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When it comes to premium quality, top shelf tequila, Don Julio tequila never misses the cut. This great quality brand offers a wide selection of options, be it a tequila Blanco or an aged Reposado.

The tequila’s versatile flavor options among its tequila cater to all needs, whether you want a sipper or a subtle base for cocktails.


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But, you want to know more about what the spirit brand offers to make the most of it. So, we’ve put together a Don Julio tequila prices and sizes guide to know everything about what the brand offers.

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Don Julio Brand – History & Present

A true Mexican brand, the Don Julio brand was launched in Mexico in 1942 by Don Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada. Don Julio founded the company in 1942 when he was just 17 years.

This classic tequila brand has been ranked as being the largest in value and the 8th largest distributor in the world.

Don Julio History

Before becoming commercial, Don Julio distributed his tequila among close friends to try it, and over time, word of its quality spread.

By 1942, he officially opened the company with his distillery, naming it La Primavera. During this time, the brand name for the tequila produced was called Tres Magueyes.

For 4 decades, Don Julio continued to perfect his tequila-making craft, experimenting with different processes. Over time, the master distiller perfected the art, from cultivating agave to bottling the actual tequila.

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The Birth of Don Julio

In 1985, Don Julio celebrated his 60th birthday. In honor of his birthday, his children created the Don Julio tequila name.

As Don Julio tequila gained popularity in Guadalajara and neighboring cities, they decided to launch the tequila globally. As the brand continued to grow, relationships with different families were formed to grow the company further.

Don Julio Today

The tequila brand is made and distributed worldwide (except in the US) by the same company, Tequila Don Julio, S.A. de C.V. from its corporate facilities in Jalisco, Mexico. It is distributed under license by the multinational alcoholic beverage company, Diageo, in the U.S.

Tequila Making Process

The agave used to make Don Julio Tequila is harvested in the highland area of Atotonilco and the family owns these plantains. The hand-harvested agave has its roots cut and leaves sheared off, leaving the pina (left core) behind.

The pina is cut for even baking in brick ovens for several days before being crushed and doused with water to make agave juice.

Further, yeast is added to the juice for fermentation to create a sweet and slightly alcoholic agave beer. This beer is put into sills to create tequila.

At this point, tequila Blanco is ready – it is transferred to stainless steel tanks and bottled. But, to make aged tequila, the tequila is transferred to old bourbon barrels for aging.

Tequila Vodka Types & Taste

Today, Don Julio produces a wide range of tequila varieties. These include;

Don Julio Tequila Blanco


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The tequila Blanco, AKA silver tequila, is made using a 100% agave plant, Don Julio Tequila Blanco develops a light and sweet agave flavor. The tequila also develops subtle hints of citrus to make it an excellent component in cocktails, such as margaritas.

Distilled using the brand’s time-honored process, this Blanco is Don Julio tequila in its truest form. To best enjoy the tequila, serve it neat, on the rocks, or as a base in your homemade margaritas.

Don Julio Reposado


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Boasting mellow and elegant flavors with inviting aromas, the Reposado is aged tequila. The Reposado tequila is aged for 8 months in American white oak barrels, four times the industry standard. The Reposado tequila develops a golden amber color with a rich and smooth finish, reflecting the essence of a perfect barrel-aged tequila.

On the nose, the tequila boasts inviting mellow lemon citrus notes with a spicy layer and ripe stone fruit hints. When you take your first sip, you get soft and elegant hints of dark chocolate, vanilla, and light cinnamon. The tequila finishes off with a silky and warm essence of dried fruit, nuts, and caramel apple.

You can enjoy Reposado on the rocks or use it as a base in a cocktail.

Don Julio Añejo

Don Julio Anejo develops a rich and distinctively complex flavor profile from its 18-month aging in American white oak barrels in smaller batches. The aged tequila develops a superior taste as a testament to the brand’s incredible tequila-making craft.

The tequila Anejo develops a fresh blend of lime, grapefruit, and mandarin aroma with a rich caramel hint. On the palate, the tequila boasts a full-bodied and complex cooked agave, wild honey, and oak-infused butterscotch taste.

The tequila finishes off with bright and lightly spiced notes and wild honey essence. You want to get the full flavors and character of the Anejo in a snifter or add a few ice rocks to it. You can also use the Anejo to make a regal cocktail, the Old fashioned.

Don Julio 70 Cristalino AKA Añejo Claro


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The world’s first Cristalino, the Anejo claro tequila was pioneered by Don Julio himself. This version celebrates the 70th anniversary of Don Julio’s tequila making.

The Don Julio 70 Cristalino is Mexico’s first luxury craft tequila that reflects the brand’s excellent craftsmanship.

The tequila features a rich Anejo twice distilled and aged in American white oak barrels for 18 months.

The aged tequila is then charcoal filtered to remove impurities and restore the crisp agave flavor you typically find in Blanco tequila. This, in turn, creates a uniquely complex and sophisticated tequila flavor.

The Cristalino has a crisp nose with traditional hints of tequila. When you take your first sip, you will get notes of vanilla, honey, and toasted oak.

The tequila then finishes off with lingering clean and warm hints of oak. To get the full profile of this incredible tequila, you want to enjoy it neat or on the rocks.

Don Julio 1942 Añejo


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The Don Julio 1942 Anejo pays homage to the man that started it all. The iconic tequila is usually celebrated in exclusive bars, restaurants, and nightclubs and is a popular tequila choice for connoisseurs. Made in small batches, the tequila is usually aged for up to two and a half years.

The handcrafted tequila develops an inviting rich caramel and chocolate nose with warm oak, vanilla, and roasted agave taste. It finishes off with elegant lingering oak and rich vanilla. You can serve this luxurious tequila on the rocks or enjoy it neat for full flavors.

 Don Julio Ultima Reserva


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The pinnacle of the Don Julio tequila lineup, the Ultima Reserva dedicated to Don Julio’s efforts. This tequila is crafted using the final agave planted by Don Julio and his family to honor his devotion and craftsmanship.

The agave is harvested, carefully distilled, and barreled then, set aside for special use. 

To preserve its quality, the luxurious tequila is aged using the special Solera aging method. This method combines the maturing of tequila of different characteristics finished in unique casks.

This allows the final agave harvest to remain at the heart of this rare extra Anejo tequila that is housed in a fancy long bottle.

The Ultima Reserva is aged in old bourbon oaks and finished in Madeira wine-seasoned casks. Looking beyond its high price tag, this 36-month-old aged luxurious extra Anejo is worth the investment for special occasions. It boasts a roasted oak and caramel nose with apricot and orange tasting notes.

The tequila finishes off with a smooth honeyed agave. To best enjoy the tequila, drink it neat or add a few ice rocks for a refreshing sensation.

Special Edition Tequila


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Don Julio Reposado Double Cask

Famed for its incredible depth of flavor, the Reposado Double Cask features a special crafting process. The tequila is first aged in regular casks for up to 8 months and finished in casks used for making Buchanan Blended Scotch Whisky.

As a result, you get a beautiful depth of honeyed agave, mild vanilla, tropical fruit, and spicy undertones, with top-noted light peat and chocolate malt hints. You definitely want to enjoy this pleasant tequila neat on a snifter.

Don Julio Reposado Private Cask

The Reposado Private cask undergoes a 10-month-old aging process in a single cask and is selected by the master distiller.

The tequila develops a caramel and tangerine nose with nuanced tasting notes of oak with a smooth and spicy finish. The tequila is bottled at 85.4 proof and is best enjoyed sipped.

Don Julio Reposado Double Cask Lagavulin Aged Edition

Characterized by a warming wood fire smoked agave nose, this tequila is created by Master distiller Enrique de la Colsa in collaboration with Lagavulin Distiller Manager, Colin Gordon.

This limited edition tequila is aged for 8 months in white oak American barrels and finished for 2 weeks in Lagavulin scotch whiskey casks.

This allows the tequila to develop a rich, unique, and nuanced flavor profile. The tequila boasts flavor notes of caramelized agave with undertones of rich cherry, toasted oak, and smoky peat with hints of spiced orange rind and fig. The tequila is finished off with cinnamon spice.

Don Julio Real Extra Añejo

This award-winning extra Anejo is one of the very first few still on the market today. Aged for about 3 to 5 years in American white oak barrels, the tequila develops rich flavors and sweet flavors.

It boasts tasting notes of caramel, chocolate, and almond layers. You can enjoy this exquisite tequila neat or on the rocks.

Don Julio Vodka Sizes & Prices

Don Julio tequila comes in a wide range of different types. You can get any option from tequila Blanco to ultra-aged extra Anejo. 

This top-shelf tequila also comes in a varied price range, starting from $53.99 and going as high as $549.99. With the myriad of Don Julio tequila options we’ve summarized each bottle size and cost below;

Tequila Alcohol Proof Size Cost (in USD$)
Don Julio Tequila Reservade Blanco 40% ABV/80% US Proof 750 ml $53.99
375 ml $27.99
Don Julio Tequila Reservade Reposado 40% ABV/80% US Proof 1.75L $114.99
750 ml $59.99
Don Julio Tequila Reservade Anejo 40% ABV/80% US Proof 1.75L $124.99
750ml $69.99
Don Julio Tequila Reservade 70 Cristalino 40% ABV/80% US Proof 750 ml $78.99
Don Julio 1942 Añejo 40% ABV/80% US Proof 1.75L $416.99
750ml $190.99
Don Julio Ultima Reserva 40% ABV/80% US Proof 750 ml $549.99
Don Julio Reposado Double Cask 40% ABV/80% US Proof 750ml $65.99
Don Julio Reposado Private Cask 42.7% ABV/85.4% US Proof 750ml $74.99
Don Julio Reposado Double Cask Lagavulin Aged Edition 40% ABV/80% US Proof 750ml $68.99
Don Julio Real Extra Añejo 40% ABV/80% US Proof 750 ml $402.99

Where To Buy Don Julio Tequila

You can purchase Don Julio Tequila at liquor stores or grocery stores, depending on the state you are in.

Keep in mind that some special editions, like the Don Julio 1942 Anejo, are only available at select bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and some stores. But, you can purchase any Don Julio tequila bottle online in stores, like Drizly and many more.                  

How To Enjoy Don Julio Tequila

Any Don Julio tequila can be enjoyed neat, with a splash of water, or on the rocks, if you truly want to get the authentic flavors. Slightly lower-priced options, like tequila Blanco, can also be enjoyed in shots. Tequila Blanco’s dominant citrus notes also make it a great option for cocktails, such as margaritas.

You can also enjoy other aged options like Reposado or Anejo in more sophisticated cocktails, like Old Fashioned cocktails, thanks to their elegant flavor profiles. But, the higher up you are, the better it is to enjoy the tequila on its own.

You don’t want to mix premium quality and aged Don Julio tequila, like the Ultima Reserva, with other ingredients as you may lose their premium taste and character in the process.

These tequila options are best enjoyed neat on a snifter. If the taste is too intense for you, you can always dilute them with a splash of water or ice.

Don Julio Tequila Alternatives


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If for some reason you don’t want to drink Don Julio you can find a few good alternatives to try out. These include;

  • Patron: Patron tequila can be categorized on the same scale as Don Julio. However, this tequila doesn’t offer the mellow smoothness that comes with Don Julio tequila. Either way, it is still an incredible option for those who want to enjoy unique and premium tequila flavors. You may cost slightly less for Patron than Don Julio, however. A bottle of Patron tequila will cost you between $38.99 and $450, depending on the type you go for.
  • Casamigos: Casamigos is an excellent option for people who are new to drinking tequila. This tequila feels smoother than Don Julio on the plate and has an overall lighter taste profile. So, it is a good option for those who can’t handle the intensity of tequila, just yet. You should expect to pay about $50 to $150 for a bottle of Casamigos, depending on the type you choose.
  • Espolon: If you want a cheaper, but a reasonable alternative to Don Julio, Espolon is a great option. The tequila features a concentrated agave and peppery flavor profile. Yet, it is also smooth and silky on the palate. Plus, you get to enjoy good quality tequila at a fraction of the price. You can get a bottle of Espolon for as low as $46.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Don Julio Expensive Tequila?

Don Julio is definitely expensive tequila. The cheapest option you have is Tequila Blanco which costs at least $53.99. This tequila brand is expensive due to the use of 100% premium quality pure agave plant and its superior tequila-making techniques.

Is Don Julio Better Than Patron?

According to experts, Don Julio is better than Patron due to its smoother profile. This smoothness makes most Don Julio bottles ideal as sippers. Their flavor profile also blends well with a wide selection of cocktails.

Is Don Julio A Good Tequila?

Don Julio is certainly good tequila. The tequila produces premium quality bottles with premium taste and character. Some of the brand’s bottles, like the Don Julio 1942 (best Anejo), are even ranked as the top best annually.


Don Julio Tequila prices and sizes guide shares more than just the cost and bottle size of these spirits.

The guide gives you a detailed insight into this premium quality tequila, which guarantees to always satisfy. so, if you have the cash to splurge, this is certainly a brand to invest in, whether for a special occasion or for a perfect sipper after a long day.

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