Can You Freeze Whiskey? (All You Need to Know)

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Whiskey is among the most popular drinks worldwide thanks to its inviting flavor profile and flexibility.There are many ways you can enjoy your whiskey and it is one of the best alcoholic beverages to have in your home.

In tasty cocktails and recipes, you can enjoy your whiskey neat, on the rocks. But you might wonder if you can freeze this alcoholic beverage and, if so, how you can do that. 

The short answer is that yes, you can freeze whiskey. But you will need to have certain conditions to do that.

Putting your bottle of whiskey in the freezer will affect its taste and texture, which is an aspect you need to take into account from the beginning as your drink will not have the same flavor profile it has at room temperature.

Please keep reading to find everything you need to know about freezing whiskey and how to do it correctly! 

What temperature does whiskey freeze?

Alcoholic beverages freeze at a lower temperature than other drinks because they contain ethanol. When it comes to whiskey, its freezing point is -16 degrees F or -27 degrees C. 

Unless you expose your whiskey to this temperature, you will not obtain frozen liquor. Commercial freezers tend to have a temperature of 0 degrees F or -18 degrees C, which is not low enough to freeze whiskey.

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But if you have a freezer that goes as low as -16 degrees F, you can freeze your bottle of whiskey. Whiskeys with a lower alcohol proof will freeze faster compared to those with a higher alcohol content.

So, before you decide to freeze your whiskey, check its alcoholic content as well. It is a good idea to also have a sip from your whiskey while it is at room temperature. Doing so will help you compare it in a more realistic way to the taste it will have once you froze it.  

whiskeyWhy shouldn’t you freeze whiskey?

Just because it is possible to freeze whiskey doesn’t mean you should do that. Frozen whiskey will have different properties compared to regular whiskey. 

Whiskey changes its viscosity once it is frozen. Your drink will taste less good as its original flavor profile will be compromised. 

These changes in taste will happen even if you place your whiskey in your home freezer, which doesn’t meet the temperature limit to turn your drink into a solid state.

But the water content of your whiskey will freeze. In order to enjoy a glass of whiskey after this process, you will have to thaw it, and that is when you will notice the different tastes. 

But how will the taste of your whiskey be affected during the freezing process? You will notice that your drink will taste dull and sometimes even bitter. It will lose its fruity and nutty flavor, and you will barely recognize the chocolate and caramel notes you like so much in this type of alcohol. 

Can I put Jack Daniels in the freezer?

Putting Jack Daniels in the freezer will not necessarily get it in a solid form, considering the commercial freezers have a temperature of 0 degrees F.

A bottle of Jack Daniels has an alcohol proof of around 80% or higher, which means it needs lower temperatures than 0 degrees F to freeze. But your bottle of whiskey will partially freeze as the water content reaches the ice state. 

So, while you can put your bottle of Jack Daniels in the kitchen, this doesn’t mean it will get frozen entirely, as it depends a lot on the type of freezer you have. At the same time, if your whiskey does partially freeze, it will have a different flavor profile that might not be one you like. 

Consider, however, that the time you keep your whiskey in the freezer is also relevant. For instance, if you place your bottle of Jack Daniels in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours, you might not notice any significant differences in its taste. But if you put it in the freezer for three days or more, its flavor profile will be altered. 

Does freezing whiskey make it weaker?

Many people freeze their whiskey because they think the beverage becomes weaker when exposed to such low temperatures. This is not only a myth. The fact that frozen whiskey has a duller taste also impacts its alcohol strength. Your whiskey will therefore be weaker and easier to drink. 

People not used to consuming strong alcoholic beverages prefer to weaken their whiskey by putting it in the freezer, even if that affects the drink’s flavor. 

Also, frozen whiskey loses the burning aftertaste that it usually has when it is stored at room temperature. 

While freezing whiskey is not a recommended practice. No producer would suggest doing that, and it can still be a compromising solution for those who want to enjoy their drink without the intensity it typically has. 

whiskey cocktailWill the whiskey bottle break in the freezer?

The container you freeze it in will also be necessary when you consider freezing your whiskey. Most whiskeys come in glass bottles that will also be affected by the low temperatures of the freezer. 

Placing a glass bottle of whiskey in the freezer for only a few hours will not damage the bottle itself. However, the longer you leave it there, the more the freezing liquid will expand.

This can cause the glass to crack. However, the thickness of the glass is a relevant criterion as well. And since the commercial freezer doesn’t have low enough temperatures to freeze the alcohol in whiskey, the risk of having a broken bottle of whiskey after freezing it is reduced. 

Can you put whisky in the fridge?

Since freezing your whiskey seems to be a challenging solution, many people consider storing it in the fridge. While this could be a solution, it will not leave your whiskey’s flavor profile intact. 

Exposing whiskey to chilling temperatures will affect its flavor, at least temporarily. This means that your alcoholic beverage will taste milder and weaker when it is cold from the fridge.

As your whiskey returns to room temperature, it will acquire its original flavor. So, you can place your bottle of whiskey in the fridge as long as you consider the effects it will have on its taste. 

If you like to drink cold whiskey, your better option would be to add a few ice cubes to a glass where you pour room-temperature whiskey.

This will not affect its flavor, but it will dilute its alcoholic taste, making your whiskey easier to drink. Always consider this option if you don’t want to compromise the taste of your drink. 

Does freezing whiskey ruin it?

Freezing your bottle of whiskey will not ruin it to the point that you can’t consume it anymore. It will, however, affect its taste profile and overall features, so you want to make sure that you understand the implications of it, so the whiskey is not ruined for your particular preferences. 

Chill vodka, a flavorless alcoholic beverage, is different from chill whiskey, a drink with an intense taste profile. So, just because you are used to freezing your vodka doesn’t mean that you will be just as pleased if you freeze your whiskey.

Some people even prefer fresh whiskey from the freezer thanks to its duller flavor and reduced alcohol taste. 

What happens if you freeze your whiskey

If you decide to put your bottle of whiskey in the freezer, you can leave it there indefinitely. Unlike freezing wine and beer, which both have a much more reduced ABV, freezing your whiskey in a home freezer will turn it into an icy alcoholic drink.

The water ingredient in your whiskey bottle will turn into ice, while the alcohol will remain in a liquid form. So, you can’t expect your drink to solidify. 

After only a few hours of keeping your whiskey in the freezer, its texture and taste will begin t alter. If you pour your whiskey into a glass straight out of the freezer, you will notice that it is thicker than its initial texture due to the frozen water inside.

Also, its taste profile will be milder and less satisfying in terms of notes. You will not be able to distinguish the nutty flavors or chocolate and caramel taste of your whiskey so quickly, even if they will not just disappear. 

When your whiskey is at room temperature, you will notice an oak aroma and flavor and a malty and spicy taste. You might not get the same taste from your frozen whiskey. 

To avoid altering its taste, ice cubes or whiskey stones are a much better alternative to just placing your bottle in the freezer. 

In terms of long-term effects, freezing your whiskey has no known consequences. Regardless of how long you store it in the freezer, the change in viscosity and flavor are the most notable side effects.

Note, though, that if you keep your whiskey in the freezer for several days, its aroma and flavor will be even duller, so you might not recognize them compared to the drink’s original taste. 

If you do that, it is recommended to take your bottle of whiskey out of the freezer a few minutes before you plan on enjoying a glass of it.

This will give it time to warm up but still be a cold drink, and it will help it restore its initial taste to some degree. Bringing your whiskey to room temperature entirely should also bring back its texture, aroma, and flavor. 

On the other hand, cold alcohol numbs the taste buds, giving the impression that the beverage has a reduced flavor. So, besides your whiskey acquiring a milder taste, you will also perceive it as duller due to its cold temperature, which also numbs the drink’s aroma. 

Will your whiskey ever freeze entirely in a domestic freezer?

You might think that if you leave your bottle of whiskey in your home freezer longer, it will eventually freeze entirely and obtain a solid form.

But this will not happen because home freezers don’t offer temperatures that facilitate such a process. Your bottle of whiskey will remain in liquid despite the time you store it in the freezer.

FDA recommends a temperature of 0 degrees F or -18 degrees C for home freezers. This is the best temperature to maintain the nutrients of the food and drinks intact while they are stored in a freezer.

But this temperature is not enough to freeze all types of alcoholic beverages, which is why it will not have the same effect on your whiskey. You could, however, freeze beer or wine in a home freezer because they come at a much lower alcohol content. 

So, by placing your bottle of whiskey into a domestic freezer, you will maintain it at freezing temperatures without changing its liquid state into a solid one. 

Is it safe to freeze whiskey?

Yes, freezing your whiskey will not present any risks in terms of safety. Please take into account that the container you freeze it in is crucial since alcohol can expand at freezing temperatures.

While whiskey comes mostly in glass bottles of a certain thickness, it can also go in thinner cans. If your container is not thick enough, it could crack or even explode and damage your freezer. 

Final thoughts 

If you would rather have your glass of whiskey cold, try to add ice cubes or whiskey stones to it rather than place it in the freezer. By doing so, you avoid compromising its intense flavor and aroma and still enjoy it in a more chilled form.

If you mix your whiskey with other ingredients to make a cocktail, you want to use it at room temperature so you don’t alter the final taste of your drink.

Store your whiskey in a cool and dark place so you can maintain its properties and taste until you want to enjoy it again. Whiskey tastes the best at room temperature and its aroma as well as texture is also at their highest parameters. 

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