Daiquiri vs Margarita: What’s the Difference?

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Both Daiquiri and Margarita are popular cocktails. But you will learn in this guide that they are quite different. There are some common ingredients that you will find in both of these cocktails. But before you decide which one you should try, it is important to understand how Daiquiri and Margarita are made and what makes them two of the most popular cocktails.

The main difference is the type of alcohol used to make these cocktails, daiquiri is made with rum while Margarita is made with tequila.

Daiquiri vs Margarita:

Characteristics Daiquiri Margarita
Ingredients Rum, syrup, lime juice, ice cubes Tequila, triple sec, lime juice, salt
Taste Sweet-sour-fruity with a rum flavor Sweet-sour-fruity
Color Yellow-green, sometimes reddish (depending on the color of the syrup) Yellow-green
Origin Daiquiri, Cuba Mexico

Taste differences between Daiquiri and Margarita

These drinks might seem to be very similar, but they bring different flavors to the table. The simple fact that Daiquiri contains rum, will give it a different taste than the one Margarita has.

In a nutshell, the difference between the taste of tequila and the taste of rum will set the stage for the difference between these two cocktails as well. Tequila has a flavor of roasted agave while the rum in Daiquiri has a more sugary flavor.

The rum will take over other flavors in your Daiquiri but you will still feel a lime and citrusy taste as you sip from your drink, as well as a hint of sweetness. On the other hand, your Margarita will have a more citrusy and fruity flavor since tequila is not so strong. Plus, the salt rim will balance the sweetness of the drink perfectly as well.

Many people choose between Daiquiri and Margarita in the same way they choose between rum and tequila. If you like rum more, you will most likely prefer the Daiquiri while if you are a fan of tequila, Margarita is the cocktail for you!

Does a daiquiri have more alcohol than a margarita?

The alcohol content is the main difference between these two cocktails. Daiquiri uses rum while Margarita uses tequila.

Tequila has an alcohol by volume of 40% while rum can have an alcohol content from 5% to 80%. With that being said, the type of rum you use will have a direct effect on the strength of your cocktail.

If you use a rum with less than 40% alcohol content, your Daiquiri will be weaker than your Margarita. At the same time, if you use a type of rum with more than 40% alcohol content, you will end up with a stronger Daiquiri. The quantities of alcohol you add in each drink will matter as well.

Is a daiquiri sweeter than a margarita?

Both Margarita and Daiquiri contain both sour and sweet ingredients. So the sweetness will be present in both of them. Margarita is made with triple sec as a sweetener, which is an orange flavored liqueur from France. So, besides the sweet taste, your drink will also have an orange hint to it.

Daiquiri is made with any type of sweet syrup to acquire the sweet taste. However, you can use a flavored syrup to add the sweetness you want for your Daiquiri as well.

Both cocktails contain the same amount of sweetener which is 3/4 ounces, unless you want to personalize your recipe and add a bit more.

So, the opinions are split when it comes to which type of drink is sweeter. Some people find Daiquiri to be sweeter as it combines the rum sweetness with the sweetness of the syrup. Others find Margarita to be sweeter because the triple sec is more potent and it blends well with other fruity flavors in the drink.

Is a frozen margarita a daiquiri?

Frozen Margaritas might have a milder flavor but they will not be the same as Daiquiri. The drinks will still have different ingredients and the main difference will still be present. So, the fact that Margarita contains tequila while Daiquiri contains rum will still set these two cocktails apart, even if they are frozen.

Also, if the rest of the ingredients stay the same but the alcohol base is different, they still remain different types of drinks.

What’s the difference between a margarita and a strawberry daiquiri?

Margaritas and Strawberry Daiquiris are fairly similar and they can even contain the same ingredients. So, you can go for a Strawberry Margarita too when you compare it to a Strawberry Daiquiri. But even if the taste will be similar, it will not be the same.

The fact that you will add rum to your Daiquiri and tequila to your Margarita, will represent the main difference between these drinks. This means that the final taste will not be the same even if you keep the other ingredients the same and in the same quantities and even use triple sec to sweeten both drinks.

Can I use margarita mix for daiquiri?

Margarita mix will give you a virgin Margarita drink, not a Daiquiri. However, you can actually find a Strawberry Daiquiri Margarita mix that will give you a combination of these two cocktails.

To prepare such a mix all you have to do is add it to your blender along with some ice and optional a few pieces of strawberries. Blend and serve in your favorite cocktail glass. But keep in mind that this is a mix of both drinks rather than a Margarita mix and you will not obtain a traditional Daiquiri from it.

Margarita recipe


To make a classic Margarita is fairly simple. For two glasses of Margarita cocktail, you will need 1 lime wedge and 2 lime slices for decoration of the drink, 1 tablespoon of salt, 4 ounces of blanco tequila, 2 ounces of triple sec liqueur and 1 1/2 ounces of lime juice. Make sure you have some ice handy as well.

Wipe the edge of the glass with the lime wedge and dip it in the course salt. Set the glass aside.

Add all the ingredients in a blender shaker and give them a good 15 seconds shake. Make sure to also add the ice cubes in the quantity that you prefer.

Pour your cocktail in the glass and decorate it with a lime slice on the edge.

Repeat the steps for the other cocktails you want to prepare.

You can also get creative with your Margarita. If you want to use strawberry syrup instead of triple sec, feel free to give it a try. After all, you will not know what you like until you try it at least once. But it is recommended to prepare a classic Margarita first so you know how this popular cocktail is supposed to taste before you alter it to fit your personal preferences.

Daiquiri recipe


To make a classic Daiquiri is just as simple. You will need 2 ounces of light rum, 1 ounce of lime juice, 3/4 ounces of a syrup of your choice and a lime slice for garnish. Ice cubes are also a key element in this recipe too.

Add all the ingredients in a shaker and shake for 10 to 15 seconds. Include the ice cubes in the shaker as well.

Pour your cocktain in the glass and decorate it with a slice of lime.

As you noticed, there is no salt in Daiquiri, but if you want you can still add it in spite of the fact that the original recipe doesn’t include this ingredient. There are many variations when it comes to Daiquiri recipes and both the type of syrup you use and the type of rum you use can make a difference in the final taste.

Are daiquiris strong?

Daiquiris can be compared to a diluted rum since the flavor of rum dominates the entire cocktail.

The strength of your Daiquiri will come directly from the strength of rum you use. Since Daiquiri calls for light rum, this type of alcohol comes with a strength of about 40% in average. So, your Daiquiri will have a significant alcohol content. There are people who want to add stronger rum to their cocktail, even if it is not white rum. You can do that but keep in mind that such a recipe will be different than the traditional one.

Final thoughts

Even if both Margarita and Daiquiri are considered iconic cocktails, they are not the same but they have plenty of similarities. If you like citrusy cocktails, either one of these two drinks can satisfy your taste.

Keep in mind though, that the difference that rum and tequila bring to the final drinks is significant. Even if both these cocktails are citrusy in flavor, if you prefer rum over tequila you will like Daiquiri more than Margarita.

Ultimately, you can modify the traditional recipes just the way you want in order to be as you prefer it. But bring your improvements after you are familiar with the initial taste and flavor of these drinks because you will not know how to modify them otherwise. Plus, if you never had these cocktails, you might be surprised at how inviting they are in their classic recipe!

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