Top 15 Drinks That Give You a Buzz Without Alcohol

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We all know that alcoholic drinks give you a great buzz. However, alcohol dehydrates the body, and you, therefore, get a hangover the next day.

Moreover, if you drink too much, you will feel sick the same day you drank and feel even sicker the next day.

If you are searching for a buzz but want to avoid a terrible hangover and sickness, you are in luck, as there are non-alcoholic drinks that can bring that frown upside down. 

Now, the buzz that non-alcoholic drinks can give you is not the same as that alcohol provides, but you will feel it nevertheless.

They lift you up and improve your mood; some of them sharpen your mind, and some give you an overall sensation of euphoria. 

The buzz that non-alcoholic drinks give can come from caffeine, sugar, or vitamins, all of which elevate your energy levels and don’t cause hangovers. Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that they don’t do any harm whatsoever. 

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The caffeine-rich non-alcoholic drinks are bad for your heart, as they speed up the heart rate. The sugar-rich non-alcoholic drinks can damage your liver if you have too many too often, and they can also cause you to have sugar crushes, and not the fun ones. 

Lastly, the vitamin-rich ones, although they sound perfect, can cause hypervitaminosis, which, depending on the vitamin, has its own adverse effects.

However, if you don’t overdo it with any of these three categories, you will be nicely buzzed and hangover-free. 

So what drinks give you a buzz without alcohol? 

Dark and strong teas, energy drinks, vitamin drinks, mushroom water, root water, etc., are drinks that can buzz you nicely, even though they don’t contain any alcohol.

There are many drinks that contain some of the aforementioned beverages as a supplement or are pure. 

You can make many of them at home or buy them mixed with other buzz-giving ingredients.

In this article, I will give you a list of 15 non-alcoholic drinks that can give you a buzz without alcohol, so you can enjoy the fun and avoid the consequences alcohol causes. 

1. Matcha Tea

Macha tea comes from the finest and softest part of the green tea plant, i.e., camellia sinensis. The plant is known for its health benefits as it is a very powerful antioxidant. However, there is a reason why the recommended dose is one cup a day. 

Macha tea is a strong tea, and despite its many health benefits, you shouldn’t go over one or two cups a day for long-term use.

However, if you are looking to get buzzed and don’t use matcha tea every day, it is a great way to get your buzz and avoid a hangover. 

Matcha tea usually contains  L-theanine, which is a substance that affects the mind, placing you in a state of relaxation, calmness, and general well-being. Therefore matcha tea is highly recommended for reducing symptoms of anxiety. 

If you don’t drink matcha tea daily, you can treat yourself to more than two cups from time to time and get buzzed the natural way.

If you plan on incorporating matcha tea into your daily life, then you better go with some of the other options listed in this article to get a non-alcoholic buzz. 

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2. Guarana 

Guarana is a natural stimulant that sharpens your focus, increases your energy, and makes you feel more alert. Guarana has been used for centuries as a natural buzz-giver when people need an additional boost.

It is frequently used as an ingredient in energy drinks, as well as memory boost medication. There are also sleeping supplements that contain guarana, as in addition to boosting energy levels, it also decreases the stress levels. 

Depending on which time of day you take guarana, it can either energize you if you take it in the morning or relax you and help you sleep if you take it in the evening. To get a guarana buzz, you can either have it in the form of tea or have a guarana-rich energy drink. 

3. Kombucha

Although many think Kombucha is a mushroom that grows in liquid and that liquid is Kombucha tea, that isn’t the case.

Kombucha is a fermented liquid that is most often referred to as Kombucha tea. What it essentially is is black tea cultured with bacteria and yeast to trigger the fermentation process. 

This results in a nutrient-dense drink that is extremely rich in vitamin B. The recommended daily dose is 2 to 4 oz, i.e 50 to 100 gr. However, if you don’t use it regularly, you can go over this does to get the buzz. 

The high vitamin B dose in the Kombucha tea, combined with the generous caffeine amount in the green tea used as a base, will likely give you a nice buzz. You could have a sensation of euphoria, mild tingling in your fingers, and an overall energy increase and mood boost. 

4. Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is known as a strong tea, and a few cups of this drink can give you a very nice buzz. Made from the green tea plant, i.e., camellia sineasis, it isn’t as much the tea as it is the making that gives you a buzz. 

More precisely, Turkish tea is made in a double teapot. The tea is placed in the top pot with a little water, and the lower pot contains only water or perhaps water and apple peels, orange peels, cinnamon, cloves, or whatever you like to enrich the flavor. 

The steeped tea is very concentrated, much more than regularly made green tea. The tea steeps in a very small amount of water which makes it very dense and syrup-like.

After the tea steeps sufficiently, you mix a small amount of tea with the boiled water from the bottom.

A few cups of Turkish tea gives a strong buzz and is very similar to that of alcohol, minus the hangover. However, it can trigger headaches due to the high caffeine amount. 

5. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are packed with caffeine and sugar. They elevate your energy levels almost instantly and give you a very noticeable buzz. One energy drink may only lift you up a little, but two or three will definitely make your eyes sparkle. 

From time to time, it is ok to have a few energy drinks to get that buzz, but they are in no way recommendable for long-term use. The high sugar and caffeine amounts are harmful for your heart and liver, so be very careful about how frequently you drink them. 

6. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is a natural source of nitrates, which is a compound often found in explosives. Now, the buzz beetroot juice gives you won’t make you burst, of course, as the body converts these nitrates into nitric oxide. 

What nitric oxide does is widen your blood vessels, making more blood flow through them, thus increasing your energy level. Beetroot juice is well-known among athletes as it gives them energy and stamina to endure the burden on their bodies. 

Some have said that beet juice gives you a similar buzz as cocaine, which is considered a euphoric. Overdoing it daily is not an option, but if you have it from time to time, you will undoubtedly feel a nice buzz and a rush of energy surging through your body. 

7. CBD- Infused Drinks

You already know what CBD is and where it comes from, but did you know that there are CBD-infused non-alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz?

There are CBD-infused water-based drinks, seltzers, juices, teas, and even coffees. These usually come from specialized stores due to the specific nature of the drink. 

However, you can make these at home by dropping CBD oil into your non-alcoholic drink. A piece of advice, though, is that good CBD oil isn’t cheap, and the cheap ones aren’t good. 

8. Coconut Water

Due to its strong hydrating effects, coconut water is an instant energizer. It may also cause a slight euphoria and will boost your mood almost instantly.

Most of us believe that only alcohol can give you a buzz, which in fact, is the euphoria and energy that comes as a result of drinking alcohol. 

No one likes the part when you are feeling sick or hungover. Therefore, coconut water offers you that same euphoria and energy that comes from alcohol, but without feeling sick or prone to making bad decisions. 

9. De Soi Golden Hour

De Soi Golden Hou is a non-alcoholic drink made with herbs such as lemon balm, earl grey tea, yuzu, chamomile, and green tea. It is also called a non-alcoholic aperitif that has many health benefits. 

However, its buzz-giving features are what place this drink on this list. Among its many benefits, relaxation and increased libido are the ones most people are after.

Like most of the non-alcoholic buzz-giving drinks, this one, too, increases energy levels, reduces stress, and lowers one’s inhibitions. 

10. Bonus

This is an excellent social lubricant that softens your mind and lowers your shield. It tastes like alcohol and acts like alcohol, but in fact, it is just a bitter fruity non-alcoholic punch you can drown in and still go running the following day. 

It boosts self-confidence, improves your mood, and makes you feel warmer, softer, more connected to your body, and more in sync with your sensations. The buzz is undeniably great, and what makes it even better is that you are fresh and alert all the time. 

From time to time, it is an excellent idea to treat yourself to this magic potion.

11. Aplós

Fragrant and flavorful, fresh and natural, this non-alcoholic drink tastes like dandelion, rosemary, yuzu, calamansi, and basil. 

Each of these herbs is known for its health benefits, and all of them are mixed together to create a drink that will boost your energy, lift your spirits, give you confidence and reduce your stress levels. 

The effect it has is similar to that of vodka, as it relaxes your mind while hyping you, making you the social butterfly of the evening. The best thing is that the following day you can do your taxes without as much of as a headache. 

12. Aurora Elixir’s Blackcurrant Spruce

With a juicy and bitter sting, this non-alcoholic drink is very similar to vodka, flavor-wise. It contains 25 mg. of hemp extract, which accounts for the relaxing and mind-sharpening effect of this drink.

Hemp is a plant from the cannabis family, so now you get a more clear perspective on why it acts the way it does. 

Still, you should consume it on social occasions when you would drink alcohol and not make it a part of your daily routine. This drink is very soothing, reducing the symptoms of anxiety, reducing stress, boosting your mood, and elevating your energy level. 

13. Gold Fashioned

If you are in pursuit of a whiskey-flavored non-alcoholic drink, look no further. Delicious, rich, and oak-flavored, you will simply love this drink and the effects it has. Made with herbal extracts like black tea extract, this non-alcoholic drink is a known mood booster and stress reliever. 

It often features in mocktails, but it is a mocktail in itself. This drink is a delicious refreshment and an excellent buzz-giver.  

14. Kaló Ginger Lemonade

Infused with CBD, it is known as a drink for big kids, as it really brings out the child in you. Delicious, refreshing, and an excellent buzz-giving drink, it definitely lowers your inhibitions and gives you a serious kick. 

Similar to ginger beer, this non-alcoholic beer gives you the same tingly sensation as regular beer does, minus the stomach bloating and the headache the next day. 

15. Curious Elixir No. 2

Made with pineapple, orange, lime, ginger, ancho, jalapeño extract, sugar, and herbs, this gift of nature is 100% alcohol-free that allows you to enjoy your evening.

Causing no side effects, this drink is an excellent kick and buzz-giver, elevating your energy levels and reducing your stress. 

It has that fiesta dimension from the jalapeno extract and that delicious exotic note featuring n many cocktails. It will blush your cheeks and relax your muscles, releasing a surge of wellness and excitement. 

Is There A Way To Get A Buzz Without Alcohol?

You can absolutely get a buzz the straight way, i.e., without drinking alcohol. There are many non-alcoholic drinks that give you the effects of alcohol but no side effects.

The most popular drinks that give you a kick without alcohol and drinks that are high in caffeine and sugar. 

However, there are many herbal drinks, CBD oil-infused drinks, or green tea extract-infused drinks that also give you a delightful buzz. Non-alcoholic beers are also known as buzz-giving drinks, as well as concentrated tea drinks such as Turkish tea. 

What Can Give You A Buzz Besides Alcohol?

Caffeinated and sugar-rich drinks are always an excellent non-alcoholic option to give you a buzz. However, having them too often can result in caffeine and sugar-related health issues.

Too much sugar could be harmful to your liver, while too much caffeine can narrow your blood vessels and cause increased heart rate, shortage of breath, as well as caffeine- triggered headaches. 

Other non-alcoholic drinks that can give you a buzz are teas such as black or green tea or matcha tea. In addition, roots such as maca and ashwagandha are known as immense energy boosters, as well as stress relievers. 

Adding these two supplements to a shake or juice can make your energy levels rise, clear your head, reduce your stress levels, as well as take down your inhibitions as a result of a increased self-confidence due to the increased energy and reduced stress levels. 

Beetroot juice is a known buzzer among non-alcoholic drinks due to the high level of nitrates it contains. These nitrates improve blood flow, giving you a warm and pleasant sensation in your body, along with increased energy levels and reduced stress. 

CBD oil-infused drinks are also an excellent non-alcoholic buzz-giving option, as they work on your anxiety levels, bringing them down and improving your mood. 

What Drink Can Replace Alcohol?

No drink can replace alcohol a 100%, as the ethanol has a very distinct and unique effect. If there were a drink that could entirely replace alcohol, it probably would have ceased to be made, as we all love the buzz and want to avoid the hangover. 

However, there are many herbal drinks that come very close to alcohol. Dark caffeinated teas such as black tea and green tea, as well as extracts from these teas, do an excellent job substituting for alcohol. 



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