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Shots at a bar are probably one of the most fun things you can do on your night out. Even though chances are that you will be a bit hungover the next day, it is still worth it. 

Shots are the strongest when they are clear, i.e., vodka shots, tequila shots, whiskey shots, etc. Still, not all shots are equally strong, and while you can have five or six of some, you can have two or three of others.

However, there is a vast sea of shots you can explore until you find the right ones for you. 

Bartenders are especially fond of shots, as that is a way they measure and evaluate their own skills, and since the shot reaction is instantly visible on the drinker’s face, the gratification is all the more powerful. 

A bartender can make you whatever shot you want, be it an already famous one or something you just think might work. Any cocktail can become a shot if you drink it from a shot glass; however, some are better known as shots than as cocktails. 

As any bartender would tell you, it is better to make the simple drinks well than the complicated drinks badly.

So, if you want them to recommend a shot for you, it will probably be something simple but very effective, as overly complicated drinks don’t do well as shots. 

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Nevertheless, instead of asking your bartender to whip something up for you, you can come prepared and order what you want. So, what are some easy-to-make shots for bartenders? 

25 Easiest Shots to make for Beginners 

In this article, I will give you a list of 25 shots that bartenders find easy to make. These shots are simple enough for you to make them at home, so after you watch your bartender make them, feel free to take a swing at them yourself. 

Hopefully, on your next round of shots, you will have a tasty treat with a nice kick to make your evening even better. 

1. Lemon Drop Shots

The Lemon Drop is a known cocktail, especially popular among the ladies, mainly due to its gentle and delicate appearance. Moreover, you will most certainly love this delicious and elegant drink. 

Made with fresh lemon juice, sugar, and vodka, a shot of this delicacy is sweet, slightly sour, and a little edgy from the vodka.

You will absolutely love it sliding down your throat. It is a very gentle and mild shot, so don’t worry about getting drunk too quickly. Your bartender will undoubtedly know what they are doing, as this is a very popular drink. 

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2. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shots

As delicious as it is appealing, this shot contains vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, grenadine, cherries, and ice. It appears like a beach sunset, and it tastes just as seductive.

Sweet and tropical flavored, you will love the notes of vanilla and pineapple tang. The grenadine will balance everything out, while the vodka will bite you just a little bit and just enough to remind you to take your time. 

Even though this is a mellow shot, it still mixes two types of alcohol, so the vodka sting is a much-needed warning here. Your bartender will certainly know how to make this shot, as this is a very sought-after drink. 

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3. Kamikaze

Only a handful of people know that Kamikaze is a cocktail rather than a shot. However, this drink has managed to make a better name in the shot world than it ever did among cocktails. It offers an excellent kick and a very refreshing aftertaste, but you need to pace yourself with it, as it can get you very drunk very quickly. 

Made with vodka, orange liqueur, and lime juice, this refreshing shot drink is a piece of cake for bartenders. 

4. Lucky Leprechaun Shots

If you are going out on Saint Patrick’s Day, a shot of the Lucky Leprechaun would be the most appropriate drink. Made with melon liqueur, coconut rum, and pineapple juice, you will love the zing, freshness, and tang it offers. 

Since this is a pretty simple drink, your bartender has probably made it countless times before, so you can expect a delicious shot. 

5. Buttery Nipple Shots

Despite its less than dignified name, this drink is a true delicacy. The name is sadly misleading, so the name may divert some from ordering it. However, it is totally worth a try. 

Made with butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream liqueur, this drink is a sweet delight you will definitely want to repeat. Although it is made with two alcohols with no juice or syrup as a buffer, it is a very gentle and mellow drink. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should chug shot after shot, but you don’t have to worry about getting floored after the second round. 

6. Purple Hooter Shots

Made with vodka, raspberry liqueur, and lime juice, the color of this shot will first get your eyes drunk before it even reaches your mouth. This shot tastes very similar to vodka cranberry, so if you like that mix, you will definitely love this shot. 

It is pretty simple to make, so your bartender will have absolutely no objections against it. If they suggest adding some of their magic, let them, as this drink is very receptive when it comes to improvisation.

7. Liquid Marijuana

Other than the radiant green color, this cocktail has nothing in common with marijuana, so if you are worried about it getting you high, don’t, as all it can do is get you drunk. Made with Midori, spiced rum, blue curacao, coconut rum, sweet and sour, and pineapple juice, a shot of this drink will definitely take you where you need to go. 

A little more complicated than those I mentioned above, it still falls under the easy-to-make shots category, so your bartender will easily find their way around it. 

8. Blue Suicide 

A suicide indeed, the name of this shot perfectly describes its content and effects, so before you even get near it, be prepared for a wild ride.

This shot includes 151 proof rum, blue curacao, and Everclear. It seems simple and naive enough, but if you think that it will cuddle you, you are sadly mistaken. 

If you don’t know what Everclear is, let me explain. Everclear is a grain spirit known for its high alcohol content. Now, imagine mixing it with high-proof rum and blue curacao, so three alcohols in total, two of which are very strong. You bartender will certainly warn you about this shot, but they will gladly make it for you. 

9. Watermelon Candy Shots

This shot is the right one for you if you are a fan of hot and spicy flavors. Made with tequila, hot sauce, watermelon schnapps, lime juice, and tajin for the glass rim, this is definitely a fiery experience for the palate. 

Although the bar will most likely have the ingredients, don’t get your hopes too high on the tajin, as it is not a standard bar condiment. Otherwise, prepare for a fire-blowing experience, as this is a very hot shot. 

10. Pickleback Shots

If you are a simple person and take joy in the simple things in life, this shot is definitely for you. Made with nothing more than whiskey and pickle brine enriched with a pickle as a chaser, you will instantly fall in love with this drink. 

Tasting like pickles and grains, with a delightful kick, you will absolutely enjoy the tang and zing of this shot. Your bartender will be delighted with your request, as you will be making their job much easier than the guy in front of you ordering something in a peacock of a glass. 

11. Mosquito Bite

A mosquito bite indeed; this shot stings just like a mosquito. A Potent drink served in a tiny shot glass; you will definitely feel it sting you as you swallow. Fairly simple yet very delicious, this drink contains sour apple juice, melon liqueur, vodka, and grenadine. 

You will definitely enjoy the sweet and sour flavor combination, intensified by the vodka bite as you swallow. Your bartender will gladly make this shot for you, as your face will be priceless when you drink it. 

12. Tootsie Roll

Referred to in the “How I met your mother” sitcom, it is still a mystery whether this drink was circulating the bars before the series or it came into existence after the “Slutty Pumpkin” episode. Although on screen, it was made with kahlua and root beer, it works much better with kahlua and orange juice. 

It is probably the mellowest shot on this list, so if you aren’t much of a drinker, I strongly recommend you go with this drink. It does taste like an alcoholic tootsie roll, so whether you like the “tootsie roll” or “alcoholic” part of the description, you won’t be disappointed. 

13. Snickers 

If you are a fan of the Snickers bars, you are definitely in for a treat with the drink. This shot is so delicious and so appealing you won’t know whether to drink it or grab a spoon and eat it. This drink contains kahlua, hazelnut liqueur, and Baileys, so you can imagine how sweet and creamy it is. 

Since it is made with only three ingredients, all of which are mandatory bar drinks, your bartender will have absolutely no trouble making this drink. 

14. Cherry Bomb Shot

Made with grenadine, cherry vodka, and an energy drink, this shot is a genuine bomb, both flavor-wise, and energy-wise. Even a single shot of this drink will open your eyes, drawing out the party monster. If you are sleepy, this is the right pick-me-up for you. 

Your bartender will not have any objections about making this drink, as it is a very popular one, and they will definitely know what they are doing. 

15. Jolly Rancher 

Describing the feeling rather than the taste, this shot will definitely make you jolly and bring out the social butterfly in you. Made with cranberry juice, pineapple juice, apple vodka, and peach schnapps, this is an excellent and refreshing shot; you will certainly want seconds from. 

Not particularly strong, it will improve your mood and give you the kick you need without messing up mojo or tying your tongue in a knot.  

16. Blowjob

Another one with a very inappropriate name, as it doesn’t describe anything about the drink. Nevertheless, it is a good marketing trick to make you curious to try it. Unlike the raunchy name, this drink is very sophisticated and delicate. 

Made with kahlua, amaretto, coffee liqueur, and Baileys, topped with whipped cream, it is a dessert in a shot glass. This is a very popular drink, so though it may sound a little complicated, it is definitely a well-learned lesson of the bartending curriculum. 

17. Dragon’s Breath 

If you want to feel like your mouth is on fire and you are about to go Dracarys in the middle of the bar, then this shot is for you. Made with two ingredients, one of which is absinth and the other being raspberry liqueur, this is a potent drink, so don’t mess too hard with it. 

Your bartender will be delighted with your order as it is a simple recipe for a very effective drink. Pace yourself with it, though. 

18. Irish Lemonade

You can make anything Irish if you add whiskey to it, so lemonade is not an exception here. Made with Irish whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, ginger beer, and mint liqueur, two shots, and you will be riverdancing on the counter. 

As delicious as it is vibrant, you will definitely fall in love with this drink and go for some more. Refreshing and lively, it is perfectly named and your bartender will gladly make it for you. 

19. Junior Mints 

If Junior Mints are the sweets of your childhood, then the Junior Mints shots will likely be the sweets of your adulthood. Made with Irish cream, whipped cream, hazelnut liqueur, and peppermint schnapps, these shots taste like junior mints and will bring up some fond memories. 

Fairly simple to make for a bartender; these are excellent shots and fairly mild too. 

20. Sugar Cookie Shot

Made with vodka, cream soda, and sugar, this shot rightfully bears the name it has been given. Sweet, smooth, and creamy, it is a genuine delicacy and a real treat for the palate.

It does taste like a sugar cookie, and it is absolutely delicious. Mild and gentle, this is an ideal shot for you if you are looking for something sweet and vibrant. 

The bartender will joyfully make this shot for you, as it is also a very creative drink. 

21. Calgonit Bomb 

Made including lemon soda, orange juice, blue curacao, rum, and vodka, this is a strong shot, but totally worth the cringe. The lemon soda makes it very refreshing, while the blue curacao gives it an irresistible charm. The rum and vodka are here for the kick.

The bartender will probably warn you too, but I need to tell you as well, pace yourself with this one, as it is pretty merciless if it manages to pull you deeper inside.

22. Johnny Vegas Shots

If you are even in Vegas, you must try this shot; not that it is available only there, but it does seem to fit the place best. Containing gold tequila, watermelon schnapps, and an energy drink, this drink is a very strong one with a kick you can’t even imagine. 

Two shots, and you are ready to party. The bartender will take much joy in watching that frown going upside down after this drink. 

23. Tiki Torch 

Perfect to have at a beach bar, this shot is tropical, seductive, delicious, creamy, and fiery. Combining Fireball whiskey, coconut rum, and pineapple juice, it is definitely a flavor explosion you won’t be able to resist. 

24. Bomb Pop Shots 

Sweet, zesty, and zingy, this shot is so vibrant it will get you on your feet just by looking at it. Made with lemon vodka, Sprite, blue curacao, and grenadine, it is a particularly delicious drink and a very lively one too. 

Since it isn’t overly complicated, chances are any bartender will know how to make it and make it well. 

25. Vodka Gimlet 

The vodka gimlet cocktail is a very popular one and a very delicious one too. It is made with lime juice, simple syrup, and vodka. A shot of this drink will refresh you and energize you. It is also a very gentle drink and a very sweet one too. 

Since it is so well-known, it will be easy for your bartender to make it, and you will most certainly enjoy it. 

What Is The Easiest Shot To Drink?

Depending on your tolerance, an easy-to-drink shot doesn’t mean the same for all people. You may chug a shot of “Adios Motherfucker” without blinking an eye, while others may cringe from a “Kamikaze” shot. 

However, the simple two-ingredient shots seem to be the easiest to drink, but one of the two ingredients has to be non-alcoholic.

The Pineapple Upside Down Cake is said to be the easiest shot to drink, but again, this is highly dependent on what one considers to be an easy shot. 

What Shots Should Bartenders Know?

Bartenders, by definition, are people knowledgeable in the subject of alcohol and can make any shot you want.

However, depending on the bartender in question and their experience tending bar, they may not know some things if they are inexperienced. 

What Is The Most Popular Shot At A Bar?

The most popular shot at a bar is the Kamikaze shot. However, vodka, whiskey, rum, and tequila shots are very popular too. 

How Do Beginners Make Shots?

Bartenders that are at the beginning of their bartending careers make shots more cautiously than the more experienced ones. Often, they have a senior bartender to train them and oversee their work. 

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