Crafthouse Brews: The Best in Local Craft Beer

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Crafthouse Brews is a local microbrewery that specializes in crafting the best local beers. The microbrewery offers a selection of the best crafted beer. Whether you are looking for something rich, velvety, heavy, light, sweet, or dry, we have you covered. 

In fact, we are one of the very few microbreweries that craft our own beers and share tips on how to create interesting beer based cocktails with our supply. If you are a craft beer and everything beer enthusiast, you are certainly in the right place. 

The brewery is located on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky, a historic and charming neighborhood of the city with interesting attractions, restaurants, and bars. 

Now, if you want to know more about this gem of a microbrewery and its interesting offerings, here’s a detailed look into the Crafthouse Brews;

About Crafthouse Brews

When it comes to beer crafting, you can consider the Crafthouse Brews microbrewery a pioneer in innovative local beer crafts. The brewery does an ingenious job at delving into the artful crafting of unique beer flavors. In fact, even the microbrewery’s location resonates pretty well with the idea of the entire business. 

Set in Frankfort Avenue, referred to as the Avenue by locals, this charming little neighborhood is packed with beautiful historical landmarks, boutiques, cozy coffee shops and cafes, restaurants, and bars. The community reflects the city’s wonderful and charming character – to which the Crafthouse Brews is one of these interesting symbols. 

In addition to crafting unique beer recipes, the microbrewery integrates a taste of Kentucky – through its bourbon ale collection. The interesting line up of craft beer options and its ideal location makes the Crafthouse Brews microbrewery perfect for people to meet, hang out, and sample these delicious brews. 

While both beer options cater to various preferences, we recommend you try out a Pitcher of the elevated Kentucky flavors of bourbon ale to introduce you to the beloved city and avenue.

The Crafthouse Brews setting is also a great place to chill and enjoy the Louisville culture on a beautiful sunny afternoon – whether you take in the charming surroundings, meet new friends, or try out the interesting line up of craft beers offered in-house.


A Closer Look at Frankfort Avenue’s Beloved Microbrewery


Crafthouse Brews is located on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky. Referred to simply as “the Avenue” by local residents, Frankfort Avenue is located in the charming Crescent Hills and Clifton neighborhoods of Louisville. 

Further, this quaint and eclectic community showcases the true beauty and character of Louisville. In the Avenue, you will find a lineup of cafes, boutiques, restaurants, and bars. The Crafthouse Brews is one of the establishments in this neighborhood that gives you a true taste of Kentucky.


2636 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

Brewery & Bar Room Hours

  • Monday: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
  • Thursday: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
  • Friday: 4:00 pm – 2:00 am
  • Saturday: 12:00 pm – 2:00 am
  • Sunday : 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm


Crafthouse Brews is open to patrons 7 days a week to ensure you always have access to this fun place. Fridays and Saturdays are especially popular days for the microbrewery and bar room and patrons even have the doors opened for them for an extended period. 

While the events schedule changes every week/month, Crafthouse Brews does host special events and incredible offers to its patrons. You should also expect events during notable and seasonal days, such as Labor Day, Independence Day, Easter and Christmas, to mention a few.

Local Brew Selection

When it comes to the type of beer Crafthouse Brews makes, the selection is endless. Crafthouse Brews makes some of the strongest local brews that compare to high alcohol content beer, the likes of Armageddon and Snake Venom. However, you can also find lighter beer for beginners or people who want a more forgiving brew.  You can also check What Time Do They Stop Selling Beer in Texas? or our guide on How Much Is a Keg of Beer.

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Crafthouse Brews also offers special in-house inventions like the bourbon ale to represent the true spirit of Kentucky. You will also find excellent brews for when you and friends want to truly indulge the weekend with a few pitchers of beer to get drunk.

Mug of Beer and Pitcher Pour

Crafthouse Brews Beer Selection 

Here’s what you get from the Crafthouse Brews microbrewery;

India Pale Ale

  • Country Boy Brewing “Alpha Experiment I.P.A” (ABV: 7%): This medium beer is made using calypso hops which give it a refreshing tropical stone fruit taste.
  • West Sixth Brewing I.P.A (ABV: 7%): Made with a lot of hops, the West Sixth Brewing offers a well balanced profile with fruity notes of peach, tangerine, and lemon zest. The brew is made using cascade, Columbus, centennial, and Citra hops. 
  • Flat 12 Bierwerks “”Half Cycle I.P.A” (ABV: 6%): This beer is made by combining single and double India pale ale characteristics. It boasts a complex ensemble of spicy, citrusy, and piney hop notes.
  • New Albanian Brewing Company “Hoptimus’ ‘ (ABV: 10%): A stronger brew, this beer is an imperial India pale ale with aggressive hop character and solid malt backbone. With a few bottles of the Hoptimus, you don’t need shooters to get the party started!
  • Eight Ball Brewing “Red Drink Imperial Red I.P.A.”(ABV: 8%): A full bodied, medium double I.P.A, this beer is a maltier style with longer roasted malts to give this beer its red color and bold flavor profile.
  • Great Flood Brewing Company “Defiant Double I.P.A” (ABV: 10.3%): This moderately strong beer is made with malt characterized by fruity notes and hops with a citrusy profile. This complex blend flows evenly through the palate for a uniquely refreshing and lip smacking experience.
  • BBC Brewpubs “Home-Wrecker Double I.P.A” (ABV: 10%): This blend of double strength Indian pale ale exudes some bitterness due to the strong malt. The brew contains pale, wheat and caramel malts blended with American Columbus, simcoe, centennial, and cascade hops. It’s a great option for strong beer lovers.
  • BBC Brewpubs “ Okay B.K. I.P.A”  (ABV: 5.2%): A lighter beer, the Okay BK uses several New Zealand hops, including palisade cascade to give it a clean, crisp citrus and tropical taste.
  • Falls City “Hipster Repellent I.P.A.”( ABV: 6.5 % ): This Indian pale ale is brewed using a mixture of pine and citrus hop balanced by sweet caramel and toffee malt base. For that extra age, the ale is given an extra dose of Citra hops for dry hopping.
  • Apocalypse Brew Works “Rip Rye I.P.A “(ABV: 6.7%): A richer, filling ale, the RIP Rye is packed with a hefty amount of hops and rye malt.

American Pale Ales

  • Country Boy Brewing “Half-Way Home A.P.A.” (ABV: 6%): With a lighter profile, the HalfWay Home APA offers citrusy hopped pale ale.
  • Apocalypse Brew Works “Fallout Dust” (ABV: 4.4): The light ale combines a unique blend of malts, black pepper and toast notes for a sweet and spicy palate feel.

Cream Ales

  • Against The Grain Brewery “Blatz from the Pabst” (ABV: 5%): Packed with creamy hops, this brew is light, creamy, and palatable.
  • Cumberland Brewery “Cream Ale” (ABV: 5%): This creamy ale features a light straw-colored appearance and is added with cornflakes for an extra sweet kick.
  • Apocalypse Brew Works “Creamation” (ABV: 4.7%): This creamy ale is flavored with malt and boasts a crisp, clean taste.

Blonde Ales

  • West Sixth Brewing “Belgian Blonde Ale” ( ABV: 6%): The blonde ale uses Belgian yeast to give it a spicy character that pairs well with dry hops to balance out any sweetness built-up during the brewing process.
  • Country Boy Brewing “Cougar Bait” (ABV: 4.9%): The Cougar Bail has a crisp straw colored profile with antique malt and citrus notes.
  • Flat 12 Bierwerks “Upside Down Blonde” (ABV: 5.4%): The Upside down blonde features a hybrid style pilsner wheat based beer with a full bodied profile complemented by citrus notes with a subtle traditional noble hops aroma.


  • Against The Grain Brewery “Show Us Your Tetts” (ABV: 5%): The Show Us Your Tetts is a light German style pilsner that uses light pilsner malts with a cold lagering process to produce a smooth and crisp brew. 
  • Bluegrass Brewing Company “Louisville Lager” (ABV:5%): The Louisville lager comes in a golden straw appearance as a traditional lager with fresh malty notes and German noble hops to balance out the malt backbone. Overall, it’s a light bodied beer.
  • BBC Brewpubs “Back In Black Lager” (ABV: 5.2%): This lager is brewed using fine pilsner German malt as the base paired with several caramel, roasted black and chocolate malts, and roasted barley for a delicious full bodied  dark lager flavor.


  • Country Boy Brewing “Stampin Ground Nitro Stout (ABV: 4.5%): The Stampin Ground Nitro Stout is a relatively light creamy stout with malt and chocolatey taste notes.
  • Flat 12 Bierwerks “Massive Retaliation” (ABV: 8.5%): The Massive Retaliation is packed with hops and robust American stout aged with whole espresso beans in Evan Williams bourbon barrels for 8 months. As a result, you have a sophisticated and bold taste.
  • Great Flood Brewing “Black Sunday Milk Stout” (ABV: 7%): This milk stout has a slightly sweet taste layered with rich milk and chocolate notes with a characteristic roast finish.

Amber Ales

  • Against The Grain Brewery “Kentucky Ryed Chiquen ” (ABV: 8.6%): The Kentucky Ryed Chiquen is brewed with rye malt and aged in whisky barrels. It uses Maris otter hops from the UK and rye malt and caramel rye from Germany to impart spicy, fruity, and dry notes. This mixture is transferred to rye barrels after fermentation to be aged for about five weeks for a more mature taste.
  • Cumberland Brewery “Red Ale” (ABV:5.5%): While it has a high ABV, the Red Ale is still considered session ale and features a well balanced body with smooth taste.
  • Apocalypse Breworks “Atomic Amber” (ABV: 5.3%): The Atomic Amber imparts caramel maltiness with subtle notes of roasted malt.
  • Falls City “Red Rye Lager” (ABV:4.4%): The Red Rye Lager is brewed with medium caramel and some German style hops to balance out the sweet caramel maltiness without being too bitter. you will also get some hints of spiciness due to the rye malt in the ale.

Wheat Ales & Hefeweizens

  • West Sixth Brewing “Lemongrass Wheat” (ABV: 5.7%): The Lemongrass Wheat is anon-traditional American wheat beer fermented using in-house ale yeast. It imparts spicy and tangy lemon that blend well with lemongrass while boasting a crisp mouth feel with moderate hop bitterness.
  • Blue Stallion Brewing Company “Hefeweizen” (ABV:3.8%): This traditional German wheat beer brewed with 55% malted wheat with German yeast strain to produce a strong banana and spicy clove taste. This recipe also gives the bear a cloudy light gold appearance. 

Brown Ales

  • Against The Grain Brewery “The Brown Note” (ABV: 5%): The Brown Note features a healthy blend of traditional English malt for a semi-sweet and slightly roasted flavor. Moreover, the brown ale has oats that thicken for a full mouth feel while the specialty malts add complex toffee, chocolate, and caramel notes.

Bourbon Ales

  • Alltech “Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale” (ABV:8.2%): This special bourbon ale packs subtle familiar flavors of vanilla and oak it gets from the charred barrels it is aged in. It feels smooth and robust on the palate.


  • New Albanian brewing company “beaks best bitter” (ABV: 4.5%): This light bodied bitter has a mid-range maltiness and bitterness with balanced fruitiness to make it pleasantly palatable.

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Final Thoughts 

The Crafthouse Brews is a unique microbrewery in every sense. In addition to its dedicated symbolism of the charming Louisville, the brewery’s line up of crafted beers will tick the interest of any beer enthusiast. The good news is that the selection of brews they have can cater to various preferences. It’s certainly a brewery you should have on your bucket list.