25 Best Vodka Brands Ranked 2024 (With Price)

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Vodka is known as one of the purest alcohols, as it is distilled at least three times. However, the number of times it has been distilled is not the sole factor for the quality of the vodka. 

The period it ages, the added flavorings, and the type of vessels it ages in, play a very big role and determine the quality of the vodka. The commonly accepted notion is that the longer the vodka ages, the better the quality.

Aged vodka is less sharp and less aggressive, and it absorbs the wood flavor and aroma from the barrels. 

In general, no matter how long it ages, vodka is one of the most aggressive spirits, but a high-quality vodka, although sharp, is smoother than those of low quality.

It has a gentler finish and a more pleasant burn, not to mention that the aftereffects are much more milder, if any. 

A low-quality vodka always shows its face; whether you mix it and don’t feel it while drinking, or you do shots, and everything feels quick and painless, the following day, you will most certainly feel the low quality of the vodka throbbing in your head and stomach.

On the other hand, a high-quality vodka doesn’t even have to be mixed, as it is delicious and primarily fruity when enjoyed with slow sipping.

You need to go way overboard with it to feel bad the next day, whereas a few shots of a low-quality vodka are all you need for a ruined day. 

25 Best Vodka Brands 

In this article, I will list the best vodka brands, many of which are affordable and available so that you can enjoy your vodka and still be functional the next day.

I must mention that there are also flavored vodkas, but they contain a lot of artificial colorings. However, many of them taste heavenly, so there will be some of those here too. 

1. Absolut Vodka


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This is a long-lasting brand that takes much pride in the way they make their product. Absolut vodka is a premium spirit and is definitely intended for the seasoned vodka enthusiasts. An inexperienced vodka drinker would call this drink harsh, strong, aggressive, and bitter. 

To the seasoned vodka enthusiast, this is a vodka that is fruity, with vanilla and citrus notes, a smooth peppery finish, and a warm burn. 

This vodka ages in eight different barrels and absorbs the burnt and smoky dimension from the oak barrels it ages in, which makes this spirit one of the best on the market. Its price is very affordable, especially considering the quality of the vodka -$45 for a 750 ml. bottle. 

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2. Grey Goose Vodka 


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This high-end vodka is very versatile, with its tastes transiting slowly and gradually from crop to cork. It starts with an herbal dimension, dominated by the basil flavor. It proceeds with rosemary and earthy flavors, ending on a smooth note, marked by the lemongrass and citrus notes. 

It matures in American and European oak casks, which give this vodka the distinct vanilla not at the very end before it finishes on a fruity note.

It is easy to drink, and it is made for slow sipping because its charms would be lost if taken as a shot. This is yet another vodka brand selling excellent-quality products for an even better price. Priced at about $25, it is a highly affordable drink. 

3. Svedka 

Distilled four times, this Swedish-made vodka praises itself with the many vodka varieties and flavors it offers to the consumers. Starting with cherry, cucumber lime, appletini, and grapefruit flavors and ending with their classic vodka bottles, this brand has grown to become synonymous with good-quality vodkas.

It characterizes with a sweet agave-like flavor, vanilla notes, and whiffs of citrus and lemongrass. This vodka is excellently priced at about $10 per 750 ml. bottle.

4. Beluga 


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What is beluga caviar in the culinary domain, the beluga vodka represents in the spirit domain. Refined and elegant, it contains honey notes, which are not common for the vodka spirit; it also has milky elements and a spicy finish. 

The honey and milk flavors are added after the distillation, while the spiciness comes from the aging barrels. Mid-palate, it tastes like vanilla, sage, white pepper, and cream, finishing on a crisp note, sharply but very smoothly at the same time. 

This vodka retains the typical vodka aggressiveness, but it also incorporates the honey-like smoothness of the whiskey spirit. A truly exquisite spirit is priced at about $33 per 750 ml. bottle. 

5. Hangar 1


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With a floral aroma and fruity flavor, this is one of the gentlest vodkas on the market. Even if you are inexperienced in the vodka department, chances are you will find this spirit tasty and easily drinkable. 

It starts sweet with an understated vanilla note and continues with refreshing fruity and citrus notes, only to finish with a sweet floral finish and a noticeable but gentle burn. What is even more extraordinary about this vodka is the way the fruity flavors are added. 

They infuse fresh fruit juices during the distillation process, so whatever fruitiness you feel in this vodka, know that it is the taste of natural and fresh fruit. This vodka is priced at $60 per 750 ml. bottle, which is an excellent price, given that the vodka is of a much higher value.

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6. Khor 


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Made exclusively for commercial purposes, the Khor vodka is a pure grain spirit and a classic vodka drink. It goes by the book, sweet in the beginning, sharp in the middle, and smooth in the end with a nice burn you will definitely feel but will easily handle. 

This vodka is of a universal nature, and it works neat, on the rocks, as a shot, or in as a cocktail base. It costs $16 per 750 ml. bottle and is definitely one of those drinks which will deliver exactly what you expect. 

7. Tito’s Vodka 


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This is a small-batch hand-crafted vodka that is handcrafted and distilled a whopping six times. It is characterized by its warmth and smoothness, as well as the purity of the alcohol. 

Compared to the other vodka brands, this vodka contains a higher percentage of corn which makes it sweeter and very pleasant to drink. After distilling, this vodka is additionally filtered through charcoal, where it gets a crystal clear appearance. 

Priced at about $30 per 750 ml. bottle, this vodka is definitely worth every penny.

8. Ciroc 


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What makes this commercially available brand so special is the making of this vodka. The primary raw materials for this spirit aren’t grains or potatoes but grapes. Due to this fact, the Ciroc vodka has a strong fruity note, and since it is filtered with charcoal, it is one of the purest on the market. 

It also retains the signature sweet mark of the vodka spirit in general, combined with a marking of its own, making this particular brand easily recognizable. Priced at only $18 per 750 ml. bottle, this vodka is an excellent choice for all types of serving.

9. Belvedere 


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The Belvedere vodka is known as one of the smoothest vodka brands available on the market. It is a very pure alcohol, distilled four times and filtered with charcoal. The brand takes pride in the all-natural production process, with no added flavorings or colorings. 

This vodka is sharp but with a very smooth finish, with the typical vodka flavors, but much more intense and expressive. The Belvedere vodka has initially been intended for slow sipping, but with time, it has become one of the bartender’s favorites to mix. Priced at $40 per 750 ml. bottle, this vodka is definitely available and affordable on a large scale. 

10. Burnetts 

Most popular among the younger vodka enthusiasts, still enjoying vodka at parties and gatherings, this vodka is definitely the teenage dirtbag among vodkas. It is sharp, aggressive, and strong, but also very flavorful and charming. 

Intended for shots, this vodka also works as a cocktail ingredient and is pleasurable to sip slowly. However, the hot burn is something I must warn you about, so if you are more on the mellow side, I’d suggest you don’t tamper with this spirit. 

Priced at about $9 per 750 ml. bottle, this vodka delivers precisely what it promises, a fun night out. 

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11. UV Vodka 


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Even though it is more on the sweeter side, don’t let that fool you, as this is a strong vodka. It starts on a sweet vanilla note, continuing with a herbal sweetness, and finishing with a smooth but somewhat dry burn. 

This vodka has been distilled four times and is, therefore, a very smooth and very pure alcohol. Priced at only $12 per 750 ml. bottle, this vodka is an excellent price-friendly spirit, great for parties and get-togethers. 

Mainly intended for shots and cocktails, there’s no harm sipping this vodka slowly but be prepared for a flavor and aroma roller-coaster.

12. Pinnacle 


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Distilled five times and pure as it can get, this vodka tastes like wheat, citrus, and vanilla. It has an exceptionally smooth finish, with an elegant but noticeable burn. It also has some honey and tomato notes, making this vodka ideal for a Bloody Mary cocktail. 

It leaves you with a natural and herbal aftertaste, rounded out by the fresh lemongrass notes. This vodka is great for cocktails but also for slow sipping at room temperature. Ice makes the flavors too expressive, so I don’t recommend it served on the rocks. 

Priced at $13 per 750 ml. bottle, you will get a better value than the one you’ve paid for. 

13. Skyy


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This vodka falls in the best-known vodkas category as it is very affordable, priced at $10 per 750 ml. bottle, as well as widely available. However, this is a neutral-tasting vodka, with an expressive bitterness, but that doesn’t make this vodka a low-quality spirit. 

This is a particular vodka intended for a particular audience when it comes to having it neat or on the rocks. Those who love sweeter drinks would call this bad vodka tasting, but for the bitter flavor-lovers, this vodka is a godsend. 

Starting with a neutral flavor and expressively bitted mid-palate, this vodka finishes with a hot burn and rough aggressiveness. This is an excellent vodka for cocktails, as well as served on the rocks.

14. Crystal Head Vodka 


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The first thing you will notice about this vodka is the bottle. Shaped like a crystal skull, this vodka will immediately awaken your curiosity to see what is there. 

It is a highly aromatic and flavorful vodka with a pungent, even creamy vanilla note. It continues on a peppery note, with peach, corn, and lemon flavors, additionally enriching the consistency and flavor palette of this vodka. 

Intended to sip slowly, enjoying and exploring the variety of tastes this vodka has to offer; mixing it is also a good idea, as it makes exquisite cocktails. However, give it a shot before mixing it, as it would be a shame not to try it neat. 

Priced at $50, this vodka offers a way higher value for the money, so it is more than a fair bargain. 

15. Spirytus Rektyfikowany

As included in its name this vodka is the strongest commercially available vodka in the world, with a ridiculously high alcohol percentage of whooping 96%. The word “spirytus” means pure alcohol in Polish, which is where this vodka is produced. 

Although it is a high-quality spirit, drinking this vodka neat or on the rocks is highly discouraged, as it burns like crazy. This vodka needs to be very heavily diluted before drinking and is therefore used in cocktails in minimal quantities. 

Priced at $22 per 750 ml. bottle, once you buy this vodka, you will have it for years, as all you need is a drop of it in your cocktail to get the party started.

16. Chopin Vodka


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Soft, gentle, full-flavored, and highly aromatic, this vodka is definitely for those preferring the milder-tasting spirits. It will charm you with its floral aroma and expressive vanilla flavor. It is so smooth it is almost creamy, and the burn is noticeable but still bearable and subtle. 

A 750 ml. bottle of this vodka costs about $27, which is an excellent price for the value it offers. Available and affordable, you can slow sip this spirit, but you can also mix it in a cocktail or have it as a shot. 

17. Altair Vodka


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Distilled 12 times, this vodka brand takes much pride in its American origin and natural raw materials. Everything about this vodka is American-made. The water comes from American land, the distillery is situated in America, and the glass for the bottles is made in America as well. 

This brand is incredibly proud of the non-GMO corn it uses to produce the vodka, which is the same corn used as animal feed. This is definitely a high-quality vodka, with a sweet corn and vanilla flavor, a smooth finish, and a warm burn. 

Ideal for slow sipping, as well as for cocktail-making, this vodka goes for about $50 per 750 ml. bottle, making it available and affordable and definitely worth every penny. 

18. Humboldt Organic Vodka


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This is another vodka brand that is all-natural and made of organic materials. The base is sugar cane, which is why this vodka tastes sweet from the get-go. Later they add citrus fruits to the spirit, which gives this vodka an extraordinarily refreshing dimension. 

It starts on an edgier note and continues with the citrus and vanilla flavors, which smoothen out the sip, making it virtually creamy. It finishes with an herbs-tasting burn and a natural, earthy aftertaste. 

Great for cocktails and shots, you can also slow sip this vodka, as it has much to offer in each form. With a modest price of $50 per 750 ml. bottle, you should definitely give this vodka a chance. 

19. Ketel One Vodka 

Made of 100% wheat and distilled with loose charcoal, this vodka is definitely one of the fullest and most flavorful on the market. It characterizes by a highly aromatic vanilla note, starting with an herbal whiff, sweet mid-palate, and ending with a long and smooth finish.

Priced at $30 per 750 ml. bottle, this is most certainly a high-quality vodka for an excellent price. 

20. NEFT Vodka 


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Each bottle of this vodka comes in its own individual small barrel that keeps it cool for about six hours at a hot temperature. However, the package is not the only thing worthy of this spirit. Aromatic and flavorful, this vodka has vanilla and herbal notes and one of the smoothest finishes you will ever feel. 

A 750 ml. bottle of this vodka goes for $25 which is an excellent price compared to the value. 

21. King St. Vodka


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Made with gluten-free corn and using a pure spring water, this vodka is very pure on a molecular level. This vodka is distilled seven times, making it flavorful and very clear. It starts with a sweet vanilla whiff, gets sweeter in the middle, ending with a mildly spicy finish with a moderately intense burn. 

Delicious to drink neat and on the rocks, this vodka is not only to be used in those ways but works excellent in cocktails too. It is priced at $30 per 750 ml. bottle and is very available. 

22. Glen Pharmer


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This vodka is known for its production process which uses all organic products and infuses the vodka with natural ingredients to give it the flavor it has. Even though there are several flavors of this brand vodkas, they have the vanilla and fruity notes and end in a spicy finish. 

Priced at $31 per 750 ml bottle, this vodka is affordable, and it offers an excellent value for the price. 

23. EFFEN Vodka


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This vodka falls under the ultra-premium category, carbon-filtered and extraordinarily pure. It is made of 100% wheat and comes in different flavorings. It is very fruity, playing with citrus and orange freshness, as well as cucumber, raspberry, and green apple. 

Sold for $20 per 750 ml. bottle, I could even say that it is cheap for the value it provides.

24. American Liquor 


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Combining four crops in one blend, this vodka is definitely unique and original, offering you four sections of flavor- corn, wheat, berry fruit, and potato. The potato comes in first, followed by the wheat and corn, and finishing with the berry fruit notes. 

The burn is significant but tolerable, and it goes down smoothly, with a lingering aftertaste. 

Priced at $24, this vodka is definitely a must-try, not only for the affordability but for its quality and flavor as well. 

25. Broken Shed 


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This vodka has been known as a healthy choice, which is very rare in the vodka department. Not only is it gluten-free, but it is also produced from sustainable wheat, meaning that this vodka is a pioneer in the vodka-producing business. 

Priced at $22 per 750 ml. bottle, you should definitely place this vodka on your schedule. 

Which Brand Vodka Is Best?

There are several highest-ranking vodka brands, each of them appealing to different vodka enthusiasts. The best ranking ones are Belvedere Vodka, Grey Goose, Absolut Elyx, and Harridan Vodka, each characterized by different features. 

Which Is the Smoothest Vodka?

The Belvedere vodka has been ranked as the smoothest vodka brand. 

What Are Top-Shelf Vodkas?

Top-shelf vodkas are supreme quality drinks, and, luckily, there are quite a few vodkas of this rank. The best ones voted by the vodka enthusiasts are Nikka Coffey Vodka, Stolichnaya Elit Vodka, Double Cross Vodka, Belvedere, and Arbikie Haar Vodka.

Vodka Price List

Vodka Brand Price 
Absolut Vodka $45
Grey Goose Vodka  $25
Svedka  $10
Beluga  $33
Hangar 1 $60
Khor  $16
Tito’s Vodka  $30
Ciroc  $18
Belvedere  $40
Burnetts  $9
UV Vodka  $12
Pinnacle  $13
Skyy $17
Crystal Head Vodka  $50
American Liquor  $22
Spirytus Rektyfikowany $27
Chopin Vodka $49
Altair Vodka $22
Humboldt Organic Vodka $30
Ketel One Vodka  $25
NEFT Vodka  $30
King St. Vodka $31
Glen Pharmer $20
EFFEN Vodka $24
Broken Shed  $22

What Is the Number One Selling Vodka?

With a whopping 2 million cases sold in 2020, the best-selling vodka worldwide is Smirnoff. 

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