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The best ideas are born accidentally. This is a sentence that perfectly applies to the Casamigos tequila brand, as its founders had absolutely no intention of starting it before they sat down to have dinner, and they had a lightbulb over their heads. 

This is a brand founded by George Clooney and Rande Gerber, who decided to start making tequila at a dinner party where they experimented with drinks for their food.

What started merely as an idea evolved to become the now world-famous tequila brand Casamigos which literally means “friends who visit each other’s houses.” The name incorporates the word “casa,” which means “house,” and the word “amigos,” which means “friends.” 

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Clooney and Gerber didn’t start this brand from a profit point because they already had money, so they had a different driver for this adventure. They wanted to make a tequila that would be available to the people but won’t be anything like the cheap, low-quality tequilas that give you a horrible headache. 


They wanted to create a smooth, high-quality drink people could easily afford, and they succeeded. Now the Casamigos tequilas are beloved by many because they are of excellent quality and at reasonable prices. 

So how much does Casamigos tequila cost?

The Casamigos brand produces the three tequila types, Blanco, Añejo, and Reposado. They have two bottle sizes – 750 ml and 1.75 l. Their prices vary from $60 to $70 for the 750 ml bottles and from $124 to $144 for the 1.75 l bottles.

Since the Casamigos brand is owned by two major celebrities, there have been many discussions regarding the prices. Naturally, everyone expects for the prices to be on the higher end, considering the owners of the brand. However, to the surprise of many, the Casamigos tequila brand is not expensive and is very affordable. 

The Casamigos tequila, on the other hand, does not match the price because it is very smooth and of great quality. So, in this article, I will discuss the prices and quality of the Casamigos tequila to help you select the best tequila for you. 

1. Casamigos Blanco 

The Casamigos Blanco is a tequila Blanco type. It is praised for its blue agave preparation method, as well as the proprietary yeast of the Casamigos master distiller and the crystal clear water from the Casamigos’ own well. 

The Casamigos methods include slower fermentation and roasting of the agave piñas, which results in a smooth and delicious tequilas. The Casamigos Blanco is crystal clear and starts with citrus and sweet agave flavors. It continues with fruity and vanilla notes and finishes very smoothly with the Casamigos signature mild burn. 

Before bottling, the Casamigos Blanco ages for two months in stainless steel barrels which additionally mildens the drink. 

A 750 ml bottle of Casamigos Blanco costs $60, and a 1.750 l bottle goes for $124. 

2. Casamigos Reposado

The Casamigos Reposado is known for its extra slow fermentation. While the usual fermentation time is 48 hours, the Casamigos brand ferments the agave pinas for 80 hours, so almost twice as long. 

The proprietary yeast that is the pride and joy of the master distiller is also present in the reposado tequila. The Casamigos Reposado ages for even months in American white oak barrels during which time it gets its signature honey gold color. 

It is best described as sharp and smooth at the same time, beginning with a spicy and oaky taste, where the pepper flavor of the oak dominates the atmosphere. Then it continues with a deep and sweet agave flavor and finishes with notes of dried fruit it acquired from the barrel during the aging process. 

The Casamigos Reposado tequila comes in bottles of 1.75 l and 750 ml. The 1.75 l bottle goes for $144, and the 750 ml bottle costs $73.

3. Casamigos Añejo 


The Casamigos Añejo is the jewel of the Casamigos brand. It ages for 14 months in premium American oak barrels, the same that is used for the Casamigos Reposado. 

This tequila is incredibly smooth and glides through the throat like velvet. It has a deep brown and honey shades and the recognizable rough elegance of typical for all Añejo tequila varieties. 

The Casamigos Añejo starts you off with a rich caramel flavor, bringing you into the web of flavors enveloping each sip. It continues with soft caramel and vanilla aromas and finishes smoothly with the sweetness of the blue agave. 

The Casamigos Añejo has been made for pleasure and pleasure alone. It is best served neat, and it should be enjoyed slowly and passionately.

Casamigos Tequila 

The Casamigos tequila family consists of the three main tequila types- Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo, but they produce mescal as well. The tequila varieties have some sub-varieties, but they don’t deviate much from the primary tequila type. 

There is a variety of the Casamigos Blanco sold with Sugarfina Watercolor, which is essentially packets of candies you can pop into your drink. This is a regular Casamigos Blanco tequila, with the added bonus of having extra colorful sweets.

It sells in bottles of 750 ml costing $85, and sometimes you can find them at a discount when they cost about ten dollars less. 

There’s another variety of Casamigos Blanco, which is basically the same tequila, but with a decorated bottle. Everything remains the same, but with this tequila, you get a small decorative heart chained on the bottle. It is an excellent idea if you want to give it to a tequila lover as a present. This Casamigos Blanco goes for $78 per 750 ml bottle. 

The Casamigos distillery offers varieties of the Casamigos Blanco, albeit only in terms of the bottle because the tequila Blanco is mainly intended for the younger audience seeking to party rather than enjoy the slow sipping tequila.

Therefore, the Casamigos Blanco varieties regarding the bottle, with added candies and a decorative chain, are very attractive for the younger drinkers. 

In general, what makes the Casamigos brand is the way they produce the tequila. Their production processes are slower than those of other tequila brands. While the standard fermentation time for the agave pinas is 48 hours, the Casamigos brand ferments their agave pinas for 80 hours. 

Another thing they do differently is the slow roasting of the agave pinas. They roast the agave pinas for 72 hours, which is way longer than the regular pina roasting process. 

Casamigos Tequila Prices and Bottle Sizes 
Casamigos Blanco 750 ml-$60; 1.750 l- $124
Casamigos Blanco with Sugarfina Watercolor 750 ml-$85
Casamigos Blanco with a heart chain 750 ml-$78
Casamigos Reposado 750 ml-$73; 1.750 l- $144
Casamigos Añejo 750 ml-$71; 1.750 l- $144

Is Casamigos Worth the Money?

Casamigos is definitely worth the money, as the brand wasn’t established for profit but to acquaint the average tequila consumer with a high-quality tequila that is available and affordable. 

The idea to found the Casamigos brand started as a casual talk between the founders, who already had enough money, so money wasn’t the primary goal of the brand.

The Casamigos founders are known to be tequila lovers and were on a constant quest for tequila that they could combine with food.

Another important thing was the burn, or its absence, so they made it their mission to create a drink that tastes like tequila, kicks like tequila, but with a gentler burn, and that is just what they did. 

They revolutionized the tequila-making methods by doing everything a bit slower than the other tequila brands do, which is why the Casamigos tequila is smoother and gentler compared with other tequila brands. 

It is a relatively new brand, less than a decade old, with the first bottle being launched in 2013. Now, Casamigos is a world-known tequila brand with many fans around the globe. 

Is Casamigos Good Tequila? 

Casamigos is definitely good tequila, and not only good but excellent. It is praised for the attentive and slow production process and the premium agave as the primary raw material.

It is smooth and delicious, and it is definitely a rising star in the tequila market, whereby in less than a decade, it has managed to make a name among the seasoned tequila lovers. 

Even though the Casamigos brand concentrates only on the three main tequila types, it is the perfect example of doing the simple things perfectly.

Without an overly ambitious branching out, creating, and experimenting with too many tequila types, the Casamigos brand keeps its focus on perfecting the Blanco, reposado, and añejo tequilas. 

The signature mark of the Casamigos tequila brand is the smoothness and the mildness of the burn, even in their tequila Blanco, as the most aggressive tequila type.

They have wisely targeted the audience for each tequila type they produce, making the Blanco more attractive to the younger drinkers and the reposado and añejo better suited for the more mature, experienced, and seasoned tequila enthusiasts. 

Is Casamigos Top Shelf? 

Considering the slow production processes, the well-dug pure water, and the premium highland agave involved in the Casamigos making, it is definitely a high-end tequila. 

The Casamigos tequila is very popular among the Hollywood jet-setters, not only because it is a brand co-founded by George Clooney but also because it is a high-quality spirit. 

Based on the price, many would argue whether Casamigos is top-shelf, as it is affordable and available, which isn’t common for the top-shelf tequilas, reserved only for a selected audience.

However, even those who can afford a more expensive tequila are now opting for the Casamigos brand due to its quality.

So, even though the idea started as a hobby, whereby the primary goal wasn’t to make profits but to offer a high-quality drink to those who want it, it has turned into a pretty lucrative business. 

Is Patron More Expensive than Casamigos?

Casamigos and Patron are very similar tequila brands. They both use the blue agave as the main ingredient, and Mexico is the production location for both. 

The purpose of both brands is to create delicious but gentle tequila which is affordable and available to the average tequila drinker. They are both high-quality tequila brands, and both have many fans worldwide. 

They differ in prices, but the difference is not very big. Patron is more expensive than Casamigos but only by a few dollars. While the Casamigos Blanco costs about $60, you can get Patron Silver for $55 to $100, depending on where you get it from. 

The same goes for the reposado and añejo varieties. The differences in the prices are minor, whereby the Casamigos prices are more or less fixed, and the Patron prices are more variable. 

However, both Casamigos and Patron proved excellent value for the money. The Patron Silver is smoother than Casamigos Blanco, but the Casamigos Blanco is more flavorful than Patron Silver. 

When it comes to comparing the reposado and añejo varieties, the Casamigos spirits are more popular than the Patron’s, but not by far.

Those who have tried these varieties from both brands tend to be more inclined toward the Casamigos tequilas as they are gentler and less aggressive than the Patron’. 

However, these differences are noticeable only to the seasoned tequila drinkers, so for those who are just dipping their toes in the tequila department or don’t have considerable experience, these two tequila brands are equally satisfactory. 

As a brand, Casamigos is known as more flavorful and less aggressive, and Patron, on the other hand, tends to balance out the aggressiveness and the flavors.

So a Patron tequila would be tasty but sharp as well, and a Casamigos tequila would be gentler with a more significant focus on the flavor than the sharpness. 

In summation, both brands make excellent tequilas with comparable prices, and it is a matter of preference which you would choose, rather than a quality-based decision.



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