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Vodka is one of the most popular and widely consumed spirits worldwide. It is sharp, strong, fiery, and aggressive. It is also one of the most versatile spirits and is a standard element of many cocktails. Moreover, where the recipe doesn’t call for vodka but for another cocktail base spirit, you can easily substitute that spirit for vodka most of the time. 

Therefore, not only does it have its own milieu, but it fits easily in different territories. 

Vodka is a colorless and aromatic spirit. It originated in Russia, Poland, and Sweden, and it was initially made of potatoes. Since it has been drunk in the coldest parts of the world for a long time, it is logical that it is a spirit that warms you up from the inside. 

However, that warm and pleasant sensation can quickly turn into a hellish discomfort and even pain if you don’t know what you are doing. Still, if you know your way around vodka, it can be a great experience. 

To the untrained palate, vodka is nothing more than a strong alcohol that burns you and gets you drunk quickly; but the seasoned vodka drinkers could write volumes about the taste of a single sip of vodka. 

With that being said, the degree to which you enjoy vodka is closely connected to the level of knowledge you have on the subject of vodka. 

As I said, it was initially made with potatoes, but another kind of vodka was later developed the grain-based one. Nevertheless, the grain and potato vodka are nearly the same, and if you are having a good vodka, you won’t care if it comes from potatoes or from grains. 

A bad vodka is a bad vodka, and it gives the spirit a bad name, but a good vodka is very close to perfection. Therefore before labeling vodka as a lousy spirit, make sure you aren’t having a glass of low-class vodka. 

A good vodka tastes strong, granted, but it is also refined, smooth, and fruity. Most good-quality vodkas have citrus and floral notes, vanilla flavors, and spicy finishes. They burn you but layer the throat making the following sip more bearable. 

Good vodkas are excellent for slow sipping, on the rocks, or neat, and they go great with vodka chasers such as water, soda, juice, or fruity wine. 

Still, most cannot handle the vodka sharpness and therefore tend to chug it as a shot as it passes sooner. The good news is you can order vodka in the form of a vodka drink (that is, mixed vodka) and thus enjoy it slowly and gently. So what vodka drinks to order at a bar? 

Vodka Drinks To Order at a Bar

If you know what you are doing, vodka can take you on an exciting journey. Therefore in this article, I will give you some ideas on what vodka drinks to order at a bar.

Depending on what it is mixed with, vodka drinks can taste anywhere from sweet to fiery. So, it is good advice to have some info beforehand so that you know how to enjoy your vodka drink best. 

1. Vodka Tonic

Gin TonicStarting this list with the basics. Vodka tonic is probably the simplest vodka mix to order at a bar, and that astounds you with its simplicity and flavor. It is a very refreshing drink, with the bubbly tonic mildening the sharpness of vodka. 

The tonic sweetness transpires through the vodka making it tamer and bringing out its existing citrus notes. It usually comes with ice, which makes things even more delicious, as the melting ice cubes additionally tone down the vodka’s aggressiveness. 

If you don’t see one, ask the mixologist to put a lemon slice in your glass, so you have an even more flavorful drink in your hands. The vodka tonic mix is perfect for you if you like bitter-sweet tastes, with just a little edge to spice things up.

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2. Vodka Cranberry 


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Vodka cranberry is another classic I couldn’t go without describing. It is probably the most mainstream vodka mix, and with a good reason too. The cranberry juice, and the berry juices in general, are a very potent ingredient to mix with a strong alcohol.

The expressive sweet notes of the cranberry juice do an excellent job covering the vodka fire, making the flavor overall sweet and similar to gum. It is a great vodka mix for those of you who like candy-like flavors with a discrete but noticeable whiff of alcohol flavor and aroma. 

3. Screwdriver


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Screwdriver is another vodka mix classic that has no haters. You can think of it as Coca-Cola among the vodka mixes. Whenever you cannot think of anything else to drink, you can always count on the good old screwdriver to come in handy. 

The screwdriver is a delicious drink that fits all. It is recognizable but not restrictive. It has something for everyone. 

Those who like sharper tastes can enjoy the expressive vodka edge, and those who like tamer drinks will definitely love the orange sweetness. You can also ask the mixologist to adjust the dosages and make your screwdriver sharper or milder. 

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4. White Russian


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White Russian is a cake in a glass. It is a creamy, sweet, and delicious cocktail that will make you feel full, as if you have just eaten some creamy dessert. Ideal for a relaxing and calm night out, accompanied by a pleasant talk with a close friend, you will love the chocolaty dimension of this vodka delicacy. 

Containing nothing more than a coffee liqueur, vodka, and cream, the White Russian will enchant you with its combination of flavors. The vodka is noticeable but not overwhelming, as the coffee and cream combination is the main star of the show. 

You will still feel the burn, but mixed with the coffee and cream, it will come as a delightful spike to diffuse all the sweetness and inject some edge into the drink. If you are a sweet tooth, I definitely recommend you order this vodka mix. 

5. Black Russian 


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Made with coffee liqueur, Black Russian is the edgier version of White Russian. Here, you will feel the delightful coffee and vodka combination without the cream there to balance and smoothen things out. 

Nevertheless, Black Russian has become famous worldwide for a reason, and that is because it is beyond delicious. The intense coffee notes, mixed with the vodka aggressiveness, toning it down but not eliminating it, create a genuinely unique story you will definitely want to repeat.

The burn will still be there, as well as the strong vodka aroma intertwined with the very noticeable coffee smell. A perfect fit for a fun night out.  

6. Vodka Soda


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There are so few drinks for which soda isn’t a good fit as it mixes well in virtually everything. Vodka soda is similar to vodka tonic, only a little sweeter and gentler. The tonic is more carbonated than the soda, with a bitterer flavor. 

If you like the vodka tonic but it is a little too much for your palate, go with the vodka soda. The soda, on the other hand, is more frothy than carbonated, and it tastes sweet and tender. Therefore you can call vodka soda the gentler sibling of vodka tonic. 

7. Lemon drop Martini 


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Elegant and polished off, the lemon drop martini will certainly engrave in your memory as one of the best flavors you have ever tried. If you are a sucker for mouth-watering sour flavors, this is your station. 

Containing vodka, simple syrup, and lemon juice, this vodka mix will lift your spirits to the ceiling and keep them there. It is a refreshing and energizing cocktail that is very pleasant on the eyes as well. You can have it garnished with a lemon slice or a cherry. Either way, it will awaken all of your senses. 

The vodka is very expressive in this cocktail, as the lemon’s acidity ups the vodka flavor. However, the simple syrup sweetness does an excellent job of masking the vodka’s sharpness and balancing this out. 

8. Bloody Mary 

Bloody MaryA famous vodka mix, the Bloody Mary has a certain set of fans, as it isn’t for everybody. The Bloody Mary has a very distinct flavor that isn’t everyone’s favorite. Therefore if it doesn’t sit with you, don’t push it. 

Made with vodka and tomato juice, the Bloody Mary cocktail is best described as unique. It has a slightly salty note, interlaced with the typical tomato sweetness and vodka bitterness. If you are a fan of the unusual, you will definitely love the vodka and tomato combination. 

You will most certainly feel the vodka burning, but the tomato juice will be an excellent cover-up for the overly expressed vodka aggressiveness. 

9. Vodka Spritzer 


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Having nothing more than sparkling water and vodka, the vodka spritzer is the perfect idea for after-work relaxation and a reward for a successful day. Although it doesn’t have to, vodka spritzer often contains herbs and cherries or lemon slices. 

It is a fruity and gentle drink you can easily tailor to your own preferences. Often served in an elegant glass and tastefully decorated, the vodka spritzer is tasty on the palate as it is on the eyes.

10. Vodka Sour


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The vodka sour is a complex cocktail, and it contains a raw egg white. Therefore, do not trust just any mixologist to make this cocktail for you, but order it at a bar where you know the mixologist is skilled at mixing complex cocktails. 

The other ingredients are lemon juice and sugar. This cocktail tastes pretty close to lemonade and is very delicious and easy to drink. You will love the lemony component, and you will enjoy the sugary sweetness. 

Moreover, the egg white makes things even more interesting, adding frothiness and texture to the cocktail, giving it a slightly exotic dimension. 

11. Vodka Gimlet


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Whether for mixing or slow sipping, good-quality vodka is always welcome. However, unlike other vodka mixes where the other ingredients can cover the fact that the vodka is on the lower end, for this cocktail, make sure the vodka is good. 

The vodka gimlet contains vodka and lemon juice as the main ingredients. The lemon juice will bring out all the tasting notes in the vodka, so if you are having a vodka gimlet with a bad vodka, you are in for a disappointment. 

On the other hand, a good vodka gimlet is a delicacy and an excellent refreshment. You will feel all the vodka notes, but you will also notice the citrus freshness of the lemon and its sour sweetness. An excellent treat for a summer afternoon.

12. Moscow Mule


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Made with ginger beer vodka and lime, this cocktail is everything but mild. Therefore if you prefer tamer flavors, this isn’t your cocktail. The ginger beer, although gentle, it has a very distinct and noticeable taste. Therefore expect an absolute flavor explosion. 

The Moscow mule is traditionally served in a copper mug to keep the frothy drink longer. The copper mug also gives the drink a slightly rustic dimension. You will love how the mug feels and how the Moscow mule flavors combine with the mug. This is definitely a strong drink for the strong-hearted. 

13. Sea Breeze 


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The name is the perfect description for this cocktail, as it is as refreshing as a sea breeze. Made with vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice, it combines the best from both juices, leaving just a trace of vodka’s sharpness.

This cocktail will undoubtedly leave you feeling serene and calm, with a slight yearning for the beach. Perfect for spending a summer afternoon or a winter evening imagining the following summer. It is refreshing and remarkably delicious, so ordering it at a bar might just be what you need that day. 

14. Vodka Sidecar 

SidecarThe main ingredients are vodka, orange liqueur, and lime juice; the vodka sidecar cocktail is a fresh and citrusy cocktail you will love for its balance of sweet and sour notes. 

The expressive citrus notes will do a great job masking and covering the vodka bitterness while intensifying the burn afterward. However, this cocktail has high acidity, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a sensitive stomach. 

15. Madras


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This cocktail comprises vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice, and soda. If you like sweet and slightly tangy drinks, this should be your beverage. The soda, cranberry, and orange create a somewhat cheesy note. 

Mixed with the vodka, the tang is more expressed, and the sharpness is toned down. You will also notice candy notes and a certain screwdriver whiff. Essentially this is three cocktails mixed into one, so if you like vodka cranberry, screwdriver, and vodka soda, get the bonus edition and mix them into a single glass. 

16. Espresso Martini


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Containing vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso, this cocktail is best described as Black Russian’s angry brother. The vodka and coffee liqueur make up Black Russian, but the added espresso makes the Black Russian even fiercer. 

This is definitely a potent-flavored cocktail with an intense coffee and vodka notes. Still, the vodka notes are easily bearable, as the espresso will steal your focus. 

17. Mudslide


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Another so-called “dessert cocktail,” served in a round glass, confuses you about whether to take a straw or a spoon. Very similar to White Russian, the mudslide uses Irish cream instead of heavy cream. 

Just like the White Russian, it is creamy, silky, gentle, and delicious. It is, therefore, slightly creamier and cakier. Made with ice, it is also refreshing and very mild. The mudslide is definitely the right choice for the cake- lovers and dessert enthusiasts. 

18. Berry Vodka Smash


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Combining berry juice, lemon juice, mint, sugar, and vodka, the berry vodka mash resembles a fruit smoothie. It has an expressive sweet and floral dimension with irresistible sour notes and refreshing fruitiness. 

Made with ice, it gives out a smoothie vibe confusing you about whether to drink it or keep it for breakfast. This is definitely an excellent solution if you like fresh and sweet fruity flavors interjected with a slight vodka glassiness. 

19. Cosmopolitan 

CosmopolitanPink, sexy, seductive, and feminine, this cocktail combines triple sec, cranberry juice, vodka, and lime. Served in an elegant triangle-shaped glass, you will love how this cocktail feels in your hand. 

Moreover, it is as delicious as it looks and makes you feel even better, not because it will get you drunk, but because it is an entire experience. 

Largely popularized by the Sex and the City series, the Cosmopolitan cocktail is definitely one of the most deserving of a spot on this list. 

20. Harvey Wallbanger 


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The Harvey Wallbanger is a slightly upgraded version of the screwdriver. Therefore it is more complex and higher in viscosity. The only difference between this cocktail and the screwdriver is the Galliano that this one has. 

The Galliano liqueur brings vanilla, juniper, pepper, mint, and anise notes to the cocktail, making it taste very diverse, with each sip slightly different than the previous one. The vodka here is submerged under the herbal and floral notes of the Galliano but still noticeable in the end.

21. Blue Lagoon


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Made with vodka, blue curacao, lemon juice, and simple syrup, this cocktail has an abundance of citrus notes and only hints of the aggressiveness of the vodka. The burn is still noticeable and enhanced by the blue curacao, making this cocktail create a blue lagoon sensation. 

From its color to its taste, everything about this drink is relaxing and calm, so it is the best option for a beach party. 

22. Sex on the Beach


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If you like the effects of vodka but not the taste, two glasses of these cocktails will make you feel like you are on the top of the world. Fruity and floral, containing orange and cranberry juice, peach schnapps, and vodka, this cocktail is undoubtedly among the most delicious ones on this list.

Rich in flavor, aroma, and texture, this cocktail works great at any time of day and in any season. Each mixologist has their secret ingredient, so no two Sex on the Beach cocktails taste the same. 

23. Salty Dog


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Salty indeed. Containing no more than just a pinch of salt, this cocktail is most certainly intense and very flavorful. If you like strong flavors, you should definitely go for it. Other than salt, the salty dog has vodka and grapefruit juice, mixing perfectly together, creating a sweet and salty cocktail.

Even if you don’t know if you will like it, give this cocktail a chance, as it is definitely very interesting and creative. 

24. Long Island Iced Tea


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Everything but tea, this cocktail is among the strongest ones, so keep it slow and hydrate. It contains vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, coke, and lime juice; you will find it easily drinkable and pleasant. However, don’t be fooled by the coke-dominated flavor, as it is very strong. 

Although vodka isn’t the only alcohol in this cocktail, it still deserves a spot here as a vodka drink. The taste is strong but not restrictive, so chances are you will like it. 

25. Ocean Sunset 


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Mixing vodka, amaretto, triple sec, blue curacao, and pineapple juice, the ocean sunset cocktail resembles a sunset in a glass. Incredibly attractive to look at, this cocktail is even more delicious than it seems.

Seducing you with the shades of blue and peach, you will start tasting it with your eyes before even taking the sip. It is sweet, almost candy-like, refreshing, and very smooth. 

How Do You Order Vodka Drinks?

If you know what kind of vodka drink, go directly with it, but if you want a vodka drink and don’t know which one, be concise and precise in describing what you want. 

Even the best mixologist can’t give you the drink you need if you don’t know what you are looking for. If you don’t know anything about vodka drinks, ask the bartender to recommend something for a first-time vodka drinker. 

Easy Vodka Drinks To Order at a Bar

The easiest vodka drinks to order at a bar are the two-ingredient vodka mixes. You can order the screwdriver, vodka cranberry, vodka tonic, vodka soda, or vodka spritzer. 

Skinny Vodka Drinks To Order at a Bar

Vodka is a skinny drink, meaning it has no sugar and is low in calories. Therefore a skinny vodka drink would be a drink that has zero or low sugar count. The Cosmopolitan, sea breeze, vodka soda, vodka gimlet, and vodka spritzer are great options for skinny vodka drinks. 

Tito’s Vodka Drinks To Order at a Bar

Tito’s vodka is an exceptionally delicious and uniquely flavored spirit. It tastes tangy, floral, and fruity, so it mixes well with a number of ingredients. However, the best drinks to mi with Tito’s vodka are coke, sparkly water, orange juice, cranberry juice, and soda. 

Tito’s vodka works great with amaretto, triple sec, and grenadine for three or more ingredient cocktails.

Fruity Vodka Drinks To Order at a Bar

Vodka mixes excellently with fruity ingredients. If you like fruity vodka drinks, you can have daiquiris, Sex on the beach, cosmopolitan, screwdriver, watermelon vodka cocktail, berry vodka smash, vodka lemonade, vodka cranberry, vodka margarita, or sea breeze. 


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