15 Best Crown Royal Vanilla Drink Recipes

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Do you have a bottle of Crown Royal Vanilla Whiskey you want to put to good use on the next get-together with friends? How about crafting Crown Royal Vanilla Drinks? This flavored Canadian whiskey features an interesting flavor profile to make it ideal for experimenting with.

Unlike what you’d expect from vanilla liquor, this whiskey is not too sweet. Instead, it boasts warm crème Brule flavors with balanced vanilla and oaky aroma.

On its own, the whiskey opens with a delicious but, not-too-sweet vanilla flavor complemented by the signature Crown Royal whiskey taste.

The whiskey finishes with a smooth, pleasant, warm mouth feel. When paired with an array of ingredients, you can easily elevate the flavored whiskey into a flavorful masterpiece.

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Want to put your mixology skills to the test? Let me give you a boost with these 15 interesting recipes to try out.

1. Canadian Vanilla Mule


  • 9 parts Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 24 parts Ginger beer (or ale)
  • 2 parts Lime juice

While the Moscow mule is the classic vodka cocktail, it has long been used as inspiration for other variations. The Kentucky mule is just one of them, typically composed of bourbon, ginger beer, and lime juice.

Now, in this version of the Canadian Vanilla mule, we replace the bourbon with the Vanilla whiskey.

But, we maintain the remaining ingredients. The ginger beer does an incredible job of complementing the oaky and sweet vanilla of the whiskey. Further, the ginger beer’s spicy elements do a great job of highlighting the overall cocktail profile.

2. Vanilla Toronto


  • 4 parts Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 1 part Fernet-Branca
  • 1 part Angostura bitters
  • Dash of sugar or simple syrup

A classic Canadian cocktail, Toronto gets its name from the Canadian city and it’s popular for its use of the fernet. It is even considered the most legit cocktail that uses fernet.

The dry, rich, and mildly bitter cocktail traditionally uses Canadian whiskey, Fernet-Branca, angostura bitters, and sugar or simple syrup.

So, replacing the classic Canadian whiskey with a vanilla-flavored one allows the cocktail to lean on the sweeter side.

Paired with complex flavored sweet, spicy, and herbaceous fernet, the vanilla crown Royal cocktail does an incredible job of bringing out the cocktail’s richness while toning down the bitterness of the bitters.

3. Crown Royal Vanilla and Coke


  • 1 part Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 3 parts Coke

Whiskey and coke is a popular highball cocktail among whiskey lovers. However, this whiskey-based cocktail typically uses bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, and coca cola with options such as Jack and Coke.

But, with this ever-so-evolving industry, many mixologists have experimented with different flavors to create countless whiskey and coke varieties.

Today, you can create your own with the Crown Royal vanilla-flavored whiskey. Adding the coke to the whiskey allows the soda to do what it does best – pulling out the best of the whiskey to highlight it.

On the other hand, the smoky, oaky, and vanilla flavors of the whiskey bend with the sweet caramel flavors from the coke create a beautiful bold cocktail.

Pour 1 part whiskey and 3 parts coke into a highball glass filled with ice to enjoy the refreshing Crown Royal Vanilla drink.

4. Crown Royal and Soda


  • 1 part Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 2 parts Soda

If coke is not your cup of tea, you can replace it with a range of other sodas to create a Crown Royal and Soda cocktail. This cocktail is an inspiration from the Scotch and Soda cocktail, which calls for the use of 1 part scotch whiskey and 2 parts carbonated water or soda.

The same method is used to make this cocktail. Simply pour the whiskey into an old-fashioned or Collins glass filled with ice, top it off with soda, and enjoy. Now, with its vanilla flavor, Crown Royal whiskey pairs well with several different sodas.

Here are some of the best sodas to use for Crown Royal Vanilla drinks;

  • Cherry coke: The cherry flavor marries perfectly with the oaky, spicy, and vanilla notes of the whiskey
  • Grapefruit soda: The zesty and sharp citrus brightness of grapefruit soda helps to bring out the warm vanilla notes for a pleasantly sweet, smooth, and tart cocktail.
  • Soda water: If you want to enjoy the cocktail’s authentic flavors, use soda water to wake them up. Its neutral flavors complement the whiskey while adding fizz to the drink.

Other excellent soda options include cranberry, raspberry, and peach sodas.

5. Vanilla Ed Shelly


  • 1 part Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 1 apple schnapps

The Ed Shell cocktail traditionally used 1 part Canadian whiskey and 1 part apple schnapps. So, what better way to invigorate the cocktail’s flavors than by adding a smoky vanilla element to the mix? Paired with the apple-flavored liquor, you get a decadent warm drink.

The whiskey boasts a classic Crown Royal flavor elevated by the smoky, oaky, and vanilla hints. The flavors pair well with the crisp apple notes of schnapps to produce an excellent recipe. All you do is add the two drinks into a cocktail shaker and strain into a snifter with one ice cube.

6. Canadian Vanilla Old Fashioned


  • 45ml Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 1 sugar cube
  • Few dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Few dashes of plain water
  • Orange slice and cocktail cherry, for garnish

A classic cocktail that uses bourbon or rye whiskey, the Old fashioned is a favorite among whiskey connoisseurs and bartenders.

The elegant cocktail mixes whiskey, sugar, angostura bitters, and water to create sophisticated flavors. However, its choice of complementing ingredients, like sugar and bitters, also make it a great recipe for vanilla-flavored whiskey.

Like a classic Old fashioned, to make this cocktail, muddle a sugar cube and the bitters in an old-fashioned glass and add a dash of plain water. Fill up the glass with ice cubes, top with whiskey, and garnish with an orange slice and cocktail cherry.

7. Vanilla Manhattan



  • 6 parts Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 2 parts sweet red vermouth
  • Dash of angostura bitters
  • Maraschino cherry, for garnish

One of the five popular whiskey cocktails from Newyork, Manhattan uses whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters as the primary ingredients. While rye whiskey is the traditional base, you can also use Canadian, Tennessee, and bourbon whiskey.

Replacing regular whiskey with a vanilla-flavored one in this recipe is pretty simple and works great. This is because the lightly sweet and smoky oaky vanilla Crown Royal pairs perfectly with the sweet vermouth.

The angostura bitters jump in to provide the much-needed balance, undercutting the sweetness of the drink.

Simply stir the ingredients in a cocktail mixer and pour into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry. If you serve it in a lowball glass, you can add a few ice cubes.

8. Vanilla Brooklyn



  • 8 parts Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 4 parts sweet red vermouth
  • 1part Maraschino liqueur
  • Dash of angostura bitters
  • Maraschino cherry, f or garnish

The close cousin of Manhattan, the Brooklyn cocktail is one of the five cocktails named after the five boroughs of Newyork city. It contains similar ingredients to a Manhattan but, replaces the sweet vermouth with a dry one. Further, the actual ingredient measurements vary.

With a dry taste with less sugar and more herbaceous notes, the dry vermouth in this cocktail makes it ideal for those who want a drier whiskey cocktail. The limited sugar content and crisp flavors also help to bring out the sweetness of the cocktail.

9. Crown Royal Boulevardier



  • 2 parts Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 1 part sweet red vermouth
  • 1 part Campari

Classic Boulevardier usually contains whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Campari to resemble a Negroni. The only difference is while Boulevardier uses whiskey, like rye or bourbon, Negroni uses gin. Nonetheless, you can go a step further to elevate this cocktail.

All you do is pair its Italian liqueur ingredients with vanilla-flavored Canadian whiskey. As a result, you get a warm, smooth, and delicious sipping cocktail. Simply mix 2 parts whiskey with one part vermouth and Campari.

10. Sweet Crown Royal Horsefeather



  • 1 part Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 4 parts ginger beer
  • Squirt of lemon juice
  • Few dashes of angostura liqueur
  • Fresh cherries

A relatively young cocktail, the Horsefeather has been in existence for about 3 decades since its invention in Kansas during the early nineties.

It draws similarities to the horse’s neck and the Moscow mule. In fact, you will even notice that it’s similar to our variation of the mule, i.e. Canadian Vanilla Mule minus the bitters.

The classic recipe calls for the use of rye or blended whiskey, ginger beer, angostura bitters, and lemon juice. However, this recipe is quite open and allows you to play with it to create an even better variation of the drink.

The sweet Crown Royal Horsefeather recipe uses bright and sweet cherries to complement the warm vanilla flavors.

Muddle cherries in a highball and saturate with the angostura bitters, then, add ice. Combine and stir whiskey and pour them into the glass and top with ginger beer.

11. Crown Royal Vanilla Missouri Mule



  • 2 parts Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 2  parts Applejack
  • 2 parts lemon juice
  • 1 part Campari
  • 1 part Cointreau

Unlike the whiskey or Moscow mule, the Missouri mule comes with three extra ingredients that serve as a game changer to its overall flavors.

This crown Royal variation uses this flavored whiskey in place of bourbon whiskey. The whiskey is shaken with apple jack, lemon juice, Campari, and Cointreau and served in a cocktail glass.

The incredible mix of vanilla, oak, spice, apple, citrus, and orange gives the cocktail a complex sweetness with a medium mouth feel. The drink ends with a relatively strong finish.

12. Canadian Rusty Nail



  • 2 parts Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 1 or 2 parts Drambuie

The Rusty Nail cocktail is traditionally made of two key Scottish ingredients, scotch, and Drambuie. This golden-colored Scottish liqueur is made from scotch whiskey, heather honey, herbs, and spices to create a sweet and spicy flavor profile.

So, when scotch is substituted with Crown Royal Vanilla whiskey, the two drinks complement each other pretty well.

The sweet honey notes of Drambuie blend well with the warm oaky vanilla of the whiskey. This cocktail is served in an Old fashioned glass with ice and garnished with an orange peel.

13. Crown Royal Vieux Carre



  • 6 parts Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 6 parts cognac
  • 6 parts sweet vermouth
  • 1 part Benedictine
  • 2 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters

An official IBA cocktail, this Louisiana-originating cocktail tastes similar to a Manhattan with hints of a spice-forward French liqueur. Its complex mix of ingredients allows the cocktail to develop its distinctive flavor profile.

So, imagine just how incredible it would taste when you substitute its rye whiskey base for Canadian vanilla whiskey. To enjoy the cocktail, mix the ingredients with ice and serve in a cocktail glass.

14. Crown Royal Root Beer Float



  • 2 to 3 ounces of Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 1cups of vanilla or chocolate ice cream
  • 10 ounces root beer
  • Whipped cream
  • Cherry, to garnish

For those with a sweet tooth and who want to counter the harshness of the whiskey, a root beer float is the way to go.

The root beer complements the warm and decadent vanilla notes of the whiskey with its rich hint of spice. On the other hand, the creamy ice cream undercuts the harshness of the liquor while still giving you that boozy punch.

Simply pour whiskey into a pint or highball glass and add small scoops of ice cream, using the scoop to push the ice cream pack down. Top the glass with root beer, whipped cream, garnish with a cherry, and use a straw to enjoy the refreshing fun drink.

15. Warm Vanilla Hot Chocolate Whiskey



  • 1.25 oz Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian whiskey
  • 1 cup hot cocoa
  • Whipped cream
  • hot cocoa powder, for dusting

On a cool day, warm vanilla hot cocoa is what you need. There’s no circumstance where vanilla and hot cocoa don’t complement each other well. In this hot drink, the two offer a warm and decadent flavor profile while giving you that ultimate boozy kick.

However, this is not your regular hot chocolate – the artistic blend of toasted oak, spices, vanilla, and creme brule is to die for. Add a dollop of whipped cream and you are instantly in heaven.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Good With Crown Royal Vanilla?

There are plenty of mixers that are good with Crown Royal vanilla whiskey. You can choose anything from sodas to other complementing liquors.

Is Crown Vanilla Good Straight?

Crown Royal Vanilla is good straight and can be enjoyed on its own, However, to make the most of its deliciously sweet, vanilla, oaky, and spicy notes, the whiskey is best enjoyed mixed as a cocktail.

Is Vanilla Crown Good With Root Beer?

Vanilla Crown is great with root beer. One way to enjoy the two drinks together is by whipping up a Crown Royal Root Beer Float to enjoy on a warm summer day.

What Soda Goes Good With Vanilla Crown?

Vanilla Crown is great with a variety of sodas. However, some of the best well blending sodas for flavored whiskey are Original Coke, Cherry Coke, grapefruit soda, and soda water.


With these incredible Crown Royal Vanilla drinks, you can whip up at home, you can enjoy the whiskey in different flavor designs.

So you don’t have to worry about that extra vanilla whiskey in the cabinet you may not drink. The flavored whiskey works great in a range of cocktails, whether a fizzy soda-based one or a sweet summer drink.

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