on the rocks.


What Is A Good Fruity Alcohol?

There is a variety of very good fruity alcohol drinks you can find on the market. Typically, a good fruity drink should be balanced out by the alcohol and fruity source (generally fruit juice) it is made from. You want the flavors to be fruity, sweet, and balanced, without feeling saturated or artificial.

What are some sweet alcoholic drinks?

The Seagram’s Escapes Strawberry Daiquiri, Jack Daniel’s Watermelon Punch, and Bacardi Real Rum Cocktail are amongst the sweetest alcoholic drinks you will find on the market. They offer an excellent balance of fresh fruit juice and a subtle alcohol taste to give them an incredibly sweet finish.

But, these are not the only sweet drinks on the market, you can find a variety of other options, beginning with our recommendation list above.

What is the sweetest alcoholic beverage?

The Cutwater Pina Colada is among the sweetest alcoholic drink. Combining its creamy coconut cream, rum, and added fruity notes, the beverage is smooth, velvety, and delicious on the palate.


Enjoying an alcoholic beverage doesn’t have to be torture for people with a sweeter tooth. If you can’t stomach traditional bourbon on the rocks or vodka shots, a fruity alcoholic drink may be what you need.

The best part is that you can find fruity alcoholic drinks in a variety of formulas, whether a creamy pina colada or a twist to classic cocktails added with a bunch of sweet fruits. Most fruity drinks also come with great value, eliminating the need for investing in multiple, sometimes, costly bottles of alcohol and fruit juices. You can always find your favorite cocktail, pre-mixed, you can enjoy it anytime!

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