D’usse vs Hennessy: Which is a Better Cognac?

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The competition between D’usse and Hennessy is a tight one and people tend to find it difficult to decide which one is the best choice. Both D’usse and Hennessy are cognacs but that doesn’t mean they have identical profiles.

Hennessy is made by the brand with the same name and has a history of over 250 years, while D’usse was made by Château de Cognac in 2012. 

These two popular cognacs differ in both color and flavor. You will notice that D’usse cognac is closer in color to amber while Hennessy is more of a copper-like color. In terms of price, both these cognacs are on the high end of the range so you will not find them in the budget-friendly section.


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Let’s look more in-depth at the differences between the D’usse and Hennessy cognacs so you can know exactly what to choose next time! 

D’usse vs Hennessy

Cognac features  D’usse  Hennessy 
Origin  Château de Cognac, France  Hennessy, France 
Ingredients  Eaux de Vie extracts, Ugni Blanc grapes Eaux de Vie extracts, Ugni Blanc grapes 
Color  Amber shades  Copper shades 
Taste  Cinnamon, wood, fruity, almong, honey and spice notes Fruity, cinnamon, clove, spices 
Varieties  VSOP, XO VSOP, VS, VS Limited Edition, VSOP Privilege, XO, Paradis, Paradis Imperial, Pure White, Black, Master Blender’s Selection No 2, and Richard
ABV 40% 40%
Usage  Neat, on the rocks, cocktails Neat, on the rocks, cocktails 

Are Hennessy and Dusse the same?

Hennessy and D’usse are both cognacs but they are not the same beverage. they have different histories and characteristics that will influence your decision directly when you choose between these two brands of cognac. 

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Origin and history 

Hennessy was created over 250 years ago by the Hennessy brand, in 1765. The founders were the Fillioux family and Richard Hennessy. But the company was named Jas Hennessy & Co in 1813 by James Hennessy, Richard’s son.

In 1971, over a century later, the company was merged with Moet et Chandon by Kilian Hennessy who created Moet Hennessy. Ultimately, Moet Hennessy was merged with the famous brand Luis Vuitton, which became up to this day LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy). 

Hennessy became even more famous as it was mentioned in several popular songs that helped build the image of the brand we know and love today. Beyonce, Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Master P. are only a few that brought the Hennessy name in their lyrics. 


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D’usse is a more recent cognac, that was launched in 2012 by Jay-Z, the American rapper, in collaboration with Bacardi. Another important name that contributed to the launching of D’usse was the cellar master of Château de Cognac, Michel Casavecchia.

Château de Cognac has a history of over two centuries of producing high-quality spirits and plenty of luxurious beverages that became famous worldwide.

This impressive castle adds a certain romanticism to the D’usse cognac that made it easier to be noticed in a market where Hennessy cognac seemed to have unchallenged supremacy. 

With such different backgrounds, there is no surprise that Hennessy and D’usse have other differences as well that customers should consider. But overall, both these cognacs will impress you from the first sip. 

Main Ingredients 

The ingredients for both D’usse and Hennessy cognacs are the same, to match the regulations for such a spirit. Both cognacs are made of Ugni Blanc grapes and Eaux de Vie extracts.

To call such spirits cognacs they need to be made from grapes that come from Fins Bois, Borderies, Petit Champagne, and Grand Champagne. 

Both types of cognacs are distilled for a minimum of two years and the distillation process is similar for both brands. 


The color difference will be one of the most obvious that you will notice as soon as you pour Hennessy and D’usse into two different glasses. 

D’usse tends to have a more amber-like color while Hennessy is closer to the color of copper. But these shades will vary depending on how long the cognac was aged. 

If you have a bottle of D’usse that was aged for more than four years, you will notice that it comes in a more glossy amber shade while a D’usse XO (Extra Old) has a more dark amber shade. 


Once you taste the two drinks neat, you will also distinguish two different yet very inviting flavors. 

D’ussé has a potent cinnamon and wood flavor as well as notes of almonds, spice, and honey. Some types of D’usse also have a fruity taste that will be more potent if the cognac was aged for more than two years. 

Hennessy also has a fruity taste with cinnamon notes but also clove and different spices. The time it was aged for will also impact the taste of your Hennessy cognac.

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Alcohol by volume 

When it comes to ABV, the Hennessy cognac and the D’usse cognac are very similar. They both come at an average ABV of 40% so you want to consume them in moderation and make sure you mix them responsibly with other alcoholic beverages. 

Varieties of Hennessy and D’usse cognacs

Since Hennessy has such an impressive history that spreads over more than two centuries, it also comes in several varieties. 

You will find Hennessy VSOP, VS, and VS Limited Edition but also VSOP Privilege, XO, Paradis, Paradis Imperial, a Pure White and Black version, Master Blender’s Selection No 2, and the notorious Richard version.

On the other hand, D’usse is not so complex in terms of varieties. This Château de Cognac comes in a VSOP version and XO version, both of them being highly popular! 


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Is Dusse smoother than Hennessy?

D’usse is generally considered to be smoother than Hennessy, which, in turn, is known for being one of the most intense cognacs in the world. 

Hennessy VSOP (Very Special Old Pale), as well as D’usse VSOP, are similar in terms of their smoothness while the VS (Very Special) versions of both these cognacs tend to be harsher. 

What’s cheaper Hennessy or D’usse?

When you compare Hennessy and D’usse, the price and value of these fine cognacs will be a very important aspect to consider too. Both these cognacs come at a high cost since they are high-quality cognacs.

You can find Hennessy cognac anywhere from $19 to $5,499 and D’usse cognac from $16 to $250 and even $25,000 for the premium limited edition bottles. 

The price of your cognac will increase if you choose a bottle aged more than two to four years and if you choose one that belongs to a limited edition range. 

Which cognac is stronger 

One of the most common questions is which cognac between Hennessy and D’usse is stronger. There is a misconception that D’usse might be stronger than Hennessy but this is not the case.

Both Hennessy and D’usse come at the same level of strength and they can be used interchangeably in various cocktails as well. 

However, the strength of these two drinks is the same in terms of alcohol content. The flavors of each drink could impact the final taste of the cognac differently. D’usse tends to be richer in flavors as it combines more notes than Hennessy, which gives the impression that it is a


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stronger cognac. 

Does Hennessy make D’usse?

Many people think that Hennessy makes D’usse simply because Hennbessy has such an impressive history in the market of cognacs and it is emblematic in the industry. 

But the truth is that Hennessy is made by the Hennessy Brand while D’usse is made by Château de Cognac, which makes them two different products from two different manufacturers. 

How to enjoy the Hennessy and D’usse cognacs

Both Hennessy and D’usse are cognacs that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. They have incredible and rich flavors and a satisfying amount of alcohol to support the expectations of the pickiest consumers, without any additional ingredients.

But what if you can make more of these two drinks? The truth is, you can! There are plenty of ways to combine both of these cognacs to obtain delicious cocktails and mixed drinks! Below you will find three most notorious mixes that use Hennessy and D’usse that you can try right away and see which one you like most. 

Hennessy and D’usse are two very versatile cognacs so don’t be afraid to mix them with your favorite drinks such as sodas. Most of the time your mix will turn out surprisingly delicious and you can discover incredible combinations by using your creativity. 

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Hennessy and Coca Cola 

One of the easiest combinations you can make to obtain a refreshing drink is Hennessy and Coca-Cola. You can’t go wrong by combining two of the most popular drinks in the world!

Add one ounce of Hennessy cognac into your cocktail glass and top it off with Coke. You can add ice by taste too. And just in a few seconds, you have a refreshing yet alcoholic drink to enjoy! 

D’ussé Champagne Sparkler

D’usse Champagne Sparkler is one of the combinations you will find as a recommendation on the D’usse website as well. It is the ideal drink for a special event or a celebration.

To make this cocktail, add one ounce of D’usse cognac in your glass, one sugar cube, 2 dashes of bitter, and 2 ounces of sparkling wine. Mix all ingredients well and add ice cubes by taste. 

Hennessy Sidecar

If you add one ounce of orange juice and half an ounce of lemon juice to one or two ounces of Hennessy cognac, you obtain a cocktail known as Hennessy Sidecar.

You can also add a few ice cubes to your cocktail glass to make your drink even more refreshing. The trend nowadays is to serve such a cocktail with one, a large ice cube in the glass. Feel free to garnish your cocktail glass with an orange wedge or a lemon wedge. 

Hennessy and D’usse, which cognac is better?

This is one of those questions that can be answered differently by different people. The first aspect you need to clarify is which version of these two cognacs you are comparing in terms of taste?

Cognac that was aged for more time will have some notes that are more intense than the versions of cognac that were aged for only a couple of years. Then, you will have to think how you want to enjoy your cognac, neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail? 

All these aspects will help you decide which cognac is a better choice for you. But that doesn’t mean your decision is in harmony with everyone else’s.


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People like both Hennessy and D’usse cognac for different reasons. Some like the fact that D’usse has more notes present in its flavor while there are consumers who prefer the more traditional taste of Hennessy. 

The bottom line is that both these cognacs are great and they can spoil your taste as well as they can satisfy your desire to relax and have a good time.

If you want a classic premium cognac that is recognized worldwide for its value and premium ingredients, Hennessy is the way to go. But if you want a cognac with a more modern and luxurious story and several other notes in its aroma, D’usse might be a better choice for you. 

Also, consider the fact that Hennessy comes in a lot more versions than D’usse. So, chances are that this cognac will satisfy more customers thanks to its diverse range.

But ultimately, it comes down to what you prefer and which cognac you find more inviting after you tasted them both in a neat way. You might discover that you like both D’usse and Hennessy equally since they are both premium cognacs!   

Final thoughts 

When it comes to the top cognacs of the world, Hennessy and D’usse are present on the list. With these 2 cognacs, you can’t go wrong. They are great as neat drinks but also as ingredients in fancy cocktails.

Plus, both Hennessy and D’usse bring interesting histories that add to their value and make them that much more interesting. 

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