15 Cheap Champagne For Mimosas That Don’t Break The Bank

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Planning to host family and friends over for a lavish brunch? Did you know that you can use cheap champagne for mimosas to curate some of the best tasting cocktails?

Typically relying on two key ingredients, this brunch staple drink comes out refreshing and luxurious tasting with the right champagne.

So, whether you are working on a budget or simply don’t want to splurge, there is always an option on the market for you.

Now, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you by researching and identifying 15 excellent, customer-rated picks for the best cheap mimosa champagne you can try out for your cocktails.

What is the Best Champagne for Mimosa?

The Best champagne for mimosa should is typically dry champagne or sparkling wine. Ideally, you want to use dry, extra dry, or brut champagne for the 2 ingredient cocktail. Dry, extra dry, and brut are champagne options with minimal sugar content.

Also known as extra sec, extra dry champagne is sweeter than dry as it has slightly higher sugar content (at least 5 grams more for every 5-ounce serving). With minimal sugar content, these champagne types aren’t too sweet.

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So, they blend pretty well with the sweetness of orange juice. Since you are mixing the champagne with orange juice to make the cocktail, good cheap champagne will do. You don’t want to break the bank for expensive champagne for mimosas.

After all, it’s not about the price but, rather the quality and how the champagne complements the orange juice.

Prosecco, the Italian champagne, or Cava, the Spanish champagne, are also great champagne alternatives for making mimosas.

Below is a selection of the top 15 champagne varieties to add to your mimosa recipes without breaking the bank;

1. Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label Champagne


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Cost: $62.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 12%ABV/24 US Proof

Considered one of the most beloved champagne brands on the market, Veuve Clicquot offers excellent quality and premium champagne at a fraction of the price. In fact, Veuve Clicquot is perhaps the cheapest premium champagne brand on the market.

So, what better way to enjoy mimosa than with this 250-year old brand’s Brut variety? The luxurious French champagne is dominated by pinot noir to give it an undisputed balance of finesse and structure.

The Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label champagne maintains its signature elegant taste, thanks to the brand’s priceless collection of reserve wines. This makes it easy to recreate the champagne every year.

On the other hand, the Yellow Label title reflects the champagne’s wine-making excellence and bright character. Made with up to 60 crus, the champagne contains more than 50% pinot noir to give it its main structure. Further, the champagne contains nearly 33% chardonnay for its elegance while nearly 20% Meunier rounds out the blend.

Lastly, the champagne achieves its silkiness through 3 years of aging in the brand’s crayeres. While it’s considered dry, the masterful crafting of this champagne gives it incredible tasting notes for crafting mimosas.

You can also pair the wine with a cheese board, and even a perfect companion for numerous cheese and seafood main dishes. You can also enjoy the champagne as an aperitif.

The champagne develops a golden yellow hue with tiny bubbles. It also achieves an incredible aroma with fruity notes of peach, Mirabelle plum, pear, vanilla, and toasted brioche.

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2.  Korbel Extra Dry California Champagne


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Cost: $15.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 12%ABV/24 US Proof

The fresh, off-dry California Korbel Extra Dry Champagne offers a light and luscious finish for a pleasant mimosa. The champagne develops bright notes of citrus that blend with the orange juice in the mimosa while vanilla and spice notes give it a uniquely pleasant finish.

The bright and crisp champagne is made by blending four key grape varieties. Chenin Blanc gives the champagne its soft and fruit-forward personality while chardonnay gives it its structure and citrus and baked apple notes.

On the other hand, French colombard adds to its bright crisp flavors, and pinot noir adds depth and balance. In addition to being a favorite cocktail base, you can also pair the champagne with a range of foods. Korbel Extra Dry Champagne is best enjoyed with different cream cheese, pates, or dried fruits.

If you plan on enjoying Asian takeout, the award-winning champagne goes pretty well with most takeout favorites.

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3. Cook’s California Champagne Extra Dry White Sparkling Wine


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Cost: $9.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11.5%ABV/23 US Proof

Crafted and bottled in Madera, California, Cook’s California Extra Dry Champagne is an excellent reflection of the bright state.

The sparkling wine packs light citrus and floral aromas with sweet fruity notes of pear and apple. In fact, this pleasant flavor profile makes it an excellent mimosa base for experimenting. The best part is it comes at a very low price tag.

You can experiment with your mimosa-making skills beyond the traditional orange juice, replacing it with pomegranate, apple, and tropical mango, to mention a few.

The semi-dry, prosecco-style sparkling wine’s crisp, fruity, and complex flavor notes ensure to give you an unforgettable mimosa drinking experience.

Tip: Chill the sparkling wine for up to 3 hours before serving for the best refreshing flavors.

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4.  Domaine Ste. Michelle Extra Dry


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Cost: $13.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11%ABV/22 US Proof

Blended with three main crus, Domaine Ste. Michelle Extra Dry Champagne offers a slightly sweeter profile than sparkling wine.

The sparkling wine combines a blend of 63% chardonnay, 19% pinot noir, and 18% pinot gris for a delicate mix of apple and pear flavors with a consistent column of bubbles. The sparkling wine also produces citrusy aromas of orange and lemon zest.

As a result, the sparkling wine offers a beautiful synergy with orange juice in your mimosa. It also makes a great base for many sparkling wine-based cocktails and champagne-based cocktails. Its off-dry, somewhat sweet profile also pairs well with Asian cuisine, sushi, and spicy Mexican food.

5. Freixenet Italian Prosecco Sparkling White Wine


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Cost: $18.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11.5%ABV/23 US Proof

A popular Italian sparkling wine brand, Freixenet is known for its excellent quality wine and ultra affordable prices. This is no different when it comes to the Freixenet Prosecco, described as a golden straw with lively effervescence and elegant aromas.

The sparkling wine is made using the best glera grapes from the Prosecco region of Veneto in Italy. In turn, the wine develops a fresh aroma of citrus, apple, and flowers. On the palate, it feels fresh and clean with fruity notes of ripe lemon, green apple, and grapefruit.

Add chilled Freixenet Prosecco to your orange juice to instantly enjoy delicious mimosa. Alternatively, you can pair this premium prosecco with spicy cuisine or light dishes.

6. Martini & Rossi Prosecco


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 Cost: $14.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11.5%ABV/23 US Proof

Martini & Rossi Prosecco offers a drier prosecco variety for those who want more subtle flavors. Nonetheless, its aromatic finish and flavor profile make up for a decadent mimosa.

The sparkling wine is made using glera grapes grown in lush and sun-drenched foothills in the Veneto and Friuli regions of northeast Italy.

Grapes used in this sparkling are ripened at just the right climate for an aromatic finish with flavor notes of apple, banana, peach, and thyme.

So, when mixed with orange juice, this sophisticated wine produces crisp and refreshing mimosa. You can also enjoy the dry sparkling wine as a palate-tantalizing aperitif.

7. Piper Heidsieck Extra Dry Champagne


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Cost: $47.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 12%ABV/24 US Proof

If you want to craft uniquely tasting and textured mimosas to go with rich brunch foods, the Piper Heidsieck Extra Dry Champagne is a good base. Crafted with a bold yeasty profile, you will smell a rich coconut fragrance from the wine on the nose.

But, when you taste it, the extra dry champagne starts with a toasty and nearly oily richness and finishes off with more sweetness.

When mixed with orange juice, the wine offers the perfect balance of sweetness, richness, and fruitiness. However, the wine is not uncontrollably sweet in that it saturates the cocktail with a rich, syrupy sweetness.

8.  Cupcake® Vineyards Prosecco White Wine


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Cost: $12.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 13.5%ABV/27 US Proof

For an ultra boozy mimosa, the Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco White Wine is a great option. While it has a slightly higher boozy content than regular sparkling wines, the prosecco white wine maintains delicious, but no overly sweet flavors.

The refreshing bubbly packs beautiful aromas of white peach, honeydew, and grapefruit, finishing off with toasted brioche notes. The Italian wine’s slow cool fermentation in stainless steel also allows it to develop its crisp, semi-sweet, fruit-forward flavors.

This mimosa base also blends well with a range of mushroom, prosciutto, and seafood pasta dishes. you can also pair it with a range of fresh, summer dishes.

9. Ruffino Prosecco DOC Italian White Sparkling Wine


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Cost: $15.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11%ABV/22 US Proof

At a fraction of the price, the Ruffino Prosecco lets you enjoy a subtly sweet and decadent bubbly in your mimosa. The sparkling white wine from Italy features a crispy clean and delicate finish with its fine bubbles bringing your plate to life.

Using glera grapes grown in the hilly Italian Valdobbiadene area, the wine is made using a traditional wine vinification process. In the end, the prosecco develops intense but pleasantly fruity and floral flavors. But, most significantly, you get refined notes of apples and peaches.

In addition to doing well as a cocktail base, the prosecco pairs well with many Italian favorites. You can enjoy it with pizza, seafood, shellfish, or white meat. You can also drink the prosecco as an aperitif.

10. Menage a Trois Sparkling Prosecco


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Cost: $12.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11.5%ABV/23 US Proof

As the name suggests, Menage a Trois prosecco offers a fine bubbly character with bright, clean, and crisp fun flavors. The sparkling wine blends pretty well in any sparkling wine or champagne-based cocktail, including mimosa.

The best part of the wine is its subtle sugar control, allowing it to pair with most sugar-packed or fruit-forward desserts. The sparkling wine features refreshing flavor notes of citrus and green apple, perfect for a warm summer day.

11. Lunetta Proseco


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Cost: $13.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11.5%ABV/23 US Proof

Lunetta Prosecco boasts a bright bubbly profile with fruity aromatic notes of peach, pear, and green apple to bring to life the citrusy orange juice.

The wine is crafted with longer lasting bubbles for a fantastic mimosa while the crispy fruit flavors give the mimosa a harmonious and balanced character.

Whether you make a mimosa, enjoy it as an aperitif, or air it antipasti or seafood, the Lunetta Prosecco never disappoints.

12. Barefoot Bubbly Prosecco


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Cost: $11.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11%ABV/22 US Proof             

For impromptu brunch or milestone celebrations, the Barefoot Bubbly Prosecco makes for the perfect affordable champagne for mimosas. This inviting Italian sparkling wine packs vibrant pear, apple, and peach fruity notes.

Paired with the delicate long lasting bubbles, you will be surprised with how this cheap champagne gives longer lasting life to your cocktail. The not-so-sweet prosecco also oozes lingering floral and fruity notes that add to its pleasant finish.

13. Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry Cava Sparkling White Wine


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Cost: $12.99

Size: 750ml

Alcohol concentration: 11%ABV/22 US Proof

How about transforming your regular mimosas into more inviting versions by replacing regular sparkling wine with cava? The Spanish version of champagne originating from the Cataluña region in Spain adds character to your mimosa.

The extra dry cava uses traditional century-old Spanish wine-making methods for a refined and complex finish. The extra dry wine produces refined flavor notes of peach, melon, and candied citrus essence. You will also get complex earthy, and fruity notes that add to the overall taste of your cocktail.

14. Fre Sparkling Brut


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Cost: $39.99

Size: 750ml Proof

Alcohol concentration: N/A

If you want to enjoy a cocktail without the hangover that comes with it, Fre sparkling Brut is a good option. This alcohol-free sparkling wine guarantees bright and crisp flavors without the boozy content.

The wine features aromatic notes of green apple and pear complemented by crisp apple and strawberry flavor notes.

15. Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Mini Bottles


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Cost: $89.99

Size: 187ml x 6

Alcohol concentration: 12%ABV/24 US Proof 

Our personal favorite bonus is the 6-pack Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Mini Bottles. Moet & Chandon is not a cheap champagne brand.

However, you can always save and get your hands on this premium champagne by opting for the 6-pack mini bottles. Each bottle is 187 ml, meaning you get a little more than a regular bottle of champagne.

The iconic champagne is made using more than 100 crus to give its refined and sophisticated profile. The golden straw yellow champagne with green highlights features notes of vibrant green apple and citrus, fresh mineral and white flower, blonde brioche, cereal, and fresh nuts. If you plan on hosting a small crowd, this is a great budget-friendly way to celebrate in style and class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Good Cheap Champagne For Mimosas?

Freixenet Prosecco is good cheap champagne for mimosas. A popular brand with premium flavored wines, Freixenet is quite affordable. However, it guarantees incredible flavors that would elevate your 2-ingredient cocktail.

What’s The Cheapest Champagne To Buy?

Cook’s California Champagne Extra Dry White Sparkling Wine is the cheapest champagne for mimosas to buy. At less than $10, you get a standard-sized bottle of this good California champagne for your mimosas.

What Kind Of Champagne For Mimosas Dry Or Brut?

Dry, extra dry and brut champagne are great for mimosas. The choice of which one to go for highly depends on your needs. The difference between dry and brut is their sugar content.

Dry and extra dry champagne tends to be slightly sweeter than brut as it contains a slightly higher sugar content.

How Do You Pick Champagne For Mimosas?

Always go for dry, extra dry, or brut when picking champagne for mimosas. This is because these wines are not very sweet, offering just the right balance when mixed with sweeter orange juice. Italian sparkling wine, prosecco, and Spanish sparkling wine, cava, are also great options for making mimosas.


Going for cheap champagne for mimosas will not affect the flavor of this 2 ingredient cocktail. After all, it’s not about the cost, but rather, the quality and flavors of the champagne.

In fact, it would be a waste of money to invest in expensive champagne which ends up with its flavors saturated when added with orange juice in the cocktail.

With any of the 15 options listed above, you are guaranteed to craft the perfect mimosa – all you need to know is what flavor profile you want to achieve. Do you want a more subtle cocktail from brut or slightly sweeter mimosas with prosecco?

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