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As of 2020, Costco has become the third biggest retailer in the World. Originating in Kirkland, it has a proprietary brand of products bearing the “Kirkland signature” label as a point of pride at the company’s roots. 

Established in 1983, today, Costco operates worldwide, with warehouses in Europe and Asia. You can buy literally everything, from cosmetics to medications, to food, to clothing, and more. 

Costco is also known for the whiskeys it sells, many of which have been well-ranked and known by the more and less experienced whisky drinkers. 

The Costco whiskeys, just like the other Costco products that are labeled “Kirkland signature,” are known as the Costco brand and have made a name as some of the best quality and most available and affordable whiskeys. However, it also carries whiskeys from other parties without the proprietary label. So what are the best whiskeys at Costco? 

Costco carries whiskeys suitable for everyone’s taste and pocket. They vary in price, quality, and alcohol content. However, it is Costco’s company policy to carry only good quality products, so even a cheaper whiskey is a good whiskey at Costco. 

In addition to the whiskey, Costco sells wine, tequila, vodka, and beer; and in 2016, it has become the largest retailer of wine in the United States, and during the last ten years, it has emerged as the largest retailer of alcoholic beverages. 

Costco offers about 50 spirits, 20 carrying the “Kirkland Signature” label. The other 30 are imported through other parties and are, therefore, not a part of the proprietary brand.

Ten of the whiskeys at Costco are “Kirkland signature,” and there are about 20 other whiskey brands from world-renowned distilleries that don’t carry the label but sell surprisingly well. It carries the famous whiskey brands such as Jack Daniels, Chivas Regal, Jonnie Walker, and much more. 

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Costco offers great value for the money, especially when it comes to whiskey, and they also do home delivery services and online shopping. 

Top 12 Whiskey at Costco

In the following article, I will provide you with a list of the Costco Kirkland Signature whiskeys, as well as some other whiskeys you can buy at Costco that doesn’t carry the label but are worth trying. 

1. Kirkland Signature Speyside Single Malt Scotch 23 years


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This gentle and flavorful whiskey is one of the best you will ever try if the burn and sting are not what you mainly look for. Aged in ex-sherry barrels, the fruity sherry flavor and the velvety, honey-like consistency of this whiskey will definitely bring you into another dimension. 

It starts on a citrus, mainly orange, note, with a full body in the middle intertwined with honey and fruity flavors, finishing long and smooth, lingering on a while after the sip. The burn is gentle and warm but highly noticeable.

The alcohol content of this whiskey is 45% and is priced at $70 for a 750 ml. bottle.

2. Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey


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Aged for four years in oak casks, this whiskey is somewhere between honey and chocolate, interspersed with cedar and caramel notes. It is definitely complex-flavored and full-bodied and the perfect balance between strength and elegance. 

It starts on a high caramel note and only continues with cedar, toffee, and honey elements. It ends with a sharp and long finish and a warm burn, ideal for warming you up on a cold winter day. Pair it with a sip of water after each sip of whiskey to cleanse your palate. 

This whiskey tastes differently with each following sip and is one of the most versatile in terms of flavor. Priced at $ 39.99 for a 750 ml. bottle with an alcohol content of 40%, this whiskey offers excellent value for your money.

3. Kirkland Signature Speyside Single Malt Whiskey 22 years


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Flavorful and aromatic with notes of orange, chocolate, pines, and dried fruit notes, this whiskey ages in sherry casks, where it picks up an expressively fruity dimension. 

It is abundant in rich earthy flavors hinting on tobacco and pepper. This is a full-bodied whiskey, starting you off slowly with gentle fruity flavors, burning you in the middle with expressive pepper and cinnamon notes, and ending with an intense tobacco-smoky burn. 

This whiskey is definitely for everyone, but it does have many loyal fans. With an alcohol content of 46% costing $80 per 750 ml. bottle, it is definitely worth it to have this whiskey in your home collection. 

4. Kirkland Signature Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


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This whiskey is more on the traditional side, with the typical richness of rye spice, oak, caramel, clove, and vanilla.

It progresses by the book, starting on a rye spice note, with caramel and vanilla palate, ending with oak and clove notes, with a smooth and long finish. 

Aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years, this whiskey has an alcohol content of 46% and is priced at $21.99, offering you way more than what you paid for.

5. Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whiskey 


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Honey flavored intertwined with cooked cereal and floral aroma, this whiskey seduces with its deep smoke and caramel notes. Thick, full-bodied, and almost candy-like, it starts grainy, only to go on and pull you inside its web with orange zest and apricot notes. It has a long and smooth finish with expressive notes of smoke and caramel. 

This whiskey falls in the classic whiskey category, and if you like the warm burn afterward, it is definitely for you. Priced at $20.99 per 750 ml. bottle, with an alcohol content of 40%, you will be getting more than what you bargained for. 

6. Kirkland Signature Bottled-in-Bond


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This is definitely a full-bodied, rich, luxurious, and voluptuous whiskey. Complex in flavors and aromas, combining vanilla, oak, smoke, dried fruit, clove, caramel, and cinnamon, this whiskey shapes up to present you with an unforgettable experience. 

Starting with the book, with oak and vanilla notes, it continues to unravel, expressing its caramel and cinnamon dimensions in the middle, ending with a medium clove and smoke finish. 

Priced at $23.99 per 750 ml. bottle with an alcohol content of 50%, this whiskey is definitely more on the stronger side. It is an excellent value for the money and is definitely deserving of a spot on your shelf.

7. Kirkland Signature Single Barrel

This whiskey takes much pride in the variety of flavors differing from barrel to barrel, and even though you buy the same whiskey twice, it will taste different each time. It is a straight unblended bourbon whiskey, with the recognizable bourbon sharpness and rough elegance. 

Its signature flavors are caramel, honey, and dried fruit, each owning the spotlight when the time comes. This whiskey starts gently with honey notes which remain in the middle too, accompanied by caramel and smoky flavors. It ends with a smoky finish, combined with the fruity sweetness of the dried fruit notes. 

The alcohol content in this whiskey is 60%, so it is definitely a strong spirit. A 750 ml. bottle will set you back $92, and it is worth every penny. 

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8. Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whiskey

Amber-colored, with rich and refined shades, this whiskey seduces you visually before pulling you inside the bottle with its taste. Tasting like baked peaches and discrete hints of bubble gum, the single word that describes this whiskey best in particular. 

It is definitely for a selected audience, as the specificity of its taste isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It is a smooth but somewhat dry spirit with a dry and semi-long finish. 

Priced at $44.99 per a 750 ml bottle, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth and a tad extra.

9. Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whiskey


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This sharp-baked cookie in a bottle is definitely one of a kind. It starts with subtle peppermint notes, continuing with baked goods flavors and aromas, especially cookie notes, and it ends with a strong and expressive smoky caramel smooth and long finish. 

Aged for six years in oak barrels, this whiskey is smooth, almost creamy, and layers the palate as it slides through it. It leaves you with a warm and flavorful burn, calling for a sip of water between sips to prepare you for the subsequent abundance of flavors. 

Amber-colored and exquisitely rich looking, this whiskey is seductive for both the eyes and the mouth. Priced at $22.99 for a 750 ml. bottle, with an alcohol content of 40%, this is a smooth and definitely underpriced spirit.

10. Kirkland Signature Tennessee Sour Mask Whiskey

Often referred to as the Kirkland label Jack Daniels, this whiskey definitely resembles that drink, but it hasn’t been made with that intention. Not everyone likes their whiskey neat, and that is where this whiskey comes into play. 

Ideal for mixing in two or more ingredient cocktails, you will find this spirit incredibly versatile and transformative. Starting gently with caramel notes, continuing with honey hints, and ending with a smooth, long, and smoky finish, this light whiskey is for those of you who like the whiskey taste but not its sharpness. 

A 750 ml bottle of this whiskey costs $26.99, and its alcohol content is about 40%. You will definitely be doing yourself a favor buying this whiskey, as it offers more than what you have bargained for.

11. Jonnie Walker Gold Label 


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This is one of the most popular whiskeys of all time. Having an exceptionally wide audience, this whiskey has made its way on this list as one of Costco’s finest. Amazingly complex, deep, and versatile this whiskey combines a number of flavor notes and aromas richly mixed in a single flavor unity. 

Its flavor complexity comprises dark chocolate, hazelnut, sandalwood, and sherry, as well as notes of pepper and dried fruits. It starts with a chocolate and hazelnut note, continuing with sherry and dried fruit hints, and finishing sharply but smoothly with pepper and sandalwood notes. 

It ages for a minimum of three years, during which it becomes smooth and velvety. It has a 40% alcohol content, and it costs $33.99 per 750 ml. bottle. You will be getting liquid gold for the money, so don’t hesitate to add it to your collection.

12. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey 


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Honey-flavored, smooth, chocolaty, and sweet, this whiskey is among the best-known and best-sold whiskeys on the market worldwide, and kudos to Costco for carrying it.

It is amazingly smooth and easy to drink, which is a rarity for the whiskey spirit. It leaves you with a smooth and warm burn and a long-lasting aftertaste. 

It ages for at least four years in new American oak charred barrels, during which it acquires the exquisite smoky dimension and refinement. Costco will sell you a 1 L bottle for $24.49. Its alcohol content is 40% bringing this spirit on the moderately mellow side. 

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What Whiskey is Costco Brand?

Costco has a proprietary brand bearing the label “Kirkland Signature,” and there are ten whiskeys under this label.

  1. The Kirkland Signature Speyside Single Malt Scotch 23 years
  2. Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey
  3. Kirkland Signature Speyside Single Malt Whiskey 22 years
  4. Kirkland Signature Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  5. Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whiskey
  6. Kirkland Signature Bottled-in-Bond
  7. Kirkland Signature Single Barrel
  8. Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whiskey
  9. Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whiskey
  10. Kirkland Signature Tennessee Sour Mask Whiskey 

Some may think that since the whiskeys are Costco brands, they can’t be too good, but they would be wrong. The Costco whiskey brand produces excellent quality whiskeys varying in strength and flavors for affordable prices. There are Costco brand whiskeys intended to drink neat, as well as for mixing. 

The Costco whiskey brand is genuinely very versatile, and there is something for everyone. You can also order these whiskeys online from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Also, there are seasonal discounts and holiday surprises, so you can get your favorite Costco whiskey for a really low price. 

What Whiskey Does Kirkland Use?

Costco sells whiskeys under its own proprietary label, “Kirkland Signature,” but Costco doesn’t own a distillery, so they must be getting it from somewhere. 

Costco was a long-time partner with the Barton 1792 distillery that distilled its whiskeys. However, they ended things with this distillery, which didn’t distill all their whiskeys. Still, Costco keeps its lips sealed on who supplies their whiskey. 

There are multiple helpers involved, the distillers and the bottlers. There are rumors on who brings the whiskey to the table, as well as who bottles it, but there is no clear answer.

Except for the Barton 1792 distillery, the name of which is on the label on one of the whiskeys, other distilleries have not been made publicly known. 

Rumor has it that the Blended Scotch Whiskey is distilled by Macallan Distillery. The 12-Year-Old Kirkland Scotch Whiskey is bottled by Murray&Co, but the distillery is still a mystery. 

The same goes for 20 YO Speyside Sherry Cask Finish, bottled by Murray&Co, whereby the distillery is undisclosed. The Kirkland Single Barrel Bourbon, Bottle-in-Bond, and Small Batch were distilled by Barton in 1792, who was Costco’s known partner until 2021. 

Distilled three times, the Kirkland Signature Irish Whiskey is distilled by the Irish Distillers LTD.

Since the Kirkland Canadian Whiskey resembles Crown Royal, there are rumors that it comes from the same distillery as Crown Royal. It is Gimli Distillery in Manitoba. Still, these are just informal talks that may as well have nothing to do with the facts. 

The Kirkland Signature Tennessee Whiskey is distilled by Tennessee Distilling LTD. 

Why Costco chooses to publicly announce the names of some distillers and decides to keep the rest of them a secret remains unknown.

Some say it’s a company policy, others say that the unpublished distilleries desire to remain a secret, and there’s a third theory that the undisclosed distilleries agree not to be credited for business reasons. 

Does Kirkland Canadian Whiskey Taste Like Crown Royal?

Although Kirkland Canadian Whiskey and Crown Royal are two entirely separate spirits, they are often regarded as similar in taste. That may be partially due to the suspicion that both whiskeys come from the same distillery, the Gimli Distillery in Manitoba, distilling the Crown Royal. 

Even though it remains unknown who distills the Kirkland Canadian Whiskey, there are rumors that The Gimli Distillery is where it is made. 

The Resemblance between Kirkland Canadian Whiskey and Crown Royal is indeed strong, but there are some differences separating these two whiskeys. 

While the Kirkland Canadian Whiskey is meant for slow sipping neat, the Crown Royal is mainly used for mixing in cocktails. You can, of course, have Crown Royal neat, but that is not what it is famous for. 

The Kirkland Canadian Whiskey is a bit more complex than Crown Royal. It encompasses more flavors such as peppermint, cookie, and caramel, while the Crown Royal is more on the classic side. It starts sharply but is smooth and tender overall. 

Both whiskeys have the recognizable Canadian whiskey dimension intertwined with the classic whiskey’s smoky caramel aroma. 


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